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Corrupt officials buy a villa to distort age of birth to the subordinates to borrow money not to return

                    (Original title: “alternative economics”, so that he lost in the calculation)


“Alternative economics” that made him lost in calculations

He purchased single-family homes and rural homesteads did not report to the organization; the age of the files was reduced to two years. In the eyes of local entrepreneurs, he is very tough “vampire.” In the mouth of colleagues and subordinates, he has a nickname “miser”, “Stingy, love is cheap” is everyone’s evaluation of him, often to borrow money not to return.

Duan Peixiang once wrote in one of his articles that to avoid risks to life, it is necessary to “make good money and consolidate the economic foundation.” Under the misleading guidance of his “alternative economics,” he was adept at calculating and unscrupulously going farther and farther on the road to discipline violations.

From an ordinary teacher to the director of the Municipal Policy Research Office, from the deputy director of the state committee office to the deputy secretary general of the state party committee and state radio and television bureau chief, then to the state government deputy secretary-general and office director. Along the way, Duan Peixiang Obviously “successful people.” He got a lot. His fame became an official who had an important influence in important posts. The treatment given by the state would allow him to live a decent, decent and life-like life. He is a self-proclaimed “scholar and literati.” However, he is not satisfied and wants more – through abnormal ways.

Now, everything that should not have been lost. He is calculating all his life, but did not count the end of the day.

“He confronts the organization examination and provides the investigation team with false information and makes false statements. He wrote the material in a very simple and specific manner and did not explain the key issues. Seconds also recognized the problem immediately and regret immediately. “Review team comrades introduced, once examined, Duan Peixiang lie to you.

September this year, the Provincial Commission of Discipline Inspection Ruili City, a company borrowing is not overdue problem, Duan Peixiang worried about the company chairman claimed rosewood things were pulled out, so called a timber processing plant in Ruili City, a legal person The delegate called Mangshi Municipality, where the government of Dehong prefecture was located, asking him to pay 20,000 yuan for timber that he should pay. He also wrote “smartly” the payment time as August 20, 2016, in an attempt to cover up the facts of discipline violations.

During his acceptance of the organization’s examination, Duan Peixiang deliberately falsified the clues on the issue of a low-cost sale of land and high-priced repurchase by a proprietor of the drainage company and provided it to the staff of the inspection team with the intention of confusing his line of sight and disrupting the organization’s examination.

“Duan Peixiang tried his best to cover up his disciplinary facts and interfered with organizational censorship.” The review team commented that while examining Duan Peixi’s disciplinary problems, he also found that he concealed personal property, altered the age of birth, Changed the age by 2 years.

“False can not really, really can not.” The party is not loyal, not honest, Duan Peixiang can not escape the discipline must be investigated for the outcome.

Do not fill in vices, entrepreneurs in the eyes of the “vampire”

Duan Peixiang like to use economics to explain the world, wrote a lot of articles. However, he regarded economic understanding as a calculation and used it as a “crime economics” that guided him.

“During the period under review, the entrepreneurs we contacted referred to Duan Pei as a ‘vampire’ and a very difficult ‘vampire’.” The review team commented.

“Duan Peixiang repeatedly asked me to buy a villa at a low price. Due to the identity of the state deputy secretary-general, I sold a villa to her at an internal sales price. Later, Profit. “The person in charge of a company in Ruili reports to the review team.

“In March 2016, Duan Peixiang saw my yard piled with rosewood (logs). He said he wanted to move to a new home, make furniture and asked me to give him a few tons. At that time, I did not say anything. After about two Month, he called me again and said the car has been opened to my factory, and I have no alternative but to let him take away the value of 2 million tons of rosewood. “Ruili, general manager of a company It is still anger to ask Pearwood for permission.

“In October 2015, Duan Peixiang told me to build a house in Mangshi City, but it was in financial difficulty and borrowed 400,000 yuan from me. .


It is easy to buy low, sell high, borrow without interest, stock up raw materials and some professional activities in the market. It is easy to ignore the market rules with Duan Peixiang’s power.

Introduction of Review Team According to Duan Xianxiang, Duan Peixian used his company as a tool for personal gain. It is rare for corrupt elements to be investigated and dealt with by unscrupulously demanding property and loans.

“It is an obligation that we should actively fight for projects and fight for funds for the legal operation of enterprises. However, I have taken every means to solicit property from enterprises and have seriously affected the image of the party and the government among the people.” This book repent.

