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Dozens of militants killed in the Libya military air strike extremely organized base

                    (Former Title: Libya military air strikes dozens of people killed in extremist positions)


Libyan Air Force airstrikes on extremist groups on the 15th At a stronghold near the coastal city of Sirte, dozens of militants were killed in the air strike. A source close to the general staff of the Libyan army disclosed that the extremist group assembled on the same day at a stronghold near the desert road to Harava, the eastern town of Sirte, and the Libyan Air Force then launched four air strikes against the stronghold. Reconnaissance aircraft showed strongholds were completely destroyed.

5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred on the east coast of Honshu, Japan, with a depth of 80 km

Seismological Bureau of China formally measured: At 17:43 on November 16, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit the east coast of Honshu (32.37 degrees north latitude and 140.82 degrees east longitude) with a focal depth of 80 kilometers.

Foreign media: Afghanistan’s capital killed two injured 8 injured before the advisor affected

                    (Former title: Kabul, Afghanistan, the explosion occurred before the president consulted affected)


外媒:阿富汗首都爆炸致2死8伤 总统前顾问受波及 Source: Tolo news

Mugabe refuses to mediate with the military insists that he is the legitimate president of Zimbabwe

                    (Original title: refuses to mediate with the military Mugabe insists that he is the legitimate president of Zimbabwe)

                                   Nov. 16 (Xinhua) After Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe launched a coup d’état, the whereabouts of the coup have remained unclear, and whether power will be let out will also become the focus of attention. An intelligence source said on Thursday (January 16) a Catholic priest tried to mediate the conflict between Mugabe and the military but Robert Mugabe, who had rejected the mediation, insisted he was still the only legal person in Zimbabwe leader.

According to the Reuters news agency, the British media quoted politicians and intelligence sources as saying that Fidelis Mukonori is trying his best to resolve the issue of the resignation of Mugabe by the military. He hopes mediation will bring “power transfer” Mugabe insists he is the only legitimate leader in Zimbabwe and said that unless ZANU-PF, the ruling Zimbabwe vote, rejects its leadership , Otherwise he will not admit to resign as president.

According to a report from Hong Kong East Network, Zimbabwe’s intelligence report shows that Emmerson Mnangagwa, former security chief and dismissed vice president this month, had made a deal a year earlier with the opposition and the military Detailed plan for abdicating Mugabe. Returning later in the day on Wednesday, opposition leader Leveron Tsvangirai, who received cancer treatment in the UK and South Africa, sparked speculation that the plan could come into action.

South African President Jacob Zuma has said on a recent basis that Mugabe said on the phone on Wednesday that it was limited to its own home but was doing well in all other quarters. The military said it is to protect the safety of him and his family. According to earlier reports in the “Independent” newspaper, Gbagbo’s wife, President Zimbabwe, has now left the country and fled to Namibia. It is unclear how she can escape.

African Union Chair talks about the situation in Zimbabwe: Opposing force but not conciliation

                    (Original title: AU chair talks on the Zimbabwe situation: oppose any force to seize power, but will not come forward to mediate)


非盟主席谈津巴布韦局势:反对武力夺权 但不会调解 Alpha Cond. Information Figure

In view of the domestic situation in Zimbabwe, Alpha Cond, President of the African Union and President of Guinea, told the media on the 16th in Bonn, Germany, that the AU opposes any armed force to seize power, but the AU will not To mediate the conflict, he demanded that the military must abide by the constitutional order. Contech made the above statement on behalf of Deutsche Welle at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany. Conte also said he hopes to quickly meet with Mugabe.

“Members of our African Union are opposed to the arbitrary acquisition of power by force and I therefore issue a communiqué urging the military to return to the barracks and return to constitutional order. There is no doubt that we support the legitimate government of Zimbabwe and will never accept any force Power-grabbing. “Conte said.

Turning to Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, Conte said: “Like everyone, President Mugabab must also abide by the Constitution in the transfer of power and we believe President Mugabe will abide by the Constitution and his successors will also pay attention to democracy Earlier, on the 15th, in an interview with AFP, Comte expressed that the actions of the Zimbabwean military “looked like a coup d’état” and called for an immediate end to the restoration of constitutional order.

