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2 hours 19 large single 900000000 dollar Trump accompanying trade group what to come?

                    (Original title: 2 hours, 19 singles, 9 billion US dollars, Trump’s accompanying business and business groups come from?)


Special plane on U.S. President Trump arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport on the 8th at 14:36 ​​p.m. After 2 hours, witnessed by Wang Yang, China’s vice premier, and U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Jr., Chinese and U.S. entrepreneurs signed 19 commercial cooperation agreements at the Hebei Hall of the Great Hall of the People. Covering life sciences, aviation, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, a total of about 9 billion US dollars.

Wang Yang laughs that today is just a “warm field” and “good show is tomorrow.”

Chinese and American entrepreneurs sign 19 big orders in two hours. What are the business missions Trump is following? Luxury trade mission to China, various foreign media and how to treat? What breakthrough will Trump’s “delegation” visit to China bring to Sino-US economic and trade issues?

Energy Cooperation or a New Highlights

Trump’s first visit to China was made up of 29 representatives of US businesses throughout the energy, industrial, financial services and agricultural sectors.

According to Reuters, energy companies dominate the list of U.S. companies accompanying Trump. Given this lineup, Trump and the Commerce Department trade delegation are likely to negotiate on promoting US exports of liquefied natural gas to China.

2小时19大单90亿美元 特朗普随行商贸团啥来头? March, Xu Cong Jun taken

Washington Post (The Washington Post) wrote that the United States to global climate change faltered time, China has increased investment in solar and other green energy projects. American companies think that under the concept of “U.S. priority” pursued by President Trump, China is vigorously developing green energy projects, which is a challenge to the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal
Journal) reported that the Trump’s visit to China and other contracts, letters of intent and agreements between China and the United States will focus on areas such as aviation, liquefied natural gas and soybeans. These transactions will demonstrate the progress of the trade relations between the two countries. In addition, Said Goldman Sachs and China Investment Co., Ltd. intend to jointly set up a multibillion-dollar fund to help China’s huge sovereign wealth funds invest in U.S. manufacturing and other industries.

2小时19大单90亿美元 特朗普随行商贸团啥来头?

FT 中文 网 The article states that Trump’s visit to China for the first time and Sino-U.S. Cooperation can work together to build a win-win situation in terms of infrastructure, investment, personnel, networks and space cooperation Cooperation between big powers. Taking the establishment of an Asia-Pacific free trade zone as an example, the article said that the APFZ can create more value for both China and the United States in economic and social benefits. China and the United States should play their part in global economic, security and energy and environmental governance Greater effect.

Restoration of Economic and Trade Relations No Need to Hurry

At Trump, trade remains a major issue.

The Global and Mail of Canada pointed out that Trump’s current visit to China is expected to reach some agreements on the economic and trade issues but it is undeniable that there are still differences on the trade issue between the two sides: the United States hopes to further expand Market access, which China does not agree with.

2小时19大单90亿美元 特朗普随行商贸团啥来头? Zhongshe Shao Weiss Wei Photo

According to the Seattle Times
Times) reported that in today’s era of e-commerce, the cooperation between China and the United States has great potential. In 2016, the trade investment between China and the United States reached 60 billion U.S. dollars and the number of U.S. employees employed by Chinese companies exceeded 140,000, an increase of 46% over the 2015 figure. The report also pointed out that the trade imbalance between China and the United States is also a long-standing problem, and the restoration is not in a hurry.

fell shame! Japanese media: Abe performed too flattering during Trump’s visit to Japan

                    (Original title: Japanese media: no face! Abe performed too flattering during Trump’s visit to Japan)


timg_副本.jpg Data Figure: US President Trump (right), Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (left)

overseas online November 8 electric 7 am local time, US President Trump ended the visit to Japan . The Japanese media pointed out that both the United States President Trump, or Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe showed an incomprehensible “flattery phase,” people looked embarrassed. Before the House election, Abe dissolved the House of Representatives in the name of “breaking the national crisis,” and now he has completely left behind the so-called “national crisis.”