“Miser” in the mouth of a colleague

“Being good with others, adding light and supplementing the body, and the beauty of an adult should become a habit and a realm of man’s life.” This is the motto of DAPI’s life. However, in life, he mostly wins the love, bad character.

“During the period under review, we interviewed the cadres and workers who visited Duan Peixiang’s department. None of our subordinates or colleagues said he was good, and everyone gave him a nickname of” miserliness. ” Evaluation of him. “Review team comrades introduced.

The first batch of Central Environmental Inspectors: a total of 1140 departmental cadres were 130 people

                    (Original title: The first batch of Central Environmental Inspectors: 1140 people from 8 provinces and autonomous regions are responsible for 130 departmental-level cadres)


首批中央环保督察:8省区1140人被追责 厅级干部130人

With the approval of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the first batch of 8 Central Environmental Protection Inspectors organized the inspection and quarantine inspections of 8 provinces (including the Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan and Ningxia provinces, from July to August 2016 District) to carry out environmental protection inspectors, and in November 2016 to complete the inspector feedback, simultaneous transfer of 100 ecological damage liability accountability issues. Among them, 17 were in Inner Mongolia, 13 in Heilongjiang, 11 in Jiangsu, 11 in Jiangxi, 20 in Henan, 9 in Guangxi, 11 in Yunnan and 8 in Ningxia. They urged the local authorities to further verify the situation and hold serious accountability.

The results of the accountability of 8 provinces (districts) are summarized as follows:

(a) According to the number of accountable persons, 8 provinces (autonomous regions) have 1140 people in total, of whom 130 are department-level cadres 24 cadres at the departmental level), 504 departmental level cadres (248 cadres at the department level). Provincial (district) situation: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 124 people accountability, of which 27 departmental cadres, 65 departmental cadres; 170 people in Heilongjiang Province, of which 23 departmental cadres, departmental cadres 93; Jiangsu Provincial accountability 137 people, including 12 departmental level cadres, 45 department level cadres; 106 people in Jiangxi province accountability, of which 10 departmental level cadres, 46 department level cadres; 227 people in Henan Province, of which departmental level cadres 10 people, 83 cadres at the prefectural level; 141 people in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region were accountable, of which 11 departmental cadres, 44 departmental cadres; Yunnan province accountability 110, of which 25 departmental cadres, 50 departmental level cadres; Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region accountability 125 people, including 12 departmental cadres, 78 departmental cadres. In the process of accountability, eight provinces (autonomous regions) pay attention to investigating leadership responsibilities, management responsibilities and supervision responsibilities, especially strengthening their leadership responsibilities.

(2) , 8 of the 8 provinces (autonomous regions) were informed about the situation of specific accountability, 20 were reported and 320 were admonished. They were ordered to make a public apology, and 18 were organized to deal with party discipline. People and political disciplines disciplinary action against 584 people, transferred to the judiciary 12 people, has been held criminally responsible 9 people, criticized the education of 9 people, suspended one person. Among the departmental-level cadres who were held accountable, 46 were admonished, 40 were punished by the party discipline, 40 were administratively punished, and 4 were transferred to the judiciary. In general, the eight provinces (autonomous regions) are conscientious and meticulous in their work of accountability and seek truth from facts. They adhere to the principle of serious accountability, equal rights and responsibilities, and lifelong responsibility and play an important role in continuously strengthening the responsibility awareness of local party committees and governments in environmental protection.

Beijing collective rental housing policy issued a lease term up to ten years

                    (Original title: heavy! Beijing collective rental housing policy issued the lease may not exceed ten years)


In April this year, Beijing released the “Residential Land Supply Plan for 2017-2021 and 2017 in Beijing” with a clear plan. In the next five years, Beijing will continue to increase the supply of rental housing and plan to provide 1,300 hectares of land for the construction of rental housing 500,000 sets.

北京集体租赁住房政策发布 租期最长不得超十年

And the 500,000 rental housing units, most of which will be arranged through collective construction sites.

500,000 sets! The entry of so many houses will have a significant impact on the housing rental market. So these collective rental housing will be built like? How to rent in the future? How much rent? How long? Everyone cares.

Today, the Municipal Planning Commission and the Municipal Construction and Construction Commission jointly released the “Opinions on Further Strengthening the Leasing of Housing Using Collective Land,” which have the answers.


How many to build?

