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Mugabe resignation will have an impact on the relations between China and Tianjin? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

                    (Original title: Foreign Ministry: China respects Mugabe’s resignation decision and is still a good friend of the Chinese people)

                                   Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang Hosted a Regular Press Conference on November 22 at Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Q: Local time Zimbabwe President Mugabe announced his resignation on the afternoon of November 21st. May I ask what is China’s comment on this? Will Mugabe’s resignation affect the relations between China and Tianjin? What is China’s comment on Mugabe now?

A: The stability and development of Zimbabwe are in the fundamental interests of the people of Jin and also the region And the common expectations of the international community. As a good friend of Zimbabwe, China appreciates all parties concerned in regard to the long-term and fundamental interests of the country and insists on peacefully and properly resolving related issues under the framework of the rule of law through dialogue and consultation. We believe that the people of Jin have the ability to maintain political stability and national development.

The long-term friendship between China and Zimbabwe has withstood the test of time and changes in the international arena. In recent years, pragmatic cooperation in all fields between China and Tianjin has been progressing steadily, bringing tangible benefits to both parties, especially Zimbabwean people. China attaches great importance to the relations with China and is ready to work with all Zimbabwean parties to push forward the friendly cooperation in Zimbabwe and other new developments in all fields.

Mr. Mugabe made a historic contribution to the cause of national independence and liberation in Zimbabwe and is also an active advocate and promoter of the Pan-African Movement. He has long devoted himself to the friendship between China and Tianjin and to China-Africa and has made important contributions to the development of the relations between China and Tianjin and to the development of China-Africa. China respects the decision of Mr. Mugabe to resign and remains a good friend of the Chinese people. Q: It is reported that after Mugabe resigned, both Britain and the United States called for Zimbabwe to hold a free and fair election. What’s China’s comment on this? What’s China’s comment?

Cai Yingwen official residence was splashed paint Cai said severe punishment was ironic: continue to fight their own faces

                    (Original title: Cai said severely punish spatula paint group was satirical: Tsai Ing-wen continue to play their own face)


1511590514956799.jpg The photo shows Tsai Ing-wen

Overseas Network November 25th To protest the DPP’s forced change of the “Lao Ji Act,” the “Workers’ Corps” in Taiwan went to Cai Yingwen’s official residence to paint the paint in the early hours of November 23. In response, a spokesman for Tsai Ing-wen’s office responded by saying that “getting rid of extremist opposition” requires the police to “strictly handle” the situation and will not be lenient. Former Ma Ying-jeou, Deputy Secretary-General Luo Zhiqiang said that nine years ago, the same day in 2008, Tsai Ing-wen’s attitude towards protests is really different from today’s. History is really super-humorous as a demon mirror, according to Tsai Ing-wen Continue to play from the face, nothing escaped.

According to the China Times Newsletter, in 2008, Taiwan, considered by the previous generation to be spoiled and weakened in pressure, named itself “Wild Strawberry Movement.” On November 23, 2008, when Tsai Ing-wen visited the members of Wild Strawberry, he said softly: “People walking on the street must have a strong mood and body collisions are inevitable but can not directly interpret body clashes as violent.” Eight years later, on November 23, 2017, protest groups poured paint to the Tsai Ing-wen mansion and their office spokespersons took the opposite approach. Luo Zhiqiang said on November 23 that on the same day of the same month, the same day nine years ago, Tsai was very different from the protest this day. Luo Zhiqiang said: “What Christine then 倨? Yesterday, now and then? Can only say that history is really super sense of humor, according to the mirror, according to Tsai Ing-wen constantly self-defeating, nothing escaped.”

Billionaires Carousel in New York City Times Giant Advertisement: Impeach Trump

                    (The original title: how much hatred! New York Times Square Carousel giant advertisement on the bomb 劾 Trump)


亿万富豪在纽约时代广场轮播巨型广告:弹劾特朗普 Photo: AFP

Overseas Network November 22 from 20 until New Year’s Eve, the United States New York Times Square digital billboards will take turns playing on the giant U.S. President Trump advertising, advertising The content actually called for people to impeach him to step down. It is reported that the ad is made by the billionaire Tom Steyr daughter.

According to AFP, from 20 till New Year’s Eve, giant digital billboards in Times Square, New York will play impeachment Trump ads on a daily basis for 10 minutes every hour. The main content of the advertisement is to urge the American populace to join the Joint Commission to pressure Congress to launch impeachment Trump’s procedure.