According to the Japanese magazine9 website, his oldest daughter Ivanka opened the door to Japan one step before President Trump officially opened his visit to Asia. This afternoon the Japanese media is not calm, her fashion taste, what she achieved as a female doer, how her political skills, and even her “Parenting” in the end how powerful, etc., like Ivanka is all The reason why “Top Woman” in the world’s women and such compliments by the Japanese newspapers and television stations is really incomprehensible.

Japanese media said that Ivanka is only a “presidential assistant,” but Abe arrived in front of the restaurant in front of the Ivanka dinner in front of the kind of around Ivanka turned really look ashamed. Imagine if Japan’s “prime minister assistant” goes to the United States, will President Trump meet at the hotel door? Abe “nods” to make the nation feel “humiliating.”

Abe said confidently that “the U.S.-Japan alliance is invincible” and “the present U.S.-Japan relations are in their best historic period.” They just wantonly discourage President Trump. The commentary states that the prime minister of his own country is “unwilling” to the extent of “wailing for grief” against the presidents and daughters of other countries.

British government: Most EU citizens will remain in the UK after Brexit

                    (Original title: British government: most EU citizens after Brexit can still remain in the UK)


According to foreign media reports, on November 7 local time, the British government said that most EU citizens currently residing in the UK will still be allowed to remain in the country after the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU in 2019.


In the noon of March 29, local time, a letter from the United Kingdom on launching the “Brexit” process was submitted to the President of the European Council Tusk. As a result, the “break up” negotiations between Britain and the EU will be officially launched.

Wife suspected derailment derailment cabin crash hit the passenger plane emergency landing in India

                    (Original title: his wife derailed cabin derailment hit aircraft emergency landing in India)


A passenger plane on its way from Qatar to Indonesia was forced to land in India as a result of a fierce dispute in the cabin between a couple. The dispute arose because his wife found evidence of an affair in her husband’s cell phone.

Hindustan Times and Times of India websites quoted sources as saying that a Qatar Airways flight No. 5 flew from Doha, Qatar capital, to Bali, Indonesia with a couple of Iranians and their children . During his flight, his wife, while her husband was asleep, secretly unlocked the fingerprint lock of his cell phone with her husband’s finger and found evidence that her husband had an affair in the cell phone, furious with a blow to her husband.


U.S. Secretary of Commerce Lies Off US $ 2 Billion to Be Removed from Forbes Rich List

                    (Original title: US Secretary of Commerce was removed from the richest list, Forbes said it exaggerated 2 billion US dollars of assets)


Local time On November 8, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Rose was removed from his list of the wealthiest Americans by the well-known financial magazine Forbes. The magazine found that the amount of wealth he claims is exaggerated.

美商务部长谎报身价20亿美元 被移出福布斯富豪榜 US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Eastern IC Figure

Forbes official website published soon in the journal published in the December 2017 number of articles entitled “Wilbur Ross’s enigmatic Two billion U.S. dollars. ” The article said that Rose since 2004 is the magazine’s selection of “400 Americans” list of permanent residents. Until the list released last year also showed that the group owns Rose has as much as 2.9 billion in huge amounts of wealth. However, Rose said at the time that the more accurate figure should be 3.7 billion U.S. dollars. However, on November 30 last year, Rose was nominated Minister of Commerce by the then-elective President Trump, who won the U.S. presidential election. And his list of assets declared to the government by law shows that all his net worth is only 700 million U.S. dollars.

Rose said that the $ 2 billion difference between the two was deposited with the trust fund between the start of the U.S. presidential election and the nomination. However, he refused to provide the relevant supporting documents, saying that these are “personal matters.”

