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After the NDRC releases heavy documents, there may be big changes in the prices of these things

                    (Original title: NDRC released heavy documents, prices of these things may have great changes in the future!)


Yesterday, the website of National Development and Reform Commission released the relevant documents on price reform, providing guidance for improving the market price mechanism in China. According to the requirements of the document, in the next few years, China will further deepen price reform in monopoly industries, implement a fair competition review system in an all-round manner, earnestly hold the bottom line of people’s livelihood, consolidate the results of canceling the drug addition, further eliminate the medical consumables bonus and establish government pricing charges List system, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of agricultural water prices.

On the 10th, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Price Mechanism in an All-round Way, systematically planning and comprehensively deploying the price reform in the next three years.

发改委发布重磅文件 以后这些东西价格或有大变化

According to the Opinion, the goal of the reform to 2020 is that the price system in our country is fundamentally perfected by the market, the government pricing system centered on “allowable cost + reasonable return” and the pricing policy system for promoting green development are basically established The market price supervision and anti-monopoly law enforcement system is more perfect, the elements are free flowing, the price is flexible, the competition is fair and orderly, and the market price environment of the survival of the fittest of enterprises is basically formed.

The price mechanism is the core of the market mechanism and is closely related to people’s lives. What are the next major changes in the price area? How will you affect my life?

Introduction Background

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the scope of government pricing has drastically reduced, accounting for less than 3% of the total social value of goods and services. The scientific pricing system centered on “allowable cost + reasonable return” However, the obstacles to the price mechanism that restrict the free flow of resources have not been completely eliminated.

basic principles

adhere to adhere to laws of the market


persist in reform and innovation

adhere to protect the livelihood of

adhere to promote co-ordination

发改委发布重磅文件 以后这些东西价格或有大变化 ▲ Source: China

visual interpretation of six major attraction

1. further deepen the price reform of monopoly industries

[file] in accordance with the general idea of ​​”take control center, open two” deepen the price reform of monopoly industries, ease their restrictions Competitive fields and links price, adjusted by the steady liberalization of the market; the government retained pricing, establish and improve cost supervision and examination rules and pricing mechanisms to promote scientific pricing.

Expand the scope of the market to generate electricity and electricity prices. Deepen the market-based reform of natural gas prices for non-residential uses and release gas prices and sales prices in due course. Expand the range of adjustment prices for the railway freight market.

Establish and perfect a network-based natural monopoly pricing system with “permissible costs + reasonable benefits” as its core, and constraints and incentives. On the transmission and distribution, natural gas pipeline transport, railway passenger transport and other key areas, the full cost pricing audit.

[Interpretation] China International Economic Exchange Center Deputy Minister of Information Jing Chunmei said that the liberalization of competitive prices is the market reform of monopoly industries, “Niubi Zi”; natural monopoly price of the cost of monitoring, is conducive to breaking the cost The “black box” is a major institutional breakthrough in monopoly industry regulation.

发改委发布重磅文件 以后这些东西价格或有大变化 ▲ Source: Vision China

2. The full implementation of the unfair competition censorship

[file] involving the main economic activity of the market rules, normative documents reviewed to achieve full coverage, to prevent the introduction of new Exclude restricting competition policies and measures. We will gradually clean up stock levels and cleanly and orderly clean up the rules and practices that hinder the uniform market and fair competition. Increase accountability and explore the establishment of a fair competition review and assessment mechanism.

【Explanation】 Local protection, regional blockade, industrial barriers and monopoly of enterprises … In view of these phenomena that do not conform to the construction of a unified national market and fair competition, China has promulgated the “Opinion on Establishing a Fair Competition Examination System in the Market System Construction” .

Economist Wu Jinglian believes that by vigorously implementing the competition policy, safeguarding fair competition among various market players, leaving less competitive enterprises out of the market and allowing high-quality enterprises to grow stronger in the market competition for more resources , Will enhance the vitality of related industries and the economy as a whole.

