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Behind the mutiny in Zimbabwe: First Lady and chief lieutenant robbed of bitter battle

                    (Original title: mutiny in Zimbabwe Behind: First Lady and chief lieutenant robbed battle)


Big News!

Are you shocked by a heavy press in the morning when you rush to work? On the night of 14 November, a number of military chariots surrounded the area around Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. They occupied the state-run television station on the 15th and followed the scene with three huge explosions. The ruling party accused the chief commander of the military of treason and even more witnesses said gunshots were coming near the private residence of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

This is the tempo for a coup!


In fact, Zimbabwe has not been at peace in recent days.

Dismissed by Vice President Pledging to Fight Back “Counterattack”

Just five days ago, Zimbabwean Vice President Emerson Mungaagua, who had been dismissed after being dismissed, issued a statement saying that he was ” Threatened “, he has left Zimbabwe.

On the 5th, Mugabe announced the lifting of Muanga Gawha’s post, denying him the throne of president, hurrying to the top and even asking witch doctors.

Zimbabwe’s Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, his allegiance to himself, “made a speech” and vowed to return home to “fight back.”

Zimbabwe’s 86-year-old President Mugabe, now Zimbabwe’s prime minister in 1980 and reelected as president in 1987, has led Zambia for 37 years and is currently Africa’s oldest leader. Mugabe had already said he would participate in next year’s presidential election, according to the constitution, this will be his last election campaign.

津巴布韦兵变背后:第一夫人与总统副手夺位大战 Mugabe

Over time, despite my own unwillingness to discuss the topic, the fight over Mugabe’s “successor” has been going on. Over the past three years, the battle over the leadership of “post-Mugabe period” within Zimbabwe’s ruling party has intensified. Two camps emerge, one led by the dismissed Minangaghwa and the other led by the “First Lady,” Grace Mugabe, 52. Mugabe (right) and Minangkagewa (left)

Minangarwa was originally the most powerful successor to Mugabe. Minnan Ghava is 75 years old and has acquired the nickname “Crocodile” because of his cold nature. Zimbabwe Mugabe has served as president since 1980 when he became independent of British colonial rule. Minanga Gowat was one of his closest associates, claiming that the two were close relatives, even as private bodyguards to Mugabe. Until November 6 was fired, the two make trouble.

津巴布韦兵变背后:第一夫人与总统副手夺位大战 姆南加古瓦

military rarely choose sides team

Previously there are rumors that, 姆南加古瓦 closely with the military, by the military-backed. On 13 November, Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces Constantine Guweia Chivenga warned on the 13th that the ruling Zimbabwe’s African National Alliance, the RPF, will not “hesitate to intervene without an end to internal infighting.”

However, after Mugabe had been in power for many years, he has been quite supported by the military. In 2014, Joys Muzuru, the then-vice president of the military, was dismissed and the military remained silent. This sudden so clear “election side station”, but also some weird. According to reports, at a news briefing attended by senior military officials from multiple military sources, Kiwikar said the “instability” within the ruling party has caused “anxiety, fear and disappointment.” He said Zimbabwe’s African National Alliance, the Patriotic Front, is now “hijacked” by some who have not participated in the independent war of the 1970s.


“We must remind those behind the scenes in planning this dangerous prank that the military will not hesitate to intervene when it comes to protecting our revolution,” said Kiwenga Said “a major purge of members of the ruling party against a revolutionary background must be stopped immediately.”

In addition, the Zimbabwe Veterans’ Association is also part of the Minangakwa shrine. The Associated Press reported that the chairman of the association, Chris Mauzwanywava, issued a statement on the 8th and said: “We have completely drawn a line of demarcation with Mugabe.” However, Mukhwanvwa Watts ruled out the possibility of seizing power by force, saying “we do not support the coup.”

First Lady wants to take over public appeal for amendment

Let’s talk about Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe. Not long ago the spearheading in the speech of Kivenga, commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, directed the “generation 40” of party factions led by his wife Grace Mugabe.

