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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Envoys to Japan to follow the usual practice will exchange views on matters of concern

                    (Original title: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Special Envoy of General Secretary Xi for the DPRK to Hold an Accord China-DPRK will exchange views on matters of common concern


International online news: On the 15th, the CPC Central Committee’s website for international liaison released news that Special Envoy of Xi Jinping, CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Songpin and Minister of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee Song Tao will go to North Korea on November 17 to brief the DPRK on the situation of the 19th National Congress and visit North Korea. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said on the 15th that this visit was conducted in accordance with the years of practice of political parties in the socialist countries such as China and North Korea. At a regular press conference of the Foreign Ministry on the same day, Geng Shuang said during the Q u0026 A: “After the National Assembly, mutual notification is the usual practice of the Chinese Communist Party and the socialist parties in the socialist countries such as the Workers’ Party of Korea (DPRK) for many years. As far as I know, during the visit, both China and the DPRK, in addition to notifying the 19th National Congress, will also exchange views on issues of common concern such as the relations between the two parties and countries of China and the DPRK. “

Ministry of Industry and Information: The three major operators may not introduce restrictions on the old user packages

                    (Former title: Ministry of Industry and Information: three major operators may not launch restrictions on the old user package)



Mid u0026 Latitude Clients November 15
According to the Ministry of Industry and Information WeChat official news on the 15th, the Ministry of Industry recently released the third quarter of 2017 telecommunications service quality notice. The circular shows that service capabilities of the telecommunications industry continued to improve, with 4G users maintaining steady growth. In the first nine months of the year, 177 million new 4G subscribers were added, bringing the total to 947 million. As of the end of the third quarter, mobile Internet access totaled NT $ 15.4 billion Bit, an increase of 148.3% over the same period of the previous year. Complaints about telecommunications services decreased by 24.1% from a year earlier and by 28.0% month-on-month. The number of spam reports rose by 23.4% from the same period of previous year and by 4.4% compared with the previous month.

Continued Improvement of Service Capabilities Network Operation Smoothly

The circular pointed out that the service capability of the telecommunications industry continued to improve in the third quarter. As of the end of the third quarter, the total number of telephone users in the country reached 1.592 billion, of which 1.955 billion were mobile phone users. Fixed broadband subscribers reached 337 million, of which 89% were for 20Mbps and above users and 61.5% for users of 50Mbps and above. With the rapid popularization of optical fiber broadband, the total number of FTTH / O subscribers reached 279 million, accounting for 82.7% of the total fixed broadband subscribers. The number of mobile broadband subscribers reached 1.09 billion, among which 4G subscribers maintained steady growth. There were 177 million new 4G subscribers nationwide, bringing the total to 947 million, accounting for 67.9% of the total.

Meanwhile, the network is running smoothly and safely. Cumulative investment in emergency communications support personnel 239000 person-time, repairing vehicle 88000 times, the oil machine 130,000 times, send public welfare emergency message 1.66 billion, timely repair and restore base station 86000 stations, communications optical cable 15000 kilometers.

In promoting the integration of the Internet and various fields of economy and society, mobile Internet access totaled 15.4 billion kbit as at the end of the third quarter, an increase of 148.3% over the same period last year. Fixed Internet broadband access traffic reached 130.8 billion kbit and remained steady Rapid growth; smart phone shipments of 345 million, down 7.0%.

Complaints against telecommunications services dropped compared with the same period of previous year Spam reports increased

In the third quarter, 17,245 complaints against telecom users were received, down 24.1% from the same period of last year and up 28.0% from the previous quarter. Among them, the fee-for-dispute complaints accounted for 38.1% of the total, up 6.7pps QoQ, with users mainly reflecting disputes over charges for mobile Internet access and package charge disputes. The number of customer service complaints accounted for 41.2%, a decrease of 5.3% qoq. Internet quality complaints accounted for 20.7%, down 1.4 percentage points from the previous month.

In terms of spam reporting, in the third quarter, 36,796 spam reports were received, an increase of 23.4% from the previous quarter and a decrease of 4.4% from the previous quarter. From the perspective of content, the proportion of commercial advertising accounted for 79.5%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points from the previous quarter, mainly related to retail sales of goods, marketing of financial insurance, etc .; accounted for 20.5% of the total number of criminal activities, mainly involving fraud and illegal business activities.