200 ha per year

In fact, as early as 2011, Beijing Municipality submitted to the Ministry of Land and Resources a pilot application for using collective land to build public rental housing. In the same year, the Ministry of Lands approved the pilot project in Beijing and Beijing became the first pilot city to use the collective land to build rental housing. As of the end of last year, Beijing has launched five pilot projects: Tangjialing in Haidian District, Tai Zhouwu Village in Wenquan Town, Pingfang Village in Pingfang Township in Chaoyang District, Huangdian Village in Northwestern Township in Haidian District and Haitianlu Village in Beicujia Town in Changping District project.

Relevant person in charge of Beijing Municipal Commission of Earthwork and Planning said that according to the municipal government’s deployment, Beijing plans to supply 1,000 hectares of collective land within five years from 2017 to 2021 for the construction of collective rental housing with an average annual supply of land The task is about 200 hectares.

What is the concept of 1000 hectares?

Beijing plans total rented housing (including public rental housing) with a total area of ​​1,300 hectares for five years and 500,000 units to be built. So roughly converted, about 1,000 hectares to build 400,000 units.

At present, the Municipal Planning and Land Resources Commission is in the process of working with the relevant departments to actively promote the land acquisition in the collective rental housing projects and ensure the completion of the land supply tasks for the current year.


What to build?

The tenant can check in by bag

Let me know where you built it.

According to the Opinions, the construction area of ​​collective rental housing projects should have certain supporting infrastructure and public service conditions such as transportation.

It is also known in the currently known projects that many projects are well located. For example, the project in Fengtai District is located in the Third Ring Road to Fifth Ring Road with the nearby metro and the traffic is very convenient. At the same time, on the layout, we must adhere to the principle of “three cities and one district” and industrial functional areas and adhere to the adjacent industrial parks, transportation hubs and new towns for layout construction.

This is also a good understanding, mainly to solve the “job-balance” issue.

What to say?

According to the regulations of the two departments, the land for rental housing is planned and managed according to the standard of residential land for urban residence, and the necessary public service facilities such as education and medical facilities are provided. That is to say, like the sales of commercial housing projects, according to “thousands of indicators”, all kinds of public service packages should be complete.

For housing dwelling structure and area standard, the two departments indicated that they could plan, design and construct according to market demand according to the actual situation of the area.

Another important thing is to implement fully furnished finished products for delivery. That is the same as the public rental, tenants can bag check.


Rent Term?

A single lease can not exceed 10 years

This section is everyone’s most concern.

For example rent.

According to the Opinion, the rental level of collective rental housing can be integrated with the rental market considering factors such as location, facilities and market demand, taking into account the surrounding market property levels. That is to say, the rent should be in line with the market rent.

Many people may want to ask, rent and market rent is similar, why should I rent this house?

First of all, make it clear that collective rental housing is not a guarantee room, not a public rental housing, or a market rental housing, so the rent should naturally be in line with the market.

Second, the advantages of this rental housing, is the management of norms, renting people do not have to worry about rent free up by the landlord, or the expiry of the lease was destroyed and so on.

Now it’s time to talk about the lease.

In fact, in the policy design of collective land rental housing, whether it is the whole country or Beijing, an important content is to prevent disguised foreign sales or to rent and sell, to prevent disguised development into a small property room.

Therefore, this issue is taken into account in the design of the lease terms.

Collective rental housing encourages the signing of long-term housing lease contracts, but a single lease can not exceed 10 years.

Ministry of Lands: State Council approved combustible ice to become the 173st mine in China

                    (Original title: Homeland Department: State Department formally approved the new gas hydrate on November 3)


China Securities News Network at 10:00 on November 16, the Ministry of Land Resources held a new natural gas hydrate mineral access to the State Council formally approved the press conference. Xia Jun, deputy director of the General Office of Land and Resources introduced the State Department on November 3 formally approved the natural gas hydrate as a new mineral species, becoming China’s 173 mine.

Ju Jianhua, director of the Mineral Resources Reserves Division of the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, introduced that natural gas hydrate has high energy density and is a clean and efficient energy resource and chemical raw material. Natural gas hydrates Natural gas is mined in the same way as conventional natural gas, mainly for civil and industrial fuels, chemical and power generation. The establishment of a new gas hydrate mineralization of great significance:

First, conducive to the protection of national energy and resource security. China’s natural gas hydrate is widely distributed, has many types and large amount of resources, and can be used in civil and industrial fuels, chemical industry and power generation. It is an important strategic reserve resource in China. Its development and utilization will provide a new direction for the national energy resources protection and reduce Foreign dependence on oil and gas resources, will enhance the level of China’s energy and resource security.

