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The United States intends to close the Palestinian office in Washington, Washington, or to force the Palestinians to negotiate

                    (Original title: US State Department intends to close the Palestinian settlement in Washington office, or to force the Palestinian side to return to the negotiations)


美国拟关闭巴解驻华盛顿办公室 或为迫使巴方谈判 Pakistani Embassy in Washington. Vision China Figure

Since the United States President Donald Trump took office, he has been trying to push for a process of reconciliation between Palestine and Israel. Recently, the office set up in Washington on the part of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is regarded as Palestine, became a lever at which the Trump administration tried to pry Palestine and Israel.

US State Department officials said the Trump administration has notified the Palestine Liberation Organization last Friday that the Palestinians will shut down the peace talks in Washington if it does not take the negotiations seriously Office.

The present official said that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has now determined that Palestinians have violated the seldom quoted rules in U.S. law that if Palestine opposes Israel at the International Criminal Court The U.S. government will take action to close the Palestine Liberation Organization’s related organizations in Washington.

The U.S. government said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas violated the law in September by requiring the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians.

A State Department official said: “The Secretary of State’s conclusion on the matter is that some factual records made by the Palestinian leadership to the International Criminal Court precluded him from being factually authenticated under the decree,” thereby maintaining the liberation of Palestine Organizational openness.

Earlier, in his address to the UN General Assembly, Abbas said that Palestinians have demanded that the International Criminal Court “begin investigations and prosecute Israeli officials for their participation in settlement activities and for the aggression against our people.”

Palestinian Liberation Organization chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the Palestinians have responded to Tillerson’s determination that Palestinians have warned they will be terminated if the United States closes the Palestinian office All contacts with the Trump administration.

Erekat told CNN: “This is the pressure exerted by the Government of Netanyahu on this government. When we tried to work together to reach a definitive agreement, they took measures that undermined the entire peace process.”

, The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a brief statement in his office stating that the U.S. decision was based on the “U.S. law.” The statement said: “We respect this decision and look forward to continuing to work with the United States to promote the Regional peace and security process.

Earlier, the Associated Press reported on Tillerson’s decision.

CNN reported that the U.S. move toward Palestine may be President Trump’s attempt to return the Palestinians to the negotiating table A lever used by Israel and Palestine.Because Israel and Palestine did not engage in any direct negotiations, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and White House chief adviser, and Jason Green, senior aide in peace negotiations in the Middle East, This month, the White House also said officials are preparing for a peace offer, although they are not sure when they were put forward or not. Provided additional details on the proposal, however, Kushner and Greenblatt have already begun to shuttle in the Middle East to meet with relevant parties in Palestine, Israel and Arab countries in the hope of reaching this agreement. 456_30_65473_9

Although the United States does not recognize Palestine’s national status, former U.S. President Bill Clinton later abandoned the law and allowed the PLO to set up an office in Washington in 1994. During his tenure, Obama allowed the Palestinian side to hold office in 2011

In 2015, the United States Congress added a law to the law that if Palestine seeks to influence or actively support the International Criminal Court, launching a judicial authorization investigation into the crimes committed by Israel against Palestine , The U.S. president can defend the national interest of the United States by giving up Palestine’s representation in the United States.

But the law also stipulates that President Trump has 90 days to consider whether to overthrow the Secretary of State’s decision , Which will depend on whether or not Palestine had “directly and meaningfully negotiated” with Israel before that. However, the law does not have a specific definition What kind of negotiations are “direct and meaningful negotiations.”

“Even if Trump decides to close the office of the organization, the United States will not completely cut off its relations with Palestine, but instead will concentrate on fully facilitating a peace agreement between the two sides . “Said a State Department staff member

Zimbabwe’s ruling party pressured the president: demanded that his wife be expelled from the party

                    (Original title: Zimbabwe’s ruling party pressured President Mugabe to resign)


BEIJING, Nov. 19 Xinhua According to foreign media reports, the political situation in Zimbabwe has changed recently and the personal destiny of President Mugabe has drawn much attention from the outside world. ZANU-PF (ZANU-PF), the ruling Zimbabwean party, held a special meeting on the 19th to demand Mugabe’s resignation and demanded that Mugabe’s wife, Grace, be expelled from the party in order to further pressure Mugabe . It is reported that Zimbabwe’s ruling party has been loyal to 93-year-old President Mugabe. However, after the sudden political coup on the 15th, the ruling party demanded that Mugabe should step down and “retire as a political veteran.”