In the reporting of bad mobile applications, in the third quarter, we received a total of 192049 effective reports of bad mobile applications, down 41.4% from a year earlier and up 10.3% from the previous quarter. 966 bad phone applications in which there is a problem were off the shelf.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires the three basic telecom companies to follow up the cancellation of long-distance and roaming charges for domestic mobile phones, especially for the service of users. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology should continue to do a good job explaining and explaining user-related consulting issues and properly handle user complaints and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users. It is necessary to attach great importance to some of the tariff packages recently reflected by the users to restrict the selection of old subscribers and to refrain from introducing tariff plans that restrict the choices of old subscribers and to properly resolve the related subscriber complaints so as to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of subscribers. Enterprises in the end of the promotion, not false propaganda, exaggerated propaganda, shall not obscure or dilute the restrictive conditions, may not maliciously belittle the competitors.

Is the Special Envoy’s Visit to the DPRK a Tied to Are There any Links to Trump? Ministry of Foreign Affairs Responds

                    (Original title: Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuo held a regular press conference on November 15, 2017)

                                   Q: It is reported that Song Tao, Minister of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee, will be reported to visit North Korea as Special Envoy of General Secretary Xi Jinping at on November 17 . This is another incident of concern after U.S. President Trump’s visit to China. May I ask what issues will be discussed in addition to introducing the achievements of the 19th CPC Congress? Will the DPRK nuclear issue be discussed? A: We all have noticed that this morning the CPC Central Committee’s Foreign Liaison Department has already announced the news. Special Envoy Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Song Tao, minister of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee, will go to North Korea on November 17 to brief him on the situation of the 19th National Congress and visit North Korea. As far as I know, during the visit, both China and the DPRK will also exchange views on issues of common concern such as the relations between the two parties and countries of China and the DPRK. Q: Who will Song Song meet with during his visit to North Korea? Can you introduce the specific arrangements? A: Song Tao envoy in North Korea’s specific schedule, I do not currently hold. Q: It is reported that Zimbabwe’s former vice president has fled to China. Can you confirm and comment on the situation in Zimbabwe? A: As a friendly country of Zimbabwe, we closely monitor the development of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s maintenance of peace and stability is in the fundamental interests of Zimbabwe and other countries in the region and it is also a common expectation of the international community. We hope relevant parties in Zimbabwe will properly handle their internal affairs.

As for referring to the whereabouts of the former Vice President Zimbabwe, I can tell you that he did not come to China. Q: Is there any connection between the time when Special Envoy Song Tao visited North Korea and President Trump’s visit to China? Just now you mentioned that China and the DPRK will exchange views on matters of common concern. Whether “issues of common concern” include North Korea’s nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula ? A: Since you are concerned about the timing of visiting the DPRK, and keeping one another informed after the Congress, it is the custom of the CPC and the Workers’ Party of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that the political parties in the socialist countries have been engaged for many years. As for what issues the two sides will exchange views on, I have just answered that the purpose of this visit by Special Envoy Song Tao is to brief the DPRK on the situation of the Ninth Congress and also on issues of common concern such as the relations between the two parties and the two countries Exchange issues with North Korea. Q: According to the website of the Ministry of National Defense, last Friday, the Zimbabwean Defense Forces commander Kivanga visited China. May I ask if he informed China of the military takeover in Zimbabwe, etc. What is China’s comment? A: The Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Army will visit China in July. As you just said, the Chinese Ministry of Defense has issued relevant news. What I can tell you is that his current visit to China is a normal military exchange agreed by both sides.

As for the specifics of the visit, I do not know. If you are interested, you can go to the Department of Defense to understand. Q: Will China and Venezuela reach an agreement on the issue of Venezuela’s debt to China? In addition, Venezuela may sell a refinery to China, whether the two sides discussed?

A: You mentioned the sale of refinery, I do not know the situation. What I can tell you is that at present the cooperation between China and Venezuela in various fields including financing is proceeding normally. We believe that the Venezuelan government and people have the ability to properly handle their own affairs, including the debt issue.

Q: Has the Chinese side further comments on the Quartet of the United States, Japan, Australia and Australia?

A: I answered this question two days ago, and I’ll give a brief talk here.

