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Russia will replace the Qutao Airport to military and civilian common Japanese government protest

                    (Original title: Russia will change the island of Catch Island to military and civilian share Japanese government protest)

                                   According to Japanese media reports, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev recently signed a decree to change the civil airport of the “South Kuril Islands” (Japan’s “four northern islands” The Japanese government expressed its regret over this issue through diplomatic channels on the 1st.

It is reported that the Russian Prime Minister’s decree was issued on January 30. A military-civilian commonplace airport, which started operation in 2014, has a 2,300-meter runway with scheduled flights to and from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the capital of Sakhalin State in Russia.

In addition, Russian media reported earlier that the Russian military bases in the island of Mathura in the central part of the Kuril Islands and in the island of Pavillion in the north are planning to start the deployment of “Bastion” and “Bal” this year. missile.

Jordan Declares Breaking Deal with North Korea: DPRK Ambassador to Jordan Will No longer be Recognized

                    (Original title: Jordan announced diplomatic relations with North Korea)


Amman, February 2 (Xinhua) Jordan issued a statement on the 2nd on the official website of the Jordanian government that Jordan has severed its diplomatic relations with North Korea.

According to the statement, the Jordanian royal family has approved the government’s decision. Jordan will no longer recognize North Korea’s ambassador to Jordan and Jordan will also halt its ambassador to North Korea. Last year, the U.S. government put pressure on some countries to urge them to cut off diplomatic and economic ties with North Korea to isolate North Korea.

Jordan discontinued granting Jordanian visas to North Korean citizens since May 2017.

International Paralympic Committee: South Korea and North Korea will attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympic Games

                    (Original title: Korean media: Han and DPRK will be plenary session of the Paralympic Games opening ceremony together)

                                   According to the Yonhap news agency, the International Paralympic Committee announced on the 2nd that North Korea will participate in the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics 2018, and that the paralympics delegation of the ROK and the DPRK will jointly attend the opening and closing ceremonies.

The U.S. immigration office launched a search to prove that the employees legally work within 3 days

                    (Original title: US Immigration Bureau to carry out a search to the enterprise within 3 days to prove that employees legitimate work)


美移民局展开搜查 要企业3天内证明员工合法工作 Data Sheet. (Source: Fox News )

Overseas Network February 2 US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said on Thursday (1st) this week in northern California to start a new one Round search. Less than a month ago, U.S. federal immigration officials just searched nearly 100 711 convenience stores nationwide.

Merkel finally see the dawn! Germany cabinet or will reach an agreement this week

                    (Original title: Merkel finally saw the dawn! German cabinet or will reach an agreement this week)


63004008989.jpg German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Photo Source: The Washington Post)

Embarrassed! Japanese media rave US soldiers to save their own homes to prove the United States confirmed: no such thing

                    (Original title: embarrassing uppercase! Japanese media rallied the U.S. soldiers to save themselves and the U.S. military confirmed that it was not the case)


Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported in December last year that “the heroic deeds of U.S. soldiers who sacrificed themselves to help others in Okinawa” and also criticized the Okinawa local media as turning a blind eye to it are “a shame to the Japanese.” However, the U.S. military said in recent days to several confirmed media outlets that the case of self-sacrificing lives has never happened.

尴尬!日媒吹捧美军士兵舍己救人 美军证实:没这事 “Sankei Shimbun” reported shots

produced by the “angry”

whole thing originated from a car rear-end accident. In the early morning of December 1 last year, a series of 6-car collision occurred in Okinawa city and a sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corps was seriously injured in the accident.

尴尬!日媒吹捧美军士兵舍己救人 美军证实:没这事 The sergeant chief of the US military touted by Sankei Shimbun

Sankei Shimbun Okada Line Naha Branch Director Takagi Koichi wrote a 3000-word essay on December 9, praising the sergeant, Said he was knocked down and injured “after rescuing the Japanese from a car accident.”

But this deed did not appear in the Okinawa local media “Ryukygai Shimbun” and “Okinawa Times” page.

To this end, “Sankei Shimbun” opened two media in Okinawa and said that “the U.S. military runs around Japan and the security and stability in the surrounding areas day and night,” and the two media “do not pay homage to this and are ruthless.”

尴尬!日媒吹捧美军士兵舍己救人 美军证实:没这事 Sankei Shimbun Specializing in coverage of the two Okinawa media photos

Sankei Shimbun also said that the two media deliberately ignored the fact that they did not deserve to be accredited as a news agency and were Japan Human shame. ”

Reversed Plot

Sankei Shimbun The story brought a large number of protest calls and e-mails to “Okinawa Shimbun” and “Okinawa Times,” but the incident reversed recently. 7/89456_40_65473_9

US Marines responded on January 29 The Ryukyu Shinichi newspaper said that testimony of another U.S. military soldier at the scene of the accident showed that while the rear-end US military chief had disembarked to confirm the presence of another soldier, “He did not implement the rescue.” “Sankei Shimbun,” the contents of the report was “false.”