There is a website on the billboard where citizens can board the site to sign a petition that impeach Trump. According to statistics, the daily average daily traffic of Times Square is 350,000, one of the busiest pedestrian zones in the world, which means there will be a great exposure for impeachment Trump ads.

It is reported that the ad was launched by Tom Steyer, a California billionaire and U.S. Democrat, who had previously spent 20 million U.S. dollars in advertising throughout the United States and called on the People’s Committee to ask Congress to impeach Trump . Steyr once said he was considering running for the California governor in 2018 or running for the U.S. president in 2020.

亿万富豪在纽约时代广场轮播巨型广告:弹劾特朗普 California Rich Steyr

During his interview, he said impeachment was a major issue for Trump, but no one stood by the minds of most Americans. Steeler accused Trump of pushing the country to the margins of nuclear war and posed an imminent threat to the United States. Trump, who was previously on Twitter, said Steele “weird, insane.”


She counterattacked after the woman Disney was lined up in public

                    (Original title: Women’s Disney line up in public clothes after being accused of filthy Gossip photo post counterattack called “I’m not ashamed”)


According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 21st, a young couple in California on Sunday (19) with 10-month-old son went to Disneyland in Anaheim city play, waiting in long lines When the baby suddenly burst into tears hungry. Mother Brittany Madina worry about going back to the nursing room and getting back in line after being fed, so she lifts her clothes in public and sucks the milk.

Unexpectedly, the move shocked the presence of tourists. Two female tourists began to criticize Brittany’s indecent behavior loudly, saying she should have her baby in a special place to breastfeed. Hear these criticisms, the young mother is not ashamed, but a few steps back toward the two female tourists, her husband shouted back to take pictures of his cell phone.

女子迪士尼排队当众掀衣哺乳 遭指责后她这样反击

In the picture, the mother holds the nursed child, the smile is splendid; and the two unknown women in the background are the look of embarrassment and disdain.

Bristol even posted a post on Facebook recounting the story and wrote “Look at the nasty people, today’s characters, just take a photo.” She explained that she was the mother of two boys, young babies were only 10 months old and had to be taken everywhere. She and her husband bought the Disneyland year card, so often to play, this encounter made her a lot of insights.


Foreign media: Zimbabwe’s former vice-president will succeed Mugabe as president on Friday

                    (Original title: Minanga Gouva will succeed Mugabe on Friday as Zimbabwean president)

                                   According to AFP and other foreign media reports, Zambian former Vice President Mnanaguawa will be sworn in as president on Friday (May 24).

Zimbabwean Speaker Jacob Mudenta announced on the 21st that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe resigned as president. British media subsequently quoted sources as saying that Mugabe will leave Zimbabwe as early as possible on the 21st night of the local time in Britain as early as possible, and his wife, Grace, will also be arrested on the night of the 21st and face prosecution.

Earlier, according to the Associated Press, Mugabe, the former Vice President of Zimbabwe, took over the presidency within 48 hours after his resignation. Nam Van Gagar, now 75 years old, won the military support and was considered the most likely Mugabe “successor.” On the 6th of this month, Mugabe dismissed Minangkrugu and subsequently announced a departure from Zimbabwe.

According to a report by the U.S. National Broadcasting Corp. (NBC) on the 21st, the new leader of the ruling Zimbabweananagua has released a 5-page statement recently that it has been contacted by President Mugabe and invited Return to discuss the current political situation in the country. Minangaghua said that the country is in the hands of the people, the Zimbabwean people have no confidence in the leadership of Mugabe, and Mugabe must resign as president following the will of the people. Meanwhile, Ms Meenanguagua also said that his conversation with President Mugabe can not replace the impeachment process. In addition, Minangaghua revealed that he had fled Zimbabwe after learning that it was to be “removed.”

Overseas media reported earlier that at about 2 am local time on the 15th, about 30 shots were heard at the Zimbabwean President’s Office. Soldiers and armed vehicles in Harare, Zimbabwe, blocked access to government offices, the National Assembly Building and Court of the road. When Zimbabwean army chiefs later delivered live broadcasts on state television, he said that the military’s goal is not to be President Mugabe but to criminals who threaten the president. These “criminals” have caused social and economic damage.

The Zimbabwean ruling party has also repeatedly stressed on several occasions that no coup d’état has taken place in Zimbabwe but has gone through a “bloodless regime change” and seized Mugabe and his family “for constitutional and security reasons for the country.” “Vice-President Mu Nanakkova will lead the ruling party towards a better future. ”

Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri: At the request of the president, the decision to resign is postponed

                    (Original title: Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri demanded that the resignation be postponed at the request of the president)



Hariri to attend the 22nd anniversary of the independence of the country’s 74 anniversary celebrations

overseas online November 22, according to Agence France-Presse news electric , Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri requirements should be president, announced the postponement of his resignation.

