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The ruling party demanded the resignation of Mugabe: Grace led the conspiracy

                    (Former title: Tianjin’s ruling party demands Mugabe’s resignation)



Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZAF, the 10 nationwide coalition of the African National Union of Zimbabwe (RPF), unanimously requested on the 17th the party’s chairman and first secretary, President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace Muga Bei resigned. These CDU agencies pointed out that the “generation 40”, a young guard led by Grace, misled Mugabe, violated the party constitution and cracked down on other party members, creating chaos in the country and plundering state assets.


called “first lady” leadership “cabal”

Zimbabwe’s official media, “Herald” website reported that the NLD institutions in the provinces “coordination committee” meeting, all 10 provinces The “Coordination Committee” all demanded that Mugabe and his wife resign.

The Coordinating Committee has identified the so-called “generation 40” led by Grace in charge of women’s affairs in the NLD and misled Mugabe, “creating chaos” in the party and the country, advocating the removal of this “conspiracy” from the party and the transfer of justice Department trial.

According to the Coordination Committee, Mugabe’s leadership of the party has been left in the hands of Grays, thus losing his leadership qualifications.

The Coordination Committee called for “rehabilitating” a group of party members who were hit by the “40 Generation”, including Emerson Meenanguewa, who was removed from office by Vice-President Mugabe on the 6th. Mugabe, now 93, joined the Zimbabwe National Liberation Movement in the 1960s to form Zimbabwe’s African National Union, the predecessor of the current ruling party. In 1980, Mugabe led the Zimbabwe African National Alliance won the general election, made the regime, Mugabe as prime minister. In the same year, Zimbabwe officially established its independence from the colonial rule of Britain. After Zimbabwe’s resignation of the presidency in 1987, he became the president and has been reelected until now and is the youngest national leader in Africa.

Grace, 52, married Mugabe in 1996 as his second wife. Grace has said that Minanga Gouva and his predecessor, Joyce Mujuru, plot the coup. She also said publicly that Mugabe should give her the presidency.


still “elder statesman given the status of”

Coordination Committee said that if Mugabe does not resign couple, the two positions should be lifted.

The Coordination Committee asked the Central Committee of the Democratic League to convene a special meeting within 48 hours to “make adjustments to NLD in the light of the current political situation.”

A senior NLD member who declined to be named told Reuters reporter: “If he is tough, we will set out to lift his post on Sunday (January 19) and then launch an impeachment on Tuesday (September 21).”

The Herald quoted Omega Honggu, senior leader of the NLD, as saying Mugabe was misled by “counter-revolutionaries and was saddened. However, the NLD will continue to respect him and seek his guidance.”

The Harare Province Coordinating Committee said in the resolution that Mugabe must be dismissed while “allowing him to retire and give the status of an older generation of politicians.”

The resolution also expressed “full support” for the actions taken by the Zimbabwean military and also demanded “that the members of the evil conspiratorial group be dealt with accordingly.”

Zimbabwean military took military action in the early hours of the 15th to give full control over the government-critical sectors. The military has always denied the coup, saying the operation aims to bring “Mugabe’s criminals” to justice.

Tianjin military

“Clear Mugabe beside criminals” progress

military said 17, “remove President Mugabe side of criminals,” the action has made “significant progress”, some of the Criminals were arrested and some were still at large.

The military says these “criminals” should be held responsible for “social and economic hardships” in Zimbabwe.

President of the Zimbabwe Veterans Association for War of Liberation Chris Mukhwanva said at a press conference on the same day that higher education ministers and finance ministers have been arrested.

Mugabe made his first public appearance on the 17th after taking military action and attended the graduation ceremony of the Open University of Zimbabwe in Harare, capital of the country. However, Mugabe made no comment, and his wife, Grace and Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo, did not attend either.


This sea area is said to have over 260 spacecraft buried in the spacecraft’s grave

                    (Original title: Nimo point: abandoned spacecraft “shelter”)


地球周围的航天器 around the Earth spacecraft

尼莫点 Nemo point

前苏联时期和平号空间站 former Soviet-era Mir space station

Nemo nearest point of land to the distance across the three islands of the southern hemisphere – Ducie Island, Pitcairn Islands in , Motunui Island in the southwest corner of Easter Island and Maui Island in the Antarctic Sea. The three are located in the north, northeast and south respectively, with distances of up to 2,688 kilometers from Nimo. Taking this length as a radius and the Nemo point as the center, the above three islands are connected in a circle circumscribing a sea of ​​vast expanses of sea that are quite similar to the entire North American area with no land patches.

