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The Iraqi border earthquake has caused 530 dead black heart buildings were accused of culprit

                    (Original title: Two Iraqi border earthquake has caused 530 people dead black heart building was accused of culprit)


A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Iranian border and suffered heavy casualties. ( picture Source: Associated Press)

overseas network November 14 electric u0026 nbsp; 7.8 magnitude earthquake Beijing on the 13th, Iran and Iraq at the junction occurs. According to the latest news from Iran’s state news agency, at least 530 people have been killed and thousands have been injured so far. The earthquake hit western Iran hit hard, with some 12,000 buildings collapsed in Kermanshah, causing the number of casualties to climb steadily within 24 hours of the disaster. It is reported that these collapsed buildings are less than 10 years old. The “affordable housing” subsidized by the Iranian government for the middle and lower class people is accused of being the culprit in the “murder of the people” because of the jerry-building. .

According to media reports citing Iranian media reports, the Iranian Red Crescent Society said that Sarpol-e-Zahab (Kermanshah), the most severely damaged region of Kermanshah, has about 12,000 Thousands of buildings collapsed. Of these destroyed buildings, many were less than 10 years old and were subsidized by the Iranian government for “affordable housing” for the middle and lower classes. These “Affordable Housing” come from a housing project launched by the Iranian government 10 years ago – the “Mehr housing project.”

The Empathy Plan is a housing policy promoted by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2007. Ahmadinejad demanded that the Iranian government provide land and settle the “empathy fund” in the form of cooperatives through bank intermediaries. On the one hand, Ahmadinejad wants the Iranian government to provide land for a 99-year lease at a low price to attract construction Business Invest To build a town; on the other hand, any Iranian citizen without real estate can apply for participation in the fund and obtain government loan-for-purchase and buy “limited-price” housing.

Pictured collapsed in the quake, “affordable housing” (Source: Associated Press)

however, to promote the “empathy plan”, has had a devastating financial problems and acceptance. It is reported that due to the then Iran, a time when a large number of chartered business owners closed down, resulting in half of the house is not built to cut corners, hastily completed, is to build a business to escape, as will never be able to finish the waste site.

In addition, most of the housing projects are driven away from the barren state-owned land in the metropolitan area, which has limited help for the housing problems in the densely populated areas. Transport infrastructure with the metropolitan area, but also due to the budget breakdown and difficult to put in place, so the housing program has become a concentrated border patriarchal community.

Under various factors, Ahmadinejad’s housing plan only introduced a large number of low-cost condominiums and caused a serious budget deficit for the government. It was not until Hassan Rouhani took office in 2013 that he announced the suspension of subsequent housing plans.

It is reported that the hardest hit Kermanshah Province is the poorest administrative region in Iran and the promotion of affordable housing is also the most common. As can be seen from the pictures of the disaster areas, these affordable housing units collapsed. Therefore, Iranian domestic media also questioned: These jerry-built housing, is not to become a cliché murder of ordinary people “cement coffin”?

Russian Security Service: Nearly 70 members of extremist groups were arrested in Moscow

                    (Former title: Russian Security Agency: nearly 70 members of extremist groups were arrested in Moscow)


BEIJING, November 14 (Xinhua) Russian satellite network reported that the Federal Security Service Public Relations Center of the Federal Security Agency released news in the Moscow area arrested nearly 70 “Tabriz Zuma” extremist members.

According to the Russian Federal Security Agency, the head of this extremist organization comes from Central Asia. There are Russian citizens participating in the organization’s activities. Russian Federal Security Agency pointed out that in order to evade the tracing of law and order personnel, “Tabriz Zumat” members of the extremists took security measures and countermeasures.

According to the information, extremist literature, contact tools and electronic carriers of reports of their illicit activities were seized during the search. This criminal investigation has been filed.

Israel’s Prime Minister: Israel Will Continue Its Military Action in Syria

                    (Original title: Prime Minister said Israel will continue its military operations in Syria)


Jerusalem, November 14 (xinhua) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on the 13th Israel will continue its military operations in Syria for its own security.

