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Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Pilot to promote lawyers to participate in urban management and law enforcement

                    (Original title: Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Deploys Lawyers to Participate in Urban Management Law Enforcement)

                                   To implement the Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Improving Urban Management in Urban Law Enforcement Reform and Give Full Play to the Function of Lawyers in Promoting the Administration according to Law and Resolving Conflicts and Disputes. Recently, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the Opinions on Law Enforcement in Law Enforcement Participation in Urban Management (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) and made arrangements for lawyers to participate in the administration of urban management.

“Opinion” pointed out that lawyers are an important force for innovating the ways of city administration and law enforcement and promoting the legalization of urban management and law enforcement. In recent years, Guangdong, Shandong and other cities have made innovations in urban governance and the introduction of lawyers in urban management and law enforcement. They have achieved good results in standardizing civilized law enforcement, improving the implementation rate of administrative penalties, reducing violence and fighting the law, and striving for people’s understanding and support. Practice has proved that giving full play to the lawyers ‘professional advantages, practical advantages and occupational advantages and carrying out lawyers’ participation in urban management and law enforcement work are conducive to enhancing the ability of relevant departments to solve problems through the rule of law and the rule of law, and improving the level of law-based administration and law-based work. It is conducive to guide the relatives of urban management to rely on legal means to resolve disputes, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and promote social harmony and stability.

The Opinions stipulate that the lawyers’ participation in urban management and law enforcement mainly adopts the mode of employing “lawyers stationed in the army”. “Lawyers stationed” means that the city management department signs a legal service agreement with a law firm through the purchase of services, and more than one full-time lawyer is appointed by the law firm to permanently enforce the law enforcement team in the city to provide legal services and assist law enforcement. “Counsel in stationing” not only provides legal services for the employing units, but also provides the legal services in the field of employing law enforcement units while employing units. The lawyers’ work tasks, working methods, rights and obligations of both parties, etc., are all agreed upon by the localities in light of the actual conditions and through legal service agreements.

The Opinions require that all levels of judicial administrative organs and bar associations should conscientiously do a good job of selecting, mentoring, training, assessing, rewards and punishment of recommended lawyers and resident lawyers and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of their work. The urban management department should provide the necessary work support for the lawyers to participate in the urban management law enforcement work, seriously study and promptly give feedback and suggestions on the part of lawyers stationed in the city. Attorneys stationed should pay attention to working methods and methods, clearly define their responsibilities. In providing legal advice to the urban management authorities, the law emphasizes giving full play to the role of assistant law officers and improving the ability of urban management departments to solve problems and resolve contradictions by using the rule of law and the rule of law. In the face of law enforcement counterparts, they should pay attention to embodying their legal status Advantage and the role of third party to guide the administrative counterparts to express their demands according to law and reduce the friction caused by law enforcement.

Zhang Yingying parents leave home: failed to bring back her daughter every day like years

                    (Original title: Zhang Yingying parents leave home: failed to bring back her daughter every day like years)


On June 9 this year, Zhang Yingying, a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, went missing on the road to signing a rental contract. Graduated from the same school physics graduate student Christensen was accused of kidnapping and killing Zhang Yingying, but so far Zhang Yingying’s body have not been found.


Zhang Yingying (left) Killed by Christensen (right)


According to the Associated Press, Zhang Yingying’s family members have already departed China on November 12. Before leaving home, Zhang Yingying and her boyfriend HouXiaoLin accepted the Associated Press’s visit.


In the past four months, Zhang Ronggao Zhang Yingying apartment almost every day. At first, he stood outside the apartment, hoping her daughter would suddenly appear in one afternoon. Even after learning that her daughter was abducted and presumed dead, he continued the journey daily.


This can bring peace and comfort to my heart, “explains Zhang Ronggao.


A few days ago, after deciding to return, Zhang Ronggao and his wife, son and daughter’s boyfriend finally came to Zhang Yingying’s rented apartment.


Zhang Yingying Parents


After her daughter’s disappearance, Zhang Ronggao and her boyfriend immediately left for the United States. At first, they hoped for her to be able to come back alive, but they learned that she had died. After the family still remained in the United States, they decided to wait and wanted to take her back to her hometown for a good burial. Now, however, this final hope is gone.