The closest human haunted area to Nimo Point is the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 kilometers. About 10 years later, Nimo will be the destination for the remains of the International Space Station. Prior to this, over 260 spacecraft have been buried here.

Guangzhou Daily News Nemo point as the tomb of the wreckage of the global spacecraft, after the media has been sporadic reports. Recently, the British media to cover the growing number of space junk as an opportunity to sort out the details of the case of Nimo, opened for us the mysterious “spacecraft grave” veil.

Most spacecraft, including satellites or space stations, are burned out of the atmosphere, but some of the large debris left behind crashed into the ground. To avoid casualties, these spacecraft were controlled at ground level The operation of personnel fell to unmanned sea. This is the area centered on the Nemo Point, where more than 260 spacecraft have been buried since 1971. This is called “Spacecraft Tomb.”

Nimo was discovered in 1992 by Canadian survey engineer Lucatella. The Nemo Point is the surface of the Earth whose surface is the most remote from the land and is located on the sea surface at 48 ° 52.6’S123 ° 23.6’W in the center of the South Pacific, 2688 km from the nearest landmass. The marine environment around the Nemo Point is not enough to support marine life, and only some of the seafloor bacteria can survive. So, here is almost a dead sea.

A GREAT “Tomb”

But before Nimo was discovered and formally named, this sea of ​​vastness had already entered the field of vision of the former Soviet Union and the U.S. space agency and was exploited. In 1971, the former Soviet Union looked for an opportunity for its abandoned spacecraft and found that the Nemo Point was an excellent “grave” of spacecraft debris. If the wreckage of the spacecraft falls into this area, its residual radiation and harmful substances will be trapped here and will no longer escape and will not be contaminated elsewhere.

Since the first Soviet wreckage of a spacecraft that crashed in the Nemo area, there have been “bodies” of over 260 spacecraft, most of which belong to Russia: more than 140 space reactors, 6 Salyut space stations, and There is the former Soviet Mir space station. In addition, there is a SpaceX rocket resting here; five cargo spacecraft at the European Space Agency; and six HTV cargo spacecraft in Japan. The most advanced man-made Temple of Heaven, the International Space Station, currently in service, is expected to be decommissioned within 10 years and be controlled to fall, and its wreckage will also fall to the area where Nimo is located.

Some experts commented that Russia is the leader in terms of accuracy and quantity in the control of the crashed spacecraft in the Nimo area; the comprehensive accuracy of the United States is also high; and that of the European Space Agency is the most technologically advanced Worried that its falling spacecraft scattered each time around Nemo near New Zealand, New Zealand and Australia would be very worried if they heard the news about the European Space Agency’s crashed spacecraft.

Uncontrolled Accident

But even in the more technologically advanced United States, there were surprises in the Nimo Point area. July 11, 1979, the United States “Skylab” debris parts accidental crashed near Perth, Australia, fortunately without causing personal injury, and its original destination is the Nimo Point waters.

Skylab is the first space laboratory launched by the United States and weighs 82 tons. Between 1973 and 1974, a total of nine astronauts spent a total of 171 days at Skylab. Sky Labs was subsequently ordered by NASA in July 1979 to be scrapped, disintegrated and crashed.

Unexpectedly, Skylab encountered a solar storm during its landing, and a solar storm changed the atmosphere’s temperature and climatic density, causing a slight deviation of the sky laboratory’s falling orbit. “Thousands in Loss, Thousands of Miles” – The parts of the sky lab that did not burn out during the crash ended up in Australia.

The locals collected the remains of these “surviving” sky labs and set up museums in Esperance, 450 kilometers from Perth. To date, these items are still being displayed: the largest of them is the oxygen-guarded tank for astronauts on the space station, while others include refrigerators, water tanks and hatches.

Worry about Space Garbage

Argentine Navy submarine detachment has the first female submarine officer

                    (Original title: Suddenly lost the Argentine Navy contains more than 40 submarines missing)


The Argentine Navy said on the 17th that an A-Navy submarine carrying more than 40 people has been out of contact for 48 hours and ships and aircraft searches have been carried out. A Hai said that the “San Juan” conventional submarine carried out routine missions to loses communication on the way back to the base in Mar del Plata from the north of Ushuaia, Argentina, near the southernmost tip of the South American continent. The last time this submarine communication time for the morning of the 15th, located in Argentina Valdes Peninsula about 430 kilometers of the South Atlantic waters.