“Generation 40” refers to members of this ruling party, aged 40 and over. The Associated Press reported that the faction is believed to have produced a “list of wastes” last week, listing dozens of members who wanted to expel or suspend their party.

Reported that the “First Lady” will soon be Zimbabwe’s vice president after she publicly called for a constitutional amendment requiring the president’s deputy to have a woman. As a result, Mugabe’s dismissal of Minangaigwa was seen as a clear removal of obstacles for his own wife.

津巴布韦兵变背后:第一夫人与总统副手夺位大战 Mugabe and Mrs.

Two Iraqi earthquake witnesses: the oxygen in the air exhausted feeling can not breathe

                    (Original title: (International) Newsletter: “Oxygen in the air is like exhausting, I can not breathe.” – Iraqi civilians tell the story of a terrifying moment)


On November 14, a young man, Muhammad Salah, sat in the rubble of a building in Darbandi Khan, a small town in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

Although more than 40 hours have passed since the 12-day earthquake, Salah remains in a lingering fear. “This day will always remain in my memory … Now I still feel scared and worried that when the earthquake happened, Oxygen is exhausted, I can not breathe. ”

According to the Geological Survey Earthquake Information Network, at 9:18 p.m. on the evening of December 12, local time in Iraq, a strong 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred 32 kilometers southwest of the Halle Berger region in Sulaimaniyah Province. The epicenter was close to western Iran Border area. According to Iraqi statistics, so far this earthquake hit 9 in the quake zone, killing 9 people and injuring 550 others. The town of Durban is less than 50 kilometers from the epicenter and is the hardest hit area in Iraq. Salah said that when the earthquake occurred, the house was shaken violently and his family fled to the street quickly. Afterwards, he and many people in the town ran to the mountains and the open areas. The Salah family spent the first night in the car after the earthquake because of aftershocks.

The ruins of Salah lies in a four-story building. The building, about 10 meters long and 5 meters wide, was completely destroyed in the quake. Two people were killed and five were wounded. Nearby people say that more than 50 civilians who flee from Salah al-Din were formerly rented here. Most of the tenants here returned to Salah al-Din, about a month ago, and the nine people who were still living in the building suffered a sudden misfortune. Karim Majid, 63, escaped from the town with a family of eight after the earthquake. “We arrived at 2am (in the mountains), and despite the cold, we stayed at the foot of the mountain,” said Majid.

Because of aftershocks, Majid, who dared not live in a damaged house, set up a tent in his yard and crowded inside.

Into mid-November, the town of Darbani Khan in the mountains of Sulaymaniyah is cold and temperatures are near zero degrees Celsius at night. Until the 14th, many people still dare not go back to the house to live, only endure the cold in the open air hedging.

The JinDFF made a statement calling for all parties to remain calm and say Mugabe is safe

                    (Original title: Jinfung forces issued a statement calling for calm from all walks of life and said Mugabe is safe)


Renmin Ribao, Johannesburg, November 15 Zimbabwe’s National Broadcasting Corporation released a statement entitled “Zimbabwe’s Defense Forces Statement” saying that “currently President Mugabe and his family, officials around the president, etc. are all safe and we are only targeting those Fight criminals who cause social and economic dislocation in the country and bring them to justice, and once we have fulfilled our mission, we hope everything will return to normal. “

In the statement, the ZDF demanded that the Zimbabwe authorities” remain calm and do not do anything harmful to the peace “Thing. At about 1 a.m. on the afternoon of January 15 local time, two to three suspected explosions were heard in downtown Harare, capital of Zimbabwe. At present, the situation has quietened.

Controversy Mugabe: strong political and “99-year-old presidential dream”

                    (Original title: People 丨 dispute Mugabe: political strongman and “99-year-old presidential dream”)


争议穆加贝:政治强人与“99岁总统梦” Mugabe Vision China Figure

In August 2013, 89-year-old Mugabe reelected the president with a 61% vote. In the same year, Mugabe signed a constitutional amendment to weaken the presidential power. Under the act, the president of Zimbabwe can not serve for more than two terms, each for five years. But the bill does not have retrospective efficiency. In 2014, Mugabe’s ruling party early established his presidential candidacy for the 2018 general election. If all goes well, Mugabe can rule to 99.