They had to leave the United States and leave home. Zhang Yingying’s mother was weak and she collapsed at the very beginning of the trial. They are waiting in the torment every day, do not know when this brutal mystery will be revealed. Zhang Ronggao said after losing her daughter, “Every day is full of years.”


“We do not know where she is and I do not know how to spend the rest of her life without her daughter,” said Ye Ying-feng, Zhang Yingying’s mother. When she was interviewed, her face was full of tears and her voice trembled. “I sleep well at night … I often dreamed about her daughter (dreaming) She was with me. I’d like to invite a suspect Mother talks to her son and asks what he did to her daughter. Where is she now? I want to know the answer. “

   However, up to now, the U.S. authorities have not announced how Zhang Yingying died. In July, 28-year-old Brent Christensen was accused of abducting Zhang Yingying, and last month the FBI sued him for kidnapping. The FBI said in a related statement: “The indictment mentions a new finding that Zhang Yingying’s death occurred during the abduction process, and that suspect Christensen committed crimes with cruel, evil and degrading means, including ill-treatment and victimization In addition, Christensen had carefully planned the entire kidnapping incident, eventually leading to the death of the victim. “


Zhang Yingying family and boyfriend were interviewed, according to the Associated Press


Studying in the United States is a long time dream of Zhang Yingying, her boyfriend Hou Xiaolin said: “She really likes staying here.” Before she disappeared, both men contacted each other through WeChat.


The University of Illinois chose Illinois for its emphasis on agricultural research and Zhang Yingying’s specialty is to study the photosynthesis of crops. After receiving a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Graduate School of Peking University in Shenzhen, she chose to go to the United States for further studies. She should have started her Ph.D.


“She is very hard-working, very strong, never afraid of hard work,” Zhang Yingying’s mother said, recalling how her daughter has become the best students in her class. When parents are worried about her safety in the United States, “she always told me calmly: ‘Mom, do not worry about me, everyone here is fine.'”


What is the president of the China News Service?

                    (The original title: top wind discipline, poor nature, what did he do?)


On January 13, the Discipline Inspection Group of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s Central United Front Department informed the former China News Press Party Secretary Liu Beixian of filing the case and examining the results of the investigation: It has been expelled from the party, the withdrawal of retirement treatment, and transferred to the judiciary. Liu Beixian (Data Sheet)

Liu Beixian was announced on August 16 this year. China News Agency belongs to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the discipline inspection and supervision business of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council is under the charge of the discipline inspection team in the Central United Front Work Department. Therefore, Liu Beixian’s case handling unit is the discipline inspection team in the Central United Front Department.

The Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China said that as the leading cadres of party members, Liu Beixian, who lost his ideals and beliefs, suffered from serious ideological privileges, had a weak legal concept and seriously violated the party’s discipline and state laws, did not converge after the 18th CPC Congress, Top wind, bad nature, the circumstances are serious. So what’s going on in the end?

After the investigation, Liu Beixian violated the political discipline and confronted the organization for examination. In violation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government, he repeatedly violated the regulations on business trips in the first class of aircraft and collected cash gifts. In serious violation of organizational discipline and abuse of power, Seek huge profits, and cause major loss of state assets; seriously violate the integrity and discipline, and accept other people’s money and valuables.

In the wording of “abusing power and seeking huge profits for private enterprises” mentioned above, the “private enterprises” were pointed out in particular and were rare in the briefing by Lok Ma officials.

“Government Affairs Children” noticed that Liu Beixian was investigated two and a half years after his retirement. In February 2015, he no longer served as president of China News Service. At that time, the official bulletin was “due to age.” However, after his retirement, Liu Beixian still attended commercial activities. In January of this year, he attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement for the exhibition center of cultural and art products and exhibitions in Tuscany, Italy, held in Shanghai Pudong, China, as the consultant of China News Culture Promotion Association.

Before his retirement, especially as the president of China News Corporation, Liu Beixian frequently appeared in commercial activities and served as judge of a number of business people’s selection activities.

Liu Beixian has been the expert judge of China’s annual economic figure for many times and has also served as the judges in the selection of “2009 Imported Car Billboards” and “2009 Chinese Economic Leaders”.

