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The former high-ranking government officials surrendered themselves to Belgium for decision on extradition within 60 days

                    (Former title: Puig de Monte shall not leave Belgium)


Former Spanish governor of Catalonia, Calles Puig de Mont and surrender of four former Belgian highlanders also surrendered to the Belgian police on the 5th. Belgian prosecutors said five people, including Priy de Monte, were conditionally released later that day.

Police and courts must be present at every hearing and hearing

Belgium’s prosecutor’s spokesman Jill de Jermaine said that five people, including Priy de Monte, were arrested by the police on 9 January at 5:17 on the 5th go.

The Brussels prosecutor’s office later said in a statement that the Prosecutor’s conditionally request for the release of Prudence and others was obtained from the investigating judge. The judge requested that Pujdemonte and others not be allowed to leave Belgium, and that every communication and trial by the police and the court must be made.

The next court hearing will be held within 15 days. Belgium will have 60 days to decide whether to extradite Pueblade.

Pujdemonte’s Catalan Democrats claim that Prijedmont has chosen to surrender himself, stating that he “had no intention of evading judicial proceedings, but that he wanted to defend himself in a fair process, as in Belgium It is possible, in Spain, to be very suspicious. ”

Prior to this, Puig de Monte told Belgian French-speaking radio and television interview that only the face of “just justice.” He also posted a message in the Twitter account saying he and the other four former JCDeANS will work in full cooperation with the Belgian justice department.

once the rebellion charges of embezzlement and was asked to prosecute

October 1st, the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia held “independence” referendum, autonomous parliament and 27 January unilaterally declared the area “independence.” The Central Government of Spain found the “referendum” unconstitutional and started Article 155 of the Constitution, formally withdrawing Catalonia’s autonomy on 30 October, fully taking over the area and dissolving the district government and the Parliament and lifting Pui Ge De Mont and public participation in incitement to “independence” of the former Central Plains area office.

The Attorney General of Spain, José Manuela de Massa, requested on 30 October to prosecute former high-ranking officials such as Puebledón, on charges of incitement, insurrection and misappropriation of public funds. On the same day, Pujedmont and four former leaders of the Gambia District arrived in Brussels, capital of Belgium, and no longer returned to Spain. They also attended the Spanish National Court hearing on the 2nd in the “independent” referendum on Catalonia.

2 days after the hearing, the Spanish national court ordered the detention of eight top officials, including former Vice President Oriol Honkerras. The next day, the Spanish National Court issued a European arrest warrant for five persons, including Puig de Monte, seeking the Belgian arrest of Puig de Monte.

Preparing for election to new local council elections

Pujedomont still insists that he is chairman of the Catalan autonomous region. Pujedmonte said he is ready to run for Spain’s central government to announce a new parliamentary election in Catalonia on December 21.

Catalan Democratic Party spokesman Martha Pascal said that the Catalan Democrats want Puget Sound to lead the counterattack in this election.

The last parliamentary election in Catalonia took place in September 2015. The joint campaign by independent parties such as the Catalan Democrats and the Catalan Republic Left did not yet receive all 135 More than half of the seats. Subsequently, the camp joined hands with the Catalan party of the left-wing parties, the People’s Solidarity candidate, to push for an “independent” referendum.

According to the media, the relationship between the Catalan Democrats and the Catalan Republican leftists has become discordant and it is still unknown whether the two parties can recontain again. For now, Honollas, the leader of the left wing of the Catalan Republic and former Vice-President of Catalonia, has been ordered by the Spanish National Court to hold custody.

Public opinion polls suggest that the People’s Solidarity candidate party is likely to stand out in the December parliamentary election in Catalonia and that Catalonia Democrat, where Priuioglu is located, will have the fourth most votes .

Zimbabwean President Mugabe lifted the Vice President Namu Gaviat

                    (Original title: Zimbabwe President Mugabe lifted Vice-President Minangargova)


Harare, November 6 (Xinhua) Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe lifted the Vice President Mungagua’s post on the 6th.

Zimbabwe Government Minister of Information Mojo announced the news at a press conference on the same day. He also said that the dismissal order came into force immediately.

“President Mugabe immediately released his position as Vice-President Mungkagua based on the exercise of his authority under Zimbabwe’s Constitution,” Moyo said. “Mwanzagua did what he did not fit his (Vice-President) Identity. “

The Lebanese president summons senior officials to call for the preservation of national unity and stability

                    (Original title: Lebanon’s president called for the maintenance of national unity and stability – Xinhuanet)


Beirut, November 6 (Xinhua) Lebanese President Orne called on senior officials on the 6th to discuss the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri, calling for the maintenance of national unity and stability.

