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South Korea said it raised the level of anti-terrorism warning Winter Olympics security once again raised

                    (Original title: South Korea Ming raised the level of anti-terrorism warning Olympic Winter Security, raised again on the 6th)


On January 31, the ROK Counter-Terrorism Center of the State Department’s Reconciliation Center held a meeting to decide from February 2 to upgrade the “alert” level of the terrorist warning alert to “pay attention.” The meeting also decided to start again on February 6 the terror alert to “vigilance.” South Korea’s anti-terrorism alert levels from low to high were “concerned”, “vigilant” “serious” four levels, usually generally remain at the first level “concerned” level. After the second-level “pay attention” warning, the departments concerned will comprehensively strengthen the safety management of high-risk materials at the airports and seaports and increase the vigilance on important national facilities. After the alert of the third level has been sounded, the relevant departments will start their duty work, increase their guard teams and step up their exit and entry controls.

韩国明起上调反恐预警级别保冬奥安全 6日再次上调

Local Time On January 31, 2018, South Korea’s Incheon Airport and South Korean police conducted an anti-terrorism exercise at Incheon Airport to escort the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Visual China Figure

Cape Town, South Africa, or run out of water in the consulate on April 12 to call for water conservation

                    (Original title: Cape Town, South Africa or run out of water resources on April 12, Chinese consulate issued a water saving initiative)


Droughts, population growth and climate change are aggravating the water crisis in Cape Town. According to CNN, January 31, NASA’s new satellite image shows the largest reservoir in Cape Town, South Africa’s second-largest city, is shrinking. Water in the city Resources are facing depleted threats.

Satellite images show that Cape Town’s largest reservoir has stored only 13% of water this week, down 1 percentage point from last week. According to this trend, local government said that on April 12 this year, Cape Town will enter the zero-water day and the water supply channel of 4 million urban residents may be cut off. To save as much water as possible, Cape Town will implement a 50-liter daily limit on February 1.

南非开普敦或在4月12日耗尽水资源 中领馆呼吁节水

Screenshot from China’s Consulate-General of Cape Town in South Africa.

Old prison? Prosecutor South Korea prosecutors again Park Geun-hsing No. 21 was born

                    (Original title: Old prison in jail prosecutors again prosecute Park Geun-hye No. 21 was born)



Hong Kong Media: Aung San Suu Kyi Lake Villa Throwing Unknown Petrol Bomb Casualties

                    (Original title: Hong Kong media: Aung San Suu Kyi lake villa was hit petrol bomb unknown number of casualties)


港媒:昂山素季湖边别墅被掷汽油弹 未知伤亡人数

[Global Network reported] Myanmar’s government said on Thursday (February 1) that someone was using a gasoline bomb to throw the laissez-gunant government-owned villas. Hong Kong East Network reported on the 1st, Aung San Suu Kyi people were not in the house, yet unknown whether the incident caused casualties, the motive is not yet known.

Zhuo Tie, Secretary-General of Myanmar’s presidential palace, confirmed the incident but stressed that Daw Aung San was not near the villa located in Yangon, the largest city at the time. Nor did he provide any further details.

New Zealand high-temperature fans are almost sold out Sunscreens and ice cream were snapped

                    (The original title: New Zealand high temperature fans are almost all sold out Sunscreen and ice cream was snapped)


BEIJING, February 1 “The New Zealand Chinese Herald” 1st issue article said that the summer heat continues throughout New Zealand fans are almost sold out state, rich also can not buy. In addition to the fans, sunscreens and ice cream are also snapped up by people. In addition, hot weather has also led to exceptionally active insects and the sales of pesticides have also risen sharply.

资料图为民众利用手里的小风扇来降温。 Information Figure for the public to use their hands to cool the small fan.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

As the summer heats, New Zealanders are scanning summer essentials in supermarkets, and sunscreens and ice cream are sold in addition to fans.

As of now, Countdown has sold more than 7 million liters of water and currently sells 18% more than usual. Meanwhile, the supermarket sold 640 tons of ice, enough to fill more than 20,000 portable mini-boilers.

On the eve of the Winter Olympics, South Korea and the United States launched joint training to clear up weapons of mass destruction

                    (Original title: Korea-US joint PyeongChang training to eliminate weapons of mass destruction on the eve of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics)


冬奥会前夕韩美开展清除大规模杀伤性武器联合训练 Korea-US Joint Training (Photo: Yonhap News)

The U.S. extended the residence permit for the 7000 Syrian refugees in the country for a year and a half

                    (The original title: the United States to 7000 refugees in the country to extend the residence permit for a year and a half)


BEIJING, February 1, according to the Russian satellite network reported on February 1, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security extended the residence permits of some 7,000 Syrian refugees in the country for a year and a half.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, residence permits refer to “temporary protection status” for refugees who come to the United States from countries where military conflicts or other emergency situations occur.