Peaceful development and win-win cooperation are the trend of the times and the general trend of the world. We hope that the development in any country and any region will follow the trend and conform to the general trend. We welcome any initiative that will help promote regional cooperation and inter-state cooperation. At the same time, we hope that the initiative will comply with the trend of the times, be in conformity with the world trend, be open and inclusive, and promote win-win cooperation. Q: Given the recent progress made by China and Japan in their diplomatic engagement, will the Chinese and Japanese leaders hold more regular talks in the near future? A: We have said many times that high-level exchanges between leaders play an important leading role in promoting the development of the two countries. We hope that Japan will work hard to create favorable conditions and atmosphere for high-level exchanges between the two countries.


Q: North Korea has not test-fired ballistic missiles since September and has not conducted any nuclear tests. Do you think this means that the sanctions imposed by the international community and China on North Korea are playing a role? Is President Xi Jinping’s visit to North Korea a special envoy? A: First of all, I want to correct you. Song Tao, Minister of Foreign Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee, is the special envoy of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The main purpose of his visit to North Korea is to inform the 19th National Congress of the CPC. During his visit to North Korea, he naturally exchanged views with the DPRK on issues of common concern such as the relations between the two parties and two countries. As for your reference to the DPRK’s recent performance, what I want to say is that it is China’s consistent position to uphold the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, insist on maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula and resolving the issue through dialogue and consultation. I think all parties should respect this very clear. Q: During the brief meeting of the leaders of East Asian cooperation series held in Manila, Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Modi held a brief meeting. The Indian side has announced details of the meeting. Could you brief us on the specifics of the meeting?

A: You mentioned the situation I do not currently have. I think it is normal for the leaders of the two countries to greet or meet briefly on multilateral occasions. Q: During President Trump’s visit to China, he expressed the hope that China will step up sanctions against North Korea. However, the Chinese government has said so far that China has always fully implemented the UN Security Council resolution on the DPRK. Any new sanctions measures must be taken by the Security Council Make. Does this mean that China will not increase its sanctions outside the framework of the Security Council? A: Since you often come to a press conference, it seems that you have a better understanding of China’s position on the North Korean nuclear issue (reporter laughs). It should be said that your understanding is correct.

China has consistently and comprehensively, accurately and conscientiously implemented the resolutions concerning the DPRK that the Security Council passed and fulfilled all our due obligations. At the same time, we oppose the so-called unilateral sanctions that are implemented outside the framework of the Security Council and are based on the domestic laws of a country This position is very clear.


What special envoy Xi Jinping envoy will visit North Korea soon?

                    (Original title: Special Envoy of General Secretary Xi Jinping is about to visit North Korea. Do you know what the special envoy is?)

                                   Xinhua News Agency, November 15 According to Xinhua News Agency, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, and Minister of the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee Song Tao will pay a return visit to North Korea on November 17 and visit North Korea.

A mere 50-word short message has drawn countless attention. In this news, whatever elements are enough to support a heavyweight political news. The most interesting of these words is not “special envoy Xi Jin”.

习近平特使即将访问朝鲜 什么人可以做特使?

What kind of position is the “envoy”? When will my country send “special envoys”? Who can become a “special envoy”? What is the mission of this position? The vast majority of readers who read the news will probably find these problems in mind.

Today, let the “id: hycplb” uncover the mystery of the “envoy.”

As its name suggests, the so-called “special envoy” inevitably has its special place. Unlike general diplomatic envoys with permanent identities, special envoys generally refer to temporary representatives with a special diplomatic mission, which is sent by a government of one country on behalf of the head of state or government and enjoys diplomatic privileges in the performance of its tasks. The mission, mission ended.

Song Tao, who was sent to North Korea, also served as special envoy for General Secretary Xi Jinping and went to Laos and Vietnam respectively to convey the message to General Secretary Xi Jinping of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and the Vietnamese Communist Party.

习近平主席特使张高丽会见泰国副总理颂吉 Special Envoy of President Xi Jinli Meets with Thai Deputy Prime Minister Somkid

In the daily news, the term “envoy” is rare and many readers may find it unfamiliar to this term. However, in fact, the number of our country’s special envoys appointed by the state to carry out their missions abroad is not small. According to statistics, since 2013, at least 80 envoys of state presidents have been dispatched in our country and more than 50 have served as special envoys of state presidents.

Who can be a special envoy? In the past, as the special envoy of the country’s presidency, the highest administrative level was when he became Politburo Standing Member and Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. In addition, Li Yuanchao, vice chairman of the State Council, and Meng Jianzhu, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Central Government, also went abroad many times as the special envoy of President Xi Jinping. In addition, most of the special envoys of the presidents of the country are headed by vice-presidents of the NPC Standing Committee, vice-chairmen of the CPPCC National Committee or ministries and commissions under the State Council.

