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A serious oil spill in a pipeline in South Dakota, U.S.A.

                    (Original title: South Dakota oil pipeline leaks in the United States)


China news agency, Houston, November 17 (Xinhua) A serious oil spill in a pipeline in South Dakota, the United States, has leaked some 5,000 barrels of oil. Currently the pipeline has been closed.

CNN News, South Dakota Environment and Natural Resources spokesman Brian Walsh said on the 17th that Keystone, a Canadian oil pipeline company, had leaked its oil pipeline on the 16th. The incident is located near Amherst, Marshall County, South Dakota. The staff of the company closed the accident pipeline on the morning of the 16th. Relevant departments are investigating the causes of oil spills.

Trans Canada reported in a statement on the 17th that it had leaked some 210,000 gallons (about 790,000 liters) of crude oil. The company closed the pipeline within minutes of finding the leak. Some of the oil spill zone has been completely isolated. Yet found that the accident on the surrounding environment impact, did not pose a threat to public safety. The company is working with the state and federal agencies.

Brian pointed out that this is by far the most serious oil spill in South Dakota. “This is an underground pipeline and some of the oil has now floated into the grass on the ground and the authorities spend days digging out pipes to see if groundwater is contaminated.”

It is known that Trans Canada, There were 16,800 gallons of oil spills in the state. After two months of clean-up work.

Trump talks with Abe to provide Japan with defensive techniques without reference to specific weapons

                    (Original title: Trump and Abe have consulted the United States to provide defense technology did not mention the specific types of weapons)

                                   According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Haggerty held a press conference at the Japan Press Club on the 17th in Tokyo on the visit of Japan’s Prime Minister Abe. During the three-nation talks, Haggerty disclosed that the two sides held consultations on the expediting of the principles and procedures for providing the United States with advanced defense technologies to Japan. But said the two sides did not mention the specific types of weapons.

After the talks, Trump instructed Haggerty and others to coordinate with Japan.

Korean media: Korean circulation industry to welcome Chinese tourists to promote a variety of promotional tools

                    (Original title: Korean media said the Korean circulation industry to regain its welcome Chinese tourists: push all kinds of promotional tools)


Reference News Network reported on November 18 u0026 nbsp; Korean media said that with the warming of the relationship between China and South Korea, South Korea’s department stores and other distribution industries are busy to greet the Chinese tourists again.

According to South Korea’s “Asian Economy” website reported on November 14, according to the circulation industry on the 13th news, New World Department Store on the 14th invites a lot of China Red Net to do publicity, looking forward to the red net can attract Chinese users to the New World Department store shopping. In addition, from the 17th to the end of the year, Chinese customers who purchase more than 500,000 won with a UnionPay card each weekend receive a voucher equivalent to 10% of the consumption amount.

Abe said it will deepen exchanges between China and Japan and raise the bilateral relations to a new stage

                    (Original title: Abe states that China-Japan relations will be elevated to a new phase and deepening exchanges and cooperation.)

                                   Japanese Prime Minister Shinjuku Abe On the evening of the 14th, Japanese Prime Minister Abe visiting Japan held a press conference in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, stating that next year China and Japan will usher The 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the peace and friendship treaty will deepen exchanges and raise China-Japan relations to a new stage. Abe also mentioned the “One Belt, One Road” initiative advocated by China, and pointed out that looking forward to the contribution of the “Belt and Road” to the peace and prosperity of the world, Japan hopes that from this point of view, he hopes to work with China cooperating.

With regard to the exit of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Abe said it has taken a major step toward establishing a free trade system and a 21st-century economic order.

Interview 12 days so that physical strength too much? Trump: But I succeeded!

                    (The original title: interviewed 12 days so that people can eat too much? Trump: But I succeeded)


[Global Times Commentary] “I have made many top-level friends and this amazing visit to Asia made remarkable success.” U.S. President Trump concluded his journey of five Asian countries on the 14th. He was on board to board the “Air Force One “before summing up his trip.

“Amazing” “Incredible” “Magnificent”, Trump’s conclusion on the 14th before his trip to Asia is full of such sighs. Trump said the trip to Asia was “very successful,” bringing a value of 300 billion U.S. dollars to the United States. According to the Associated Press, Trump told accompanying reporters: “This 12-day journey is very good and the U.S. trade partners will treat us in a very different way in the future.” He said the trip to Asia has achieved fruitful results Has made “incredible progress” both in the national security of the United States and in the security and trade of the world. On the morning of the 14th, Trump summarized the trip to Asia on Twitter. The tweets he issued early in the day said that after his trip to Asia, all countries that had trade with the United States “understood that the rules of trade had changed.” “The United States must be treated fairly and dealt with in a reciprocal manner. The huge trade deficit must go down rapidly.” Another of his tweets, after announcing his return to Washington, will make a “grand statement” on the trip to Asia, “the day confirmed”.