Hariri meeting Macron still enjoy the premier’s case next week to return home position

                    (Original title: Hariri meeting Macron still enjoy the Prime Minister called the next week the country table position)


Hariri (left) and Mark Long (right) (Source: World News)

Overseas Network November 19
On the 18th local time, Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri was invited to arrive in France and held talks with French President Macron at the Elysee Palace. Hariri said he will return to Lebanon next week to clarify his position. Before the talks, Macron said Hariri would still enjoy the treatment of the Prime Minister in France. According to the U.S. “World Journal”, Harriri said in Paris on the 18th after talks with French President Macron said he will go to Beirut to attend the celebration of Independence Day in the next few days. “After meeting with Michael Oron Michel
Aoun) President, I will show my position on these issues. Hariri also expressed his gratitude for the assistance of Mark Kelon.

On the 18th, the Lebanese presidential palace confirmed that Hariri will return next Wednesday (the 22nd), and the Lebanese presidential palace announced the news in his official social media account, There will also be a traditional parade for the Independence Day. Local time On 4 November, a pre-recorded video was played on a Saudi Arabian television station. Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri read a statement of resignation and accused Iran and its “wings” of Lebanon Hezbollah interfered in the internal affairs of Arab countries and hinted at the threat of assassination.

Lebanese President Michel Orn, on the 10th, met with Saudi Arabia’s special envoy and stated that Hariri must return to Lebanon and emphasized that Hariri was in Saudi Arabia Announced the resignation of the move is unacceptable

On the 12th, Hariri in Lebanon to accept Lebanon “Future” television interview, saying he did not receive the Saudi Forced to move freely and will return to China within a few days to “negotiate with Lebanon” without “becoming involved in the policy,” Lebanon will not be involved in any conflict in the region. He said he may resign as long as Hezbollah abide by this position.

China Super Computer won the Supercomputer International top awards

                    (Original title: China’s super-project won the highest international award again)


Nanjing News November 17, Beijing time at 4:00 on the 17th at the global supercomputer conference held in Denver, the United States, based on China’s “Shenwei · Taihu Lake” supercomputer system “nonlinear large earthquake simulation” application obtained “Gordon Bell” Award, China’s high-performance computing applications to achieve this award on the reelection. Previously, “Supernatural Taihu Lake Light” supercomputer system for the fourth time in a row the world’s fastest supercomputers.

The Gordon Bell Award aims to reward the cutting-edge parallel computing research achievements of the era, especially the outstanding achievement of innovative applications of high-performance computing. It is the highest award in the field of high-performance computing applications in the world.

Argentina’s Navy contains more than 40 submarine missiles United States NASA will help search

                    (Original title: Argentine Navy contains more than 40 submarines lost the United States NASA will help search)


阿根廷海军载40余人潜艇失联 美国NASA将帮助搜寻

[Global Network reported] Argentina’s Navy held a press conference on the 17th confirmed that the 40-member crew of the “San Juan” submarine since the 15th lost contact, the Argentine military has been operating to search for submarine submarines . CNN reported on the 17th that NASA will help search.

U.S. troops stationed in Japan robbed and killed the Japanese government for tens of millions of Japanese yen

                    (Original title: Japanese soldiers stationed in Japan, robbery kill tens of millions of Japanese government digged out)


QQ截图20171118072313.jpg On November 17, the case was finally settled. On the killing of a Japanese woman and the snatching of a cash bill by Japanese soldiers in Japan 11 years ago (2006), yesterday (17th local time), Japan The U.S. government finally reached agreement with the families of the victims on the compensation for the incident. The Japanese court ruled that the U.S. soldier repays 65 million Japanese yen (about 4.06 million Japanese yen) to the families of the victims, but according to the agreement between Japan and the United States, 28 million Japanese yen in compensation was paid by the U.S. government instead of the soldier. The next 37 million yen are borne by the Japanese government.