Depending on the type of mission, special envoys may fall into two categories: ceremonial envoys and political envoys. The ceremonial special envoy is mainly responsible for the ritual activities of representing the President on overseas participation, such as the inauguration ceremony of the Head of State, the opening and closing of important activities, the funeral of important political figures and so on. The political envoy, on the other hand, is responsible for conducting political exchanges with foreign countries on behalf of the president or attending major international conferences.

习近平主席特使孟建柱会见印度总理莫迪 Special Envoy of President Xi Jinping Meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi

The fourth anniversary of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has accumulated about 2 billion cubic meters of water diversion

                    (Original title: Fourth Anniversary of South-to-North Water Diversion Project, water transfer of about 2 billion cubic meters of water reaches Grade III standard)


Since January 15, 2013, the first phase of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has officially started to pass water, the project has already transferred a total of 2 billion cubic meters of water to Shandong Province. After monitoring by the environmental protection department, the water quality of all the water has reached the Class III water standard of surface water. This is what reporters learned from the “Open Day of South-to-North Water Diversion Project” held in Dezhou, Shandong Province on the 15th.

Survivor of Nanjing Massacre survivors She Zaiqing died in the book less than 100 people

南京大屠杀幸存者佘子清去世 在册幸存者不足百人

南京大屠杀幸存者佘子清去世 在册幸存者不足百人

Another survivor of the Nanjing Holocaust survived 100 survivors of the Register of Surrogates 99 The Nanjing Holocaust survivor She Zizheng died of an illness at 8 pm today at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nan Medical College at the age of 84 .

She Ziqing, born in April 1934. His mother died when the Japanese army invaded Nanjing. The elderly insist on 14 years at the Memorial obligation to explain, moved countless spectators. Among the “bronze roads” with 222 historical witnesses’ footprints, the footprints of the elders of She Ziqing are among them.

In December 1937, the Japanese massacre in Nanjing invaded China, more than 300,000 defenseless Chinese people and Chinese soldiers who laid down their weapons were killed and the rest of the survivors of the catastrophe left unparalleled injuries. And sad memories. Eighty years have passed away, and the survivors alive are getting fewer and fewer.

Anhui government website leaked personal information, a number of involved units said rectification

                    (Original title: Anhui government website leak personal information Incident tracking: a number of involved units said rectification)


Recently, the surging news continuously covered the information disclosure network of the Tongling Municipal Government in Anhui Province and the information disclosure network of the Hefei Government disclosed the personal information leaked by residents. The parties involved include Henggang Community in Tongguan District of Tongling City, Luyang District, Hefei, Xinglin Street, Hefei Changfeng County Luo Tongxiang and so on.

On November 9, the General Office of Anhui Provincial Government issued the “Circular of the General Office of Anhui Provincial People’s Government on Quickly Conducting the Investigation of Government Information Involving Personal Privacy”, requiring that the government information disclosure platform (website) of the websites of all localities and departments across the province, Quickly carry out investigation of government information concerning personal privacy.

In recent interviews with a number of news agencies, they all said that they have started rectification and criticized relevant responsible persons.

On the afternoon of November 10, Zhang Taifeng, head of Luyang District Government Affairs Public Affairs Office in Hefei, said in an interview that after reading relevant reports about the surging news, they immediately verified the relevant information and found that the situation was true and that the situation was true with the parties Contact with the relevant street leaders to understand the relevant circumstances. Around 10 o’clock that day, the district government held a working conference in the whole district, requiring all units in the district to start self-examination. The district government affairs office also checks the information released in the past one by one to see if there is any disclosure of the privacy of residents and finds that any problems will be rectified.

Zhang Taifeng told surging journalists that there is an information release audit system in Luyang District. Residents’ personal information will be disclosed because the staff members are really laborious and unskilled. “Some comrades published the information without reporting the review by the street leaders.”

“We currently criticize the entire department of Xinglin Street. Xinglin Street also accorded its responsibilities under the information disclosure regulations People criticized the whole street. “Zhang Taifeng added:” At the moment, our request is that all the problems must be rectified today (10th). Since the problem has already taken place, we can not allow the problem to continue. ”

On the morning of November 13, the official surnamed Tang of Changfeng County Government Office told the surging news reporters that they had previously received notices from the Anhui Provincial Government and the Hefei Municipal Government, and combined with the actual situation in the county, Also notified. He said that at present, they asked the relevant department heads and managers to rectify the situation back to the county government, and will arrange for personnel to conduct further investigation.