Lebanon’s presidential palace issued a statement after the meeting, saying that Owen stressed that national reunification is the basis for ensuring the security and political stability of Lebanon and that everything should proceed from the overall interest of safeguarding national unity. Political, economic, security and financial stability are untouchable “red lines” in Lebanon.

The statement states that Orne has communicated with the leaders of the Lebanese political factions and called for keeping calm and safeguarding national security and stability.

On the 4th, Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, who was on a visit to Saudi Arabia, suddenly announced his resignation. Lebanon media quoted Lebanon’s government sources as saying that Orne will not decide for now whether or not to accept Hariri’s resignation.

Americans have to wait for how long? Gunslinq is still difficult to promote gun control legislation frequently

                    (The original title: Americans have to wait for how long? Shots are often difficult to promote gunshot tragedy legislation)


The Global Times November 5 is a curse of the devil’s day? On November 5, 2009, Major General Hasan opened fire on 13 U.S. military bases in Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 people. And on the 8th anniversary of the Hooter shootings, also in Texas, Kelly, 26, a former Air Forces logistics officer, opened fire on praying believers at a Christ Church in the Sutherland Springs town this time The number of beaten people doubled to 26.

“May God and the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas, be with the FBI and law enforcement officials on the scene, and I will monitor the progress in Japan.” Trump on Japan on the 6th shooting And expressed its grievances to halt the flag-shooting of those killed in the shooting of the Texas state on all U.S. territories by the sunset on the 9th of November.

But Trump’s subsequent controversy, he told gunman “insanity” at a Tokyo press conference, said the tragedy was not about gun control in the United States. “When we pray and remember, we will not be shot in a praying church.” Some Internet users left a remark saying that gunman Kelly did have a mental problem, but at The firearms were magnified. “We just send it again to pray and remember. Do not prematurely discuss the issue of gun control legislation. We should not politicize the shootings … until another white terrorist ruins a U.S. gun control headquarters or The Parliament House, and then we can do something meaningful. “

” The Sutherland Springs massacre once again opens the debate about gun control, a debate that has lasted for decades, every time because of a new tragedy power”. The Dallas News Network said on the 6th that Las Vegas has been shooting over the past five weeks. People hope it will be a historic turning point in the strict control of the gun. However, the parliament remains indifferent and the House of Representatives even did not hold any hearings. In fact, since the 2012 Sadie Hook Primary School shootings, Congress has shot down almost all of the proposals or motions that governed gun control, and since then 27 states have passed 93 bills to expand the use of firearms.

“Debating is imminent.” The New York Times said in an editorial on the 6th that Orlando, Dallas and Las Vegas are now in the town of Sutherland Springs. Gunmen made appalling shootings in these places. Despite this, the leaders of all the parties in the National Assembly are still indifferent. After the Las Vegas shooting, Trump said: “We will not discuss the issue of gun control today,” said Sen. McConnell, the Senate Republican leader. “It is still too early to discuss the issue of legislation to solve the problem of the proliferation of firearms.” . Article Q: If it is too early to talk about gun control, how long will Americans wait?

British Broadcasting Corporation said on the 6th that a month ago in Las Vegas shooting resulted in 58 people were killed and hundreds injured in the United States in recent years the largest number of casualties shooting. Since 1982, there have been over 90 large-scale shootings in the United States, with the average age of gunmen being 34 years. About 40% of Americans said they own a gun or have a gun in their home. The U.S. rate of murder and manslaughter involving firearms is the highest among developed countries.

According to the U.S. “Firearms Violence Archives” website, as of November 5 this year, there have been 52,361 firearms incidents in the United States, causing 13,139 deaths. The website also states in particular: The annual average of 22,000 suicides in the United States are not recorded in the statistics.

According to Pushkar, chairman of the Russian Federal Council Information Policy Committee, after the massive shooting incident in the United States every month, the United States is not qualified to call himself a “moral leader” and a A sick society should not impose its own will on the world.

“Although people in the church shooting forced the murderer with a rifle, it is absurd and stupid to allow the so-called permission to hold a gun to prevent more casualties,” Jin Chaorong told the Global Times on the 6th that the firearms issue Is a chronic illness in the United States. Actually, this should be solved. However, the role played by the interest groups of the United States and the ideology made the United States very stubborn on the issue of holding a gun. On the 6th, the Global Times reporter said Li Wei, a reporter for the Global Times, said that the U.S. incidents of frequent vicious incidents in recent months have taken place in more than three months (Las Vegas Gun Case, New York Truck Assault, Texas Church gun case) is not directly related, but indirectly related. In addition to the more prominent and sharp contradictions in the United States, there are now rampant international terrorist activities and demonstration and provocative effects on the extremists in the United States. “Failure to effectively control firearms has obviously facilitated such attacks.”

