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FY 3 D satellite launch success can extend the weather forecast aging 2-3 days

                    (Original title: FY 3 D satellite successfully launched: the effective weather forecast can be extended 2-3 days)


Surging News It is learned from China Meteorological Administration that at 2:35 on November 15, 2017, China successfully launched the “Fengyun No.3 D” meteorological satellite at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center with the launch of the Long March IV C rocket. The satellite was successfully launched Into the scheduled track.

FY 3 D equipped with an infrared hyperspectral vertical atmospheric detector, this instrument uses the most advanced international Fourier interference detection technology, can improve the atmospheric temperature and atmospheric humidity profile inversion accuracy of more than 1 times, Greatly enhance our ability to support mid- and long-term numerical weather forecasts in China, and extend the effective time-frame of weather forecasting by 2-3 days.

The “Fengyun III” meteorological satellite is the second generation polar orbit meteorological satellite in China that can realize global, all-weather, multi-spectral, three-dimensional and quantitative remote sensing. After the launch of Fengyun III D, it will be put into operation through on-orbit testing and become the main service satellite for afternoon observation of low-orbit in China. It will be networked with Fengyun No.3-C which was launched in September 2013 to further improve the accuracy of atmospheric exploration and enhance the greenhouse Gas monitoring, integrated space environment detection and meteorological remote sensing detection capability, and promote the comprehensive application of meteorological satellites, and provide important support for the promotion of ecological civilization construction, comprehensive national disaster prevention and mitigation and the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

By that time, our country will become the country with the largest number of orbiting meteorological satellites in the world.

At present, the satellites with the largest number of national optical measurement channels

The “Fengyun III D” satellite and the Changzheng No.4 C carrier rocket for carrying out this launch mission were developed and controlled by the Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation By the Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center, China Satellite Marine Survey and Control Department jointly completed, China Meteorological Administration is responsible for the construction and operation of satellite applications. This is the 254th flight of the Long March series carrier rocket.

“Fengyun 3 D is currently the largest domestic optical measurement channel satellites, measuring nearly 7,000 channels,” National Satellite Meteorological Center, deputy director, Fengyun III polar orbiting meteorological satellite ground applications commander Zhang Peng said that this Will greatly enhance the ability to detect low-level atmospheric dynamic parameters, thermal parameters, greenhouse gases and high-level atmospheric electric and magnetic fields, and high-energy particles in the lower atmosphere of the Earth, and enhance China’s capabilities in global numerical weather forecasting, global climate change response, ecological environment monitoring and space weather forecasting The ability and level. In an interview with surging news, Zhang Peng said that Stormwind III D is the fourth satellite of the second generation of polar orbiting meteorological satellites in China. It will take over the launch of Fengyun III B satellite in 2010, Comprehensive observation.

“In terms of overall positioning, it is a guarantee of global low-orbit satellite observation capability in our country and is an inheritance of the observation capability of the No. 3 B-Storm service and an improvement and enhancement of the observation capability of No. 3 Storm Breeze.” Zhang Peng Said that the future of Fengyun III D will provide support to our numerical weather forecast service and will also play an important role in global meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation.

Serving 77 countries

China has successfully launched 15 meteorological satellites and currently has 8 orbiting satellites, of which 7 are in operation for meteorological, marine, forestry, agriculture, civil aviation and military applications Provides a wealth of global and regional Earth observation information.

Fengyun meteorological satellite has become a representative of China’s strength and has a wide international reputation for earth observation satellites, has been the United Nations World Meteorological Organization into the global Earth observation service satellite sequence, enhance our country and the most advanced medium and long-term numerical weather forecasting mode The forecast timeliness and accuracy.

Fengyun Meteorological Satellite also undertakes the Chinese on-duty satellite mission of the International Charter for Disaster Reduction and plays an increasingly important role in the work of international meteorological disaster prevention and reduction.

According to incomplete statistics by China Meteorological Administration, there are currently 77 countries and territories that receive and apply the series of meteorological satellite weather data covering 37 countries and regions around Belt and Road.

Tianjin CPPCC members, Secretary-General Li Jinliang involved in serious discipline violations

                    (Former title: Tianjin CPPCC members, Secretary-General Li Jinliang accept the organization review)



According to Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection: According to the approval of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, Li Jinliang, a member of Party committee and secretary general of Tianjin CPPCC, is suspected of being seriously disciplined and is currently undergoing organizational review.