For related punitive measures, Tang surname official said that the government has the requirement of public information, but the specific managers did not fully grasp the requirement of information disclosure, and at present they have criticized the responsible persons for county notification. In the future, they will insist on “Who is released, who is responsible” and improve the system of chastisement.

Previously, on January 5, 2016, Luo Tang Township, Changfeng County, publicly disclosed “Lo Tong Township Decree for Rural Subsistence Allowances in December 2015 (Bank Redemption)” on the website of Hefei Government Information Disclosure (Index No. : 003004437 / 201601-00002). This document also does not deal with the names of residents, home addresses, card accounts, contact numbers and so on. And Luyang District People’s Government of Xinglin Street Office announced on October 31, 2017 “Luyang District Xinglin Street City Medical Assistance Roster (January-October)” (index number: 77499343X / 201710-00017), which A copy of the document discloses the residential address, telephone number and other personal information. In addition, these people’s condition can also be viewed, including uremia, lung cancer, chronic renal failure and so on.

Relevant persons in charge of relevant agencies in Tongling also expressed their feelings to surging reporters that their rectification work is already under way.

According to Tongwu District, Tongling City, Tongkang community party secretary and public service center director Dai Wu introduced the morning of November 13, the district government has held a meeting on the relevant work conducted a comprehensive deployment. The community itself also arranged for staff to investigate and deal with classified information. At present, they have criticized the responsible persons and will also strengthen their study and education on the release of confidential information in the future.

Tongguan District Boluo community party secretary and public service center director Sun Lin said that the rectification work has begun. Sun Lin told reporters that in the past, the requirements for auditing information release were not high. After the incident was reported, the community conducted interviews with relevant personnel and criticized the responsible persons for education.

On November 13, the surging news landed in Hefei City Government Information Disclosure Network found that “Luyang District Xinglin Street City Medical Assistance Objects Roster (January-October)” has been deleted, “Luo Tong Township December 2015 rural low Information on the issuance of the roster fund (bank remittance), including the ID number and contact information, was also deleted, leaving only the head of household name and subsidy amount.

However, on the website of Tongling Municipal Government Information Disclosure, the Loanshu Community Service Center of Tongguan Mountain released the “Disability Pension Dispatch Form for the Loansu Community for the first half of 2014” on December 25, 2014, in which the recipients’ contact information Still exist.

134 housing prices over 4.2 trillion yuan rose 20% cash backflow slowed down

                    (Original title: Inventory inventories of 134 more than 4.2 trillion yuan rose 20%, cash back to slow down)


A-share housing prices with over RMB6 trillion in debt and RMB900 billion in monetary capital rose to RMB4.2 trillion in inventory.

According to statistics from Wind Information, Securities Daily reported that as of the end of September 2017, the listed real estate enterprises with incomplete data were excluded according to the SWS industry classification. The inventories of 134 listed real estate companies totaled over 4.2 trillion yuan, up YoY 20%.

Yi Yue Institute think tank research director Yan Yuejin accepted the “Securities Daily” said in an interview, in recent years, the new project of higher prices of land prices, the value of goods increased. At the same time, most cities this year, price controls, housing prices do not get the ideal pre-sale slowed down the speed of new disk sales. In addition, the restrictive policies of “Beijing-Shanghai” on commercial projects led to the freezing of the commercial and residential markets. Some of them were stocked in large quantities and became a large number of unsalable goods.

Stock Rising 690 Billion Yuan

It is noteworthy that the stocks of the 9 major A-share-based stock accounts for 2.3 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 55%. In this regard, Yan Yue believes that the real estate industry to further enhance the concentration, the sword of more than 300 billion yuan sales target room business growth. More importantly, under the trend of slowing down the growth of incremental sales, the market cooling effect brought by the tight control will continue. It is expected that the industry will enter a period of adjustment and the inventory of inventories will turn into cash more difficult.

According to statistics from Wind Information, Securities Daily reported that as of the end of September 2017, the total stock of 134 listed real estate enterprises totaled 4.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 690 billion yuan over the same period of last year and an increase of 20% over the same period of last year.

Among them, there are 3 stocks with an inventory threshold above 300 billion yuan, accounting for 34% of the total inventories; there are 6 housing enterprises with inventories of 100 billion yuan to 300 billion yuan; 11 with 500 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan ; 30 billion yuan -500 billion have 10; 10 billion -300 billion 29.