Korean aunt wearing a red cloak for the Pegasus Hui Qing Sheng emotional excitement burst into tears

                    (Original title: Korean aunt wearing a red cloak for the Pegasus Hui Qing Sheng emotional excitement burst into tears)


article (2)_副本.jpg

Overseas Network February 1 Tomorrow (2nd) will mark the 67th birthday of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. On the afternoon of January 1, a conservative group from South Korea met in front of the Sejong Cultural Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, to celebrate the opening of the “idol” Park Geun-hye. They wore yellow hats dressed in red capes and shouted slogans. Many South Korean aunt excited, the scene erase tears.

article (3).jpg

According to reports by the Yonhap News Agency, Park Geun-hoo’s iron fans pulled up huge banners with “Happy Birthday Celebrations” in English and Korean. They also put on cake. Aunt uncle holding printed posters Park Geun-hye photos, shouting slogans, emotional.


The awkward situation was that just as Park Geun-hsieh iron rally held a rally, prosecutors in South Korea said in a press release that Park was an additional prosecutor on suspicion of violating the election law. Coupled with the “faithful government administration” case, the NCIC received allegations of bribery cases, Park Geun-guilty totaled 21.

PS18020100635 (1).jpg

Trump announced that it would benefit from canceling the visa lottery for Chinese technical personnel

                    (Former Title: Trump Announces Cancellation of Visa Draw for Chinese Technical Talent or Benefit)



Trump plans to reform immigration policy. (Picture Source: SCMP)

overseas online February 1 electric u0026 nbsp; Trump proposes the introduction of value-based visa system in his first State of the Union speech after taking office, there The media said it would be a big advantage for Chinese technicians who compete with global talent.

According to the report by South China Morning Post, Trump said in his speech that plans to end the U.S. visa draw and chain immigration. The visa draw randomly distributes green cards regardless of skill, value or the security of the American people. Now is the time for the United States to move toward Establish a system of value-based immigration systems that will receive people who are skilled, willing to work, willing to contribute to American society, who love and respect the United States.

In addition, Trump also believes it is time to end the chain immigration system because it allows countless people who have a distant relative with an immigrant to pass the review. Trump said: “In the new plan, we will only adopt immediate family members, including spouses and children, and this reform is necessary not only for our economy but also for our security and future.”

An immigration consultant in Hong Kong said there is a chance where there is a cost. Visa quotas should be returned to some of the technical personnel. Trump’s new plan will bring good news to skilled immigrants. In the case of point-based systems, the highest score can be obtained To a visa, there will be more opportunities for skilled immigrants. China’s technical personnel will benefit from this change, and their skills will be given priority in immigrant ranks. According to data released by the U.S. State Department, the number of immigrant visas issued by the United States to mainland China last year was 35,350 and that to Hong Kong was 1,128. Most of them joined their relatives in the United States through a lengthy application process or went to work in the United States.

Married couples were messed up by profiteers: dishes difficult to swallow Guests change to eat McDonald’s

                    (The original title: husband and wife broke profiteers profiteers: dishes difficult to swallow guest to eat McDonald’s)



Ben and Wendy (Figure source: “Daily Mail”)

overseas online February 1 electric For newlyweds, the wedding would have been its most important day in his life, but in Australia The newlyweds Ben and Wendy, however, had to apologize to the wedding guests for the bad dishes provided by the wedding hotel. Fortunately, however, they will eventually receive nearly $ 13,000 from the hotel.

According to the Daily Mail and today’s media in Sydney, Ben Wendy held a wedding in November 2016 to invite 176 guests. Each table has eight Asian dishes for its wedding reception. , They paid A $ 26,000 to the wedding receptionist “Maison Melbourne.” A few weeks before the wedding, they were also very satisfied with the dishes they had eaten. However, they did not expect that the wedding had become a “catastrophe” on its important day.

This reporter told me: “Everyone can not eat, it is too unpalatable, and we tried before eating completely different. We sat at the table to see everyone disgusted expression, it was embarrassing thoroughly What is the worst food? This said: “No one can eat something, some people are too hungry to go to McDonald’s even, this should not be heard at a wedding.Forg truthfully, if we provide McDonald’s, may be better, after all, Everyone is full, and they know what they eat. “


The first plate changed from roasted pork, duck and chicken platter to cold chicken wings (Picture: Source: Daily Mail)

Well, What exactly include dishes? This said that some dishes on the table are cold chicken wings as the first plate, not roasted pork, duck, chicken platter, the second dish of crab pincers “like to buy directly in the supermarket,” the taste of abalone soup is not as good as the test When eating. In addition, every guest should get a complete quail, but the last 10 individuals have only three or four tables and no cutting tools. Some guests also found that the quail is still alive, there is no way to eat.


The lobster at the wedding banquet is also unsatisfactory (Photo: The Daily Mail)

However, the bigger catastrophe is still the most important main dish, lobster. In order to better serve the VIP, paid an extra fee, I hope every guest can eat half a lobster, the end, when brought up, each table only on the two half of the lobster, coupled with some noodles. In addition, the service of this hotel contracting hotel is also unbelievable. This is called when he complained to each other, the latter actually should have left the original one-on-one dishes on the table.

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