【文件】 Strengthen the monitoring and early warning of commodity prices, study and improve the countermeasures against abnormal fluctuations in prices, improve the reserve system for important commodities, enrich control measures and enhance the regulatory capacity to prevent abnormal price fluctuations. We will intensify the coordination and cooperation of price and fiscal and monetary policies and measures, give full play to the joint efforts of policies and strive to keep the overall price level basically stable. Conscientiously implement and promptly improve the social assistance and security standards linked to rising prices linked to the linkage mechanism, according to price increases, the timely issuance of temporary subsidies to effectively resolve the impact of rising prices to protect the basic living of low-income groups and build a strong and effective livelihood security long-term mechanism.

[Interpretation] Professor Wen Lai-cheng of Central University of Finance and Economics said that this reflects the characteristics of price management in the new stage. That is, price policy, fiscal and taxation policies and tools are jointly adopted to regulate and control the general price level. At the same time, emphasis on people’s livelihood security, earnestly live on the people’s livelihood bottom line.

发改委发布重磅文件 以后这些东西价格或有大变化 ▲ Source: Vision China

4. consolidate the results canceled drug addition, further medical supplies cancellation addition

[file] to cancel drug addition to consolidate the results of further medical supplies cancellation addition, optimization Adjust the price of medical services; speed up the acceptance of newly-added medical service price items and promote the application of new medical technology research and development; and expand the scope and quantity of fee-based services by service type.

[Interpretation] Medical supplies including heart stents, artificial knee joints, gauze surgery, surgical sutures, dental materials. At present, medical supplies around the basic addition of 5% to 10%. China has completely canceled the public hospital “drug addition.” Experts point out that the further elimination of medical consumables addition will help improve the quality of medical services and meet people’s requirements.

Hu Zucai, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that to guide the efficient allocation of resources in the public service field, the government should scientifically define the financial subsidies, pay the boundaries for the users, and establish and improve the dynamic price adjustment mechanism for the government.

发改委发布重磅文件 以后这些东西价格或有大变化 ▲ Source: Vision China

5. The establishment of government pricing fees list system

[file] to strengthen the administrative management charges, strict implementation of the open system of public charges. Clean up the norms of operating service charges, the establishment of government pricing list system, to achieve a list of the country, centralized online publicity, dynamic adjustment management, the list can not be government pricing.

A-level Ministry of Public Security wanted to flee the fugitives surrendered: suspected digging ancient tombs

                    (Original title: Ministry of Public Security A-class arrest wanted fugitive Li Tiegang surrendered himself)


BEIJING, November 11 (Xinhua) The reporter learned from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security on the 11th that the second installment of Class A wanted by the Ministry of Public Security wanted the evildoer Li Tiegang to surrender to the Chunhua Public Security Bureau in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province.

French media: Chinese tourists are easy to be eyeing Paris thieves

                    (Original title: French media: Chinese tourists are more and more easy to be stared by thieves in Paris)


Lyon Chan, with a group of Chinese tourists shopping in Paris’s Galeries Lafayette department store, was exhausted. As a tour guide, Chen is well aware that Chinese tourists carrying large sums of cash and baggage packed with valuables can easily become prey to looters and pickpockets. “This has happened many times, and I’ve been robbed by two groups that I recently carried,” he described the scene where tourists took their bags on the ground and was immediately taken away. “I told them that Paris is dangerous, Money is hidden in clothes and I try my best to be more careful everywhere. “What else to do?”

Although all tourists are likely to be targeted by thieves, Chinese, known for their cash-strapped, Has become the primary goal. A group of Chinese tourists were robbed last week after being hit by tear gas attacks outside the Paris Hotel, the latest in a series of assaults that have tarnished the French image in the eyes of Asian tourists.

Indian haze is gripping Indian media calls for lessons from China’s experience in pollution control

                    (Original title: Indian haze makes the world worried World media called for learning from China’s experience in pollution control)


Thousands of schools shut down and traffic accident rates and hospital attendances soar in cities enveloped by heavy smog into “gas chambers,” once the PM 2.5 concentration surpassed an astonishing 1000 μg / m3 … This breathtaking scene Is staged in the Indian capital of New Delhi. It warns the world again and destroys the environment will pay a heavy price. A similar encounter, not the same response. Faced with the hesitation, hesitation and pretense of the Indian government in the face of the big smog, many Indian media are turning their attention to China, which is suffering from the haze from time to time as well, and sending a message like “Beijing can make up its mind to control pollution and why New Delhi can not.” Emotion Others can envy, we have no capital complacent. For “smog to get out”, China also has a long way to go.

