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Iraqi police found a mass grave: 20 suspects were suspected of being killed by IS

                    (Original title: Iraqi police found a mass grave in Salah al Din province)


Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, 16 Nov (Xinhua) Iraqi police found a mass grave in the northern province of Salah al Dinh on the 16th with 20 bodies suspected of being killed by extremist “Islamic State”.

More than Ebola virus: Burial can only be isolated from high temperature alkaline hydrolysis

                    (Original title: More powerful than Ebola virus, what weapons to destroy?)


Recently, many netizens in the know hot on: “What is more powerful than Ebola virus?”

Prion impressively. It is powerful because of its tolerance and its evolutionary nature. The answer to the human prion “destroy” means to sort out, “360 is still infective; surgical instruments autoclave invalid; formaldehyde, alkali can not be inactivated; UV, radiation encountered resistance; protease can not function …… “I feel this virus practiced the” Diamond is not bad, “the body.

In fact, the prion is a well-known “mad cow disease virus” that can damage the nervous system, cause a cavernous cavity in the brain and spread across species. Its safety rating is biosecurity level 3, and the SARS virus, rabies virus quite.

Since it is hard to deactivate, what about the large animals previously infected with mad cow disease? Can you ensure safety?

“Traditionally used burial, incineration, refining and other treatment methods,” November 16, Institute of Systems Engineering, Academy of Military Medical Science and Technology Institute of Qin Jian Qi Jiancheng Science and Technology Daily told reporters that “the need to deal with , Not only the infected plague animals, but also the experimental animals that need to be infected by human beings in the course of the research, the animals that produce the vaccines, etc. Therefore, the equipment of complete killing in the research work is indispensable. “

In the traditional way, To play the role of isolation, and did not really make the virus inactive, the virus is still a “time bomb.” Incineration and refining, pungent odor, site constraints, damage to the environment, and sterilization can not be done thoroughly, more residue.

“The Cuban government is also plagued by the handling of infected animals. In 2014, it hoped that China would support the technologies and equipment for high-temperature alkaline hydrolysis of large-scale infected animals.” According to Qi Jiancheng, the large-scale alkali-hydrolyzed animal Harmless treatment equipment, recently passed the acceptance of the Cuban expert group.

Previously funded by the National 863 Program, the Institute of Medical Support for System Engineering, Academy of Military Sciences developed a high temperature alkaline hydrolysis and harmless treatment facility for small-scale infected animals and obtained the only national invention patent for such equipment in China. Qi Jiancheng introduced: “High temperature alkaline hydrolysis, combined with the role of high temperature and alkali, so that proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and carbohydrates and other macromolecular substances hydrolysis reaction, decomposition into water-soluble small molecule fragments.” After the Cuban technology for help, the Institute based on the previous technical reserves, organizational strength, emergency engineering and technical program design, equipment production, system FBI joint test and so on. Large animals, large size, dense bones, hoofs, horns, etc., to completely inactivate the virus in these tissues and cells, complete high temperature alkaline hydrolysis is very difficult. “Qi Jiancheng said.

The UN Human Rights Council sent 218 recommendations to Japan to seek compensation for comfort women

                    (Original title: UN Human Rights Council issued 218 proposals to Japan to seek compensation for comfort women)


BEIJING, November 17 According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Human Rights Review Working Group on Japan issued on the 16th by the 218 proposals constitute Japan’s proposal on the comfort women issue requires Japan to be sincere Apologize and compensate the victim.

On the 14th of this month, the UN Human Rights Council held a working conference to review the human rights conditions in Japan at about 5 years. As previously reported, the review examined the human rights situation in all countries based on a “universal review” system for all allied countries in the United Nations and adopted a report on the content of the recommendations. The review regular session refers to the recommendations and reports of United Nations commissions and special rapporteurs. The recommendations of the human rights review are not legally binding and the target countries may refuse to accept it.

It is learned that the report of the Working Group is compiled by the three members of the Human Rights Council. The responsible country for the review of Japan is Qatar, Belgium and Togo.

Abe Meets with US Pacific Command: He hopes to consolidate the deterrence of Japan-US alliance

                    (Original title: Abe meets with U.S. Pacific Command to confirm defense diplomacy and strengthen cooperation.)

                                   Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks with Harris, head of the U.S. Pacific Command on the 16th at the Prime Minister’s official residence. The two sides reached an agreement on reducing the burden on the quartering areas by the U.S. forces stationed in Japan.