American caliber murderer wearing tactical vest prepares additional ammunition trying to break into school

                    (Original title: US-California shootings: gunmen have extra ammunition trying to break into school)


BEIJING, November 15 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, local time on the morning of the 14th, the United States, California, near Telama County, shooting occurred in at least seven locations, law enforcement officers rushed to kill the gunmen, including gunmen Five people were killed and 10 others were injured. The gunmen’s motive for committing the crime is unknown.

Police said the shootings could start after the gunmen broke out with their neighbors and ended the gunfire between the gunmen and the police on the roadside.

Police officer Johnston has seen video footage of the shooting scene, saying that the shooting near the school lasted about 6 minutes and that the gunman was wearing a tactical tank with extra ammunition.

当地时间14日早晨,美国加利福尼亚州蒂哈马县附近至少7个地点发生枪击事件,包括枪手在内的5人死亡,10人受伤。 On the morning of the 14th, shooting occurred in at least 7 locations near the county of Tihama, California in the United States. Five people including the gunman were killed and 10 others were injured.

It is reported that gunmen fired several shots into the building after they arrived at Rancho Teháma Elementary School. Gunmen had also tried to enter primary schools, but gunmen did not enter because the school was blocked by school personnel. Police said gunmen collided with a fence and a gate in the school, feeling annoyed because they could not get to campus. Johnston said Fortunately the school responded promptly, otherwise the situation would be “much worse.”

South Korea Music Awards openly Hong Kong, Maucao as a national Internet users boycotted

                    (Original title: Korea Music Awards openly listed in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for the country by Internet users boycott: Get out of China!)


韩国音乐奖公然将港澳台单独列为国家 遭网民抵制

[Global Sources Comprehensive Reporter Zhao Yanlong] According to friends @ hey a Korean wave posting said on the 15th, Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), in the official website of the vote open to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as a country. Its behavior angered China’s vast number of users, have said that Han Xing can not chase, but the country’s territorial integrity must be maintained. “Mama out of China” has become the hot topic on the 15th day. More netizens directly named the Korean Embassy in China to apologize.

The award is known as the largest music award ceremony in Korea and Asia. It is one of the most representative and authoritative music awards in Korea. It has been held since 1999 and has been held in Korea since 2010. From November 25 to December 1, 2017MAMA will be held in Vietnam, Yokohama, Japan and Hong Kong, China. However, its official website voting page (including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English pages) treats Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan as countries as a serious violation of the “one-China” principle.

users @ ah trick typist: South Korea is really disgusting, boycott

friends @BOBYBAE_: no country in front of the idol, roll it

friends @ orange beats -:!! Ban mama do in Hong Kong

韩国音乐奖公然将港澳台单独列为国家 遭网民抵制


China lift ban on Korean cultural products? Ministry of Foreign Affairs: I have not heard the so-called ban

                    (Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Response “China Undresses Ban on Korean Cultural Products”: There Is No Lifting Issue)

                                   Q: Last weekend, China-South Korea summit agreed to push for normal relations between China and South Korea and agreed to hold a visit to China by President Yin next month. What’s China’s position on this?

A: During the informal meeting of APEC leaders held in Da Nang, Vietnam, President Xi Jinping held a meeting with President Wen. Relevant circumstances China has already sent a news release, the ROK has also carried out a briefing, I will not repeat here.

As for your question about President Yin’s visit to China, I would like to point out that high-level exchanges play an important leading role in the development of the relations between China and South Korea. If this information, we will release in due course.

253.5 billion U.S. dollars! Secret US-China economic and trade record large single birth process

                    (Original title: Uncovering the story behind the 253.5 billion dollar bill you are not aware of is here)

                                   Last week, “Double 11”, but the biggest sale occurred between China and the United States.

During the visit of U.S. President Trump, China-US trade and economic cooperation signed a record “big order.”

According to the latest data from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, during the Trump’s visit to China, the two companies signed a total of 34 cooperation projects worth 253.5 billion U.S. dollars at two signing ceremonies. In the words of Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan, this is a “miracle” that not only created a record of Sino-U.S. Economic and trade cooperation but also set a new record in the history of world economic and trade cooperation.

Today, Yu Jianhua, deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce and deputy international trade negotiator, unveiled the story behind China-US economic and trade cooperation to the China-Singapore News Agency.

You do not know are here.

2535亿美元!揭秘中美经贸创纪录大单诞生过程 The country is through train Xiabin She

What did the summit meet for cooperation? Yu Jianhua said that the historic meeting between the heads of state of the two countries has created favorable conditions for the cooperation between enterprises.

On the one hand, the government eliminates policy barriers for business cooperation. For example, the cooperation between China and the United States in the field of energy and petrochemicals has become a prominent highlight of this commercial achievement. In the past, the United States only exported energy to allies and countries that signed the free trade agreement. As the Trump administration changes its energy policy, China and the United States reached an agreement on the export of liquefied natural gas to China in the “Hundred Days Plan,” which is the expansion of enterprises in both countries Policy conditions for cooperation. On the other hand, enterprises of the two countries have taken the initiative to meet with the “Dongfeng” heads of state and speed up the pace of cooperation. Many of the projects previously thought of but not negotiated by the two countries have been talked about. The United States has such a situation, the Chinese side more. Yu Jianhua stressed that the mutually beneficial and generally balanced economic and trade achievements reached by both sides fully reflect the characteristics of “mutual benefit and win-win” in economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. The acquisition of these commercial achievements has brought tangible benefits to the businesses and people of both China and the United States.

