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Tsai Ying-wen voted overseas media propaganda Taiwan Affairs Office: propaganda than direct dialogue

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen investment overseas media propaganda mainland Taiwan Affairs Office: propaganda than dialogue)

                                   On the morning of the 15th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference when spokesman Ma Xiaoguang talked about “Tsai Ing-wen’s invitation to call on the Malaysian media to launch a speech in the air to the Mainland.” He said that the cross-Strait dialogue Where are the keys and secret language? I think they knew everything well. All goodwill and sincerity should be tested on the touchstone of the 1992 Consensus.

Press questions, Tsai Ing-wen has recently voted for the Malaysian media and has carried out no-name disclaimers to the mainland so that the mainland can use its wisdom to dialogue with Taiwan. He once again stressed that since the authorities took office last year, Taiwan authorities have released goodwill to the mainland and would like to ask the spokesman for these remarks What is the evaluation? Thank you.

Ma Xiaoguang said that rather than shouting in isolation, it is better to talk directly. Where are the keys to the cross-Strait dialogue and the secret language? I think they are fully aware that all goodwill and sincerity should be tested on the touchstone of the 1992 Consensus.

APA Hotel shelves travel site Nanjing Holocaust Memorial Curator said so

                    (Original title: APA Hotel shelves domestic travel sites, Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall curator)


APA酒店上架旅游网站 南京大屠杀纪念馆馆长这么说 APA Hotel Japan.

Earlier this year, after the APA Hotel in Japan placed a right-wing book and was exposed, the National Tourism Administration required all outbound tourism companies and travel e-commerce platforms to shelve the APA Hotel. However, recently, where to go, travel and other US online travel sites have been exposed quietly APA Hotel on the line.

“According to the arrangement of China National Tourism Administration, APA hotels will be offline and some websites will continue to be launched. If this is true, the officials of these units should come to our museum and learn about history “Said Zhang Jianjun, curator of Memorial Hall for the Victims of Nanjing Massacre in Japan.

On November 14, the symposium commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre in the Nanjing Military Tribunal for trial of the Nanjing Massacre was held in Nanjing. The surging news correspondent noticed at the scene that Zhang Jianjun responded in his speech to the APA Hotel’s resumption of its business in China.

According to media reports, in January this year, the APA Hotel in Japan put right-wing books in rooms and was exposed, denying the Nanjing massacre and the presence of comfort women in Korea. At the time, the president of the APA hotel also claimed that in a few months people would forget what happened and only remember the name, which the hotel could turn around to make a profit.

After the APA Hotel incident, a spokesman for the National Tourism Administration said on January 24 this year that in view of the fact that the APA Hotel in Japan insisted on wrong practices, CNTA has taken relevant measures to require all outbound tourism enterprises and travel service providers to cease their businesses in an overall manner Cooperation with the hotel, and shelves APA hotel.

After 10 months, some online travel websites, such as trips to the United States, have been accused of resuming their reservations with the APA Hotel. In response, Zhang Jianjun said that the leaders of the above travel websites should go to the Memorial Hall of the Japanese Massacre at Nanjing Massacre to accept historical education and remind themselves not to forget the pain of history. Zhang Jianjun said that in 1946, Class B war criminals, chief of the 6th Division of the 6th Brigade of the former Japanese Army, who had been burning, killing, sexting and sweeping during the Nanjing Massacre, Chief C Guanyou, Class C war criminals and more than 300 people were killed Tianzhong Junji, the 16th Division of the murderous lieutenant to wells Min, Noda Tian, ​​has been extradited from Japan to Nanjing for trial. After investigation, evidence collection and verification, the court confirmed the heinous crimes committed by Gu Shou-fu and others.

In the end, Kusatsu Sho, Toi Minming, Noda Tian, ​​Tianzhong Junji was taken to Yuhuatai execution site execution. Class A war criminals and command troops captured Nanjing and slaughtered prostitution and plundering the former Central Plains Army commander Songjing Shigen, was sentenced to death by the Far East International Military Tribunal. As for the significance of Nanjing trial, Zhang Jianjun summarized: “safeguarding the national interests and national dignity, demonstrating the value of international justice and the concept of moral peace and conforming to the world trend in line with the will of the people.”