Second, it is conducive to optimizing the energy production and consumption pattern. The establishment of new natural gas hydrate minerals will speed up the pace of development and utilization of natural gas hydrate resources as soon as possible to meet the economic and social development needs of clean energy and control greenhouse gas emissions. For building a resource-saving and environment-friendly production mode and consumption model, Enhance the ability of sustainable development, improve the level of ecological civilization, promote green development of great significance.

Third, it will help to liberalize the natural gas hydrate mining rights market. The establishment of a new type of natural gas hydrate mineral is conducive to promoting diversification of gas hydrate exploration and development of the main investors to encourage domestic and foreign capital, technical strength of a variety of investment entities into the field of gas hydrate exploration and development, can greatly stimulate the vitality of the market.

Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption prosecution 19: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge quality report fraud

                    (Original title: Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption prosecution of 19 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge concrete pressure test fraud suspects)


On November 15, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project was reported to prosecute 19 suspects on the concrete stress test fraud case. Suspects will be held on November 17 in Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts in Hong Kong.

According to the Independent Commission Against Corruption in Hong Kong, the 19 suspects were sued in two separate cases. They worked in contractors’ laboratories of the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) in Hong Kong accused of forging data, replacing test samples, concealing test conditions and conspiring to defraud two Civil Engineering Department chief technicians and others.

In May this year, the Independent Commission Against Corruption Hong Kong confirmed that a contractor of the Civil Engineering Department was involved in embezzlement and provided false concrete stress tests during the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The ICAC conducted a detention investigation of 21 people involved. ICAC.

ICAC. Vision China Information Figure

18 former laboratory staff charged with conspiracy to defraud

According to the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong, in the first case, 18 former Cosco Engineering Consultants Ltd. Was charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud, in violation of Hong Kong’s common law. They will appear in Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Courts on November 17, awaiting a referral to the District Court for reply.

These defendants were employed by Gacco at the time of the incident to work at the Siu Ho Wan Public Works Bureau. They are responsible for building material compliance testing, including concrete stress testing.

Due to the increasing demand for compliance testing of building materials due to the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Hong Kong Civil Engineering Department set up the Siu Ho Wan Public Works Regional Laboratory in late 2012. The management and operation of the laboratory are contracted to Jiake by way of a consultant contract.

Two chief technicians of the Hong Kong Civil Engineering Department were deployed to the test station at different times. They oversee the services provided by Gakko and act as Approved Signatories to conduct a test on the pilot and issue a permitted report under the Hong Kong Institute of Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (Accreditation Scheme).

The 18 defendants charged with the charges were that they allegedly conspired to conspire with the other unknown to scam the two officers of the Hong Kong Civil Engineering Department between January 1, 2013 and July 26, 2016 Technicians and others.

The defendant allegedly dishonestly changed the date and / or time on the computer connected to the pressure tester in the laboratory. They also allegedly used tested or brute-strength concrete bricks or metal calibration columns instead of the original concrete bricks that were submitted to the test as building material compliance tests. They allegedly failed to carry out concrete stress tests in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Administration and concealed and rectified them through the aforementioned means.

The defendant allegedly caused the two chief technicians of Hong Kong Civil Engineering Department or other personnel to certify the test report in accordance with the approved scheme. Otherwise, the chief technician or other officer of the Civil Engineering Department will not certify the reports.

The defendant was:

Mai Peisheng, aged 65, former Jiake Qian Senior Site Laboratory Technician. Aged 23, Yao Yufeng, 48 years old, Pan Jiawei, 25 years old, Ye Dejie, 27 years old, Wu Wenhong, aged 26, Li Weifu, aged 28, , 26, Zhang Jiaming, 28, and Li Rongfa, aged 40, are former laboratory technicians at Jiake’s site. Aged 33, Kwong Fu-hyun, aged 44, Chen Chih-cheng, aged 58, and Kwok Man-fai, aged 34, are former laboratory assistants of Jiake.

One laboratory technician accused of using fake instruments

Hunan 弑 teacher asked: Why knife school? How to divide the age of criminal responsibility?

                    (Original title: Why high school students bring their knives to school – Three questions about “Hunan Yuanjiang students’ case”


Bao Fang, a victim teacher, has been rated excellent teacher.