It is reported that Lebanese President Orne demanded that Hariri reconsider his decision to resign, so he will not announce his resignation for now but will reserve sufficient space for talks in the future.

According to Reuters, Hariri attended the day of Independence Day parade in the capital Beirut, and Lebanon President Orne and parliamentary spokesman Nabil Bailey attended the event. This is the first return of Hariri to Japan since he announced his resignation on the 4th of this month on his visit to Saudi Arabia. On the evening of the 21st, Hariri returned to Beirut after his visit to Egypt was completed. According to previous reports, after arriving in Beirut, Hariri paid a tribute to the cemetery of his father Rafik Hariri. Before leaving the cemetery, he only said “thank you” to the Lebanese people.

The media had previously predicted that Hariri, returning home, might face the death of President Orne and explain to the public why he resigned.

Three divorces will be able to put off his wife? This Muslim old customs or abolished by India

                    (Original title: Three divorces will be able to divorce the Indian government to consider legislation to abolish Muslim old customs)


China Daily Netizens November 22 (Xinhua) India’s AsiaNews Agency reported on November 21 that the Indian government has considered adopting a legislative formula to end the Muslim custom of “talaq-e-biddat.”

Among some Muslim groups in India, a husband can unilaterally terminate a marriage as long as she says her wife divorces three times without any compensation, and her obligation to raise her children is not borne. This seriously undermines the rights and interests of women, leaving a large number of women in a virtual abandonment situation and falling into extreme poverty.

China cited Hanjiwei Qinling tunnel exit section to refresh the world record

                    (Original title: China cited Hanji Wei Qinling tunnel exit section through the world record in the field of refresh)


China news agency, Beijing, November 25 The reporter learned from the No. 2 Group of China Railway 17th Bureau Group that the 6500-meter tunnel leading to the exit of the Hanjiwei Qinling Tunnel by the company was formally connected on the 25th, which renovated the tunnel’s unique and ventilated world Records, but also marks the world’s second long water diversion tunnel Hanjiwei Qinling tunnel construction has made significant progress.

引汉济渭”调水工程工地。杨喜龙 摄(资料图来源:新华网) Hanjiwei cited “water diversion project site.” Photo by Yang Xilong (Source: Xinhua)

By the Ministry of Water Resources experts as “completely and Dujiangyan, Zheng Gu Qu, Lingqu comparable” cited the Han Wei Project , Through the Qinling Mountains, the tunnel is 98 kilometers in length and adopts the section excavation method, of which the exit section is located in Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province, which is the key control section for guiding the construction of the most complete section of the Qin-Ling tunnel in the Han River in Shaanxi Province. Ventilation is difficult worldwide problem, and Qinling tunnel section size of 6.76 × 6.76 meters, is one-third of the size of double-track railway tunnel section, two-lane highway tunnel size, due to small caliber, ventilation problems more Is difficult to increase the same time, Qinling tunnel exit section exclusive headway 6,500 meters, the ventilation problem has become the primary problem to solve .

In the construction process, China Railway 17th Bureau Group 2 technicians creative construction Multi-stage wind station, built in the tunnel 3000 meters at the pressure of the wind station and substation to meet the construction needs of electrical ventilation and in the construction process, to take off the pressure hole, full face excavation, a molding, wearing protective equipment And other measures to ensure the construction safety.

Trump accused of interfering with telecommunications giants acquisition: buy Time Warner must sell CNN

                    (Former Title: Trump Intervention Telecom Giant Buy? To Buy Time Warner, CNN Must Be Sold)


Deal acquisition of Time Warner, an entertainment group by U.S. telecoms giant AT u0026 T, has been hampered by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Last October, US telecom operator AT u0026 T announced the acquisition of Time Warner, both of which approved the plan.

On November 20 local time, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against U.S. telecommunications giant AT u0026 T to stop its $ 85.4 billion takeover bid from Time Warner, Reuters.


Makan Delrahim, director of the Justice Department’s antitrust division, said the acquisition of Time Warner by AT u0026 T will give it an opportunity to raise prices for services and discourage innovation, “greatly hurting American consumers “.


And AT u0026 T intends to stick in the end.

According to US media reports, AT u0026 T said it will not withdraw from the acquisition plan and is confident of winning the U.S. Department of Justice in court.

