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Iraqi government forces successfully recovered the “Islamic State” last stronghold

                    (Original title: Iraqi government forces successfully recovered “Islamic State” last stronghold)


11月11日,在伊拉克西部安巴尔省,政府军军车在拉沃镇附近清剿“伊斯兰国”武装分子。 (新华社发) On 11 November, in the western province of Anbar in the governorate of Iraq, government forces and military vehicles have wiped out “Islamic State” militants near the town of Lavo. (Xinhua News Agency)

Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, November 17 According to the Iraqi state television station on the 17th, after several hours of fierce fighting, the government troops of that country successfully recovered the last stronghold of the Islamic State in its territory on the same day Lavaux town.

Pakistan killed an illegally armed senior commander

                    (Original title: Pakistan killed an illegally armed senior commander)


Islamabad, November 17 (Xinhua) Pakistani Defense Forces (ISI) announced in a statement on the 17th that PNG troops killed the senior commander of the Liberation Front of the Balochi, the illegal armed organization, through his military operations.

According to the statement, the security forces, based on intelligence, surrounded the militants’ hideout in the Turbod area of ​​Baluchistan in the south-west of the country and conducted fierce fighting with militants. Tao Kari was killed in the crossfire.

The statement said that Tocari, the top eight commanders of the Baloch Liberation Front, has recently participated in the killing of 15 workers in the Tulbaound area and has also been involved in the placement of remotely-controlled bomb attacks on security forces.

On the 15th of this month, Pakistani security personnel found 15 dead bodies of civilians killed in a gunfire in the Turbborn area. The Balochistan Liberation Front subsequently claimed to have manufactured the shootout. (End)

6.2 earthquake in Ecuador’s largest city residents ran to escape the streets

Quito, November 17 (Xinhua) Ecuador’s Institute of Geophysics reports that a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Guayaquil, the largest city on the southwest coast of Ecuador on the 17th. Most of the city and Guayas Province There is a clear sense of the area. There are no reports of casualties or property damage.

The earthquake occurred at 8:40 local time (Beijing time at 21:40 on the 17th), the epicenter was located 26.8 kilometers south of Guayaquil, Guayaquil Gulf near the focal depth of 47.11 Km.

On the day of the quake, Guayaquil was preparing to organize earthquake-resistant and disaster prevention exercises. The content of the exercise is to organize residents to carry out emergency evacuation in the event of a strong earthquake. Due to the strong sense of shock, the earthquake caused some panic. Many public buildings sounded the alarm, residents have to run from the building to escape the streets. Quito is also the capital of Ecuador and other cities in central and southern Eritrea.

Ecuador Located in the ring of the Pacific Rim, there are many volcanoes, earthquakes and volcanic disasters in the country.

Belgian prosecutors demanded the extradition of former Catalan leaders to Spain

                    (Original title: Belgian prosecutors request extradition of former Catalan leader to Spain – Xinhuanet)


Brussels, November 17 (Xinhua) Lawyers from Pueblo de Montserrat and his four assistants, former leader of Catalonia (Cangas), Spain, told the media on the 17th that the collegial panel of the Brussels court of first instance said in a statement released on the afternoon of 5 During the closed-door hearings, the Belgian prosecutors demanded immediate execution of the wanted war in Europe to extradite the five to Spain.

Defense counsel said the collegial panel will hear the defense’s opinion on December 4 and make a ruling within the next week. Pursuant to the relevant procedures, Pujodmonte et al. Will be repatriated to Spain within 10 days of the ruling if neither the prosecution nor the defense challenge the ruling of the collegiate bench. Conversely, if one side lodges an objection, it may appeal to the court of first instance and the court will make a ruling within 15 days. Next, the case will enter the second instance, the court of second instance will make a judgment within 30 days. If either party refuses to accept the verdict, appeal to the Court of Appeal and the Court of Appeal will make the verdict within 15 days.

