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Park Geun-hye’s third in-patient detention after his arrest firmly denied human rights abuses

                    (Original title: Pu Jinhui third hospital detainees firmly denied human rights violations after their arrest)



16, 2009, Park Geun-hye in a wheelchair in hospital, surrounded by security personnel to

overseas network November 17 electric u0026 nbsp; 16 am, refused to stand trial behind closed doors Park Geun-hye again appeared in public view in January. However, instead of going to court to appear in court this time, she was taken to the hospital because of a back pain. Korean media said it was the third hospitalization since her arrest.

Detention in Seoul’s detention center Denies Park Jin-hoo’s hospitalization as “being subjected to human rights abuses.” The official said, “Park Geun-hoo’s medical staff thought she needed hospitalization and we took her to the hospital after following the recommendations and had no connection with any outsider human rights abuses.”


On July 28, the hospital covered Park Geun-hye with a quilt cover and sent them to the ward.

Prior to this, an international legal team claimed that Park Geun-hye suffered “human rights violations” on the one hand, calling on the international community through foreign media and on the other hand, Council submits report. They think Park Geun-hye lives in a dingy, cold, lit-up cell, preventing him from falling asleep. “Her condition continued to deteriorate, and there is no evidence that she received appropriate treatment.”


August 30, Park Geun-hye in a wheelchair in hospital

according to Yonhap news agency reported, 16 Park Geun-hye later hospitalized, underwent magnetic resonance imaging Resonance examination. Prior to this, Park Geun-hye twice hospitalized for health problems: July 28, toe injured hospital; August 30, due to back pain wheelchair hospitalization. However, after the diagnosis of the doctor that back pain and other symptoms caused by the Department of Aging, Park Geun-health no abnormalities.

On 13 October, South Korea’s Central District Court decided to extend the period of imprisonment on the grounds that Park Geun-hye had “the possibility of destroying evidence.” Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, in April next year to release. Priscilla caused strong dissatisfaction.


Park Geun-hyee Seven-member Counselor Resigned Collectively on October 16

Multilateral useless! The Philippines Confirms: Willing to Bilateral Talks with China on the South China Sea Issue

                    (Original title: Multilateral useless! Philippines Confirmation: May the South China Sea issue be held with China’s bilateral talks)



[Global Sources] At the invitation of President Rodrigo Loa Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China paid an official visit to the Philippines from November 15 to 16, 2017. On the 16th, China and the Philippines issued a joint statement. The statement stressed that in response to the South China Sea issue, the two countries established the consultation mechanism on the South China Sea issue between China and the Philippines. The Philippine Business Daily reported on November 17 that when asked to confirm the President’s statement, President Harry Rocket, spokesman for President Duterte, said that the Philippine president did agree to deal with the issue through bilateral negotiations. Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, issued the full text of the joint statement by the Chinese and Philippine governments on the 16th. In regard to the South China Sea issue, both sides emphasized in their statement that both sides realized that with the joint efforts of China and the ASEAN countries including the Philippines, the situation in the South China Sea has become more stable overall. In order to implement the consensus reached by President Xi Jinping and President Duterte, the two countries established the consultation mechanism on the South China Sea issue between China and the Philippines, and both parties welcomed this. In response, Harry Rocker said at a press conference: “I can confirm the report that the president has expressed a preference for bilateral dialogue to resolve the dispute, not a multilateral one.” He added that “he has repeatedly Said he did not consider it useful to have a third-party dialogue with non-disputes. “

Six South Korean businessmen smuggled 480 tons of Fukushima nuclear accident surrounding the return of the accused

                    (Former Title: Smuggling 480 tons of Fukushima nuclear accident surrounding aquatic return 6 Korean businessman was sued)


World Wide Web According to Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported on November 17, the Busan District Police Department sued six Korean businessmen engaged in import and export trade. Because they secretly replaced their origin labels imported into South Korea from aquatic products that originated in the areas around the Fukushima nuclear accident.

U.S. Department of Defense Urges to Rush: Trump Calls for Trump to Rush Immediately After Decolonization

                    (Original title: US Department of Defense downtown Oolong: calling for Trump to step down after the eradication of text)



Overseas Network November 17th The U.S. Department of Defense’s official Twitter account number 16 released a call for the removal of President Trump’s tweets, but after its release, Text.