And if all goes well, “First Lady” Grace Mugabe, 41, younger than Mugabe, will take over the baton from her husband to continue her rule over the country. To that end, Mugabe, on 6 November, lifted Emerson Mungauva, a longtime vice-president, as a “successor.” However, it was this move that triggered the political turmoil in Zimbabwe. On November 14, 2017, under the banner of “Qing Jun”, Zimbabwean military took to the streets and occupied ZBC and detained President Mugabe.

Mugabe, a 37-year-old man who was not defeated by Western sanctions, was trapped at the age of 93 by his successor’s job. His “99-year-old presidential dream” will go from here?

British-made President of the School of Patriarchs

Mugabe was born in 1924 to a poor peasant family in Zimbabwe and his mother is a devout Christian. Young Mugabe is an absolute “learning tyrant”, he has traveled to South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana and other countries to further study, but also through correspondence obtained a degree in economics, law and administration at London University, Is the highest-ranking holder of the current leader in Africa.

However, it is often difficult to accommodate a calm desk in a special time torrent. With the gradual rise of the African National Liberation Movement in the 1960s, Mugabe’s life trajectory began to change dramatically. He began to join the revolution, and the Rhodian regime under the control of the White Party and the White Party (Zimbabwe’s predecessor, the British colony) “Guerrilla warfare” was once again sentenced to 10 years. During his prison term, his prestige and influence have been greatly enhanced, becoming the pivotal leader in the country’s liberation movement and the leader of “national liberation” and “democratically fought for war” advocated by the western world.

Queen Elizabeth II of England has also sealed her jazz and awarded him an honorary doctorate.

Although the British Empire was the target of Mubaye’s vocal opposition to protracted national independence movements, his own demeanor was a full-fledged British faction: he was always dressed in a well-tailored suit; Ball games, long-term sponsorship of the Zimbabwe cricket league; almost all British tea will be served; favorite London pastime before being sanctioned … Mugabe will even continue to educate his young children about etiquette and emphasize ” This is the etiquette of the British royal family. “

In many people familiar with Mugabe, he is even” more English than the British. ”

Mu Papa Dropping the Altar

In 1980, Zimbabwe gained independence and “national hero” Mugabe was premier. Seven years later, after Zimbabwe’s restructuring became the presidential cabinet, Mugabe became president.

Zimbabwe, located in southern Africa, is rich in mineral resources and fertile land, with a population density of less than one-third of China’s population. Zimbabwe, at the very beginning of independence, was even hailed as “an African bread basket” – food from this country feeds many African hunger. At that time, Zimbabwe had a rare “honeymoon period” with the West, especially the former sovereign kingdom of England. However, as Mugabe took up the position of president for a long time, especially after he dominated the “land reform”, his conflict with the West gradually appeared. His title gradually shifted from “national hero”, “democratic fighter “Drop the altar, into a violent attack on the Western media” dictator. ”

In 2000, Zimbabwe implemented land-reform policies to forcibly withdraw land from white farmers and distribute it to landless landless landless “black brothers,” a move that promptd the vicious relations between Zimbabwe and Western countries. Zimbabwe’s agriculture, tourism and mining industries also plunged and the economy was on the verge of collapse.

This year, many western countries, including Mugabe’s beloved Britain, began to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. The EU sanctions will not be lifted until 2014, and many sanctions have continued so far. In 2008, the Queen of England also deprived of his jazz title.

For many Africans, the mighty Mugabe, a hero who dared to break the wrist with the West and defends the interests of blacks, strengthened his support for Mugabe in favor of the poor who won the land for reform. In Western countries, Mugabe, occupying the presidency, electoral fraud and implementing land reform to confiscate the white lands, and Zimbabwe, under his leadership, have become “outposts of tyranny.” After entering the 21st century, Zimbabwe began to plunge into a serious economic crisis with the highest inflation rate reaching 200,000%. The issuance of 100 billion yuan worth of banknotes hit a world record. Zimbabwe’s per capita GDP of US $ 0.1 has made it one of the poorest countries in the world. However, whether it was the difficult struggle of the leading countries in their early years when they were independent or the economic dilemma faced by the present state, in Mugabe’s view, for all his spearhead, his “only enemy” in his life was the imperialism of Western countries . Strong character, he never feared criticism, on many occasions attacked the West’s interference in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs, accusing the country’s economic difficulties caused by the crux of the long-standing illegal sanctions in the West.