In addition, China Newsweek, a subsidiary of China News Service, launched activities such as “Influencing the Chinese People of the Year” and the annual selection of China’s corporate social responsibility. These activities were also attended by Liu Beixian as the representative of the sponsor.

Liu Bei Xian was born in January 1955 and is now 62 years old. After graduating from the Chinese Department of Peking University First Branch in 1983, he joined the China News Service. He served successively as Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Director, Chief Editor, China News Agency Hong Kong Branch president and other staff. In 2000 he was promoted to vice president and deputy editor of China News Service, at the age of 45. Since 2009, he has been the president and party secretary of China News Agency and retired until February 2015.

Hebei Provincial Party Secretary specifically see the son of the founding father why?

                    (Former title: see the provincial party secretary, turned out to be the son of the founding father)


On the morning of November 12, Shijiazhuang held a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation.

The governor of Chang’an Avenue found that leaders of Hebei provincial party committee Wang Dongfeng and governor Xu Qin met with several people specially before the meeting: Yang Jianhua, Luo Jian, Tian Hua, Tian Yongqing and Jia Xueyang.


The relationship between these few and Shijiazhuang are called inseparable, and each of them has a story behind Shijiazhuang.

Back in November 1947, the PLA Jinzhan-Hebei Field Army launched a siege war against Shouguang Kuomintang defenders. On November 12, the People’s Liberation Army completely wiped out a total of 240,000 enemy defenders, including the 32nd Division of the Kuomintang, liberated Shijiazhuang and the liberated areas in North China.

At that time, the commander-in-chief and Commander-in-chief Zhu De studied on combat plans, including Field Commander Commander Yang Dezhi (Founding General), Political Commissar Luo Ruiqing (Founding General) and others. And they are Yang Jianhua, Luo Arrow two father.

For Yang Dezhi, the battle of liberation Shijiazhuang can be described as a classic battle of his military career. Just before the commemorative meeting was held, Yang Jianhua donated two bullets used by his father in the war years to the newly liberated Shijiazhuang Liberation Memorial Hall.


Of the two bullets, one was from a German “barge shell” pistol. When did this gun follow Yang Dezhi has been unable to verify, but can be sure that he had already started using since the Anti-Japanese War.

Another bullet was a bullet made by the United States as a “carbine”. The revolver Yang Dezhi was mainly carried by the guard during the War of Liberation and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. These two bullets have a history of more than 70 years.

Yang Dezhi’s partner Luo Ruiqing gave full play to the role of ideological and political work in the battle of Shijiazhuang to inspire officers and men of all circles to carry forward the fine style of working without fear of difficulty, fatigue and continuous fighting, thus ensuring the smooth implementation of the campaign.

Because the liberation of Shijiazhuang’s battle is very classic, and later also made into a movie, but also by the battles, Marshal Nie Rongzhen affirmed. Film director Su Fan’s debut, Su-fan is the famous Chinese performing artist Tian Hua’s love to participate in the commemorative meeting.

Tian Hua was born in Tang County, Hebei Province. She left her hometown at the age of 12 and participated in the Eighth Route Army Jinchaji Military Region Anti-Japanese Drama Club. In 1950, Tian Hua was chosen as the “Xi’er” in the remake of the same-name opera “White-Haired Girl” by the Northeast Film Studio, whereupon she was also familiar with the national audience. The “White-Haired Girl” shooting place, in Shijiazhuang City, Pingshan County.

Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Dongfeng Meets with Famous Performing Artist Tian Hua

Tian Hua Attending the screening of the movie “Liberation Shijiazhuang” on the day before the commemorative meeting, he said that more old movies should be released, It is also a kind of patriotism and education for young people.

Among the veteran comrades attending this conference, there is also another one called “Confucian Army General”. He is Tian Yongqing, political commissar of the PLA’s original armored command academy. As a Shijiazhuang native, Tian Yongqing spent more than four years in this home college. Since then, he was promoted to PLA Political Commissar of the original army.

Ten years ago, he attended the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Shijiazhuang in his capacity as the chief executive who worked in Shijiazhuang. At that time, he also wrote a poem for the change of feeling in Shijiazhuang: “After liberating for 60 years, he played a swing, and once again returned to Shijiazhuang, the old appearance changed color.”