Netanyahu said that although the United States, Russia and Jordan reached an agreement to support the cease-fire in south-western Syria, Israel will continue its military strike in Syria according to its own security needs.

Israel has long regarded Hezbollah as a major security threat and has accused Iran of delivering weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon through Syrian land corridors. On numerous occasions, Israel has attacked the organization on the basis of air strikes on the targets in its territory.

The United States, Russia and Jordan reached an agreement in Amman on July 7 to support a cease-fire in south-western Syria. U.S. President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on November 11 and emphasized the political solution to the Syrian conflict.

Japanese media: The Japanese government plans to abdicate the emperor from the simple or not inviting foreign guests

                    (Original title: Japanese media: Japanese government plans to abdicate the ceremony as simple as possible Emperor)


BEIJING, November 14 According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government sources said on the 13th said that based on the Japanese Emperor in the abolition of the program in March 2019 became a popular candidate, the government began to abdicate the ceremony as much as possible from the direction of discussion . Since the government considers it necessary to consider the relationship with article 4 of Japan’s Constitution, which prohibits the Emperor from interfering in politics, there are also proposals to withdraw foreign guests from the ceremony.

Data Figure: Japanese Emperor and Queen.

It is reported that the previous imperial retirement dates back about 200 years ago and is the first abdicated under the current constitution. As for the “emperor’s ceremony” of the new emperor, the “Imperial Family Model” clearly states “holding the ceremony ascended the throne” when inheriting the throne. However, due to the absence of the relevant provisions of abdication ceremony, preparations are now being made centering on the Palace Museum .

It is reported that on the occasion of the Asuka Age “Dahua Renshui” (645 AD), the Emperor Huang, who gave the Emperor Takao Takasaki, was considered the first emperor to abdicate. After that, based mainly on the ritual procedures recorded in the books of Heian period, the abdicating ceremony passed down to Emperor Guangge in the late Edo period and abdicated in 1817.

A bus in Ethiopia caused 21 deaths while driving

                    (Original title: Traffic accidents in Ethiopia caused 21 deaths)


Addis Ababa, Xinhua News Agency, November 14 In a traffic accident on the 14th in Tigre Prefecture, northern Ethiopia, a traveling bus crashed and the accident has caused 21 deaths and several wounded.

The local traffic coordinator said that the cause of the accident may be related to the overloading of vehicle occupants. According to the regulations, the number of vehicles carrying the accident was 27, but the number of passengers carrying the vehicle was 34 at the time of the incident. At present, 21 people were killed and several others were injured in the accident. Another 6 were unharmed and the wounded were rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

Poor road traffic conditions coupled with irregular driver’s license procedures are the major causes of traffic accidents in Ethiopia.

Lee Hsien Loong: Brunei’s senior diplomat will serve as the next secretary-general of ASEAN

                    (Original title: Brunei senior diplomat will serve as ASEAN’s next secretary-general)


Manila, China, November 14 2018 Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, chairman of the rotating ASEAN summit in 2018, announced at the 31st ASEAN Summit closing ceremony on the evening of the 14th that Lin Yuhui, Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Brunei, will assume the post of ASEAN One secretary general. Lin Yu-fai will officially assume his post in January next year to succeed Li Liangming, the current secretary-general to be completed by the end of this year.

Panama President: The opening of the new Beijing Embassy will realize its 10-year dream

                    (Original title: Pakistani president said Panama embassy in Beijing is a multi-year dream: the focus in mainland China _ “Reference News” official website)


巴总统称巴拿马在京设使馆是多年梦想:其焦点在中国大陆_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Photo: On June 12, in the Chinese community in Panama City, capital of Panama, fireworks were shot at the celebration of Panama’s establishment of diplomatic relations with China.

Hong Kong media said that when President Juan Carlos Barrera of Panama arrived in Beijing on the 16th to witness the opening of his new embassy, ​​it will realize his 10-year dream.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post on November 14, Barrera first proposed to cut off “diplomatic relations” with Taiwan after he became the leader of the party in 2006. Panama recognized “one China” in June this year. Taiwan is a part of China.

