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What achievements have the Chinese and South Korean foreign ministers hold at the talks? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded

                    (Original title: Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Lu Kang’s Regular Press Conference on November 23, 2017)

                                   Q: Yesterday, the foreign ministers of China and South Korea held talks. Both sides held discussions on bilateral relations, Wen’s visit to China and the peninsula nuclear issue. Can China brief us on the achievements made at this meeting? A: As for yesterday’s meeting between Minister Wang Yi and ROK Foreign Minister Kang Jing, we have already released more detailed news on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The foreign ministers from China and South Korea held a rather full discussion on how to ensure the steady improvement and the development of the bilateral relations. Of course, both sides have also fully exchanged views on issues of common concern, such as the situation in the Korean Peninsula. I will emphasize here again that Minister Wang Yi pointed out that China and South Korea are the neighbors they can not move away and that the development of China-ROK relations conforms to the common aspirations of the peoples of the two countries. In fact, the relations between the two countries have been good for the vast majority of the 25 years since China and ROK established diplomatic relations. Later, due to the well-known “Saad” issue, the relations between China and South Korea encountered difficulties. Foreign Minister Wang Yi also stressed yesterday that China attaches importance to the ROK side’s position that it does not consider appending the “Sadh” system, does not join the United States’ anti-ballistic missile system, does not develop the standpoint of the trilateral military alliance between the ROK and the United States, and has no intention of undermining China’s security interests. Continue to properly handle the “Saad” issue. Both parties should work together to further enhance mutual understanding, minimize differences and create conditions for the full restoration and development of the relations between the two countries. Both sides should take the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations and the next high-level exchanges as an opportunity to sum up their experience and make strategic plans for the future development of bilateral relations. At the same time, they also hope that both sides will step up exchanges and communication at all levels and levels, strengthen strategic cooperation and pragmatic cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, and enhance coordination and cooperation in promoting regional economic integration. For details, I suggest you read carefully at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Q: First, it is learned that China and the Vatican will exchange artwork exhibitions next year. Van Gogh described it as “artistic diplomacy.” Someone compared this with Nixon before the United States and China “ping pong diplomacy” in 1972. What’s China’s comment on such an analogy? Second, According to reports, the Chinese government recently reportedly forbade tours to the Vatican and Palau for sightseeing. Some analysts said that this is the mainland’s pressure on Taiwan’s “diplomatic relations” . What is China’s response to this?

Answer: I have not heard about the second question.

On the first question, I noticed the story. China’s position on developing China-Vatican relations is consistent and clear. China is ready to continue its constructive dialogue with Van Gogh on the basis of the relevant principles and push forward the continuous improvement of the relations between the two sides. Q: We have noticed that the Philippines recently released a statement by the chairman of the 20th summit of the leaders of ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea (10 + 3), saying that it is necessary to take the 10 + 3 as the main channel to promote the establishment of the East Asia Economic Community Vision. How does China view the goals of the East Asia Economic Community? A: China took note of the statement made by the chairman of this year’s 10 + 3 summit meeting that it fully reflects the consensus of all parties and is also in line with the future development of 10 + 3. The construction of the East Asia Economic Community is the common aspiration and goal of the countries in the region.

In 2012, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the 10 + 3 cooperation, East Asian countries agreed to establish the East Asia Economic Community as the direction and goal of their joint efforts. At the 10 + 3 Leaders’ Meeting held on November 14 this year, Premier Li Keqiang put forward important initiatives for promoting the building of an East Asia Economic Community, outlined a road map for community building, proposed expanding the facilitation of trade liberalization, capacity and investment, and infrastructure And proposals for cooperation in the six major areas such as connectivity, finance, sustainable development and humanities exchanges, which have been widely supported and positively responded by the leaders of participating countries.

For the Chinese side, we are willing to join hands with all parties concerned to make joint efforts to further promote the economic integration of East Asian countries, expand mutual trade and investment, and jointly promote the building of an East Asia Economic Community by taking the 20th anniversary of the 10 + 3 cooperation as a turning point. Cooperation to a higher level, to a higher level, to promote the great idea of ​​a community of human destiny first landing in East Asia.


Q: It is reported that Australian Government recently published White Paper on diplomatic , said China is to fill the security vacuum in the region, leading to increased risk. White paper warns China South China Sea and network security Risks that make up and states that China will not. Comply with “Rule-based order” since World War II. What is China’s comment? A: The Australian government has issued a white paper on foreign policy. We have noticed that if we read through the full text and the white paper positively evaluates China’s development and the relations between China and Australia, it issued irresponsible remarks on the issue of the South China Sea. We express our grave concern.