According to the statistics of the reporter, as of the end of September 2017, China Vanke’s inventory was 550.573 billion yuan, up 23% over the same period of the previous year. Greenland’s inventories amounted to 485.238 billion yuan, up 13% over the same period of last year. Poly Real Estate inventories were 392.469 billion yuan, up 32% over the same period of last year.

In this regard, insiders said inventory indicators in the housing prices in the financial statements include indicators of housing stock, land reserves, construction projects started, so the entire inventory scale than the actual area or amount of residential for sale to be higher. However, Yan Yue Jin believes that from the perspective of proportion, the size of housing stock is one of the larger. In fact, the development cycle of real estate projects is longer and inventory increases have its rationality. In general, the average real estate enterprises will reserve the amount of land that meets the development needs in the next 3 years. This is the property of the real estate industry. However, in recent years, housing prices to get higher and higher, the inventory value increases, coupled with market volatility, the layout is irrational, regulatory policies and the desire to expand their own business and other factors, housing prices have been rising inventories. However, if digested properly, more inventories can enhance the performance of real estate enterprises, on the contrary, if developers can not speed up project turnaround, under the pressure of high debt, into trouble is a big probability event.

Now, given the hot property sales in the past two years, this year’s housing prices will usher in the highest sales in the history of the year. However, “Securities Daily” reporter noted that there are still many businesses to reduce inventory turnover, inventory turnover days longer, we can see that its operational capacity and inventory management weakened, the project does not marketable, leading to slow cash back, capital chain Under pressure, the rapid expansion of business resistance. In addition, some enterprises, although the slow growth of inventories, or even a substantial reduction in stock phenomenon, this does not mean that these enterprises operating health. It is noteworthy that “Securities Daily” reporter observed that compared with the same period of last year, according to Wind information data show that in the 9 largest inventories of A shares of more than 100 billion yuan in the housing prices , Some housing prices low stocks, inventory days is very high. As of the end of September 2017, as of the end of September 2017, according to Wind Information, the inventories of the first opened shares amounted to about 135.2 billion yuan and the inventory turnover days were 3187 days, while the inventory was 144.5 billion yuan and the inventory turnover days were 1796 days. Thus, different enterprises have different turnover rates, product formats, the scale of capital precipitation and operational capacity are different.

In fact, this year, the city limits, many high-end housing prices due to price policy, it is difficult to get pre-sale permits at high prices, low profit at the expense of developers not recognized. Under the deadlock, the project sales cycle lengthened, pushing up the cost of capital and slowing down the turnover rate of assets.

Tsai Ing-wen office was exposed for wealthy businessmen to force the Taiwan military to move out of 2.4 billion

                    (Original title: Tsai Ing-wen office was exposed for wealthy businessmen to force the Taiwan military to move out 2.4 billion)



Recordings of the Qing Fubian case of “Century Case”. (Source: Taiwan Times News)

蔡英文办公室被曝替富商出面 迫使台军挪出24亿

Overseas Network November 14 u0026 nbsp; Taiwan “Century Case” Qing Fu case shocking a major turning point, the “Blue Commission” Ma Wenjun received broke the news Music files, content revealed Qing Fu Tsai English office through the pipeline. Kyrgyzstan urgently needed a third installment of 2.4 billion yuan (NT, the same below, about 530000000 yuan), but the Taiwan Navy last year did not include the money. To this end, Chen Weizhi, Vice Chairman of Qingfu, looks for “communication” with Cai. Later, the Taiwan navy made a “large budget shift” and the money was “advanced” into Qingfu account on December 16, 2016. Taiwan’s defense department only had “First pick up after getting on the bus”, make up 2.4 billion yuan in the budgeted this year.