Li Jinliang Resume

Li Jinliang, male, Han nationality member of CPC, born in March 1955, joined the work in July 1973, joined the Communist Party of China in 1979, and worked as a postgraduate student.

second 1971.09-1973.07 Tianjin Normal School students;

1973.07-1975.06 Tianjin, Hebei District Education Bureau cadres;

1975.06-1980.08 deputy secretary of Tianjin, Hebei District School Board;

1980.08-1984.09 Hebei District, Tianjin Communist Youth League cadres;

1984.09-1985.06 Communist Youth League Office of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee (1980.10-1984.12 in Hebei District, Tianjin University of Chinese Language and Literature major study);

1985.06-1993.10 Tianjin Youth Activity Center Management Office, Tianjin Paradise Hotel Chairman of Tianjin Science and Technology Museum Preparatory Office;

1993.10-1997.11 Tianjin Science and Technology Association Party members and vice chairmen (1993.09-1995.07 in Tianjin University Department of Management Management Engineering, Master’s Degree in Engineering); Deputy Director

1997.11-2000.06 Tianjin city management office;

2000.06-2005.11 Tianjin City Appearance and Environmental Management Committee (Municipal Office of Patriotic Health Campaign Committee) member, deputy director;

2005.11-2006.09 Tianjin North China Geological Exploration Bureau party secretary

2006.09-2007.01 Heping District, Tianjin, deputy secretary, acting mayor

2007.01-2008.03 Tianjin Peace District, deputy secretary and mayor;

2008.03-2008.05 Tianjin peace district secretary, mayor;

2008.05-2013.01 Tianjin Peace Committee;

Commission for Discipline Inspection early in the morning to fight the tiger! Tianjin anti-corruption again heavyweight won the municipal CPPCC Secretary-General

                    (Original title: Anti-corruption heavy lifting in Tianjin, won the municipal CPPCC Secretary-General)

                                   Commission for Discipline Inspection early in the morning Tiger, Li Jinliang, Tianjin CPPCC Secretary-General sacked.

This is an important post. In the political reports of the party newspaper, his name will appear in the list of city leaders.

Born in 1955, Li was born and raised in Tianjin and served as vice chairman of City Association for Science and Technology, city appearance management office and deputy director of the city appearance and environmental management committee, party secretary of North China Geological Exploration Bureau.

Beginning in 2006, he ushered in the two most important positions in his life, peace chief and district party secretary, until 2013, transferred to the Political Consultative Conference.

Heping District, which is the core area of ​​Tianjin, was a concession to the famous Five Avenues. Small partners now go to Tianjin, see the south bank of Haihe River to build a new characteristic building, one can feel its core status.

In 2012, Li was elected member of the municipal committee on this important post of secretary of the peace zone committee.

Li’s fall was very sudden. On November 8, the CPPCC held the 23rd Standing Committee Meeting to study and implement the spirit of the 2nd Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Committee of Tianjin Municipality and promptly start the upsurge of studying and implementing the spirit of the 19 th CPC Congress. Li Jinliang Attended the meeting

His profile has not been withdrawn from the official website until the news of Lok Ma is released.

Prior to Li Jinliang, another officer who was transferred to the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC was investigated. He was former Shu Changyun, former deputy secretary general of the municipal government. The fact that his violation was committed mainly occurred before he was transferred to the Political Consultative Conference. Currently, Tianjin is purging the drug of Huangxing State. In the past year, Li Jinliang, the former secretary of the Heping District Government, Zhou Jiabiao, former secretary of Xiqing District, Zhao Jianguo and Zhang Quanfen, two secretaries of Hongqiao District, Lu Fuchun, the former secretary of Jinnan District, Ninghe Liu Fugang, former secretary of the district party committee and Luo Fulai, former secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Lili, the former chairman of Tianjin Port Group (originally former Nankai district governor) Du Qiang and other heavyweights officials were checked.

In addition, Wang Hongjiang, former member of the Tianjin Municipal Committee and the United Front Work Department, was also downgraded for serious disciplinary violations. He was the secretary of the Baodi district party committee.