According to foreign media reports, since the sudden political change in Zimbabwe on November 15, President Mugabe made his first public appearance. He attended a graduation ceremony in Harare, capital of the capital on November 17.

Argentine submarine lost 72 hours after the signal sent seven times the joint search

                    (The original title: containing 44 Argentine submarine lost 72 hours after the signal sent seven times, eight countries in the search)


Argentina’s “San Juan” submarine, which lost ground in the South Atlantic last Wednesday, sent a glimmer of hope after nearly 72 hours of silence.

The Los Angeles Times reported on November 18 that Argentina’s official Saturday said they had received signals from crew members who had previously missed the submarine that they were trying to convey signals that the submarine had lost contact with the South Atlantic since Wednesday morning , The first communication signal sent.

US Defense Secretary Jajda Ajadi also posted a text on Twitter on Saturday night saying he was using a 44-member submarine to send seven “communications signals” earlier in the day before and after attempting to contact him. But he did not provide further details. In the meantime, a search involving eight nations is underway and although progress is still a mystery, people do not even know whether the search for the submarine is now on-board or underwater, but comes from The international community is helping nervously with this submarine.

G-8 Jointly Launched Search

CNN reported that NASA yesterday joined relevant search efforts and NASA has been providing P-3 assistance for long-term flight of the turboprop aircraft Search, the United States Navy deployed the P-8A “Poseidon” aircraft to support a wide range of water missions and underwater search and rescue operations to fully support the Argentine military’s satellite rescue.

The Los Angeles Times reported that P-3 patrol aircraft equipped with magnetometers, infrared cameras and other submarine sensors are said to measure even the thickness of the ice sheet. Earlier, the plane was temporarily based in Ushuaia, Argentina and is planned to join the Antarctic expedition organized by NASA.

Argentine Navy officials said they did not receive any distress signals from the submarine before it disappeared. Currently, except for the United States, ships from Chile, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, South Africa and the United Kingdom are also assisting search of the submarine.

The submarine named “San Juan”, participating in naval exercises in southern Argentina before its disappearance, left Ushuaia on Monday and headed for the port of Mar de Plata, A naval base. Xinhua said earlier that the navy said “San Juan” was losing its liaison on the way back to the base in Mar del Plata from the north of Ushuaia, Argentina, near the southernmost tip of the South American continent. The last time this submarine communication time for the morning of the 15th, located in Argentina Valdes Peninsula about 430 kilometers of the South Atlantic waters. Earlier on Saturday, Pope Francis from Argentina said in a statement in the Vatican that he is prayed for the safe return of the submarine and its crew to Argentina. He also said that during these difficult times he was with the families of the missing crew.

On the other hand, the families worried for the crew are now waiting in the base in Mar del Plata.

Before Ajad announced his signal, Marcela Moyano, wife of Navy mechanic Hernan Rodriguez, said in a television interview: “Mixed with fear And silence, the passage of time in this situation can be painful, but she also said that despite desperation and fear, they still hope they will come back as soon as possible.

Among the 44 crew, one female is 35 years old Eliana Kravchik, the first female officer in the Argentine Navy, said in a Los Angeles Times that her father, Eduardo, said in a television interview Thursday that he had spoken to her daughter for the last time two weeks ago. “She Told me that upon arrival in Tierra del Fuego, the governor of the state boarded the submarine and congratulated her on her because a woman was able to work on board. “He added, praying for the safe return of her daughter whose community will celebrate her” rebirth. “

Psychologists and Roman Catholic bishops have now reached the naval base to advise their families as well. Man Barville said the fleet “will not give up any possible possibility.” He said: “We assume that the submarine has a communication problem that may be a power outage and it is now floating. “” From the floating trajectory, we can estimate the relevant search area.

Increased rescue difficulty

The diesel-powered San Juan, one of three Argentinean submarines, has a length of 220 feet and a range of 13,000 miles. The submarine, made in Germany, launched in 1983 And completed a major overhaul and rectification in 2014. Argentine officials said it will allow it to extend its service for about 30 years.

One Japanese died in drunken driving accident in US marines stationed in Japan

                    (Original title: One Japanese killed in drunken driving accident by US marines in Japan)


BEIJING, November 19 (Xinhua) Russian satellite network quoted Japanese media on the 19th reported that a U.S. armed forces stationed in Okinawa, Japan, a U.S. crossroads traffic accident, resulting in 1 death.


Twelve people were killed and two were seriously injured in a traffic accident in western Kenya

                    (Original title: Traffic accidents in western Kenya killed 12 people)


Nairobi, November, November 19 Kenyan police said on the 19th that the traffic accident in the early morning of the same day in Nakuru County, western part of the country, has resulted in 12 deaths and two serious injuries.