You mentioned the situation in the South China Sea. Actually, all those who can treat the facts in an objective manner should make it clear that the current situation in the South China Sea has obviously slowed down and stabilized. Australia is not a party to the issue of the South China Sea and has repeatedly stated that it does not hold its position on the disputed territorial sovereignty. We urge Australia to honor its promise to stop making irresponsible statements on the South China Sea issue. In particular, at present, the countries neighboring the South China Sea, that is, both China and the ASEAN countries have reached an agreement. That is, in line with what we call the “two-track idea,” direct parties should resolve their disputes peacefully through negotiations and negotiations, and China and ASEAN countries work together to safeguard South China Sea peace and stability. At present, all the countries in the region are making efforts in this direction. We also hope that extra-territorial countries will respect such efforts.

As you mentioned earlier in this white paper, China is not following the post-war rule-based order. I would like to remind you that the postwar rules and order that we are talking about should be recognized by the international community and not by any country Unilateral definition of oneself. As far as the Chinese side is concerned, the rules we always follow are based on the purposes and principles of the “UN Charter,” not the unilateral rules defined by any country.

Q: According to reports, yesterday, the ICTY sentenced former Bosnian Serb army commander Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment, and acquitted him of the crime genocide, war crimes etc. Found guilty . What is China’s comment?

A: We have noticed the report. China hopes that relevant parties will properly handle the issues through dialogue in line with the principle of promoting peace, stability and ethnic reconciliation in the former South Africa. We believe this will be conducive to jointly safeguarding the long-term stability and prosperity in the former Yugoslav region.


Air Force H-6K went to the South China Sea to cruise all fighters to complete the task the same day

                    (The original title: China Air Force multiple H-6K fighter wings spread Ocean Warfare South China Sea)


空军多架轰-6K赴南海巡航 所有战机当天完成任务 Data Sheet. Military military reporter Beijing Nov. 23 Air Force a division recently organized H-6K and other multi-type fighters, before the first island chain, fleet formation flying over the bus strait and the Miyako Strait to carry out ocean training, flew to the South China Sea Battle cruise.

Chinese Air Force Spokesman Shen Enke said on the 23rd this news that after the victory of the 19th Plenum of the Party, the Air Force firmly believes in the tasks of the new era and enhances its ability to win the new era. It has successively organized a series of actual operations in the sea Military training, multi-branch air force sea sword sword, spread the ocean.

A pilot of a division of Air Force airstrips who went to the Western Pacific Ocean to train in the oceans for battle and cruise in the South China Sea must keep in mind Chairman Xi’s strategic requirements and ardent expectations of “ideological and political will be perfect, his tactics should be perfect, and his combat style must be perfect.” Improve the ability to prepare for war.

Introduction by Shen Jinke, more than one H-6K aircraft flying over the Miyako Strait took off from an airport in the Gansu crossroads and flew out of the first island chain. Multi-type multi-bombers flying over the Bashi Channel and the South China Sea for combat cruise from Deploy the airport before take-off formation; all aircraft completed the training mission and battle cruise.

Grassroots college graduates will be eligible for housing and other supporting support

                    (Original title: Ministry of Human Resources and Social Services: Eligible for graduates of grass-roots colleges and universities will receive supporting housing, etc.)


11月17日,学生们在心仪的职位前排队面试。当日,广东2018届高校毕业生供需见面会在华南理工大学(五山校区)举行,1102家用人单位参会,提供适合高校毕业生的就业岗位逾万个。中新社记者 陈骥旻 摄 Information Figure: College graduates supply and demand will meet on-site. China News Service reporter Chen Ji Min photo

According to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, a few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and the Communist Youth League jointly issued the “Grassroots Growth Plan for University Graduates.” The person in charge of the Marketing Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that the plan proposed to bring grassroots college graduates into the scope of local talent policy support and to provide supporting housing, medical care, children’s study, settlement and declaration of job titles in line with the conditions. Various types of personnel at all levels to recognize and reward projects to further tilt to the grass-roots level, grassroots college graduates included in the scope of recognition award recipients.

According to the person in charge, the “Grassroots Growth Plan for College Graduates” is mainly aimed at college graduates who work in grassroots services in various forms and strive to strengthen their education and training, practice their work and career development in about 10 years, Management services and other full chain support measures to build a grass-roots team of young people with reasonable structure, good quality and excellent style of work. Through the establishment of a system of selecting grassroots outstanding young reserve personnel at different levels and channels, a group of grassroots management personnel with strong political beliefs, modern management concepts and management capabilities are selected in a planned and focused manner. A group of grassroots management personnel with a spirit of study and professional knowledge And practical experience of grassroots professional and technical personnel, a group of innovative spirit, market awareness and management ability of grass-roots innovation and entrepreneurship.