The Central Military Commission issued regulations to standardize the treatment of leading cadres above the military level

The Central Military Commission recently issued the “Provisions on the Treatment of Leading Cadres at the Military Rank and Beyond,” which will come into force on January 1, 2018.

In accordance with the principle of uniform norms, guarantee of necessity, tightness and tightness, and reasonable distinction, the “Regulations” strictly regulate the treatment of leading cadres above the military level in office buildings, housing, vehicles, staffing and medical treatment standard. This is a major measure and practical action taken by the Central Military Commission to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19 th CPC Central Committee, strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the 10 requirements of the Central Military Commission, and demonstrate the firm determination of being strictly above one’s own standards and strictly controlling the armed forces at the above rates.

The new military commission started: 10 days with three heavy documents

                    (Original title: The new CMC start: 10 days with triple-heavy pounds)


On October 25, the first plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided on the members of the Central Military Commission. In less than 10 days in the near future, the new Central Military Commission has continuously released three heavy documents and strictly controlled the party’s thorough implementation in the military system.

On November 5, the Central Military Commission issued the “Opinions on Fully Implementing the Chairman-in-Charge System of the Central Military Commission.”

On November 10, the revised People’s Liberation Army Civil Service Regulations came into force.

Today’s news shows that the Central Military Commission recently issued the “Provisions on the Treatment of Leading Cadres at or above the Military Rank”.

Careful little friends can study the background of these three documents:

Opinions on Fully Implementing the Chairman-in-Charge System of the Central Military Commission Chairman Mao Zedong Thought “To implement the guidelines of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on strengthening and safeguarding the centralized and unified leadership of the Central Party Committee Some provisions “.

“The Provisions on the Treatment of Leading Cadres at or above the Military Rank” are meant to strictly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Government.

The First Session of the 19th Central Political Bureau reviewed the Several Provisions of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening and Maintaining the Centralized and Unified Leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the Implementation Rules of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on Implementing the Eight Provisions of the Central Government.

The PLA Civil Service Regulations focus on the party’s goal of strengthening the armed forces in the new era, in particular the ability to fight and win victories. This is the top priority of the current round of military reform.

As the Central Military Commission of the new session followed the pace of the party Central Committee, we can see the strength of the “four awareness”.

To better understand the “four senses,” try the reverse side. At present, the key word of the military reform and strict control of the armed forces is to eliminate the poison of Guo.

The governor of Chang’an Avenue discovered that the two core issues of Guo Xu’s poisoning are precisely the two newly issued documents to be solved.

Central Military Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Garrison National Defense Mobilization Department Discipline Inspection Team Leader Zheng Mingbao once published an article in the “National Defense” magazine to analyze Guo Xu.

The article said: Serious violations of the Chairman-in-Charge system are the most prominent features of Guo Xu’s serious violation of discipline and law. Guo Xu (Chairman of the Central Military Commission responsible system) not only do not understand the law, the emotional does not attach importance to the operation is contrary to this. However, until the KMT Xu stepped out, they always pushed forward the “three resistances and four resistances and long delays” under the guise of various so-called “actual conditions” and “stability of the armed forces.” However, Seriously delayed the process of national defense and army reform. This is a blatant defiance and betrayal by Guo Xu of the core system of the chairmanship of the Central Military Commission.

The newly released Opinions on the Full and In-depth Implementation of the Chairman-in-Charge System of the Central Military Commission clearly put forward that it is necessary to provide a firm guarantee for the implementation of the responsibility system of the chairman of the Central Military Commission from the political, ideological, organizational, institutional and work style, Loyal, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable, resolutely listen to the chairman of the command, the president in charge of the president, let Xi reassured.

On November 6, the People’s Liberation Army Daily published “The Basic System and the Fundamental Realization of the Party’s Absolute Leadership over the Army – On Earnestly Studying and Carrying out” Opinions on Fully Implementing the Responsibility System of Chairman of the Central Military Commission “.

The article mentions: “The great power of the state is superior to the military.” Our military has always stressed that “the military power is your priority and the military order is returned to unity.” This “one” is the core, commander and leader. The implementation of the chairman responsibility system by the Central Military Commission is a major system stipulated in the Constitution and the Constitution of the Party and a major achievement in the long-term development of the party and the state’s military leadership system. It condenses the valuable experience and fine tradition of our party in building a military and administering the army. The chairmanship of the Chairman of the Central Military Commission is the highest authority and command power in our army. It is at the highest level in the entire system of party-led military forces and occupies the leading position. It is the fundamental system and the fundamental realization of adhering to the party’s absolute leadership over the armed forces. Socialist political system and the military system is an important part.