Nakuru County Police said that at about 3 a.m. local time on a road connecting Nakuru and Eldoret, a passenger car attempting to avoid a herd crossing a road with a truck Head-on collision. Bus drivers and 11 passengers died on the spot, a passenger and truck driver on the bus were seriously injured, the two have been sent to the hospital for treatment.

According to figures released by Kenya’s traffic control department, about 3,000 people die of road traffic accidents each year in the country.

Thirteen cases a day! Alleged invasion of sexual abuse is not only the military and political forces also came

                    (Original title: 13 cases a day! Alleged alienation swept the United States, not only political culture, the military has come …)


每天13起!性侵指控席卷美国 不仅政文界军方也来了

[Global Network] Sexual harassment, sexual assault allegations in the United States presents “endless wildfire” trend. Since the well-known Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, was hit by a sex scandal, some people have been constantly accused of sexual harassment by accusing political, business and cultural elites. Today, a report released by the U.S. military has greatly boosted the flames. According to a report released by the U.S. Defense Department on the 17th, there have been more than 20,000 allegations of sexual assault within the U.S. military in the past four years, or about 13 per day on average. Among them, 8,294 cases were filed in the Army, the largest unit of the U.S. military.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 18 that although U.S. officials said that the number of sexual assaults in the annual report of the U.S. military has decreased since 2012, according to the figures released by the DoD prevention center, During the 2016 fiscal year, the U.S. Army reported as many as 8,294 allegations of sexual assault, 4,788 navies, 3,400 Marine Corps, and 8,876 Air Force airplanes.

每天13起!性侵指控席卷美国 不仅政文界军方也来了

And that’s just the number of allegations of sexual assault. The Fox News Network reported that in 2016 alone, there were over 70,000 sexual violence within the military and urged the U.S. Congress to act as soon as possible. It is learned that there are 1.3 million military personnel active in service in the United States. The U.S. Department of Defense regularly tracks and updates the allegations of sexual assault. However, the 17-day report also shows the figures based on the bases.

According to figures released by the Department of Defense in 2016, the percentage of U.S. military active duty women serving as victims of sexual assault dropped from 6.1% in 2012 to 4.3%. Male servicemen in active service dropped from 1.2% in 2012 to 0.6%.

The well-known Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault storm has not yet subsided. Some people are constantly jumping out and accusing the politicians, businesspeople and cultural figures of having committed sexual harassment.

Hollywood sexual scandal embarrassed the United States executives

The New York Times took the lead in exposing well-known Hollywood filmmaker Xavi Weinstein on October 5 for alleged sexual assault. On the 8th, Harvey was fired by Weinstein, co-founded by his brother Bob, and some Hollywood movie stars began to condemn Weinstein, or to leave themselves alone, without any knowledge.

每天13起!性侵指控席卷美国 不仅政文界军方也来了 Weinstein

On October 10, The New York Times and the New Yorker magazine disclosed more serious new material, many of whom were famed allegations of sexual vengeance by Weinstein. While exposing the allegations of Weinstein’s sexual assault, the media also exposed his group photo with his old friend Hillary Clinton in politics, the number of visits to and from the White House during Obama’s administration, and his oldest daughter went to his film and television company The experience of internship put the U.S. Democrats and even the entire political high in the United States into a very embarrassing situation.

Hillary Clinton made the statement on the very day saying that he was shocked by the report but did not explicitly criticize Weinstein. “The actions described by these women who stand up are intolerable and their courage and support from others are crucial to stopping such behavior.”

The couple made a joint statement later in the day saying they were ” Weinstein’s content is disgusted. “Any man who derogates women in this way, regardless of wealth and status, should be condemned and responsible for it.”

Earlier, when U.S. President Donald Trump was asked about the wave of scandals, he said: “I’ve known Harvey Weinsten long ago and I’m not surprised to see these stories.”

Two politicians “big brother” was sex scandal

Time to enter In November, the United States has two other political “big brothers” were sexually explicit scandal, one of whom was optimistic about the possibility of running for the next U.S. president.

Roy Moore, an ultra-conservative Republican in Alabama who just won federal candidacy a month ago, was followed by a series of sexual assault scandals. On November 13, Beverly Young Nelson, the fifth woman who claimed to be the victim, came out and denounced Moore’s sexual assault. Xinhua News Agency reported that Moore is now 70 years old and former Chief Justice of Alabama, often wearing a cowboy hat riding a horse to vote. He has been called an affidavit in the political arena by the AFP for its own-mindedness and its often outrageous words.