Foreign media: Mugabe insisted his work expires with his wife was at home under house arrest

                    (Original title: Foreign media: Mugabe insisted to work until the expiration of his term with his wife and allies under house arrest)


外媒:穆加贝坚持工作到任期届满 同妻子被软禁在家

外媒:穆加贝坚持工作到任期届满 同妻子被软禁在家 Mugabe and his wife. Figure

Suicide bombings in Kabul in Afghanistan have claimed 18 dead and 10 injured

                    (Original title: Suicide bombing in Kabul in Afghanistan has resulted in 18 dead and 10 injured)


阿富汗西部赫拉特省官员8月1日证实,位于该省首府赫拉特市的一处清真寺当晚遭到极端武装分子袭击,造成至少29人死亡、64人受伤。 Information Figure: Afghanistan bomb attack.

BEIJING, November 16 Xinhua According to the Russian satellite network, on the 16th, an explosion near a restaurant in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has resulted in 18 deaths and 10 wounded.

According to the local police representative, the TV station said that eight staff members of the law enforcement agencies had lost their lives in the explosion.

According to the Tolo News, explosive devices were exploded at the parking lot next to the restaurant of the Council for the Promotion of Islamic Development on behalf of the party, including Zia Masood, the former adviser to the President of Afghanistan.

According to preliminary information, suicide terrorists detonated the bomb. It is reported that ambulances have arrived at the scene of the explosion and the incident has been blocked.

British media: Mugabe insists that he is the only legitimate president to refuse military mediation

                    (Original title: British media: Mugabe insists he is the only legitimate Zimbabwean president, refused military mediation)


英媒:穆加贝坚持自己是唯一合法总统 拒军方调解
Babbagian President Mugabe Vision China Figure

The dramatic political situation in Zimbabwe on the 15th is of global concern.

According to a British Reuters report on the 16th, President Mugabe, who was under house arrest by the Zimbabwean military, still insists that he is the only legitimate president in Zimbabwe and refuses to accept the military’s mediation was a dignified step down. Reuters quoted a top political official as saying a Fidelis Mukonori priest is currently working as a mediator between the Zimbabwean army and Mugabe. The senior official did not provide Reuters with more details about the conversation between Mugabe and the pastor.

Forced Palace! Zimbabwe’s opposition leaders urged President Mugabe to step down immediately

                    (Former title: forced the Palace! Zimbabwe opposition leader urged the president to step down immediately)


逼宫!津巴布韦反对党领袖敦促总统穆加贝立刻下台 Morgan Zambian Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Overseas Network November 16 (Reporter Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Thursday (16th) at a news conference urged President Mugabe to “resign immediately “.

According to Sky News, Morgan Tsvangirai said he hopes Mugabe will end his political legacy in a positive way for the benefit of the people in this country. He also called for “free, fair and credible” elections while setting up a transitional government.

It is reported that the military is persuading President Mugabe to resign but still refuses to step down and insists that his work expire. He is currently under house arrest at his home in the capital, Harare, along with his wife Grace and his top political ally.

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai reportedly took part in the 2008 presidential election in Zimbabwe and won the first round. However, Mugabe remained the president of Zimbabwe because of the compromise agreement on decentralization, The country’s prime minister.

Regime Incident Review:

According to earlier reports by overseas websites, at about 2 a.m. on the 15th, thirty or forty shots were heard at the Zimbabwean President’s residence and soldiers and armed vehicles in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, blocked access to Government offices, parliament buildings and courts. When Zimbabwean army chiefs later delivered live broadcasts on state television, he said that the military’s goal is not to be President Mugabe but to criminals who threaten the president. These “criminals” have caused social and economic damage.

The Zimbabwean ruling party has repeatedly stressed that there has been no coup d’état in Zimbabwe but has just gone through a “bloodless regime change” with the seizure of Mugabe and his family “for the country’s constitutional and security considerations” and “Vice President Namanakou Watts will lead the ruling party toward a better future. ”

Kyrgyzstan Terminates Accepting Kazakhstan’s $ 100 Million Assistance Agreement

                    (Former title: Kyrgyzstan to terminate the Kazakh aid agreement)


Bishkek, Xinhua News Agency, November 16 Kyrgyzstan’s Presidential Information Office said in a statement on the 16th that President Almazbek Atambayev signed a decree on the same day to terminate the acceptance of Kazakhstan’s aid of 100 million U.S. dollars protocol.

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