Focusing on improving working and living conditions for graduates from grass-roots colleges and universities, the “Plan” proposes that high-school graduates who are newly recruited to work in institutions and institutions under the central government and poverty-stricken areas in central and western China, northeast China, Wage level or salary level wage related policies. The grassroots college graduates will be included in the scope of local talent policy support, to meet the conditions of providing housing, medical care, children attending, settled, job declarations and other supportive support. At the same time, all kinds of talent awards and awards at all levels and further tilt to the grass-roots level, grassroots college graduates included in the recognition of reward objects.

Around the good atmosphere of caring for the gradual growth of grass-roots college graduates, the “Plan” proposes to implement the plan of building a grass-roots growth service system. Strengthen the guidance and guidance of the party organizations on grass-roots growth of college graduates, strengthen educational management and incentive and care for party members, and strictly organize life and discipline; intensify political and political attraction for the outstanding talents of non-party members so that they can fully experience the party at the grassroots level Care and love, healthy growth in the right direction. Human Resources and Social Council departments will work with relevant departments to establish a grassroots growth contact service mechanism for college graduates, carry out informal discussions and visit condolences and other activities, and closely contact grassroots graduates. Departments of education, health, agriculture and culture should care about and care for graduates of grassroots colleges and universities. They pay special attention to college graduates who have worked hard for grassroots workplaces for a long time, understand their ideological trends and work and life situations, and help solve practical difficulties. Public employment and personnel service agencies to provide timely employment and entrepreneurship services, the implementation of relevant policies and support. At the same time, employers at grass-roots level are encouraged to combine their actual conditions with increasing their inclination to take care of the policies of college graduates. It is reported that around the expansion of career development of university graduates, the “Plan” specifies six specific support policies and will help boost the growth of young outstanding grass-roots youth through the implementation of reserve personnel plans and greater support.

Huang Jiefu: China will never allow clinical head transplants now

                    (Original title: Huang Jiefu: China will never allow clinical head transplants now)


“As a transplant surgeon, I explicitly oppose this speculation!” On the evening of November 23, Huang Jiefu, former director of the Department of Human Organ Donation and Transplantation, told the surging news.

Recently, the Ren Xiaoping team of Harbin Medical University and the Italian neurosurgeon, Sergio Canaveiro, conducted an anatomical study on the two bodies a year ago with “allogeneic head reconstruction” (commonly known as “head replacement surgery”) , Was mistakenly read as China has implemented the first case of transplantation, a stone aroused Melaleuca waves. Although no specific clinical trial schedule has been given, Ren Xiaoping, in an interview with the media, showed confidence in the “all-in-one reconstruction” technique.

In this regard, Huang Jiefu, on behalf of all experts on donation and transplantation of human organs in China, said: “China absolutely does not allow such clinical trials to be conducted in China.” He mentioned that clinical cephalic transplantation violated the Chinese regulations on human organ transplantation and hoped The ethics committee of the unit concerned should fulfill its responsibility.

Technically, head grafting is not only a world-class problem of spinal cord regrowth, but also a problem of brain preservation under ischemic conditions. Especially spinal cord repair problems. Central nervous system is considered to be non-renewable tissue in the human body, spinal cord injury is currently human can not effectively repair the organization.

Although Ren Xiaoping and Cannavalo proposed using polyethylene glycol (PEG) to fuse the severed spinal cord, the mainstream is not recognized. Abraham Shakat, a professor at the Penn Transplant Institute at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, compared it to “the submarine cable off the Atlantic Ocean. Some people say it can be glued and reused as a sticker.”

“The World Now Why do not scientists from the so-called head transplant come out with experimental evidence of CNS damage? Why not come up with a successful animal experiment? “Huang Jiefu said.

Head transplant is not only technically impossible, but also poses serious medical and ethical challenges. “Liver transplantation is for patients with liver failure, kidney transplantation is for patients with kidney failure, change the liver, kidney, he was himself, but for a change of head, who is he?” Huang Jiefu said the first transplant in the ethical It is not allowed to happen.

Anhui Office dry bribery insider exposure: power trading arrangements son to eat empty rates

                    (Original title: arrange son to eat air rates! Anhui Office dry bribery insider exposure, the system has been 3 officials checked!)


Procuratorate of Fuyang City, Anhui Province, prosecuted this morning, the former director of Anhui Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Zhu Lin suspected bribery case in Fuyang City Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance trial. Prosecutor at the Fuyang City Prosecutor Li Dewen appear in court to perform their duties to support the prosecution.