People like to compare Mugabe with Mandela, his 6-year-old South African man. As well-known leaders of the black nationalist movement, they similarly overstep their jail for their own country’s independence and liberation and lead the country in the same epoch of history However, the path taken by the two men after taking power was quite different – Mandela took the initiative to retire as a full-term president, while Mugabe took power for decades.

Today, Mugabe, 93, is unique among Africa and even the world’s leaders. Some African leaders even jokingly call him “Mu Papa.”

Now that Mugabe, who has passed away, is still vigorous and energetic to attend long-term speeches, he has been passionately delivering long speeches, Humorous language deal with the sharp issues of Western reporters.

In the 2013 election campaign, Mugabe paid a farewell vote and took part in 12 campaigns in just two weeks. Each time he came to power published more than an hour impromptu speech. During the final pre-election campaign on July 28 of that year, he swept the ice cream cones in public to respond to his questioning of his health.

Military coup? Over-power of peace? What happened in Zimbabwe

                    (Original title: Military coup? Over-peaceful power? What happened in Zimbabwe?)


There have been hours of explosions in the early hours of November 15 in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, but there are still many different opinions on how this sudden political turmoil has been defined.

Zanu-PF, the ruling coalition of Zimbabwe, denounced the Twitter account on the “coup d’état” after the incident and said that there is “no coup” in Zimbabwe “, Only the” bloodless transition of power. ” The military also denied this by issuing a public statement later on the 15th.

“This of course is a coup, which is to change the political and power structure of a country by force.” Wang Hongyi, an associate researcher at China Institute of International Studies told Surging News ( “Only the coup did not cause any casualties and did no harm to the economy and society and the overall situation was relatively calm.” 7 Wang Hongyi believes that the coup d’état in Zimbabwe can be said to be expected and will form a political The dissolution of the former vice president of the league is also one of the reasons for the coup. This coup should be a result of the multi-party political forces reaching a tacit understanding. The military is also in a position to do so.

The BBC also believes that the events in Zimbabwe “already have all the elements of a coup.”

There are unconfirmed sources circulated in advance, claiming that former Vice-President Mugabe, who had been sacked earlier this month, had the most favored Mugabe successor, Munga Gouva, already returned to Zimbabwe in preparation for the takeover Gabe’s power.

“Top sources said Mugabe is ready to step down.” South African media reported 24 without any details and no source.

The ANU-RPF Twitter account states that corrupt and misconduct persons were arrested during the transition, while “an elderly man used by his wife” was limited in his actions. In a statement on November 15, the military spokesman also said that he denied having carried out a “military takeover” and said that Mugabe and his family are currently “safe and sound” and that the military operation is targeting only Mugabe “criminals around him.” For the move to occupy the country’s broadcaster, the military said it did not play a military statement on the 13th.

Both the military and the ruling party in Zimbabwe have unanimously rejected the use of the word “coup”.

“For the moment, this incident can not yet be defined as a military coup,” another Chinese expert on Africa told Surging News. “In the military’s statement, President Mugabe and his army commanders are still acknowledged Status, the capital situation is relatively stable, there is no large-scale cross-fire and bloodshed, which does not seem to meet the traditional definition of a military coup. “

The analyst believes that if the previous report is true, The goal of this operation is that factions led by “First Lady Grace” in the ruling party will be less likely to develop into a military coup. “Grace does not have any ruling party and does not have high prestige among the people, and there is consensus among the top party and a considerable part of the masses that she does not want her to be Mugabe’s successor.”