Given the powerlessness of the situation, many Indian media are turning their attention to China, hoping the Indian authorities will learn from China’s determination to tackle pollution. The Hindu newspaper said in an editorial on the 9th that an indifferent government that lets people breathe the toxic air is an unscrupulous government. To reduce PM2.5, China has taken many measures in its cities. Only after a firm response to the crisis can Delhi throw away the label “One of the most polluted cities on the planet.”

The Hindustan Times article entitled “Pollution advice from China: reducing the burning of fossil fuels” said Delhi accused Burbur and the state of Haryana of burning crops as the cause of the current pollution, but Beijing’s so-called “industrial Rust belt. ” Around Beijing, there are many factories in six neighboring provinces, including Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shandong and Inner Mongolia. To control pollution, China has taken many measures to control pollution and is gradually advancing.

“Why Delhi Can Not If Beijing Can Declare a Health Emergency to Control Pollution?” India’s “News18” website said Beijing residents were not sufficiently clean to breathe air, but it was enough to shame us. What do they do we can not do? The article then introduced a number of measures taken by China to “declare war on pollution” and said that haze and pollution have become commonplace for Delhi, “but we apparently do not think it necessary to take action.”

Responding to Aging Polish filmmaking encourages as many children as rabbits

                    (Original title: Polls in Poland to Encourage Populations, Like Rabbits, to Foster Births)


To tackle the increasingly serious problem of aging and low birth rate, the Polish Minister of Health launched an animated short film online on the 8th and praised the rabbits for breeding generations and encouraged them to live like rabbits. In the video, a rabbit uses narration to reveal the secret of having a family: exercise, a healthy diet and less stress. There is also a couple who are enjoying a picnic, suggesting that people can make a romantic pregnancy. The video ends with the line: “If you want to be a parent, please refer to the example of a rabbit.” The Polish Ministry of Health said in a statement encouraging healthy people of childbearing age from 18 to 45 to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The statement added that the government is trying to raise public awareness of the issue in a way that “does not offend anyone and does not vulgarity.”

Polish netizens reacted differently to the video. Someone said: “There are enough people on earth to stop encouraging people to have children and there is no limitless increase on a limited planet.” But there is also support for such propaganda, saying that low fertility is a tremendous threat. Michelle, a friend of the Global Times reporter, said rabbits are fertile but they destroy crops and are therefore pests. “Breeding like a rabbit” is a pejorative word in Poland and is often used to describe a family with many children. “This is a failed public event. Local Polish commentators and the media are laughed at the sport,” he said. But Miho believes that the short film encourages people to have a healthy lifestyle, which deserves recognition and promotion.

Zuma, South African President: South Africa’s economy is gradually out of a technical recession

                    (Original title: South African President Zuma: South African economy gradually out of technical recession)


南非总统祖马:南非经济逐渐走出技术性衰退 On November 9, South African President Zuma attended the annual meeting of the provincial government and delivered his annual address. This year’s theme for the South African National Council of State is “Deepening unity in inclusive growth and African revival – regaining the legacy of Oliver Tambo.” Song Fangcan photo

On November 9, President Zuma of South Africa attended the meeting of the provincial affairs commission (hereinafter referred to as the provincial government) and delivered an annual speech. He pointed out that South Africa is currently facing many economic difficulties, is pursuing a radical economic restructuring and is gradually out of a technical recession.

The South African Provincial Department of the State is the equivalent of the upper house of parliament. It represents the interests of all the provinces and is composed of the delegations nominated by the parliaments of nine provinces in the country. This year’s theme for the South African National Council of State is “Deepening unity in inclusive growth and African revival – regaining the legacy of Oliver Tambo.” In his speech, Zuma pointed out that the South African government is fulfilling its promise to make life better for the people, especially the poor and the working class. In the eight years since he was president, despite all the economic challenges, the government has done a great deal of work to achieve this goal.