安徽一厅干受贿内幕曝光:权钱交易 安排儿子吃空饷

Before the incident, Zhu Lin, 60, was the party secretary and director of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Anhui Province. He was the deputy director and director of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government Beijing Office and the deputy secretary general of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. July this year, designated by the Procuratorate of Anhui Province, Fuyang City Procuratorate on the case of Zhu Lin suspected of accepting bribes for investigation. After the investigation of the case ended, Procuratorate of Fuyang City prosecuted the case in September this year.

安徽一厅干受贿内幕曝光:权钱交易 安排儿子吃空饷

After the trial commenced at 9:00 in the morning, Li Dewen first read the indictment alleging that during the period from 2001 to 2017, the defendant, Zhu Lin, used the aforesaid position to seek benefits for others or used the above powers and conditions to create convenient conditions , Through the acts of other state staff positions for others to seek improper benefits, obtain or illegally accept Ma, Wu and others cash, shopping cards, vehicles and other property, equivalent to more than 500 million yuan. The procuratorial organ believes that criminal responsibility should be investigated for accepting bribes.

Fuyang City Procuratorate accused Zhu Lin of five cases of bribery, accusing Zhu Lin of receiving or claiming the biggest bribe totaling more than 352 million yuan from Mr. Ma. Since 2001, Zhu Lin has taken advantage of the conveniences formed by the deputy director and director of the Anhui Provincial Government’s Beijing Office and accepted the petitions of Mr. Ma. Through acts of other state staff, Wang took the post of Deputy General Manager of PetroChina Anhui Branch Sales Company General Manager, Ma company in the highway service area in the construction of PetroChina gas station, operation and management of highway service area, Choumou transferred to the joint general manager of Heavy Gas Turbine Technology Co., Ltd. and other matters to help.

In the second half of 2012, Zhu Lin took the position of director of Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision and Inspection to accept the invitation of Mr. Ma. Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office of Anhui Province, established by Ma and others, cooperated with the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision to establish Anhui Elevator Internet of Things security monitoring platform to provide help.

Since 2004, Zhu Lin has arranged for his son to work in Anhui Jin’an Expressway Service Area Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Anhui Kant Investment Management Co., Ltd. established by Ma and others. Since the Spring Festival in 2008 to April 2017, Zhu Lin’s son no longer engaged in the actual work of the above companies in Ma, but still receive wages and bonuses from the company totaling 1,489,500 yuan. Zhu Lin informed of the above situation. In August 2010, Zhu Lin arranged for her son to borrow RMB500,000 from Moumou in the name of borrowing money until the incident was not repaid. In the first half of 2016, in order to help her son invest Qihoo 360 project, Zhu Lin claimed RMB1.5 million from Ma Mou. In addition, Zhu Lin Ma also receive their own 40000 yuan. April 2017, Zhu Lin incident, Zhu Lin’s dry-in-law will be the above 150 million returned to Moumou.

During the court trial, Zhu Lin denied the fact of accepting or claiming Ma’s bribe, disagreed with the other four allegations, arguing that his son’s company in Mamou was working normally, and actually claimed that the bribe he requested was actually a “bonus paragraph”. In response to this excuse, the prosecutor pointed out that the available evidence that Zhu Lin arrangements for his son to Ma company to work because there is an important premise for Ma to seek benefits, and after 2008, Zhu did not actually receive the son actually receive The wages, bonuses, etc., the nature of money transactions obvious. Zhu Lin argued that the so-called “dividend money” is not established, because it does not have any actual investment in Ma’s company.

In the final stage of the statement, Zhu Lin expressed her regret and gratitude to the organization, saying “it is not a long journey to find a way out, but it is not yesterday.” Around 12:30 noon trial ended, the court did not judge in court.

Zhu Lin Case Review –

On April 19, 2017, Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Zhu Lin was seriously suspected of violating discipline and was undergoing organizational review.

On August 14, 2017, Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Zhu Lin had been severely disciplined and expelled from office and public office.

According to the circular, after being investigated, Zhu Lin seriously violated political discipline and conspired with others forging, forging, destroying, transferring and concealing evidence so as to confront the examination of the organization. In violation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government, eating and drinking in public money, in violation of organizational discipline, Not truthfully explain the problem, not truthfully reported personal matters; breach of integrity disciplines, receive gifts, gifts, reimbursement of personal expenses in subordinate units; violation of life discipline; use of the convenience and influence of his position to seek benefits for others and obtain huge amounts of property , Suspected of taking bribes. As a leading cadre of party members, Zhu Lin has lost his ideals and beliefs, indifferent his disciplines, has been unfaithful to the party, has not been honest with him, has thoroughly broken the rules of the government, has never been separated from the political and business relations, and arbitrarily seizes the money for trading and is suspected of committing crimes. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China did not converge, did not accept the hand, the nature of the bad, the circumstances are serious, seriously undermining the party’s interests and image, undermining the unit’s political ecology.