Now that he has achieved his political goals, Barrera will be focusing on business during the week-long visit, namely, the signing of a trade agreement between China and Central American countries of Panama.

Reported that Panama’s new ambassador to China, Francisco Caro Escobar, told South China Morning Post in an exclusive interview that Barrera’s visit will witness the finalization by China and Panama of at least 15 agreements covering agriculture, aviation And travel.

Escobar, who was named Panama’s first ambassador to China in September, said: “Barrera’s focus is now on mainland China, which is one of the biggest goals he has achieved during his presidency,” he added. Politics is a great help to trade, and China used to be a bit too far for us because of the lack of diplomatic relations. Now that diplomatic relations is in place, we can make use of and optimize everything. “

Two countries are expected to pursue a free trade agreement Feasibility Study. Ambassador Escobar said Panama wants to attract Chinese investors to the Cologne Free Trade Area near the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal.

It is reported that Panama is trying to “learn about China’s railway technology” as Panama plans to expand its planned link with Costa Rica.

Japanese media: U.S. policy of South China Sea failure China’s embezzlement is rather clumsy

                    (Original title: Japanese media said the failure of the South China Sea policy: quite clumsy allegiance of China’s ally has lost its confidence _ “Reference News” official website)


According to Japanese media, the Japan Times website published an article on November 13 entitled Why the U.S. South China Sea Policy Has Failed. The author is a part-time senior scholar at the South China Sea Research Institute Mark J. Valencia. The article said that as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its dialogue partners gathered in the Philippines and held the annual political and security conference – the East Asia Summit – people are increasingly aware of the U.S. dispute over the South China Sea Has regretted that policy has failed. The U.S. policy community needs to recognize the shortcomings on these issues and learn from it.

According to what U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the media in Beijing on 9 November, the United States position on the issue of the South China Sea is that “we uphold the freedom of navigation and the compliance by international countries with international law, and Outpost construction and militarization should be stopped. ”

The article states, however, that these goals have not yet been achieved except for the freedom of commercial navigation, which has never been and is not likely to be threatened. And, in the foreseeable future, under tactics that have also been tried but have failed, they are unlikely to come to fruition.

The article said that even if the United States stepped up its “navigational free exercise” exercise, China has not been deterred.

The article considers that the U.S. tactical and strategic failures are likely to continue for several reasons. First, its strategy depends in part on its coalition with ASEAN in supporting the United States in its opposition to China’s move in the South China Sea. However, with the ever-changing situation, the United States ally, the Philippines, has “betrayed” this effort and is now getting rid of the United States’ own dealings with China.

At least three people were killed in a shooting at a primary school in California, USA

                    (Original title: At least 3 people were killed in a shooting at a primary school in California, USA)


Overseas Network, November 15 u0026 nbsp; According to the British “Sun” reported that at a primary school in California, a shooting occurred, killing at least 3 people. At present, gunmen have been shot dead by the police.

British 52-year-old homeless was admitted to Cambridge University majoring in British literature

                    (Original title: Foreign media: 52-year-old tramp British Cambridge University majoring in English Literature)


外媒:英国52岁流浪汉被剑桥大学录取 主修英国文学_《参考消息》官方网站
Information Photo: This is King’s College Cambridge, UK Location (May 3, 2012). Xinhua News Agency, Yin Gang photo

Reference News Network reported on November 13 Foreign media said that for many years, a 52-year-old man sleeping on the street and selling a magazine living by the British elite Cambridge University admission.

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation website reported on November 9, Jeff Edwards, 52, said he was young and only got two high school diploma will no longer study, there is no ambition. Later, after losing a job as a rancher, he became a homeless tramp in Cambridge.

Reported that Edwards is now majoring in English literature. Before being admitted, he had completed a college course designed for adults wishing to re-educate or need more certificates to enroll in college.

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