Taiwan Affairs Office: Li Mingzhe case will be publicly pronounced within the statutory time limit

                    (Original title: National Taiwan Affairs Office: Li Mingzhe case will be publicly declared within the statutory time limit)

                                   On the morning of the 15th, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office held a routine press conference. Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said at the meeting that Li Mingzhe will make a public judgment within the statutory time limit.

Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reporter asked, may the spokesman hold the case of Lee Myung-cheh may be sentenced? Thank you.

Ma Xiaoguang said that as far as I know, Li Mingzhe case will be publicly pronounced within the statutory time limit, please pay attention.

Taiwan’s UN Climate Conference meets Taiwan and Taiwan: Taiwan Should Seriously Refuse

                    (Original title: Taiwan met UN Climate Conference meets Taiwan Affairs Office: Taiwan should seriously reflect)

                                   On the morning of the 15th, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office held a routine press conference. Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said at the meeting that our position on Taiwan’s participation in international organizations is also clear and consistent. Must be handled through cross-Strait consultations according to the one-China principle.

Reporter’s question: Now that the relevant departmental representatives in Taiwan are not allowed to come in at the UN climate conference in Germany, there is some pressure on the mainland from outsiders. What’s your response to this? Thank you.

Ma Xiaoguang said: As for Taiwan’s participation in the activities of international organizations, our position is also clear and consistent. We must deal with it through cross-Strait negotiations in accordance with the one-China principle. The reality is that due to Taiwan’s refusal to recognize the “92 Consensus”, the linkages and communication mechanisms between both sides of the Strait have been shut down, making the related issues unmanageable. This is the crux of the problem. Taiwan should not resort to it. You should seriously reflect on it.

Taiwan textbook to delete the classical Chinese writings Taiwan Affairs Office: throw away the heirlooms

                    (Original title: Taiwan textbooks to delete classical Chinese writings Taiwan Affairs Office: take away the heirloom throw)

                                   On the morning of the 15th, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office held a routine press conference. Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang expressed at the meeting that Chinese culture is a valuable treasure common to both people on both sides of the Strait. What is weird is that some However, people took the baby out of the house and threw it away. What I thought ultimately harmed was the well-being of Taiwan compatriots and the foundation for the future development of Taiwan society.

Reporters asked the education authorities of the Taiwan authorities to speed up their “de-Chinesization” campaign in the field of education despite the strong opposition from all sectors in the island. Recently, the education department in Taiwan has recently deleted the classic Chinese poem “Taiwan General History” from the recommended essay and triggered a new What is the spokesman’s comment on this issue?

Ma Xiaoguang said that as you commented in your question, these “de-Chinese” actions have actually triggered social conflicts and widespread disputes on the Taiwan island and are unpopular. Chinese culture is a common treasure shared by all people on both sides of the Strait. What is incredible is that some people actually throw away their babies at home. What I want to ultimately harm is the well-being of Taiwan compatriots and the foundation for the future development of Taiwan society.

Taiwan students apply for mainland scholarship to first recognize one China? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

                    (Original title: Taiwan students apply for mainland scholarship must first recognize one China? Taiwan Affairs Office to respond)


台生申请大陆奖学金须先承认一个中国? 国台办回应 Ma Xiaoguang, Press Spokesman, Taiwan Affairs Office. (Taiwan Photo by Guo XiaoKang)

Taiwan Green Camp sources said that the mainland’s policy of benefiting the Taiwan compatriots is the response of the Taiwan Strait Office of the United Front

                    (Original title: Taiwanese green camp accused the mainland benefiting Taiwan compatriots’ policy rejected by the Taiwan Affairs Office)


BEIJING, November 15 (Xinhua) Some green-camp people in Taiwan have some misunderstandings about the mainland’s proposal of gradually providing Taiwan compatriots equal treatment with compatriots on the mainland and promoting the well-being of Taiwan compatriots. Maoxianguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, said today: The mainland side is pushing this matter entirely out of the idea of ​​a single pro-cross on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and complying with Taiwan compatriots’ needs for studying, living, starting a business or seeking employment in the Mainland. Any prejudice is untenable, and any misunderstanding and doubt are unnecessary.