How China and the United States audit projects?

2535亿美元!揭秘中美经贸创纪录大单诞生过程 country is train Xia Bin taken

Yu Jianhua said that the two sides authenticity and reliability of the business results of Sino-US economic and trade cooperation are highly regarded in the pre-project selection process, using a strict Standards, in a rigorous scientific approach to review and assessment.

“At this point, the United States and ours have reached a consensus.” Yu Jianhua said that within the United States, the U.S. Department of Commerce is responsible for the collection and preliminary examination of project information, and the White House specifically forms a cross-sectoral coordination mechanism to conduct further reviews on various projects.

China’s Ministry of Commerce will work closely with relevant departments and local governments on the authenticity and compliance of the project.

How much effort has been spent on cooperation? Yu Jianhua pointed out that the above commercial achievements include not only trade projects but also investment projects; some should be implemented on schedule, some should be phased in progress, while others should be cooperative intentions. However, the above projects are invested huge time and energy companies, after hard negotiations reached. For example, he said that by the end of September this year, Alaska Governor Walker visited China in the hope of promoting the state’s export of liquefied natural gas to China. The Alaska State negotiating team has been in China for a month and a half before finally reaching an agreement.

The cooperation project between China’s State Energy Investment Group and West Virginia in the United States has been brewing for more than a decade. The “summit” of the “summit meeting” between the two heads of state will be stepped up only after this summit. Some people think that most of the commercial achievements reached by the economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States are “stocks” or “incremental” or “repackages” that the two sides reached in the past.

2535亿美元!揭秘中美经贸创纪录大单诞生过程 Country is Through Train Xiabin She

Yu Jianhua responded that during the process of project collection, both China and the United States have excluded those projects of “repackaging”.

In addition, some projects may have reached a preliminary consensus before finalizing the cooperation, such as Boeing aircraft purchase agreement, “I think it is equally gratifying.” Yu Jianhua said: “For example, a year ago Engagement is good news, but after a year the parties held a wedding, who said it was not good news? “

Media: Do not allow fire hazards attached to the “responsibility gap”

                    (Original title: Do not allow fire hazards attached to the “responsibility gap”)


The safety red line is also the bottom line for survival and development. To eliminate the fire hazard requires that all sectors of society should exercise due responsibility under the rule of law.

Daxing 11.18 fire and other fire sites have been identified, but lessons should not be stopped. In recent days, large-scale investigation and rectification of safety hidden dangers in Beijing is underway. During this period, there are still small fires in the city that are exposed from time to time. This also warned that it is imminent to speed up the elimination of fire hazards.

The safety red line is also the bottom line for survival and development. So for the safe production of “gray rhino” – a fire, a moment can not be taken lightly. Right now the fire just go, lessons in the former, winter and dry weather, in this context, should also learn from it, to investigate the security risks, clean-up, remediation, to comfort 11 · 18 victims of the fire, but also to avoid Repeat the same mistakes. The remediation can not be “superficial” and should be managed in an overall and systematic manner. The three “big” ones in this deployment show the intensity of the special actions and the wide coverage.

Targeted special treatment is very necessary to eliminate the fire hazard. Dispelling fire safety hidden dangers, however, also requires that parties involved in their affairs fulfill their responsibilities. In particular, “law enforcement must be strict” or “law-based” should be embedded into their own sense of responsibility. The “multifaceted” here includes both law enforcement officials and those responsible for fire-prone areas, such as privately-run enterprises, as well as security weak areas such as “multi-combination” sites, industrial complexes and illegal structures Homeowners or property owners.

In reality, some of the properties that are not used for building houses are foam plastic panels, color steel plates and the like, which are instantly exposed to fire. It is socially responsible for such illegal removal as soon as possible, and it is also responsible for the life and safety of individuals, especially the occupants. Law enforcement officials at the grassroots level should carry out the principle of “life comes first, safety first” and law enforcement sensitivity to achieve normalization and enforcement, and do not wait until the hidden danger becomes tighter.

It should be noted that many scattered polluting businesses and irresponsible owners are the “culprits” of fire hazards. In spite of saving the minimum fire safety conditions for production safety or saving rent for safety reasons, they seem to provide a place of production or residence for many people. In reality, they are not responsible for the lives of others.

11.18 fire building is a typical “three in one” building integrating production, operation, warehousing and housing. Its fire-fighting facilities are lacking and its evacuation routes are poor. There is no safe living condition at all. However, the black-hearted operators only enjoy the benefit of group rent and shift the security risk to those tenants. To some extent, they lit the lead for this huge fire that engulfed so many innocent lives.

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