On the afternoon of November 12, a “Student Teacher’s Case” occurred in Yuanjiang City, Hunan Province. Luomou, a 16-year-old senior high school student, was sentenced by a teacher for arranging assignments. A few minutes later, Luo actually rushed into the teacher’s office, took out a spring knife to the teacher stabbed his knife 26 deaths. Yuanjiang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department official WeChat November 14 evening news that on November 13, Luomou on suspicion of intentional homicide was Yuanjiang City Public Security Bureau under criminal detention. In recent years, juvenile violence cases have been frequent and have drawn wide attention from all walks of life. For this particular group of criminal acts, the law what are the rules? How to divide the age of criminal responsibility? In addition to legal sanctions, what can we do about juvenile delinquency? Reporters interviewed prosecutors, lawyers and school teachers.

How to divide the age of criminal responsibility?

“Luomou constitutes a crime is affirmative, but he is under 18 years of age and will not be sentenced to death in accordance with the law.” Chen Qi, a Beijing-based law firm lawyer, told reporters that minors as a special subject, It has special protection. Article 17 of the Criminal Law of China stipulates that anyone who has reached the age of 16 shall be criminally responsible for crimes committed; anyone who has reached the age of fourteen under the age of 16 commits an act of intentional homicide, intentional injury, death or serious injury, rape or robbery , Drug trafficking, arson, explosion, poisoning should bear criminal responsibility; full 14 years of age or less than 18 years of age who commit crimes should be lighter or mitigated punishment.

“Although the law expressly stipulates the relevant penalties, we still have to explore the deep-seated reasons why minors commit crimes because minors have the characteristics of being sudden or passionate criminals. The judiciary should combine criminal facts and crimes As well as the subjective viciousness and make a comprehensive and scientific assessment of juvenile delinquency. “According to Jin Chao, director of the Prosecutor’s Office of Fengtai District in Beijing, the law takes the lead in educating minors to punish juvenile delinquency and penalizes Supplementary principles, the judiciary should be handled in accordance with the law in accordance with the principle of handling cases and the concept of justice.

In addition, there are also procedural provisions in the Criminal Procedure Law on juvenile delinquency cases. Chen Qi told reporters that for juvenile delinquency, you can make “growth report”, including its growth experience, family situation, the usual performance, the reasons for the crime, after the crime with or without guilty repentance and other aspects of a comprehensive inspection. The court can use the “Growth Report” as a sentencing reference. If there is mental development is not perfect, victims have fault, accidental events, etc., in order to allow minors better return to society, sentencing should be more careful consideration.

Academic pressure, psychological problems how to solve?

Punishing the already, but more important is to take preventive measures. Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tianshan District Prosecutor’s Office Procuratorate Juvenile Prosecution Section handled too many juvenile criminal cases, she told reporters that the violence occurred in children, mostly psychological problems.

“The root cause of prevention of juvenile delinquency is in schools. At present, many schools take the form of education on the rule of law. Only by the ‘12.4 ‘and other junctions do they organize the rule of law into campus activities.” Huang Yanlu told reporters that she contacted some schools to promote the rule of law , Rejected by the school for various reasons.

“Parents’ classes are also important.” Huang said in many cases they handle, parents do not know how to educate their children. The rule of law and education for young people is a step-by-step process in their daily life. It can not be completed by the previous legal literacy class. Parents and schools also play an important role in the minds of their children. Starting from their respective perspectives, they care about the mental health of adolescents and can play a significant role in preventing juvenile delinquency.

According to media reports, Luomou is a good student with a good academic record but has no friends because of his isolation. “Parents, schools and teachers should pay attention to children’s psychological growth and rule of law education, not just focus on the children’s academic performance, the child’s physical and mental health is more important.” Jin said the child’s psychological problems is a social and educational issues that need Strengthen communication with children, listen to their opinions and understand their psychological changes. In particular, children with unusual behavior or behavior should draw the attention of schools and parents. Schools and parents should communicate promptly to help children resolve their emotional problems.

To bring control tools to school, how to ensure the safety of campus?

Luomou committing the crime tool is a spring knife, is a controlled tool. China’s law on the administration of public security penalties clearly prohibit the carrying of control equipment into public places, for those who have reached the age of fourteen years of age who violate the public security management, lighter or mitigated punishment; People under the age of fourteen who violate public security management, not Shall be punished, but the guardian shall be ordered to strictly discipline.