The previous feature film, “Inspecting Swordsman,” mentioned that when the major leaders such as Huang Xingguo are keen to find a shortcut to promotion, the impact on the ethos and political ecology of the cadres in Tianjin as a whole is obvious. More than 50 bureau-level cadres were investigated, and 16 district-level leading cadres in Tianjin were killed at the district level.


Tianjin CPPCC committee member, Secretary-General Li Jinliang involved in serious disciplinary checked

Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection, according to news: approved by the Tianjin Municipal Committee, Tianjin CPPCC committee member, Secretary-General Li Jinliang alleged serious violation, the organization is currently under Review.

At the age of 63, Lieutenant-General Ding Haichun, former deputy political commissar of the navy, has quit active service

                    (Former title: Lieutenant General Dinghai Chun, former deputy political commissar of the navy, has withdrawn from active service and has reached the age of 63)


原任海军副政委丁海春中将退出现役 已年满63岁

Surging news reporters learned from authoritative sources that Lieutenant General Dinghai Chun, former deputy political commissar and party secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Political Committee, has resigned from active service.

Public resume shows that Ding Haichun was born in April 1954 in Yiyang, Hunan Province, master of economics, master’s degree, and the 12th NPC.

Ding Haichun used to be the head of the defense department of the Political Department of the Navy, the director of the Political Department of the Naval Command College, the political commissar of the Navy Lushun Security Base and the political commissar of the Naval Logistics Department. In December 2011, he was promoted to be the former deputy political commissar of the Nanjing Military Region and the political commissar of the East China Sea Fleet.

Ding Haichun was promoted to Major General in 2007. In July 2013, Ding Haichun became head of the naval political department and promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. At the end of 2014, Ding Hai-chun was renamed the deputy political commissar of the Navy, and later served as secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the Navy’s party.

Surging news reporters found that before retiring, 63-year-old Lieutenant General Dinghai Chun had also attended public events on numerous occasions.

Ke Wenzhe predicts Zhu Li-lun 2020 will stand for Zhu Lilun: no scolding New North just fine

                    (Original title: Ke Wenzhe prediction Zhu Li-lun 2020 will be the candidate Zhu is back: no scolding New North like)

                                   (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

Taiwan Network November 14 According to Taiwan’s “China Times” reported that Taipei mayor Ke Wenzhe bluntly Chu Li Lun, mayor of New Taipei will fight the 2020 election (Taiwan leadership election region), when Zhu Lilun on the 14th to participate in activities, said, “today, at least we did not call the new Taipei, Xie Xieke mayor.”

As reporters asked Zhu Lilun refers to the municipal government deputy spokesman Ye yuan, the secretary Jiang Yizhen come out to Competition City Councilors, is not to set up Zhujia Jun? Zhu Lilun said that within a short period of time from the primaries within the Kuomintang, these young colleagues, if they are interested, will be able to make a statement at this time and it is not yet up to them.

柯文哲预测朱立伦2020会参选 朱立伦:没骂新北就好 Ke Wenzhe (Source: Taiwan “in the electronic newspaper”)

Zhao Wei couples face huge claims at least 10 lawyers soliciting collective claims

                    (Original title: Zhao Wei couples or face huge claims at least 10 solicitors soliciting collective claims)


As a result of the letter Phi illegal, resulting in the stock price soared thousands of culture, making a large number of investors suffered losses, Zhao Wei couples in the 10,000 culture “empty gloves white wolf” behavior or will face huge claims. As of yesterday, at least 10 lawyers have started legal services for Wancai culture investors to solicit collective claims. According to the relevant forecast, the final claim amount may be huge due to the number of investors affected by the Wanhua Cultural Acquisition.

赵薇夫妇面临巨额索赔 至少10位律师征集集体索赔

After Zhao Wei couples were punished by CSRC due to the information disclosure problems and can not enter the A-share market for 5 years, the follow-up incidents continue to be fermented. First, her husband, Huang Youlong, intends to submit a statement and defense and submit a hearing to the CSRC. Yesterday, another 10 lawyers issued a statement soliciting investors who were suffering a loss and preparing for a class action suit. The couple will face huge claims.


ten lawyers call for collective claims

As of yesterday, at least a dozen lawyers launched a call for collective claims of legal services to investors, including well-known human rights lawyer securities, Shanghai Chinese law firms Partner Song Yixin. According to Song Yixin predictions, given the number of investors affected by the Wanjia Cultural Acquisition, the final amount claimed may be enormous.