The large-scale feature film “Strong Forces” broadcasted by the 19 th National Congress mentioned a large number of details of the corruption of Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou and Gu Junshan. In the final analysis, this is a matter of style.

Food and Drug Administration: drug registration application will be adjusted for centralized reception

                    (Original title: Notice of the State Administration on Regulating the Registration of Pharmaceutical Products (No. 134 of 2017)


According to the “Opinions of the State Council on Reforming the Examination and Approval System for Medical Devices and Medical Devices” (Guo Fa [2015] No.44), in order to establish a review-led drug registration technology system and achieve the core of review and assessment and on-site inspection and product inspection Technical support review and approval mechanism, the State Food and Drug Administration decided to study from December 1, 2017 onwards, will now be accepted by the provincial food and drug administration, the State Food and Drug Administration review and approval of drug registration applications , Adjusted to the State Food and Drug Administration centralized acceptance. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Scope of Adjustment

All applications for registration under the review, approval and filing by the State Food and Drug Administration under the existing laws, rules and regulations shall be accepted by the State Food and Drug Administration , Including new drug clinical trial application, new drug production (including new drug certificate) application, generic drug application, the State Food and Drug Administration approval of the supplementary application; by the provincial food and drug administration examination and approval, filing of drug registration applications by the provincial Level food and drug administration accepted.

II. Adjustment Requirements

The above adjustment shall come into effect on December 1, 2017. An application for registration of drugs may be submitted in the form of electronic declaration, mailing or on-site submission, along with paper copies and electronic documents.

Prior to December 1, 2017, the provincial food and drug regulatory authorities have yet to accept or have yet to accept the application for registration of drug clinical trial site verification, on-site inspection, production site inspection and sampling yet to be completed. The provincial food and drug supervision and management departments to complete the relevant work.

III. Submission of Information

Drug Registration Applicants should fill in the application form and prepare the application materials in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures for the Registration of Drugs, the Method for the Registration of Drugs, and the Regulation of Drug Registration. Applicants should ensure that the paper text submitted is consistent with the electronic document. Drug registration applicants may choose to submit their own application by mail or on-site information to encourage drug registration applicants submit submission of information by mail.

(A) submitted by mail. The applicant for drug registration will mail the relevant materials to the Drug Evaluation Center of the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Drug Administration Center).

Mailing Address: A Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100038.

To submit the filing information of the electronic document in the form of a post, the applicant should make good technical protection of the storage medium so as to prevent the declared materials from being unacceptable due to media damage during the mailing process.

(B) on-site submission. Drug registration applicant to bring relevant information to the Drug Administration Center to submit the drug registration application.

Office Address: No.1 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9: 00-11: 30 am; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Afternoon: 13: 00-16: 00 .

(c) Data submission requirements. Applicants for drug registration should submit application materials in accordance with the current drug registration information requirements. When submitting a new drug clinical trial application, they also need to submit a suggestion on communication with the drug administration center of the General Administration of Drug Administration and a description of the supplementary information provided.

Fourth, the acceptance review

Administration drug trial center to receive information on the spot to sign on or register to complete the acceptance within 5 working days to review and make a review decision (acceptance, inadmissible or require correction material). If the examination complies with the provisions or the applicant completes the correction of the information and complies with the provisions, a “Notice of Acceptance” and “Notice of Payment” shall be issued; if the examination does not conform to the provisions, a “Notice of Correction” or “Notification of Acceptance” . The notice of review decision shall be sent to the applicant for drug registration within 5 working days.

After the applicant completes the correction information as required, he or she can choose to submit the correction information on-site or by mail. Since the correction information has not been received within 30 days from the date of service of the “Notice of Correction of Information” and the applicant for drug registration fails to communicate with the Center for Drug-Mediation Administration of the State Administration of Drugs and explain the reasons in time, the “Notice of No Acceptance” Return the applicant.