Zimbabwean student Chenge We do not think that a military coup has occurred in our own country. He told the surging news that the military wants nothing more than to bring the country back to stability. Mugabe is fine, but the internal conflicts in the ruling party are so serious that the military’s methods can bring the country back to life. This is what many people want .

Iran’s earthquake in the earthquake-stricken house ordered a thorough investigation of the reasons

                    (Original title: Iranian President ordered thorough investigation of security buildings “House crunchy”)


Zarpozhahab County, Kermanshah Province, western Iran, was hit hardest by the magnitude 7.3 earthquake that struck on the evening of the 12th. A group of social welfare apartment buildings that should have survived the M 8.0 earthquake were severely damaged, while the surrounding private houses were almost unscathed, causing many dissatisfactions with the “affordable housing” households.

Hassan Rouhani, the current president of Iran who visited the disaster areas, promised on the 14th that he will thoroughly investigate why the earthquake-protected housing projects are not earthquake-resistant and severely punish the culprit.

At least 14 provinces of Iran were affected during the strong earthquake on the Iranian-Iranian border. The quake in Kermanshah Province was the worst. At least 280 People die.

In Shahid Akbari, a local working-class neighborhood, a group of affordable housing blocks were seriously damaged and the external walls collapsed. This is part of a nationwide affordable housing project called “Goodwill.” The project was led by RUhani’s predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when it was in power and has built about 2 million homes to date.

Seeing the destruction of their homeland, while the nearby private residential buildings are safe and sound, many protected housing households angry.

Ferdos Shahbazi, now 42, said: “The buildings next to each other were not destroyed because they were built by private contractors.”

Another resident, Murtaza Al-Bakri, Xinhua News Agency reporter: “Look, everything is ruined, the government should at least cancel our mortgages. There are only poor people and working-class people.”

In the face of devastation, Resident Raza Moradi is also worried: “I still owe 144 months of loans to repay, for my monthly wages for 1/5. “

[Exposure issues lead dispute]

Iranian President Rohani visited the disaster area on the 14th, said the government must find out the housing Why are the apartment blocks seriously damaged? “The problems and flaws in such housing should be investigated. The government will surely follow up on this matter and find out the culprit to explain to the public.” He promised that the government will provide cash and loans to those shelter families who have become victims to help them find contractors to build new homes when they want to.

Former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak ended his visit to silence, his face was stiff

                    (Original title: South Korean President Lee Myung-bak ended his visit back to the country silence tight-fitting expression)


韩前总统李明博结束访问回国 三缄其口表情僵硬

According to the Yonhap news agency reported on November 15, the former government of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, who was invited to visit Bahrain on the invitation of the local government, will return to South Korea on the morning of the 15th. Recently, Lee Myung-bak was deeply troubled by the domestic settlement of the troubles, but he did not make any statement at the airport interview with reporters, the whole expression of rigidity.

韩前总统李明博结束访问回国 三缄其口表情僵硬

When asked whether to manipulate the network headquarters and other news is true, Lee Myung-bak remained silent, then leave by car. It was reported that when Lee Myung-bak went to Bahrain and returned to China, both demonstrators staged a protest in front of Incheon International Airport and demanded that South Korean prosecutors conduct a detention investigation into Lee Myung-bak.

韩前总统李明博结束访问回国 三缄其口表情僵硬

President of South Africa: Zimbabwe’s president was kept under house arrest but safe and sound

                    (Original title: President of South Africa: Zimbabwean president kept under house arrest but safe and sound)

                                   According to the Associated Press, South African President Jacob Zuma said he has spoken with Zimbabwean President Mugabe to confirm the 93-year-old leader has Home under house arrest, but “safe and sound.”

Mugabe remains reported as President of Zimbabwe in a statement issued by the South African President’s office. Zuma is sending a South African Minister of Defense and National Security to Zimbabwe to meet with Mugabe and the local military. Zuma called for all parties to remain calm.

It is reported that South African President Zuma expressed “great concern” over the political changes in neighboring Zimbabwe as the leader of the “SADC”, a 15-member nation. Zuma’s office called for “restraint and calm” in the statement and “I hope that the change in Zimbabwe will not lead to unconstitutional government changes that will run counter to the position of SADC and the African Union.”