US officials: Texas state shooting does not involve racial factors still 10 people are not out of danger

                    (Original title: There are still 10 of the victims of the shooting incident at the Texas State Church not out of danger)


Xinhua News Agency, U.S. Sutherland Springs, November 6 Texas public security officials said on the 6th that 10 of the wounded in the shooting incident at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, still did not leave their lives Danger.

Texas public security official Freeman Martin told reporters at a press conference that 10 people were still at risk from the shooting incident and the medical staff are trying their best to rescue the victims. The death toll from the shootings is likely to rise again. He also confirmed that the dead of the church shootings ranged in age from 18 months to 77 years.

Martin said the preliminary investigation revealed that the gunman was not reconciled with his mother-in-law and that he had sent a threatening message to her mother the morning of the incident. At present, the police are investigating this family conflict and gunmen motivation. The investigation may last for several days. “It is certain that the shootings do not involve racial elements.”

At a press conference, local law enforcement officials said police found three weapons on the spot, one was a rifle found in the church and the other two It was a pistol found in a gunner’s car. The three weapons were purchased by the gunman himself at various times.

Martin said it is not yet possible to confirm whether a gunman has a gun permit.

Police have confirmed that the gunman who carried out the shooting was named Devon Kelly, aged 26, a white male. He served in the U.S. Air Force, was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment by military tribunals for assaulting his wife and children and was dismissed by the military.

Officials from local law enforcement officials said at a press conference that under normal circumstances, those who were expelled from the army are prohibited from buying and owning weapons. At about 11:20 am local time on the 5th, gunmen in bulletproof vests and black masks opened fire in a church outside Sutherland Springs and inside the church, killing at least 26 people and about 20 People were injured. Police later found gunman dead in his car. Sutherland Springs is located about 300 km west of Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. The population in 2000 shows that there are only 362 people in this small town.

Saudi coalition forces again bombed Yemen’s capital Sanaa five missiles hit the urban area

                    (Original title: Saudi coalition forces again bombing the capital of Yemen, Sanaa five missiles hit downtown embassy destroyed)


According to the Sabah news agency reported by the Husayn Armed Forces in Yemen, the Saudi coalition forces bombed the capital of Yemen on the night of the 6th local time on the night of the 6th. Five missiles hit the urban area, two or three of them hit Saudi Arabia in Yemen Embassy site, the remaining two or three missiles hit the adjacent headquarters of the Special Security Forces in Yemen.

After Yemen was plunged into civil strife again in 2014, the Saudi embassy staff were all evacuated from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, by the end of the year. Subsequently, the coalition forces in Saudi Arabia launched a military campaign against Armenian Yemeni forces and former President Saleh on March 26, 2015. Shortly thereafter, Houthi armed forces entered and occupied the Saudi Embassy’s station in Sana’a.

Trump Japan Bank Admiral advised Abe to buy U.S. arms to intercept North Korean missiles

                    (Original title: Trump Japan Bank closed down, the pressure on trade, but also advised Abe to buy a North Korean missile defense missile)


【Global Times News】 Trump met yesterday with a number of economic circles to meet with Japanese Emperor and his wife, meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and meet with the families of the victims kidnapped by North Korea. Trump held a substantial Japanese trip yesterday. Japan and the United States try to make a big show of love for the outside world. Both sides confirmed through the summit that “maximizing pressure on the DPRK jointly and jointly build the so-called” free and open Indian Ocean-Pacific Ocean. “However, they still can not hide their important differences – Trump criticized Said that the United States is suffering from the trade deficit with Japan all the year round.

Japan’s Kyodo News said on the 6th that Trump’s couple had met the Emperor at the Imperial Palace on the morning of the 6th. This is the first meeting between the two parties, which aims at further narrowing the personal relations between the leaders of Japan and the United States. Trump and 20-minute talks with the emperor “in a good atmosphere”, Trump in particular, showed his love of the palace architecture, praised “This is really a beautiful and comfortable place to live” and asked the emperor “is your design?” Emperor then Condolences on shooting in Texas, USA.

For this meeting, the media talked about the “ritual” Trump displayed. Instead of bowing when he saw the Emperor, he shook his hand nod and gently patted the emperor’s arm when he left. In 2009, Obama bowed to the Emperor when he visited Japan and was criticized by the conservatives in the United States as “too lowly”. Japan’s Jiji Press said that this Trump made an etiquette gesture, trying to show “a relaxed and active way.”