V. Filing Administration review drug trial center for chemical generics declaration after

Filing accept data were reviewed, in line with the requirements of 45 working days to complete the dossier; not meet the requirements shall not be Approval and justification

VI. On-site verification and registration verification

Civil Aviation Administration of China: Pay close attention to safety issues during C919 flight test

                    (Original title: Civil Aviation Administration of China: Pay close attention to the safety issues during the test flight of the domestic large aircraft C919)


中国民航局:密切关注C919研制试飞期间安全问题 Information Figure C919 Passenger aircraft. China news agency, Xinhua News Agency, Yin Liqin photo

China news agency, Beijing, November 13 Xinhua, CAAC Aviation Certification and Accreditation Division Director Xu Chaquu said in Beijing on the 13th, will pay close attention to China’s domestic large aircraft C919 flight safety problem.

At the press conference held the same day, Xu Chaocun introduced the current situation of C919. He said that after C919 transitioned to Xian Yanliang in Xi’an, the main job was to develop a test flight, that is, test flight of all subjects in the development process. During the test flight test, some problems may be found, some corrections made, and the configuration of the test flight Management, C919 follow-up research and development to provide a safe flight test.

Where did the new CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection depart from Beijing for the first time?

                    (Original title: Where did the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection go?)


The day before yesterday, the new member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhao Leji, made an initial public appearance in Beijing for the important meeting since the First Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.

New CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection left Beijing for the first time to attend an important meeting. It is of great significance. Where did he go? What to do? “Maritime warehouse internal reference” made a detailed carding.


Zhao Leji was present at the meeting, which was just on November 11 to mobilize and deploy the teleconference in the pilot project of the reform of the state oversight system held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. The pilot program of reform of the state oversight system throughout the country is a major strategic deployment made by the 19 th National Congress of the CPC. This video and teleconference attended by Zhao Leji was held precisely for the purpose of pushing this work to the entire country and to the grassroots level The first national conference. The meeting was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, while Shanxi was one of the three provinces and municipalities that practiced the pilot program of national monitoring system reform first.

On November 4, the 30th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress adopted the decision on pushing the reform of national monitoring system in all parts of the country. Prior to this, the CPC Central Committee General Office also printed a “Pilot Plan on Opening National Audit System Reform throughout China.”

In the meantime, public opinion is also very much concerned about the topic of pilot work on the reform of state supervisory system. According to the data from People’s Daily Online Public Opinion Monitoring Office, from November 4 to November 11, there are 28,432 online news items related to the “supervisory system reform”, 5,176 newspapers and periodicals, and 6,550 blog posts and forum posts. This shows that from the official to the private sector, the work of piloting the reform of the state oversight system has affected the whole country.

Zhao Leji convened on November 11 to participate in the pilot program of the national monitoring system reform to mobilize and deploy the teleconference. It is against this background and circumstances that the convening of the conference call will naturally arouse strong concern from all walks of life. In the meantime, Zhao Leji’s first visit to Beijing after taking office as secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was also very conspicuous.


At this meeting, Zhao Leji first emphasized the political significance of the reform of the state supervisory system. He emphasized: We must thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th NPC, thoroughly study and implement the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping’s new era, firmly establish the “four ideologies,” give a strong sense of political responsibility and historic mission, and do a good job in a down-to-earth manner We will pilot the reform of the state supervisory system and work hard to get out of the path of socialism supervision with Chinese characteristics in line with historical traditions and reality.

Zhao Leji also made clear instructions on the specific contents of the work carried out by various provinces and cities at the current stage: all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions follow the pilot scheme promulgated by the Central Government Office and the decisions and decisions passed by the NPC Standing Committee to fully summarize the use of pilot projects in Beijing , Shanxi, Zhejiang three provinces and municipalities experience, in close contact with the actual situation in the region, follow the example and pay close attention to the implementation of the task. Specifically, the achievements made by the three provinces and municipalities in Beijing, Shaanxi and Zhejiang in reforming their pilot work are indeed not small. According to the “China Discipline Inspection and Supervision,” reported that Beijing and other three newly established commission to take the initiative to perform their duties, conscientiously fulfill the supervision, investigation and disposal of three duties, the full exercise of the NPC’s 12 survey measures, has successfully investigated a lot case. According to media reports, from January to August this year, Beijing City filed 1840 cases and punished 1,789 people. Shanxi Province filed 11,261 cases and punished 10557 people. Zhejiang Province filed 11,000 cases and disposed of 9,389 people. Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang Provinces respectively recalled 12 members, 9 people and 10 members who were fleeing party members and national staff. In the meantime, Zhao Leji also emphasized four “firm grips” at the conference and instructed the concrete starting point of this work. The four “firm grasp” are:

firmly grasp the key links, focus on the transfer to complete the work, the completion of the establishment of the Commission listed CMC to ensure that the transitional period of the organic convergence of work; firmly grasp the functions and responsibilities of the supervisory committee, conscientiously perform Supervise the investigation and disposal responsibilities; firmly grasp the means of authority, comprehensively try out 12 investigation measures authorized by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) to entrust the JISC; firmly grasp the task of forming an efficient and smooth system and mechanism and strengthen the overall coordination of the supervisory and judicial enforcement agencies.

After the meeting, a number of local Party committees and commissioners of Discipline Inspection communicated the spirit of studying the teleconference as soon as possible. The comrades in the pilot areas all indicated that Zhao Leji’s speech at the meeting has a strong reality relevance and is of great guiding significance for deepening the reform of the state supervisory system.

Also noting that the host of this meeting was Yang Xiaodu, the new deputy secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission who took charge of the conference at the same time with Zhao Leji. This is the first time that Yang Xiaodu will be in Beijing after the First Plenary Session of the Party’s 19th Plenary Session to hold an important meeting . In addition, it is worth noting that Zhao Leji went to Shanxi this time, not just to attend the meeting. During his stay in Shanxi, Zhao Leji also went deep into the Discipline Inspection Commission and the Supervision Commission of Jinzhong City and Qixian County. He conducted a survey in Discipline Inspection Commission of East County Town of Qixian County and cordially exchanged views with discipline inspection and supervision officers to get a deeper understanding of the work of reform pilot projects.

What is Jinzhong City and Qixian? Why is it worth Zhao Leji in-depth research?

Jinzhong City is one of the representative places in Shanxi Province to carry out pilot projects for the reform of national monitoring system. In order to strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility, Jinzhong Municipal Committee promulgated the “Decision on Implementing the Spirit of the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Promoting a Full and Strict Ruling of the Party,” setting up a working account and a record-keeping system, endorsing and signing step by step, Real responsibility. Deepening the reform of the supervisory system led to the establishment of listed supervisory committees at both city and county levels and the successful transfer and transfer of work. Construction and integration continued to deepen. The effect of “1 + 1 u0026 gt; 2” was obvious.

Qixian is famous tourist resort Qiao Courtyard is located. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, a fine family style has always been the key target of the party Central Committee’s propaganda. In the column of “Family Rules in Chinese Traditions” released by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission’s official website, there is also a list of Qiao’s family rules and regulations residing in Qiao Family Courtyard in Qixian.


The proportion of antibacterials used in domestic outpatient prescriptions decreased by 8.5% over the past five years

                    (Original title: Containment of “super bacteria” 5 years outpatient prescription antibacterial drugs in China reduced by 8.5 percentage points)


Beijing, China, November 12 From January 13 to January 19, the “World Week to Improve Antibiotics” was held. The relevant person in charge of the National Health and Family Planning Commission said recently that from the end of 2011 to 2016, the proportion of antibacterial drugs used in outpatient clinics in our country decreased by 8.5 percentage points. The public and medical staff to enhance awareness of rational drug use, clinical rational use of drugs increased, bacterial resistance has eased.

Antimicrobial drugs are a class of drugs that kill or inhibit bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Scientific and rational use is an important part of the “source close” of medical quality and safety management. Zhang Zongjiu, director of the State Health and Family Planning Commission, said that misuse of antibiotics leading to “superbugs” may complicate patient care, increased mortality and increased medical expenses have become one of the public health challenges.

In August 2016, the State Health Planning Commission released the National Action Plan to Contain Bacterial Drug Resistance (2016-2020) to support research and development of antibiotics and to strengthen supervision over the production, circulation and use of antibiotics. China’s top antibiotic design and management mechanism has been initially established. Experts point out that there are still some problems in areas such as inadequate management and inadequate technology.

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