Acquisition Will Raise Service Prices

How does the Department of Justice interfere with M u0026 A?

The Department of Justice has accused the buyout of strengthening the pricing power of AT u0026 T, resulting in higher usage fees for pay-TV users.

AT u0026 amp; T has cable, wireless and satellite distribution services and, if the acquisition is approved, will also include Time Warner owned CNN, HBO, Warner Bros movies Production departments and other assets of the media industry with high value.


HBO television production of “Sex and the City,” “right game”, “The Sopranos” and other hit series


Warner Bros. (Warner Bros) is the third time the United States established a long movie The company

After the acquisition, AT u0026 T owns a large number of paid channels, a large market share, the price will be the final say.

According to the Department of Justice, the acquisition will allow AT u0026 T to charge Time Warner’s showcasing competitors such as cable companies a high fee that will eventually be passed on to consumers through cable television bills.


Trump Does Not Support Acquisition

According to a Reuters report, U.S. President Trump said he should not comment on the above lawsuit. But personally, he has always believed that the AT u0026 T acquisition of Time Warner is not a good thing for the country, the price of related services will rise.


This is the first time Trump has publicly discussed the deal. During his election campaign, Trump threatened to block the deal, arguing that the merger would lead to a monopoly on the industry.

In addition to Trump and Justice Department opposition, some consumers and small television networks are opposed to the acquisition.

Some consumer rights groups are reported to believe AT u0026 T will cease to be licensed to other broadband service providers, TV service providers (such as satellite TV and cable TV) in the future if AT u0026 T succeeds in acquiring Time Warner Group Time Warner TV content and channels.

Will consumers be more concerned about future bills will increase.

Department of Justice: Sale of CNN as a Bargain

A dozen days ago, according to the Financial Times, the U.S. Department of Justice told AT u0026 T that if it wants to acquire Time Warner, it must agree to include Time Warner’s cable news Channel CNN sold. That said, the Justice Department asked AT u0026 T to sell CNN only as a bargain.

As we all know, Trump has repeatedly criticized CNN on Twitter, attacking CNN for “fake news.”

Previously CNN reported not rigorous, Trump issued three tweets CNN, and then feel under the disgust of Trump:


Wow! CNN withdrew a big news about Russia and three employees were forced to resign. What about other fake news? False news!


Fake News CNN now faces serious management changes that make no money due to the erroneous marketing of fabricated Tong Yun Men’s Stories!


They took a fake news CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC? The failed New York Times and The Washington Post? All are fake news!

In addition, in October 2016, Trump once stated: “AT u0026 T is buying Time Warner, that is, buying CNN. My government will not approve the deal because too few people have too much concentration . “

Trump’s” aunt to CNN “raised speculation that the authorities were interfering in the deal.

However, it was reported that the U.S. Department of Justice responded that the White House did not affect the investigation of the above transaction. Trump also denied any intervention in the acquisition.


Foreign Affairs From another perspective, if Trump had a good relationship with AT u0026 T’s CEO, that acquaintance could easily “shut up” after buying it, and instead he did not want to buy Point of view, Trump and AT u0026 T no “personal deal”, no way to interfere.

In the future, it is feared that Trump and CNN will continue to play each other’s games.


North Korea Repudiates the United States for Re-inclusion in the List of Terrorist Countries: Serious Provocation

                    (Original title: North Korea condemned the United States reintroduced North Korea into the list of “countries that fear terrorism”

                                   According to the DPRK Central News Agency report on the 22nd, regarding the U.S. announcement of the DPRK’s re-inclusion in the list of “countries scaring off terrorism,” a DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman said following Trump’s “extermination” of North Korea’s speech on the United Nations stage, On the 21st, North Korea is labeled as a “terrorist country” and is a grave provocation and brutal invasion of North Korea.

The spokesman said that the U.S. list of “terrorist countries” is a device designed to strangle an autonomous country that does not listen to its command. This time, the United States reintroduced North Korea into the list of “countries that are terrified of terrorism.” In the name of cutting off the “illegal funds used in the North Korea’s illegal nuclear-control program,” the U.S. sanctions were exposed through subsequent sanctions in the DPRK and exposed that the United States wants to use all means and methods Kill North Korea’s thoughts and institutions.

The spokesman said that the United States has launched “provocations” by affixing a label of “terrorism” to the DPRK but has talked of “peaceful resolution.” This has enabled North Korea to further strengthen its “firm grip on the nuclear sword.”

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