Zuma urged the government of Zimbabwe and All members of the military “peacefully resolve the political stalemate,” saying that southern Africa will “pay close attention to the situation and stand ready to provide any necessary assistance.”


Earlier, according to the BBC, the ruling party in Zimbabwe reported that Zimbabwe’s President Muga Shell has been detained by the military and is currently safe. The New York Times reported earlier that Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe was detained by the military and the military said it could be regarded as a coup d’état.

Zimbabwe’s ruling party African National Alliance – RPF Earlier through official Twitter said there was no coup d’état in the country and the vice president took over as chairman of the party to achieve the peaceful handover of power.

According to earlier reports from overseas websites, the Zimbabwean ruling party has repeatedly issued a document emphasizing that no coup d’état has taken place in Zimbabwe but has just gone through a “bloodless regime change” and detained Mugabe and his family “for the country’s constitutional and security considerations “” Vice President Minanagua will lead the ruling party toward a better future. ” Mugangagua was originally Mugabe’s most likely successor, but on the 6th of this month, Mugabe announced the lifting of Minangaigwa’s position, identifying him as the president of the throne. In the meantime, Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe stated that she is ready to succeed her husband, 93-year-old Robert Mugabe, as president.

Lebanon Prime Minister has not yet returned to the country The president insisted that he was detained by Saudi Arabia

                    (Original title: Lebanon Prime Minister has not yet returned home The president insisted that he was detained by Saudi Arabia)

                                   (Source: Reuters)

Overseas Network November 15 (Xinhua) u0026 nbsp; On the 4th, the visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Suddenly read out his resignation statement accusing Iran and Hezbollah’s intervention in the internal affairs of Arab countries by hooliganism and hints of assassination threatened the entire Middle East and aroused the attention of all circles. In response, Lebanese President Orne said on the 15th that he believes Prime Minister Hariri (Saad
 al-Hariri) has been detained by Saudi Arabia. According to the latest Reuters news agency news, Orne said on the 15th that he believes Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri has been detained by Saudi Arabia. He also said: “We can not wait for Harry to return home and wait for a long time before the state can not stop operating.” However, Hariri responded on Twitter, saying “it will return to Lebanon if about.” According to earlier reports from overseas websites, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced on Twitter on the 14th that he would Return in two days. It is understood that on the 4th of this month a video recorded on Saudi TV station was broadcast in Saudi Arabia to read a statement of resignation in Hariri, Saudi Arabia, to accuse Iran and its “feathered” Hezbollah interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, hinting at the same time I suffered an assassination threat.

The sudden resignation of Hariri shocked the entire Middle East and affected all parties concerned. A Lebanese official said that Hariri had just arrived in Riyadh on the 3rd and was controlled by Saudi Arabia and was forced to record and resign his video. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, publicly accused Saudi Arabia of interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon and forcing Hariri to resign.

Lebanon suspected Hariri was under house arrest in Saudi Arabia and demanded that Saudi Arabia explain why Haridori was unable to return home. In response, Hariri said in an interview on the 12th that his freedom of movement was not under house arrest by Saudi Arabia. He will return to Lebanon soon after the security measures are completed and fulfill his resignation process.

Qiuku ready? Liaoning and other 14 provinces in Jiangsu down to 10-12 ℃

                    (Original title: Cold blue warning: Liaoning Province, Jiangsu and other 14 provinces cooling up to 10-12 ℃)



BEIJING, November 17 According to the news from the Central Meteorological Station website, affected by strong cold air, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to release the cold wave blue warning at 6 o’clock today. 7 889456_6_65473_9

The Central Meteorological Station estimated that from 8:00 on the 17th to 8:00 on the 19th, the central and western parts of Inner Mongolia in the south, the eastern part of Northwest China, most of North China, the eastern and southern regions of the Northeast, Huanghuai, JAC, Jiangnan, most of South China, Southwest China Eastern and other places minimum temperature or average temperature will drop 6 ~ 8 ℃.

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