According to the U.S. “World Journal”, the U.S. Department of Defense Twitter account with up to 5.2 million followers released a tweet asking Trump to step down on the 16th. The tweet also calls for Roy, Republican senator of the Republican Alabama (Roy
Moore), also named Minnesota Democrat Al Franken, who demanded to trigger the storm of a kissing radio anchorwoman.

It is reported that the tweets also wrote, “Republicans: Do not regard sexual assault as a partisan issue anymore. Sexual assaults are crimes and are hypocritical than what you do.” Tweets will be deleted shortly after they are issued . Pentagon Spokesman Manning (Rob
Manning said in a statement on the 16th that in response to this Oolong incident, one organization that operates the official Department of Defense official Twitter account has erroneously released tweets that the Department of Defense did not agree with without authorization. The network administrator removes the tweet immediately after finding out the situation. US Department of Defense spokesman White (Dana
White) also made the same statement on Twitter.

Japanese man by Twitter trapping suicide tendencies Twitter founder: sad

日本男子借推特诱杀有自杀倾向者 推特创始人:伤心

[Japan serial murderer tweeted Twitter founder: sad] Japanese man Shiroishi Shiro uses Twitter to search for suicidal tendencies and lures them to their apartment before killing them. Police found a total of 9 dead bodies. Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, said that he was “extremely sad” by serial killers using Twitter for their crimes. He hopes Twitter can help those who have a tendency to commit suicide to get out of the psychological shadow. Twitter has provided users may not “promote or encourage suicide and self-mutilation.”

Chinese student suspect shot dead: Ask him not to fight back anger under the bullet

                    (Original title: Chinese students refused to answer the question was shot American suspect anger shot all bullets)



suspects Austin Botan

overseas network November 17 electric u0026 nbsp; Chinese students on the University of Utah Guo Chen Wei’s case was shot dead near the school, local time on the 16th, the case suspects Austin · Beitan was charged with murdering more than a dozen charges, his wife Catherine charged with incitement, theft and other six charges. It is reported that 24-year-old Austen and his wife plan a car-killing conspiracy, they used to kill Guo Chen Wei’s weapons is stolen from an old man killed by him.

On October 30 local time, Austin and his wife Catherine spent hours in a canyon near the university looking for a potential target for their car-grab plan, ABC reported on the 16th. Faced with a few potential victims his wife pointed out, Austin was hesitant to launch an attack during the day, frustrating his wife. Catherine later called it a coward, the couple also hit it.

According to the police, Catherine claimed to have been beaten by her husband with a pistol and she later went to college to report on Austin’s behavior. After she left, Austin immediately attacked Guo Chen Wei, a 23-year-old Chinese student, and tried to drag a female friend in her car into the nearby canyon. Fortunately, the woman escaped the suspect’s shooting and escaped, and alerted the police.


Couple of Suspects Austin Bertin and Catherine Bethan

It is reported that before the couple fled to Utah to commit the latest murder case, they cut off a 63-year-old from Ingle’s in Colorado Throat and stole his 3 guns and minivans. A few days after the death of Guo Chen Wei, the body of the old man was found at home.

Police said Austin’s criminal record includes drugs, car theft and weapons. After his parole in the spring of 2017, he and his wife live under a bridge in Colorado. After arriving in Salt Lake City, Utah, the two first stayed in a homeless shelter for two days before heading to Red Butte Canyon where they conspired to find a car to force The driver drove them to Tennessee. According to information in court, the couple is also prepared to spend their money as their own toll before killing the victim.

For details of the killings of Chinese students, the police said Austin was murdered with guns stolen from Elder Inger. Austen said shortly after his wife left, he slammed the window of Guo Chenwei and asked him if he had seen his wife. However, when Guo Chenwei did not answer, Austin “began to panicked,” and fired into the car until it shot the bullets in the gun. Eventually, Guo Chen Wei died of a gunshot wound on his neck. On the afternoon of the 31st local time, Utah police arrested Austin in the Salt Lake City Library.


Murder Chinese student Guo Chenwei

According to earlier reports from overseas website, upon hearing of the death of Guo Chenwei, Utah Gov. Governor Gary Herbert made a statement on Twitter , Expressing his condolences at the University of Utah losing an outstanding student who lives with his family and friends. According to the school description, Guo Chenwei is a “very extroverted, love life, smart and motivated people.”