The U.S. media revealed that he was “misconduct” against several teenage girls nearly 40 years ago and was even more likely to indecent one of them. According to the “Washington Post” reported that four women burst Moore once behaved unjustly. One of the youngest, Moore, the then Assistant Attorney for the District of Alabama, took her to her home in 1979 for obscenity. Moore was 32 years old and the girl was only 14 years old.

Another U.S. politician who accused of sexual assault is “Gangster”, the United Democrat Senator Franken. On November 16, Tweden, the host of a U.S. radio station, issued a long article complaining of how he had sexually assaulted himself in the past and took pictures as proof. In the face of evidence, Franklin apologized again and said accepting a parliamentary investigation of his conduct was violently targeted by US public opinion, politicians and President Trump, and was once favored The future may run for the U.S. president. It is also under pressure to resign because of alleged misconduct.

Justice of the United States “pleads for love” alleging “intimacy” with 50 women

Various sex harassment scandals that have been exposed recently have been a devaluation of Capitol Hill. However, O’Neill, Ohio’s Attorney General, posted a Facebook affidavit on Facebook on Friday (Friday). On November 18, U.S. media reported that O’Neal, the state Supreme Court justice who is running for governor in Ohio, Ohio, claims he has “intimacy” with “about 50 pretty women.” O’Neill, the Democrat who made the claim, said he did so because dissatisfaction with his Democrat colleagues cited allegations of misconduct as requiring Sen. Franconian to withdraw from the Senate. O’Neill said in a Facebook post: “Now these dogs need to kill Senator Francken, and now I think I should stand up and speak out on behalf of all bisexual men.”

O’Neill said he has had sex with people Including his first true love, a beautiful blonde. He had passionate with her in the barn shed in the girl ‘s parents’ home. The last one is from Cleveland stunning redhead girl.

Rare! ROK ruling party severely criticized the United States: We are hard enough you also pressure

                    (Original title: Rare! South Korea ruling party severely criticized the United States: we are hard enough, you are also pressure)



Overseas Network November 19, local time on the 16th, visiting South Korea’s ruling coalition Democratic Party Representative Qiu Meizu, who is visiting the United States, said at the start of the revision of the Korea-US FTA In the negotiations, he said that under the current circumstances, it is not appropriate for the United States to exert excessive pressure on South Korea’s FTA.

KBS reported that when Qiu Meitui held a breakfast meeting with members of the “Honpai” delegation on the same day in the US Congress, Qiu Mei Love said that projects outside the United States trade trade show substantial surpluses but that the United States does not regard the overall situation as a whole. Only a small part of the pressure on South Korea, South Korea’s difficult situation at present, this approach is not appropriate in timing.

She said that under the influence of the DPRK nuclear issue and the “Sadd” issue, the South Korean government will find it more difficult for the new government to work hard to break through all kinds of difficulties if it is pressured by the United States again as it is now. Understand South Korea’s difficulties. Autumn Beauty also said that purchasing large quantities of weapons from the United States will drastically reduce the trade deficit between South Korea and the United States and will greatly help the United States. Wen Jiayin said after the South Korean President Cheong Wa Dae held talks with Trump on the 7th, South Korea and the United States will start negotiations on the free trade agreement as soon as possible. Trump said he believes the two sides can reach a “free and fair” free trade agreement.

According to South Korea’s “Asian Economy,” Qiu Meili, like Joan of Arc, has the courage to break down the political scene and hence the name “Autumn Joan of Arc.” Autumn beauty love by the promotion of South Korea’s former president Kim Dae-jung and get involved in politics.

Trump’s visit to South Korea can not wait to talk about trade

Trump’s visit to South Korea recently raised the issue of trade from the very beginning and hoped that the ROK would purchase the U.S. arms to reduce its trade deficit with the ROK. Trump has been displeased with the trade deficit with South Korea and blamed South Korea for its “imbalance” responsibility. In June this year, when Wen visited the United States, Trump said that the first five years of the free trade agreement between the United States and South Korea and the U.S. deficit increase of 11 billion U.S. dollars against the ROK “can not be said to have achieved great success in the FTA.”