In November 2016, the Ministry of Education, jointly with the Central Comprehensive Management Office, Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Ministry of Public Security, issued the Guiding Opinions on Prevention and Control of Bullying and Violence among Primary and Secondary Students, and urged them to step up education prevention and punishments according to law Comprehensive management, effective prevention and treatment of student bullying and violence occurred. It was proposed that the duty and inspection system should be strictly implemented and school-based ban on dangerous goods such as knives and knives should be prohibited from entering the school. The prevention and control work should be carried out for key students, key areas and key periods.

“Our school has relevant school discipline rules and will conduct safety education at the start of the course to tell students which belong to the control tool. During the teaching process, students or teachers may find it dangerous to carry the tool during the teaching process. They will contact the school

Reflected by the school to communicate with parents to educate their children, the school has a dedicated safety education teacher. “Qian Fu-ting, teacher at the first division of high school told reporters, such as regular safety education seminars.

Former Deputy Secretary-General of Jinan CPPCC Grange was charged with serving 12 years in prison for first instance

                    (Original title: former deputy secretary general of Gansu CPPCC Gazette accused of bribery 8.4 million First instance jailed 12 years and a half)


Zibo City, Shandong Province Intermediate People’s Court official microblogging @ Shi Zibo court online 17 November 15 news 39 points:

former deputy secretary-general of the CPPCC Committee of Jinan City Grange bribery case verdicts

济南政协原副秘书长田庄被控受贿 一审获刑12年半

济南政协原副秘书长田庄被控受贿 一审获刑12年半

Football Association rumored to bid for the World Cup: Lippi did not interview the Department of Journalism processing


Latest News:

Information Office of the Chinese Football Association: After verification, Lippi coach did not accept any media interview recently, Chengdu Commercial Daily published the “Co-operation anniversary Chengdu Commercial Daily Interview Lippi,” the old foreign media Interview to be processed, confused audio-visual. In response to the text revealed that “the Chinese Football Association will bid to host the 2030 World Cup” message, we reiterate that at present the association did not propose a bid for a specific World Cup, such information without official confirmation, is a media interpretation. u0026 nbsp;

Hunan Anxiang County Publicity Deputy Minister of Drug Administration was reduced to deputy section level

                    (Former title: Hunan Anxiang County Publicity Department Deputy Minister Ren Zhongwei drug abuse in Changsha, was reduced to Deputy Branch)


3 days after the closing of the 19 th National Congress,

The 19th Politburo of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting

Reviewing the Implementation Rules of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee for Implementing the Eight Central Provisions. In the past five years, the Central Party Central Committee started with resolving the most unhealthy tendencies that the masses of the people have reflected and persevere in implementing the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government. The entire party stepped on a stone with a trace of traces and stopped many people think it is impossible to brake Lively unhealthy.

However, the issue of “Four Winds” has a great deal of experience. The rebound is still hidden in the resurgence of the hidden troubles. We must carry forward the spirit of nails and maintain the strength and tenacity. Recently, Changde City Commission for Discipline Inspection informed 4 from a typical case of violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight –


Anxiang County Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Ren Zhongwei (deputy director) drug case

2017 4 On January 29, Ren Zhongwei took the drug at the invitation of his friend in Changsha. Ren Zhongwei was detained for two years and then dismissed as deputy section-level non-leadership positions.


Shimen County Vice-level cadres Lizi Gang drunk driving case

at 19:16 on March 2017 Ri 53 points, Lizi Gang drink driving license for Xiang J6LG86 car. Plum just under the warning of the party.


in a Hanson County deputy party secretary, president Zeng Youming, Party Secretary Xia Jiping organized some teachers receive public funds to travel and overtime violations subsidy case

April to August 2015, in a Hanson County Violation organization third grade teachers to Chongqing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Cambodia play. Zeng Youming is in charge of leadership, and Xia Jiping is responsible for the leadership and direct responsibility for disguised forms of public travel. In March 2016, Hanshou County first violated regulations on overtime payment and Zeng Youming and Xia Jiping were responsible and directly responsible. Zeng Youming and Xia Jiping were severely warned by the party.

Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party Central Party Department stole sentence South Korean man jailed for 5 months

                    (Former Title: DPP Central Party Department Stolers sentenced South Korean man jailed for 5 months)



South Korean man Zhao Junji. (Source: Taiwan’s United Daily News)

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