Zimbabwe’s Foreign Ministry and IDF denied the coup: the army remains loyal to the president

                    (Original title: Zimbabwe’s Foreign Ministry and IDF held a briefing to deny the coup – Xinhua)


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 17 Xinhua Integrated Xinhua News Agency, Harare, Gaborone Reporter: Zimbabwe’s Foreign Ministry and Defense Forces held a briefing on the situation in the capital Harare on the afternoon of the 16th and denied the coup d’état in that country , Saying that the army is still loyal to President Mugabe and that all foreign citizens in Tianjin do not need to worry about security.

Multinational Powers Embassy or Representative in Zimbabwe Attend this briefing. Tianjin Municipal Foreign Affairs Department Permanent Secretary KPM Ma said at the meeting that the IDF took the initiative on the 15th to take over the key government departments and “arrest criminals who undermine economic and social development.” The military clearly stipulates its actions and can not trigger bloodshed. The operation has so far not caused any deaths. KPMG also clarified some media reports. He denied that the recent change in the situation in Zimbabwe was a coup d’état, emphasizing that this is the military’s corrective action against the ruling party and the government. The army remains loyal to President Mugabe, and the president And their family members are in good health and in safe conditions. At present, the government of Zimbabwe is in normal operation and the daily routine of the people is not affected.

Senator Franken, accused of sexual harassment, has been bullish on possible presidential election

                    (Original title: Senator Franken accused of sexual harassment was optimistic may run for president)


[World Wide Web] According to French media reported on November 17, the United Democrats Senator Al Franken was optimistic about the future may run for the president. However, on November 16 local time, he went out of his way to apologize again to the radio host who accused him of having committed sexual harassment and said that he accepted the parliamentary investigation of his conduct.

Leanne Tweeden, model-based sports show anchor, reported that Franconian, a comedian in 2006, was sexually harassed while she was asleep while on the move. This is the latest case of sexual assault committed by male heads of state in various sectors of the United States.

Franken, 66, who has been married for more than 40 years, was a well-known comedian, writer and freelance radio host and was famed for attending the television show “Saturday Night Live.” Franken to join the political arena artist, sprang up to become the darling of the left, now shocked all sectors of the sexual harassment rumors. Senate disciplinary committees may face fines on their investigations or even expel him from the Senate, whose political future is dire.

It is reported that, in a first-person article written by Thom claimed to Franken. The photo attached to the article shows that she fell asleep while wearing a military vest in a protective vest and helmet, while Franconia was attacking his chest. She posted an article on the KABC radio site in Los Angeles that hosts the show, when they flew to Afghanistan on the same plane to comfort the U.S. military. She said, “I feel violated, embarrassed, contempt, humiliation.”

Mugabe refused to resign Foreign media: The military and the opposition have been planning for more than a year

                    (Original title: Mugabe was under house arrest but refused to resign Foreign media: the military and the opposition have been planning more than a year _ “Reference News” official website)


穆加贝遭软禁但拒辞职 外媒:军方和反对派已规划一年有余_《参考消息》官方网站 Military and armored vehicles stationed outside parliament in Harare on the 16th (Reuters)

According to foreign media said on the 16th, sources said on the 16th that President Robert Mugabe insisted Is the only legitimate leader in Zimbabwe and has rejected a mediation mediated by a Catholic priest who defiantly defamed the 93-year-old former guerrillas.

Still claiming to be the only legitimate leader

According to a Reuters news release on November 16, according to a political source, Mugabe, his wife Grace and two key figures of her “G40” faction, Mugabe, who was under house arrest in Mugabe’s luxury private home “Blue House” in Harare, has no intention of resigning voluntarily before the election scheduled for next year. The source said: “This is a confrontation, an impasse, and they insist on the fulfillment of the presidency.”

It is reported that a top political source said Father Fidelis Mukonori is acting Mugabe and military generals mediator between. The generals seized power on the 15th in a targeted move to clear the “criminals” around Mugabe. According to reports, the military obviously wants Mugabe to quietly leave so the regime can transition smoothly and without bloodshed to former Emerson Meenanguewa, nicknamed “Crocodile.” Mugabe has ruled the country since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

According to a report from the intelligence service of the country seen by Reuters, this year, Munga Gouva, who was ousted by Mugabe, has planned more than a year with the military and the opposition in the future of a “post-Mugabe era.” .