Saudi King or early retirement within 48 hours of meditation intended to the Crown Prince

                    (Original title: Saudi king or early abdicate intent within 48 hours Zen position to the Crown Prince)


1510249635893156.jpg Photographs published by the Saudi Royal Palace show that on August 23, 2017, King Salman of Saudi Arabia returned home to be welcomed by Crown Prince Muhammad at the airport.

According to Iran’s news and media station, while setting off the biggest anti-corruption storm in Saudi history, King Salman of Saudi Arabia intends to relinquish the throne to Muhammad, the Crown Prince, within 48 hours.

It is learned that Crown Prince Mohammed recently held a high-profile gesture of resolving high-level corruption.

According to earlier reports by overseas websites, on November 4 local time, King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued the king’s order and set up the Supreme Anti-Corruption Commission. Within a few hours after its establishment, the committee was arrested on the grounds of alleged crimes of corruption and money-laundering 11 princes, 4 incumbent ministers and dozens of former ministers.

According to the BBC, it is reported that the Saudi richest man and Prince Walid Prince are also being arrested. It is learned that the Supreme Anti-Corruption Commission is chaired by Prince Saud Muhammad, son of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and has the power to issue arrest warrants and travel bans.

Earlier, Saudi national security ministers and top naval officials were dismissed, the official did not explain this. Among them, Miteb bin Abdullah, the minister of national security, was once considered a powerful contender for the throne and was the royal family’s top official in the Saudi government.

BBC Defense and Security correspondent Frank Gardner said Mohamed is now in the process of carrying out a reform plan to consolidate his power and that Mohamed, the defense minister, now has the power over the country’s military.

1510249712743746.jpg According to the Arab world digital news and opinion website Raial-Youm reported on Wednesday, the king will be the king In the “two nights in the future” announced this decision. Earlier Wednesday, Al-Arabiya, a Saudi television news channel, had announced the news on Twitter, but was withdrawn in a few hours.

According to the source, “This is obviously a test of the water in order to examine public responses to sudden changes in power.”

1510250273698161.png Crown Prince Muhammad

The United States announced sanctions against 10 Venezuela’s current or former officials

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) The U.S. Treasury Department announced on the 9th the implementation of economic sanctions against ten current and former Venezuelan officials.


According to a statement issued by the U.S. Treasury Department on the same day, five Venezuelan current or former members of the National Electoral Commission and the Constituent Assembly as well as the other five including Venezuela’s Minister of Culture will be subject to U.S. sanctions. Under the sanctions, assets of sanctioned individuals in the United States will be frozen and Americans will be barred from doing business with them.


The United States enacted a list of restrictions to “block” more than 80 Cuban hotels

                    (Former Title: U.S. Enactment of Limit List to “Block” Over 80 Cuban Hotels)


Nowadays Cuba has a high tourist season, but according to the latest “Cuba Restricted List” issued by the U.S. State Department on the 8th, U.S. tourists visiting Cuba will not be able to occupy 83 state-run hotels from the 9th.

According to the U.S. National Public Radio, the companies included in the Cuban Restricted Checklist include producers of beverages such as rum, newly opened luxury shopping centers and travel agencies.

The State Department said the above-mentioned banned businesses have “disproportionately benefited Cuba’s security and military departments” at the expense of the Cuban people or private enterprises. ”

Text in Yin to maintain high support rate Korea-Japan relations will be a major issue in the future

                    (The original title: Wen in Yin for six months to maintain high support rate Korea-Japan relations is the subject)


BEIJING, November 10, according to Japanese media reports, the Korean presidential text in the Yin took office on the 10th will be full half a year. The latest data on its support rate of about 70%, the public expectations of him is still high. In future diplomatic issues, how to deal with the historical issues between South Korea and Japan will be a major issue in the text.

资料图:韩国总统文在寅 Information Figure: Korean Presidential’s Article in Yin

In terms of diplomacy, Wen said that the Yin government demonstrated the “solidarity” between the two countries through President Trump’s visit to South Korea. The conservative media, who hold a critical attitude toward the government of the government, also affirmed this as “a considerable achievement and once again confirmed a firm alliance.”

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