According to Wang Junsheng, an expert from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, actually, the United States and South Korea “one would like to sell and one would like to buy, both of which are likely to reach a consensus on arms sales. Moreover, the United States sells arms to South Korea and the United States The purchase of arms, on both sides, is also an important means of safeguarding the alliance between the United States and South Korea. ”

Wang Junsheng believes that although there are many domestic complaints about Trump’s trade, “South Korea does not have the capital to bargain with the United States.” The South Korea-US alliance is an asymmetric alliance and South Korea is highly dependent on the United States. The Wen-yin government sought the United States on many issues, so he did not want to offend the United States over trade issues. ”

South Korea Fails to Ameliorate Free Trade Agreement

U.S. and South Korea held the Korea-US Free Trade Commission in Seoul in August this year. At that time, the United States hoped to negotiate and amend the Korea-US FTA as soon as possible. However, South Korea refused, the two sides failed to reach a consensus.

5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Maluku Sea in Indonesia with a depth of 10 km

印尼马鲁古海发生5.7级地震 震源深度10千米

Formal determination of China Seismological Network: On November 19 at 00:07, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit the Maluku Gully (2.50 degrees north latitude and 128.15 degrees longitude) with a depth of 10 kilometers.

Only 15 minutes after Abe’s new address speech was used to cover up internal problems

                    (Original title: Abe’s new policy speech is only 15 minutes)


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued a speech on the 17th to explain the domestic and foreign policies such as accelerating the constitution amendment and putting pressure on the DPRK. Japanese media said Abe’s lack of innovative ideas, lack of persuasion.

Fifth Speaking Only 15 Minutes

Abe made his speech at the 195th special parliamentary session on the afternoon of the 17th. This is the fifth time since Abe took power in 2012 and his first policy address since the House of Representatives was elected in late October this year.

Abe’s speech took only 15 minutes. He started his speech on the grounds that the situation on the Korean Peninsula was tense. On the one hand, he demonstrated his so-called diplomatic achievements of “pushing for the international co-operation to put pressure on North Korea.” On the other hand, Find excuses. Abe also said that next month it will launch a new package of economic policies to promote “productive revolution” and “educate the people” to promote steady economic growth and overcome Japan’s biggest dilemma at this stage – the issue of younger children and aging. Abe also stressed in particular the need to speed up the process of constitutional amendment and urged all parties to “go beyond constructive discussions and go forward together beyond the limits of the party framework.”

Analysts pointed out that when the ruling coalition won the election in the House of Representatives and the constitutional amendment power occupy more than two thirds of the seats in the National Assembly, Abe consciously got the chance to speed up the process of constitutional amendment.

On the 16th, the LDP re-established its headquarters and re-convened a plenary meeting more than two months later. According to Kyodo News Agency reported that the Liberal Democratic Party is accelerating the consolidation of a specific constitutional amendment clause, proposed in 2018 proposed draft constitutional amendment.

Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” believes that the political issues mentioned by Abe in this speech are basically the same as the previous election speech, with no new content added.

Being accused of diplomatic achievements to cover up internal problems

Kyodo News believes that although the ruling coalition won the election in the House of Representatives, Abe still faces the challenges of internal diplomacy in the future. If one of the problems is not properly handled, it will be possible to give The regime caused a blow.

Opposition leaders fled overseas at night without even knowledge of their wives and females

                    (Original title: Opposition leader fled overseas late at night)



Ledesma Escapes Late Night Photo / Visual China

Venezuelan opposition leader Antonio Candez, former mayor of the capital city of Caracas, fled to neighboring Colombia on the 17th, Spain.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made a noise later, asking Ledesma to “never come back.”

night fled

plans secret even his wife and daughter are unaware

Ledesma, 62 years old, is one of Venezuela’s opposition representatives. He was accused of supporting the attempted coup in 2002 that sought to overthrow the then-President Hugo Chávez. In 2014, Ledesma participated in leading a massive street protest against current President Nicholas Maduro. That protest eventually led to 43 deaths.

In 2015, Ledesma was arrested on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the regime. Months after his arrest, he was jailed at home for health reasons and was monitored 24 hours.

On the 17th, the Associated Press reported that after Esplanade escaped from his home and headed for the Venezuelan-Colombian border, he successfully passed several checkpoints and finally entered Colombia. Ledesma said his flight was assisted by some government security officials and the plan was kept very confidential and even unknown to wives and daughters abroad.

Ledesma said he has been on the phone with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who expressed his support for him. Andreas Pastrana Arango, a former Colombian president closely associated with the Venezuelan opposition, posted on Twitter that day and welcomed Ledesma to Colombia.

Ledusma told the Associated Press by telephone interview in Colombia that he would then fly to the capital of Spain, Madrid.


or carry out anti-Maduro “Global Tour”

Ledesma said that he had made the decision to leave Colombia because he resisted between the opposition and the government Dialogue, which is threatened by the government.

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