尴尬!日媒吹捧美军士兵舍己救人 美军证实:没这事 Scene of Accident Issued by Ryukyu Shinbashi

Ryukyu Shinbashi reported to the Okinawa Police Corps of Police that it was “two Japanese” who had rescued the injured Japanese driver from the vehicle. Okinawa Prefecture police also said there is no evidence that the sergeant has rescued at the scene.

The misinformation of Sankei Shimbun is believed to come from the social media accounts of the Marine Corps in Japan and the United States. In December last year, the U.S. Marine Corps stationed in Japan said in a post by Twitter that a U.S. soldier was “knocked down by a car after rescuing Okinawan people from a large rear-end accident” and was later deleted. “Soldiers were severely injured by car.”

Okinawa Prefecture Police Traffic Team said that it had never interviewed Sankei Shimbun after the accident. After the United States Marine Corps revised “Twitter” statement, “Sankei Shimbun” has not been clarified coverage.

Embarrassing questions

Sankei Shimbun In fact, “fire” has just been in China.

On February 1, at the regular press conference of the Foreign Ministry, Sankei Shimbun correspondent once mentioned three offensive issues to Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chun-ying on being called ” Bad person. ” In particular, Sankei Shimbun reporter expressed his support for a report on the working environment of foreign correspondents in China by the correspondents of Sankei Shimbun, saying he “agreed with the contents of the report because we personally Having gone through some of the situations mentioned in the report, we also expressed our hope that the Chinese side will make some improvements. ”

In an effort to weaken Iran’s influence in the Middle East, the United States has begun to work on Hezbollah

                    (Original title: To weaken Iran’s influence in the Middle East, the United States has begun to work against Hezbollah)

                                   According to Reuters, the U.S. government announced on Friday (February 2 local time) that it will implement a new round of Hezbollah financial network in Lebanon. Combating sanctions, including the related six individuals and seven entities, aimed at undermining Iran’s influence in the Middle East and beyond.

According to reports, the U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement that the six sanctioned individuals include five Lebanese and one Iraqi. The seven entities are companies in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Lebanon and Ghana respectively. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, all the assets of the above-mentioned sanctions will be restricted and Americans will be barred from trading with them.

Reported that U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in announcing the financial regulation of Hezbollah in Lebanon, said: “The United States is determined to expose and crack down on Hezbollah’s financial network, including its use in the Middle East and West Africa Network to fund their illegal actions. “

US media: Trump has started the election for reelection as the earliest modern history

                    (Original title: Trump has started campaign for re-election fund-raising US media: the earliest modern American history)


特朗普已启动竞选连任筹款工作 美媒:美国现代史上最早_《参考消息》官方网站
Information Figure: US President Trump

Reference News Network reported on February 3 According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, US President Trump was sworn in week, he was ” Let the United States continue to great “trademark application, including buttons, flags, clothing, advertising and so on. Moreover, Trump’s submission of the start-up re-election paper takes place earlier than any other president in modern American history.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal on February 2, these political actions of Trump are in sharp contrast with President Reagan’s approach. Reagan said later on in the third year of his administration that it would be premature for anybody in the presidency to announce their re-election at that point in time because the public would have to use a political perspective once he started to run for reelection For all his governance work.

It has been reported that in the past year, Trump has called on large and small supporters to establish a re-election fund, hold nine political rallies in the 2016 winning state and broadcast campaign-funded TV commercials To promote its political agenda. He no longer rejects what he once called the “political scourge” of political action committees and giant gold donors.

Trump’s campaign and an outside body that supported him have raised more than $ 73 million last year, according to federal election committee papers and interviews with “priority U.S.” organizations. “U.S. Priority” combines the characteristics of a super-political behavior committee and nonprofit organization that regularly meets with Trump and senior White House officials to discuss political tactics. Trump’s campaign team has raised $ 43 million, four times the amount raised by Mr. Obama during his first two years in office, when Obama has not started aggressive fundraising.

Russian tourism travel warning: Travel abroad should think twice the United States is searching the Russians

                    (Original title: Russian tourism travel warning: think twice before traveling abroad, the United States is global search for Russians)


【Global Times】 “Russian citizens should think twice before traveling to a third country and the United States is raiding Russians all over the world.” This is a tourist warning issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the 1st. Some Russian lawmakers even believe that millions of people in Russia are now facing the danger of being arrested by the United States abroad. At present, the U.S. State Department did not comment on this.

Palestine called for the establishment of a new international multilateral mechanism to promote Palestinian-Israeli peace talks

                    (Original title: Palestine calls for the establishment of a new international multilateral mechanism to promote Palestinian-Israeli peace talks)


Ramallah, February 2 (Xinhua) The Palestinian presidential palace issued a press statement on the 2nd, saying that Pakistan is calling for establishing a new international multilateral mechanism to promote the peace talks that have been stalled for many years.

Speaking on the same day in a press communique, Palestinian presidential spokesman Ludhina said that Palestine has the intention of resuming the peace talks between Israel and Palestine and that the media in Israel and the United States recently accused Pakistani President Mahmoud Abbas of being unwilling to start peace talks is irresponsible .

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