9月28日,国务院台办新闻发言人马晓光在北京举行的例行新闻发布会上回答记者提问。中新网记者 张勤 摄 Information Figure: State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang News reporter Zhang Qin

Famous economist, Peking University professor Xiao Zhuoji died at the age of 84

                    (Original title: Renowned economist, Peking University Professor Xiao Zhuoji died, at the age of 84)


On 15 November, the surging news learned from Peking University School of Economics that Xiao Zhuo, a famous economist and professor of Peking University’s School of Economics, passed away at 23:34 on November 14 at the age of 84. Xiao Zhuangji was born in Shantou City, Guangdong Province in December 1933. His main research areas are: Marxist economic theory, socialist macroeconomic theory, economic development strategy, finance and securities market. Xiao Zhuoji served as a member of the Chinese National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the National Political and Economic Committee, Peking University professor of economics, doctoral tutor, Beijing Institute of Market Economy, “Economic circles” magazine president and chief editor.

Xiao Zhuo was admitted to the Department of Economics and Political Science of Renmin University of China in September 1953, and was recommended to be a graduate student in political economy due to his academic excellence. He studied under Professor Song Tao, a famous Chinese economist. In 1959 July graduated from graduate school assigned to assistant professor of Peking University Department of Economics, in June 1979 was promoted to lecturer, in December 1980 was promoted to associate professor in September 1985 was promoted to professor in July 1986 was named doctoral tutor In 1992, the State Council began to enjoy expert contributions with outstanding contributions.

Taiwan Affairs Office to respond to Mainland tourists to Taiwan procedures tend to cumbersome: Taiwan should simplify procedures

                    (Original title: Taiwan Affairs Office to respond to mainland tourists into Taiwan procedures tend to cumbersome: Taiwan should simplify procedures)


BEIJING, Nov 15 (Xinhua) In response to the mainland residents’ traveling to Taiwan, Maoxianguo, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, said today that it has recently received some reflections from tourists visiting Taiwan. More cumbersome. Since the Taiwan authorities have verbally expressed their welcome to mainland tourists on many occasions, they should simplify the relevant procedures and provide them with convenience.

五一节来临,来自中国大陆的游客前往宝岛台湾观光,台湾故宫博物院、阿里山、日月潭、野柳、垦丁鹅銮鼻、101大楼等景点游客日益增多,旅游高潮提前到来。图为中国大陆游客排长队与日月潭标志碑留影。中新社发 陈文 摄 Data Map: Mainland tourists and Sun Moon Lake marker monument image. Chen Wenchao, China News Service

Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe issued a safety reminder: try to avoid going out

                    (Original title: Zimbabwe political situation changes my embassy issued a safety reminder)


People’s Daily Beijing, China, November 15 (Xinhua) Great changes have taken place in Zimbabwe’s political situation on the 14th of this month. At present, the Jin army has entered Zimbabwe’s state television station ZBC. Some overseas Chinese in Tianjin, Chinese-funded enterprises staff told this reporter through WeChat, the capital of Harare in some areas riots. Armed military vehicles and personnel are on alert to the main thoroughfare leading to Harare.

On the 15th, the official WeChat account of the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe released a safety reminder to require Chinese citizens to further strengthen their safety precautions.

Details are as follows:

This reminder is valid until May 14, 2018.

Now, the political situation in Zimbabwe has changed dramatically. It is reported that the military sent people stationed in Zimbabwe’s state television station ZBC. Defense Letters spokesman Major General Mojo said that President Mugabe and his family are now safe and healthy. The military targets are criminals who have caused the country to suffer economic and social hardships. Once the goal is reached, the situation will return to normal. Calls on everyone to reduce unnecessary outings.

Given the current tensions in Zimbabwe, the embassy in Timor-Leste reminded Chinese citizens in Tianjin to raise their awareness of safety precautions and ensure their personal and property safety.

First, pay attention to personal safety. As far as possible to avoid going out, away from riots, demonstrations. Keep in touch with family and friends, provide timely and contact information. In case of emergencies, do not be alarmed, get timely contact with the embassy in Tianjin for help.

Second, pay attention to resident safety. Strengthen and enhance the resident security measures, stock up the necessary necessities under emergency situations, and upgrade the resident security equipment in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the generator. In the night, especially be vigilant and keep valuables properly. For employees, security enhances safety education and reminders.

Third, pay attention cautious. Carefully scrutinize the relevant information, do not believe in rumors, do not pass on rumors, do not deliberately create a climate of panic, and do not make any public comments on changes in the political bureau. Fourth, the embassy in Jin is paying close attention to the development of the situation in Jin and will take all possible measures to protect the personal and property safety of Chinese citizens in Jin. Let us keep in touch with the embassy and pay close attention to the information reminders and concrete work plans promulgated by the embassy.

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