Foreign media said China intends to build an industrial park in the Philippines: is looking for a suitable place

                    (Original title: Foreign media said China intends to build an industrial park in the Philippines: is looking for a suitable place)


According to foreign media, Philippine Trade and Industry Minister Ramon Lopes said that China is looking for more than five areas in Luzon and Western Mindanao as a site for building industrial parks This is the follow-up of the agreement reached between China and the Philippines at the end of last year.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s report on November 17, Lopez said that the Chinese delegation visited the sites planned for the construction of industrial parks earlier this year which not only cater to the needs of Chinese companies, but also Corporate services in other countries.

Philippine Presidential Spokesperson: Is Ready to Solve Maritime Dispute through Bilateral Dialogue with China

                    (Original title: Philippine presidential spokesman: Philippines is willing to settle maritime disputes with China through bilateral dialogue)


Reference News Network November 18 reported Foreign media said the Philippine policy changes, decided to negotiate with China on their own to find the final solution to the South China Sea dispute.

According to the Daily Inquirer’s website reported on November 17, Philippine President Spokesman Harry Rockev confirmed on the 16th Chinese state media that President Duterte promised China on the 11th that the Philippines Will “handle the maritime issues properly through bilateral channels in accordance with the consensus reached by both sides.”

The report quoted Xinhua News Agency of China as saying on the 16th that China and the Philippines reached no consensus on resorting to force against the South China Sea. Xinhua quoted the joint statement issued by both sides as saying that both sides reiterated the importance of safeguarding and promoting regional peace and stability and the navigation and overflight of the South China Sea.

The statement went on to say that no force or threat of force should be resorted to and that “the sovereign State concerned” resolved the dispute through negotiation.

Reported that this policy change took place at a time when ASEAN is about to begin negotiations with China on the “South China Sea Code of Conduct.” In a media briefing, Roach said: “I can confirm the report that the president has clearly expressed his willingness to resolve the dispute through bilateral rather than multilateral dialogue.”

He said: “I do not know if this is a major change But I know that President Duterte has always welcomed bilateral dialogues in resolving the related conflicts. “

It has been reported that China has always held that the dispute over the South China Sea should be solved through a multilateral mechanism, in which all the disputing parties should directly negotiate with Beijing, And should not involve any third party.

Rock said: “China also said that China and its various parties in dispute maintain a good bilateral relationship.”

Indian version of GPS to catch the Beidou? Media: They are seven years behind China

                    (Original title: Indian version of GPS to catch up with the Beidou? Japanese media said it has reached the development limit: behind China 7 years)


印度版GPS欲赶超北斗?日媒称其已达开发极限:落后中国7年_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: On January 20, 2016, at the Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sri Lilonghu Island, Andhra Pradesh, southeast India, the PSLV-C31 launch vehicle equipped with IRNSS-1E navigation satellite Launched off. Xinhua News Agency

Reference Information Network November 18 reported Japanese media said that China has successfully launched the first satellites used by the new generation of satellite positioning system “Beidou 3”. Positioning accuracy (error) will be increased to 2 to 3 times the original, up to 2.5 meters. Compass satellite positioning system will be global coverage by 2020. China is also stepping up its pursuit of the United States not only in the economic and military fields but also in the development of the universe. India, which follows China’s pace, is also steadily pushing forward similar projects.

According to a report by Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun on Nov. 17, “Our positioning system will be commercialized as early as the second half of next year.” Mizra, director of India’s Spatial Applications Center, was so confident in an interview a few days ago Said.

It is reported that although Indian-developed satellite positioning system “NavIC” covers only the surrounding areas of India, it has received much attention as a self-positioning satellite that replaces the United States Global Positioning System (GPS). Mishra confidently said that “the use of mobile phones in 2019 should be able to receive location information.”

The Space Applications Center is one of the divisions of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) responsible for space development in India and is responsible for the development of satellites such as radar.

It is reported that China’s Beidou positioning system was open to the public in 2011. If, as Mislis said, India will commercialize NavIC by 2018, it can be said that “India will be seven years behind China.” Economists think India’s economic growth “lags behind China by 10 years.” In the development of the universe, the gap between China and India will be narrowed.