Based on the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China and the Regulations on the Disposal of Civil Servants by the Administrative Organs, with the approval of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee at the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and approval, Zhu Lin decided to expel the CCP from the party. Submitted to Anhui Provincial Government for approval, dismissed from public service; collected the proceeds from disciplinary proceedings; transferred the suspected criminal problems, clues and the funds involved to the judicial organs for handling according to law.

安徽一厅干受贿内幕曝光:权钱交易 安排儿子吃空饷


Zhu Lin Zhu Lin, male, born in September 1957, native of Jiangsu Sihong, in February 1976 to work in university education, Communist Party members.

He used to be the deputy director of the Liaison Office of Hefei city government in Beijing, the deputy director of the Hefei municipal government office and the director of the municipal government Liaison Office in Beijing, the deputy director and director of the provincial government in Beijing, the deputy secretary general of the provincial government and the provincial government in Beijing Office director, divided party secretary.

In April 2011, he served as Secretary of Quality and Technical Supervision, Secretary of Party Committee.

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Political Corps of the Armed Police Corps of Jiangxi Province change: Colonel Xu Yunfei succeed Chen Hang

                    (Original title: Armed Police Corps of Jiangxi Province political commissar change: Xu Yunfei succeed Chen Hang)


Political Corps of the Armed Police Corps of Jiangxi Province changed hands.

Major-General Xu Junjie served as National Security College National Defense Political Commissar

                    (Former title: Major General Xu Junjie as National Defense University political commissar)


Military authority sources disclosed that the newly formed National Defense University National Security College Political Commissar has served as Major General Xu Junjie.

On November 22, the “Liberation Army Daily” published in the 7th edition a report that a group of two members of the National Defense University’s National Security Institute participated in a series of symposiums held by the National Security Research Class entitled ” Thought “interactive exchange meeting. According to reports, Xu Junjie, political commissar of the National Security Institute, said safeguarding national security is an important guarantee for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, realizing the goal of “two hundred and one hundred years” and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Eight aftershocks occurred after the 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan User: Madam Amitabha

                    (Original title: Eight aftershocks occurred after the 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan User: Amethyst Amitabha)

                                   An earthquake measuring 5.2 magnitude occurred in Yunlin County, Taiwan. At 22:20 on the 22nd of the 22nd, an Earthquake of 5.2 magnitude occurred in Yunlin County of Taiwan. According to another report from Taiwan media, another eight aftershocks occurred. This, Taiwan netizens said, “I am mad Amitabha.”

According to the news from China Earthquake Network, at the moment of 22:20 on November 22, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred in Yunlin County, Taiwan (latitude 23.71 degrees north latitude and longitude 120.60 degrees east longitude).

According to Taiwan’s “Eastson News Cloud”, after the 5.2 magnitude earthquake, aftershocks continued to spread in Alishan Township, Chiayi. As of 23:30 on the 22nd, eight aftershocks have occurred, and the first earthquake has occurred 9 times.





More than 20 leaders of some naval aviation units in the Eastern Theater were converted to ordinary pilots

                    (Original title: East Theater Naval Aviation at all levels with practical action in support of the reform and reform of more than 20 leading cadres to ordinary pilots)

                                   In the early winter of this year, a combat air combat training was launched in a certain airspace in the East China Sea. Driving one of the fighters was Chen Xiaoyong, a pilot of the Naval Aviation Corps in the Eastern Theater. He was just re-appointed as an ordinary pilot by his deputy commander shortly before. It is understood that leading cadres like Chen Xiaoyong, who volunteered to apply for the transfer of general pilots from above the regiment or above, have more than 20 ministers in the ministry. They uphold the high standards and strict requirements in their training and support the reform through concrete actions.

Air China Stops Flights with Pyongyang on behalf of China’s North Korea Policy?

Q: It is understood that Air China appears to have stopped flights to and from Pyongyang and temporarily closed its North Korea office, where its Chinese staff will also return. Is this move of Air China representing the Chinese government’s policy toward North Korea?

A: I have not heard of the situation you mentioned. Even in this case, airlines are based on their operating conditions and market conditions to determine their own business plan.

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