It is reported that Harris’s visit to Japan is reportedly to carry out the final coordination of the Japan-US joint exercise conducted in January next year. He also held separate talks with the defense minister Five Codes of Atonement Temple and Foreign Minister Taro Kano, and confirmed the strengthening of cooperation between the defense and diplomatic departments.


Harris, Commander, US Pacific Command.

Korean group SJ member Qiang Ren drink violence on his girlfriend police dispatched but not filing

                    (The original title: Super Junior members drink assault girlfriend police early morning dispatch)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency reported early on the 17th, South Korean police received an alarm, said the men’s Super Junior member Qiang Ren (formerly known as Kim Yong-Wan) drunk violence on his girlfriend, Police immediately dispatched.

Police said at 4:30 am on the 17th, the Gangnam Police Department in Seoul received an alarm saying that Qiang Ren violated his girlfriend in a bar in Sinsadong, Gangnam-gu.


Last Princess Pu Jie wife premarital letters are open: for the country had to get married

                    (Original title: Last Princess Aixinjueluo Pujie wife Saga Hao premarital letters are public: I wanted to die)



【Global Network reported】 Puppet Emperor Manchuria Pu Yi’s brother, Pu Jie’s wife Saga Ho was Japan’s “Last Princess.” On the 16th, the Tokyo Ancient Book Center opened the letters of 21 books with friends of Saga Koho and Pu Jie.

According to the Japanese media reported on November 16, Saga Ho is the eldest daughter of the Marquis Saga and his wife, a child who has been educated since childhood and graduated from the higher education section of the Women’s Learning Institute. In 1937 under the guidance of the Japanese Kwantung Army and Aixinjueluo Pujie married.


For the first time, the South Korean representative was elected chairman of the UNESCO Executive Committee

                    (Original title: South Korea’s first elected president of UNESCO Executive Committee)


[Global Network] South Korea quoted the ROK Foreign Ministry quoted on the 16th as saying that the day the ROK Ambassador to UNESCO Li Bingxuan successfully elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of UNESCO, which is South Korea’s first election to this post.

At the 203rd Executive Committee Meeting held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the same day, Li Bingxuan won 32 votes in 58 votes for the term of 2017-2019.

Samsung Electronics public 2018 executives: the largest promotion in three years

                    (Original title: Samsung Electronics 2018 senior executives reflect the “fruit”)


BEIJING, November 17 According to Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics released on the 16th 2018 senior officers scheduled appointments. This total of 221 people promoted to senior management, is the largest since 2014.

It has been reported that the highest-performing semiconductor (DS) division in history was the largest ever with 99 executives promoted to senior management. Among them, the performance-based R u0026 D (R u0026 D) field of executives accounted for more than 50%.

Analysis said Samsung’s personnel adjustment once again demonstrated a very strong “fruit of the” characteristics. In 2015, there were 58 semiconductor executives promoted to senior management, 57 in 2016 and 41 in 2017, a surge of 2 times in 2018. Among them, there are 12 people to enhance the exception.

South Korea’s Department of Statistics: South Korea’s foreign marriages accounted for the first Vietnamese surnamed China bride

                    (Original title: The data show: South Korean foreign marriage Vietnam bride accounted for the first ultra-China)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency, according to statistics released by the Korean National Statistics Office on the 16th in local time, the number of foreign-related marriages registered in South Korea in 2016 was 21,709, of which the bride from Vietnam accounted for the highest proportion of 27.9% The first super-China 26.9%.

More than 1,700 people were displaced in 75 people in the Pohang earthquake in South Korea

                    (Original title: Survivors in the Pohang earthquake in South Korea increased to over 1,700 displaced by 75 people)


BEIJING, November 17 BEIJING, November 17 (Reporter Yonhap News Agency, South Korea’s Central Disaster Security Strategy Headquarters on the 17th, as of local time the day 6:00, the Pohang earthquake caused 75 wounded, 1789 people were displaced, received 1246 reports of property damage , The scale of the disaster continued to expand.

Reportedly, in property loss reports, there were as many as 1,161 residential breakdowns, 84 damaged stores and 200 public facilities such as schools. From a regional point of view, Pohang and other areas in Gyeongbuk province suffered the most serious loss of property to 125, followed by 37 Ulsan, 31 Daegu and 2 Daejeon areas.

地震后,房屋受损严重。 The house was severely damaged after the earthquake.

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