Mishra said that NavIC’s positioning accuracy is the same as that of China’s Beidou system, which is “also 2.5 meters maximum.” Earlier, many people thought that “the accuracy is between 10 and 20 meters.” However, Mishra explained, “Like China, it will use 2 receiving chips that send signals in different frequency bands to control the error between 2.5 and 5.0 meters “.

One reason why India decided to develop its own positioning satellite is the painful experience of being unable to rely on GPS. In 1999, GPS was requested from the United States for location information, but was denied it and realized the necessity of owning a satellite positioning system. The Indian government approved the development in 2006 and launched No. 1 satellite in 2013. At present, seven satellites are located on the geostationary orbit and the eighth is expected to be launched in early 2018.

“We are proud to have developed several systems that can show the world and we have also developed NavIC.” India’s Prime Minister Modi encouraged nationals during the Independence Day speech on August 15th. There are many other views that this part of the speech on the development of the universe also contains the enthusiasm not wanting to lose to China.

Reportedly, in fact, India’s perception of the limits of satellite positioning systems can be felt in an interview with Mithra.

U.S. Department of Defense Mistakes Asked Trump Resignation Posts Explain: Operator’s fault

                    (Original title: US Department of Defense misjudged Trump resignation post explained that the “operator’s fault” _ “Reference News” official website)


Reference News Network reported on November 18 that the United States said the Pentagon inadvertently forwarded a message from activists on Twitter that President Donald Trump resigned. Yes, that’s literal meaning.

According to the U.S. “Volkswagen” magazine website reported on November 16, the post said that Trump should leave the White House for allegations of sexual harassment.

The Department of Defense’s Twitter account was reshared but was deleted almost immediately.

Pentagon Spokesman Rob Manning reportedly tried to defend the confusion by blaming “an authorized operator.”

He said: “On the Department of Defense official Twitter page, an authorized operator mistakenly forwarded content not approved by the Defense Department and the operator detected the error and immediately deleted it.”

Withdrawn from the NATO military exercise after the imaginary enemy Erdogan appeared in Turkey

                    (Original title: Quit NATO military exercises due to imaginary enemy’s appearance of Kemal’s portrait and Erdogan’s Turkish anger)


Global Times News Turkey’s President Erdogan announced on the 17th that the soil was withdrawn from the joint NATO military exercise being held in Norway because of the appearance of the portrait of Father Kemal of Turkey and Erdogan’s first name.


Russia plans to pass a series of bills to check the U.S. intervention in Russia’s general election

                    (Original title: Russia plans to block the U.S. intervention by a series of bills)


【Global Times】 The U.S. investigation into “Russia’s interference in the U.S. election” continues. Russian media said on the 17th that the Russian State Duma plans to pass a series of bills to stop the intervention of the United States and other western countries in the presidential election in March next year.

Russian network said on the 17th that the Russian Duma (lower house of parliament) recently passed the “media-foreign agent” bill amendment, but also plans to pass a resolution aimed at preventing foreign interference in Russia’s internal affairs and foreign affairs before the Russian presidential election in March next year Several bills in the presidential election process include bills such as “unwelcome activity” and “unwelcome cooperation.” These bills are expected to be passed at the State Duma early next year. In addition, the Russian State Duma has submitted the draft law on Russian patriotic education to the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament), and plans to legislate for the concept of “motherland” and “patriotism” in order to foster the patriotic spirit of citizens. According to Russian media reports, Russia had previously legislated the concept of “unpopular organization”, that is, foreign legal entities engaged in activities aimed at undermining Russia’s economy and policy. Currently, 11 organizations are included in the list.

Klimov, chairman of the Russian Federal Council for National Sovereignty and Intervention on the Interim Administration of Internal Affairs in Russia, said: “There is a need to legislate to define the new concept of ‘unwelcome activity’ that foreigners engage in unfavorable activities against our country. ‘ Popular cooperation refers to the cooperation between our citizens and individuals that undermine the sovereignty of our country. ” Klimov said the Russian Duma will also stipulate that dual nationals can not become presidential candidates. In addition to accredited journalists and international observers, Russia will prohibit non-citizens from participating in the elections.

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