The first batch of public solicitation solicitation law firms include: Beijing Dacheng (Shanghai) Law Firm, Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Beijing Pacific Century (Shanghai) Law Firm, Zhejiang Firm Law Firm, Shanghai Minglun Law Firm Shanghai Oriental Cambridge Law Firm, Shanghai Hualian Law Firm, Guangdong Huanyu Jingmao Law Firm, Jiangsu Yihua Law Firm, Zhejiang Yufeng Law Firm and so on.

Beijing Bank of China lawyer Xu Ming lawyer said yesterday that investors can bring a civil lawsuit claim, according to the number of investors, the scope of the amount involved, the court decided the final amount of compensation.


Huang Youlong not recognize fine ask for a hearing

Interestingly, after receiving the penalty notice of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Zhao Wei Huang Long’s husband intends to submit comments to the Commission statement and defense, and called for Hearings.

On November 10, Shun Long Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that Shun Long Holdings was informed that Huang Youlong, the executive chairman, chairman and controlling shareholder of the Company, and Zhao Zheng, the executive director of the Company, had received the “Administrative Punishment and Market Banned Prior to Issuance from the China Securities Regulatory Commission Notice “because Tibet Long Wei Culture Media Co., Ltd., China Securities Regulatory Commission intends to give it a warning and impose Huangyulong 5 years market forbidden measures and a fine of 300,000 yuan each.

Shun Long Holdings said that according to the instructions of Huang Youlong and Zhao Zheng, it had intended to submit a statement and defense opinions to the CSRC and requested a hearing. The SFC will review the facts, justifications and evidence presented by the applicant. Upon review by the SFC, the SFC will make a formal administrative penalty decision based on the aforementioned facts, reasons and evidence.


when investors can buy ten thousand cultural claims

the acquisition of the most criticized of the market, although the transaction fails, but Zhao Wei almost get out, ten thousand Group to give up the dragon Wei media to discuss 150 million yuan penalty, and voluntarily refund the 250 million yuan of its previous payment of equity transfer, while investors involved in the acquisition of the drama suffered heavy losses. As of July 21, 10,000 culture closed at 9.03 yuan, down 63.88% from the highest price of 25 yuan on January 17, down 45.20% from the first suspension. However, lawyers have different opinions about investor claims conditions. According to Wang Zhibin, a lawyer at Shanghai Jessica Law Firm, Longwei Media should assume the primary responsibility in this incident according to the facts that the CSRC has identified. According to relevant regulations, investors can file a lawsuit to Longwei Media, or they can sue the listed company. Investors who bought 10,000 cultural stocks between January 12 and March 31 this year and still hold shares on March 31 are eligible for claim. Wang Zhi-bin also believes that although Zhao Wei himself does not need to bear the responsibility for the loss of investors, but if it can urge Longwei media to assume responsibility, will help maintain their personal image.

Wu Lijun, an East Cambridge law firm, believes that investors who bought Cheung Source Culture from January 12 to November 9 and held on November 9, 2017 are eligible for claim. Wu Lijun said: “As the stock price of Cheung Yuen Estate on November 9 is even lower, the amount claimed for the shareholders will be more favorable. From the interest of protecting minority shareholders, we will set this time.”

Will this claim Xiang Yuan shares of the business impact? Cheung Yuen Holdings, the 10,000 culture has been investigated. In order to successfully complete this transfer, 000 culturally controlled Kong Deyong public commitment, as a result of personal violations of securities laws and regulations lead to the listed company to assume any administrative responsibility, criminal liability and civil liability for compensation and suffered economic losses, all from Unconditional compensation to listed companies. For Condor’s commitment, Cheung Yuen Holdings also further commitments to assume joint and several liability. In other words, if Conde can not compensate, by the Cheung Yuen Holdings to pay.


Zhao Wei couple enough money to lose it?