According to reports of documents and politicians, Mugabe will take over the presidency once Mugabe is determined to resign, leading the establishment of a temporary solidarity government seeking to stabilize a collapsing economy.

Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the Uruguayan opposition that had previously cured the disease in Britain and South Africa, reportedly returned to Harare on the evening of the 15th. This adds to the skepticism that the above plan can be implemented. According to the Russian “Independent” website reported on November 16, according to African media reports, Mugabe or will soon be announced to resign, Vice President Minanaguawa is expected to become president.

It is reported that Minangkagewa has returned to prepare for the fulfillment of his presidential duty while Mugabe and his family were placed under house arrest. Insiders in the ruling party said Grace had fled the country and is currently in Namibia.

The international community urges all parties to exercise restraint

According to the Associated Press reported on November 16, regional officials held a meeting on the political crisis in Zimbabwe on the 16th.

It is reported that the Ministers of the member countries of the Southern African Development Community held a meeting in Botswana under the chairmanship of South Africa and Angola. Their suggestions will be submitted to all governments and leaders.

All works marked “Source: Reference News Network” shall not be reproduced, extracted or otherwise used without the authorization of this website.

On 15 November, just after the military control of Zimbabwe, Britain expressed cautious optimism on the 15th. Prime Minister Teresa May said to members: “The situation is still changing rapidly and we urge all parties to exercise restraint. The Associated Press also reported on November 15 that the U.S. State Department said on the 15th that the United States is concerned about “the recent actions taken by the Zimbabwean army,” and called on the leaders of the country to exercise restraint.

The U.S. State Department said that the United States “will not stand for sidelines on the issue of Zimbabwe’s internal affairs and can not tolerate military intervention in the political process.” The report said that when asked whether these actions were considered a military coup, the U.S. State Department said it will continue to follow the situation. The United States has always maintained contact with the Zimbabwean army and the Foreign Ministry.

According to the German News Agency reported on November 15, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres urged on the 15th Zimbabwe to maintain “calm, non-violence and restraint.” A spokesman for Guterres told German media: “The Secretary-General underscored the importance of settling political differences through peaceful means and in accordance with national constitutions.” He added that the United Nations is paying attention to the situation and will consider the future. What effect?

The military said the seizure of power is a temporary act

The British “Guardian” website published an article entitled “Crocodile” Mugabe on November 15, saying that the Zimbabwean military said the seizure of power was only temporary Behavior, with a wonderful euphemism, is “bloodless correction.”

The article said that Mugabe’s 37-year ruling seemed to be over even though he still insisted on holding his title for some time, even though he remained in the presidential palace instead of living in exile.

The article said, however, that if everything went as expected, another politician and former vice president, Minanga Gulva, would be replaced instead of a general. Whatever the reason, people want to work with the new leadership. Called a coup d’état would complicate the contact, and therefore, at the international level, demands of calm, restraint and dialogue prevail.

Foreign media: Air pollution on the A, B and AB blood groups more harmful

                    (Original title: British media: the study found that air pollution on the non-O-blood people more damage)



Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 16 New Media Power
British media said scientists found that people with type A, type B and type AB blood are more likely to have heart attacks or chest pain in people with O-blood than in people with O-type blood in heavily air-polluted environments.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph website on November 14, researchers warn that non-O-type blood donors should consider indoors as much as possible if there are also potential heart problems (such as coronary artery disease) reduce risk. Scientists already know that pollution can exacerbate the risk of heart disease, but this is the first time they know the risk is related to blood type.

The researchers reported 14-year patient data from the Heart Institute at the Mountain Medical Center in Utah and found that people with type A, type B and type AB blood tests had chest and heart attacks when the level of contamination was high, The risk of pain has doubled. In contrast, this risk is only increased by 40% for those with O blood.

Benjamin Horn, a clinical epidemiologist at the Heart Institute of the Mountain Medical Center, a leader in the study, said: “There is a link between heart attack and contamination in non-O-blood patients Not worth the risk, but notable. “

He said:” Of the pollution-related information we provide to patients, we are trying to emphasize that they can do something to reduce their risk, such as indoors to avoid pollution, indoors Exercise. “

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