Chinese Ambassador to the United States: Trump’s visit to China is fruitful and important consensus reached

                    (Original title: Ambassador of China to the United States: Trump’s visit to China is fruitful and reached important consensus)



Recently, Chinese ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said in Washington, the U.S. that Trump’s visit to China this month was constructive and fruitful. Both China and the United States and international media have given positive comments . On the day of the visit, Cui Tiankai said during President Trump’s visit to China, President Xi Jinping and President Trump held in-depth discussions and reached important consensus, setting the tone for the Sino-U.S. Relations and pointing out the direction. The two heads of state agreed to maintain close contact and provide strategic guidance for the Sino-U.S. Relations. In the meantime, Cui said the visit of China to President Trump and his expectation of Sino-U.S. Relations that China should establish a solid partnership with the United States on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit. Such a partnership will enable both countries to accomplish their respective domestic goals better and will also make the two countries more capable of coping with the many challenges in the world today. This is the essence of China’s policy toward the United States and it is also China’s real expectation of the Sino-U.S. Relations. In addition, Cui said that as an important part of China’s development strategy, China’s diplomacy is committed to promoting a new type of international relations based on mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation and is committed to building a community of human destinies. China is willing to make greater contributions to world peace and development and strengthen global governance through dialogue and consultation with all countries. China has actively developed its global partnership and expanded its meeting with the interests of all countries. Cui Tiankai said that China will never give up its own legitimate interests and will never develop itself at the expense of the interests of other countries. China will never hegemony and will never expand. This is the background for China to develop its relations with the United States and also the direction that it should stick to its development.

Mugabe made his first public appearance since the change of political situation: the negotiations are still going on

                    (Original title: Mugabe made the first appearance after a political change in various ways to discuss follow-up programs)

                                   In a comprehensive report, since the military took over Zimbabwe, the country’s President Mugabe made his first public appearance on the 17th of this month. On the same day, Mugabe attended the graduation ceremony of the Open University in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, and issued a diploma to students.

It is reported that the reason the military in the country took this action is mainly due to the intensification of the battle for Mugabe’s successor while the fury is reported by Mugabe to his wife, Grace Suddenly lifted the position of Vice President Minangkageva.


Analysts say the group who supported Mugabe’s wife, Grace, contradicts the forces supporting Vice President Mungagua, who was recently dismissed, aggravating the split in the governing party.

Grace is 52 years old and younger than her husband over 40 years old. Mugabe became Zimbabwe’s president since 1980. The Zimbabwean military said it is “keeping contact” with Mugabe and will announce it “as soon as possible” once the talks have the result.

Military: Avoiding “Hard Landings”

Zimbabwe’s military announced on the 15th that it has taken action to control President Mugabe and his family in order to bring Mugabe’s “criminals around him” to justice but denied Launch a military coup. Analysts pointed out that the military is trying to get the elderly man, whom many Africans regard as a national independent fighter, to withdraw from the political arena in a decent manner and avoid a “hard landing.” However, sources familiar with the military top officials said Mugabe still refused to step down. According to the Zimbabwe’s Financial Bulletin on the 16th, Emerson Meenanguagua, who had been relieved of Vice President by Mugabe, intends to set up a transitional government to govern until the next presidential election. The transitional government will share power with the opposition.


Foreign media: The United States intends to develop a missile banned during the Cold War and Russia to start the game

                    (Original title: Foreign media: the United States intends to develop a cold war wrecked missile and Russia to start the game)


BEIJING, November 18 According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” the U.S. Department of Defense plans to develop a ground-based cruise missile banned by a Cold War treaty. An unnamed U.S. official told the Wall Street Journal that the move is to force Russia to comply with the arms control treaty and Russia must abandon its production if it is to abandon its development work.

It was reported that in 1987 the then U.S. President Reagan and Soviet leader Gorbachev were reportedly signing the Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces at the White House in 1987 to forbid the two countries from developing land-based medium and short range ballistic and cruise lines with a range of 500-5,500 km missile.

Sea-based missiles are not subject to this treaty. The treaty enters into force next year, and its signing is a crucial step toward ending the Cold War between the United States and Russia. However, the United States now believes that Russia has deployed a cruise missile that is prohibited by the treaty and that its deployment threatens the facilities of the United States and NATO in Europe. To this end, the United States also wants to produce a similar banned missile. In addition to showing its military capabilities to Russia, it also wants to force Moscow to resubmit the treaty.

An official from the United States told The Wall Street Journal: “The message we are going to send to Russia is that if they violated the treaty, they would have to pay a military price. Our attitude is that we are willing to live in the era of a mid-range nuclear power …… If That’s what Russians want. “

The New York Times reported last month that Russia has set up two proscribed missile battalions, including four launchers and six missiles. One of the missile battalions is said to have been deployed in Kapusjnar near Volgograd in southern Russia; the other has been relocated to a combat base but the location is unknown. Moscow responded at the time that it was “fake news.”

It is reported that the U.S. government has reported since 2012 that Russia is making such a banned missile and that Republicans have repeatedly called on the Obama administration to hold discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin on this issue.

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