“After more than a month of investigation, the journal believes he has found the answer: the money does not exist at all,” Forbes wrote, “This is the series of (lynn’s) lying to our magazine since 2004 , Exaggerated, omissions, fabricated the latest example. “

The first time on the list suspected of fraud

Ross first boarding Forbes’s” 400 Rich List “in 2004. According to reporters interviewed at the time, Ross recalled that Rose was one of the best people he ever got on the list. He is very low key, he said he did not intend to be on the list, “the reporter said.” I told him that we could start with a billion dollars and Rose said yes, no problem, thank you. ” However, Forbes reports that $ 1 billion may well be four times the size of the assets actually owned by Rose at the time, and that many of the money Ross makes from his investment company to other investors is also included in the figure , But Rose himself did not make any clarification on this.

This list became a “decisive” turning point in Rose’s life. From a little-known businessman, notoriously dressed in weird suspenders, he became a genuinely successful man in a high-class suit and a private jet to build his own art collection. In 2005, Rose sold his own private equity firm “WL Ross” to investment management firm Invesco. Relying on the strong support from the latter, Rose raised a total of 4.1 billion U.S. dollars from 2005 to 2007. According to reports, when the Forbes correspondent contacted him again in 2007, Rose once again put the investor’s money to himself. His personal net worth was $ 1.7 billion on that year’s list.

False numbers bring real money

Forbes claims that Rose’s exaggerating the size of his personal assets has brought him real business benefits – and he claims his higher worth makes investors willing to give him The more money. Forbes even ironically, Rose clearly shows how to make real money with false numbers.

Saudi Arabia to buy British weapons surge in 5 years 5 times all used to bomb Yemen

                    (Original title: Saudi Arabia to buy British weapons 2-year surge of 5 times all used to bomb Yemen)



US media: American college three players suspected of being arrested in the Chinese store theft

                    (Original title: US media: the United States three University of California basketball players arrested in the Chinese store arrested for theft)


According to the U.S. media, three members of the UCLA men’s basketball team were arrested on the 7th in Hangzhou, capital of China for allegedly stolen at a store.

The strike in Catalonia broke out again and again blocked nearly 50 traffic arteries

                    (Original title: Re-establishment of a strike in Catalonia blocks nearly 50 traffic thoroughfares)



Overseas Network Fighting for a massive strike on Wednesday (8 March) in Spain’s independent Catalonia on the 8th, the people armed with Banteayra constables and banners blocked nearly 50 roads , Trunk roads and railways.

According to the report of AFP, an independent union is supported to launch demonstrations on the grounds of protecting the rice bowls and protest the Central Government’s preference for the withdrawal of enterprises from Gatai. Although Spanish law prohibits strike on political grounds, some people in the same field have also held high the banner of striving for independence.

Typhoon Dawei has left 89 people dead and 18 missing in Vietnam

Xinhua News Agency, Hanoi, November 8 The Steering Committee of the Central Government for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in Vietnam issued a statement on the 8th that Typhoon “Dawei” has caused 89 deaths and 18 others missing in Vietnam.

Affected by the typhoon, Da Nang, a city in central Vietnam, suffered heavy rains for many consecutive days. The Da Nang government is making every effort to ensure the smooth conduct of the APEC summit here. According to the local weather forecast, there will be moderate to heavy rain in Da Nang on the 8th and rainfall will gradually decrease on the 9th.

Saudi anti-corruption or confiscation of 800 billion U.S. dollars worth of assets to freeze thousands of bank accounts

                    (Original title: Saudi anti-corruption operation or confiscation of 800 billion US dollars of assets, thousands of bank accounts were frozen)


Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reported on November 8 that the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Finance and Banking (SAMA) said on the 7th that the current bank account of the suspects investigated in the anti-corruption operation has been frozen. According to CCTV news, many Saudi banks have frozen more than 1,200 personal and corporate accounts.

According to informed sources on the 8th, “the Wall Street Journal” revealed that in this anti-corruption operation, the Saudi government may eventually confiscate 800 billion U.S. dollars in cash and assets. The money will eventually be turned over to the Saudi treasury. In response, the Saudi government did not respond.

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