According to Taiwan’s “China Time Electronics News”, the tape recorded last October Chen Wei-chih in order to coordinate the acquisition of land in Xingda Port. Wang Tuan-ren, director of Kaohsiung Maritime Bureau, was invited to discuss with Qingfu Building. In order to persuade other people present at the scene, “Cai Authorities attach importance to the case, “Chen Weizhi even broke the news that he had to find Cai, he also made early the third performance paragraph. Chen Weizhi disclosed in his recording that on September 27, 2016, he needed 2.4 billion yuan for the Taiwan navy. Taiwan’s navy said he did not have any budget and will not be able to pay for it until March 2017. “I want to say that I am finished. There are many manufacturers I want the money, the ship, the mold release all the money, no way, I had to go to Cai to do the communication, the two days after the end of the communication, the Taiwan navy said money. “Chen Weizhi also stressed that” Cai Office is very supportive of this case. ” For CHEUNG Wai-chi, “There is a direct pipeline through Tsai.” According to Huang Chongyan, spokesman for Cai’s office, after Cai’s administration came to power, it only received Chen Qingnan’s affair, but Cai Cai did not pay any attention. “Chen Qingnan ignored And how can we handle his son? “Liu Jianxin, a deputy secretary-general acting on behalf of Cai Cai during this time last year, denied any contact with him and stressed:” I did not know this person in the world before the outbreak of the case. “The Taiwan military People also said that there is no pressure to do Cai things. In response, Ma Wenjun of the Blue Commission contested that in March 2017, she kept track of whether the Taiwan defense department paid the third installment of funds and Taiwan Defense Department denied the payment and did not expect that in October 2017, Taiwan Defense The report submitted by the department to Taiwan’s legislature actually says that 2.4 billion yuan has been paid in December last year. “Taiwan’s defense department simply deliberately concealed it.” In 2016, it was obviously not listed the budget, but we could find a way to move out a sum of money to Qingfu, Is it as recorded content, Cai to do the home “Joe” (Joe intended to coordinate) thing? Tsai authorities should make it clear.






For this broke the sound files, many Taiwanese users have a message, said, “Today or this year the hottest news is this,” “obviously own Joe thing, but also deliberately Discredit the thieves, there is a good show can be seen “,” would have wanted to burn Ma Ying-jeou, the results burn to Tsai Ing-wen, “” The boss, I first take 20 years of salary. Tsai Ing-wen: Well, “” Now we all know who is dark, “” Now an accident, do not want to be a grandson also die. ” According to earlier reports from overseas websites, some media pointed out that Taiwan’s administrative agencies hold reports and other materials in hand, pointing the thoroughfare investigation of Qing Fuping case to the former leader of Taiwan Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou. In response, Ma Ying-jeou’s office issued a statement on the morning of November 1 refuting relevant rumors and expressed its support for the thorough investigation of the scapegoat by Cai authorities.

Deputy Mayor of Hainan Qionghai: As long as there are gifts I generally do not refuse

                    (Original title: Deputy Mayor of Hainan Qionghai Xing Yuanfei: accept cash watches, who do not refuse)


Prosecutors Daily News, I grew up from an ordinary cadre in the organizational training, and embarked on the leadership position of deputy mayor. But I did not cherish, did not withstand the temptation of money. Finally, fall into the abyss of crime.

As a result of my hard work, I found the reason for the crime: the outlook on life, the problem of the values, the perseverance of the perseverance, the advocacy of not advocating, and therefore, Contribution, but also covet “return”; in the service of society, began to pursue “enjoyment”, step by step toward the abyss.

Since the beginning of 2010, after I was elected as the deputy mayor of Qionghai City, some real estate developers and individual engineering builders “stared” at me and scrambled to send commissions to pay attention to the construction of the project in the future. .

From 2012 to 2013, Wang undertook the construction of the road from Taiyang Town to Dalu Town. In order to establish a good relationship with me and thank me for taking care of the project, from 2010 to 2014, I have given me a bank card of RMB1 million and cash of RMB400,000.

Remember, before and after the Spring Festival of 2010, when I was just elected deputy mayor, Wang asked me to eat barbecue and gave me 100,000 yuan in cash. To be honest, I did not think it was accepted, I think this is taken for granted. Since then, as long as there is a gift, I usually come not to refuse.

In 2014, during the process of bidding and bidding for the road test project of Baishi Ridge and Yangjiangli in Qionghai City, I used the convenience of traffic control to greet the chief persons in charge of the Qionghai Bureau of Communications and asked for the attention of Qionghai Bihaitian Industrial Co., Ltd. Company Yang Yang, Yang after the successful bidder for the project, in order to get my future care, Yang has given me a total of 40 million in cash and a worth 94,000 yuan Omega watches.

So I went further and further on the road to bribe and corruption until the crime was investigated. I remember at the court hearing, the prosecutor accused me of 17 counts, and I am willing to plead guilty. At the end of the trial, I took out my own “penitent book,” a profound review of myself and my willingness to accept legal sanctions.

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