If the couple were sued by investors and were eventually awarded a huge sum of money, the affordability of the couple’s assets became an issue of concern. It is understood that Zhao Wei was recognized as a female version of Buffett, the return on investment is its assets, “the highlight.” According to Wanjia Culture’s reply on the SSE’s inquiry released on January 12 this year, Ms. Zhao Wei, the actual controller of Longwei Media, and her spouse, Huang Youlong, invested in Golden Baby Holdings, Shun Long Holdings, Ali Pictures, Yunfeng Finance, Film and a number of listed companies such as equity, as of December 31, 2016 the stock market value of about 4.522 billion yuan.

According to preliminary statistics, Zhao Wei and his spouse Huang Youlong also hold a real estate value of about 666 million yuan, other equity investment value of about 318 million yuan; Zhao Wei and his spouse Huangyong Long also operates a number of films, liquor trade, 4S shops and other business As of November 30, 2016 total assets of about 157 million yuan. The total value of the above related assets was approximately 5.663 billion yuan and the cash flow recovered from investments in 2016 was about 1.256 billion yuan.

The announcement also said that the actual controller of Longwei media Zhao Wei spouse Huang Youlong has sent a letter to confirm its legal relationship with Zhao Wei, the name of the deposits, stocks, bonds, funds, equity, real estate and other property and its revenue and other should Attributed to the common property owned by both spouses, both spouses have equal disposal rights.

Taiwan was rejected by the UN climate conference due to pressure on the mainland? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

                    (Original title: Taiwan authorities rejected by UN climate conference Foreign Taiwan Affairs Office: Taiwan should seriously reflect on)


[Global Network] National Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press briefing on the 15th, a reporter asked now in the United Nations Climate Conference in Germany, Taiwan’s relevant department representatives can not get in, the rumor has been the mainland side Some pressure on this spokesman how to respond? Thank you. In response, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said that with regard to Taiwan’s activities in participating in international organizations, our position is also clear and consistent and must be handled through cross-Strait consultations in accordance with the principle of “one China.” The reality is that due to Taiwan’s refusal to recognize the “92 Consensus”, the linkages and communication mechanisms between both sides of the Strait have been shut down, making the related issues unmanageable. This is the crux of the problem. Taiwan should not resort to it. You should seriously reflect on it.

Lulian was canceled Taiwan’s household registration Taiwan Affairs Office: Mainland Taiwan is her home

                    (Original title: Representative Lulai An on behalf of Taiwan’s Taiwan authorities was canceled by Taiwan’s Taiwan Affairs Office)



Overseas Network November 15 (Xinhuanet) The State Council Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press briefing at 10:00 on the 15th and the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang presided over the meeting.

CCTV Reporter: We have seen that Lulai An, a Taiwanese representative of the 19th NPC, and her family were canceled by the Taiwan authorities. What kind of comment does the spokesman have on this matter? Thank you.

Taiwanese residents who hold a mainland passport have been canceled by Taiwan’s Taiwan Affairs Office

                    (Original title: Taiwan Affairs Office: In recent years, thousands of Taiwan compatriots have handled a travel passport)

                                   On the morning of the 15th, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office held a routine press conference. Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said at the meeting that it is necessary to issue a travel-valid passport to Taiwanese residents who visit the border groups of China and Russia. It is a convenient measure for Taiwanese residents to participate in border tourism on the mainland. Applying for handling is not based on the establishment of a registered permanent residence on the mainland as a precondition. We have noticed that there was a report that a Taiwanese resident recently traveled to Vladivostok via Hunchun in Jilin Province. After leaving Taiwan for a temporary passport on the mainland, he was reported to the Taiwan authorities for canceling Taiwanese household registration. Will the spokesman confirm this? What’s your comment?

Ma Xiaoguang said that it is learned that the issuance of a travel-valid passport to Taiwanese residents who visit the border groups of China and Russia is a convenient measure for Taiwanese residents to participate in border tourism on the mainland. Applying for handling is not based on the establishment of a registered permanent residence on the mainland as a precondition. In recent years, thousands of Taiwan compatriots have handled such documents.

Taiwan students must abandon Taiwan’s household registration to join the Communist Party? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

                    (Original title: Taiwan students must abandon Taiwan’s household registration to join the Communist Party? Taiwan Affairs Office to respond)

                                   Overseas Network November 15, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office at 10:00 on the 15th held a regular press conference, the Taiwan Affairs Office Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang presided over.

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