The 6-day U.S.-Japan summit is the highlight of this Trump’s visit to Japan. Japan’s “Daily News” said Abe expressed his support for Trump’s exclusion of military options for the DPRK. At a news conference after the meeting, Trump said the “strategic endurance era” for North Korea is over. Abe said China needs to play a more important role in the peninsula nuclear issue. In response, Hua Chunying, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said on the 6th: “We do not need anyone on the Peninsula nuclear issue to tell us what to do.”

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun said the Trump visit Japan was his fifth meeting with Abe in the past year and Abe has “made progress” in his efforts to develop the personal relations between leaders. Abe also said with satisfaction at the press conference: “There has never been a year when the leaders of Japan, Japan and the United States are so closely linked.”

In the meantime, Trump’s “complex signal” Japan is disturbed. Kyodo News said he met with business people in the U.S. and Japan on the morning of the 6th. He said: “The Japanese market is not fair and there is no opening to the outside world.” “The United States suffers from the perennial trade deficit with Japan.” Trump said: “Japan sold millions of cars to the United States, and virtually none of the cars exported to Japan by the United States.” Trump “expressed his determination” to say “it will be settled through negotiations.” He also denied the U.S. agreement to return to the trans-Pacific partnership. At a press conference in the afternoon, Trump once again called for the establishment of “just, free and mutually beneficial (trade) relations” with Japan.

Trump also linked trade and security issues. The U.S. New York Times said that Trump said if Abe bought a large amount of armaments from the United States, he would “fly” North Korea’s missiles, bring security to Japan and create jobs for the United States. Abe, who stood aside, later said Japan needed the ability to intercept North Korea’s missiles. He also said he would consider buying U.S. armaments.

Another Russian soldier was bombed in Syria! Four Russian reporters were also injured

                    (Original title: Another Russian officers and soldiers were bombed in Syria! 4 Russian reporters were also injured)



overseas online November 7 electric? local time on November 6, Syria, terrorists detonated a remote controlled bomb, wounding five Russian officers and soldiers, in addition, four Russian reporter also injured in explosion .

Trump arrived in South Korea today at noon to play “pay tribute to the commander”

                    (Original title: Trump arrived in South Korea at noon today will be a grand welcome and play “pay tribute to the commander”)

                                   (Source: Yonhap News)

[GlobalNetwork Report] US President Trump, who is making his first visit to Asia after assuming office, will arrive in South Korea on the 7th. According to the Yonhap news agency, Trump and South Korea’s presidential message will be held on the 7th at Cheong Wa Dae for their third Korea-US summit.

It is reported that Trump will fly to South Korea at noon, and the ROK government will release 21 salute gun welcomes. South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kham and his ROK ambassador to the United States Zhao Runji will meet at the airport. Trump’s first visit to South Korea is Humphrey Camp in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do, the largest overseas base of the U.S. military. The South Korean government has borne 92% of the land and construction funds of 10 billion U.S. dollars. At 2:30 p.m. local time, Trump will attend the welcoming ceremony hosted by Wen. In commemoration of the 25th year since the U.S. President paid a state visit to South Korea, the ROK will pay tribute to the marshal as the admission song and will perform for the first time on his return the “President” of his novel. It is understood that foreign heads of state usually visit the ROK is divided into state visits, official visits, work visits and private visits. Different forms of visit, its courtesy specifications are also different. National courtesy visits include courtesy welcoming ceremony, presidential banquet, high-level greeting and farewell ceremony, saluting gun salute and heads of state talks. In a meeting of 46 days, Yin and Trump will again meet each other to hold separate talks and expand talks. The two presidents will reiterate at the talks that the ROK-US alliance will continue to consolidate and have an in-depth exchange of views on pushing for the DPRK’s return to the dialogue. Focus on the revision of the Korea-US FTA and other bilateral economic issues.

After the meeting, Wen and Trump will walk together in the presidential palace. The first ladies of the two countries will enjoy their tea in Changchun. At a subsequent joint press conference, the two presidents will each deliver the results of the talks and accept questions from reporters from both countries.

After the press conference, the presidents and their families of the two countries will attend the 2-hour dinner of the State guests. Over 120 people will be invited to attend the banquet.

Korean media: UNESCO Memory Heritage Center will be located in Korea

                    (Original title: Newsletters: UNESCO Memory Heritage Center to Settle in Korea)


[Global Network] According to Yonhap reported on the 7th, the UNESCO Memory Heritage Center will be located in South Korea.

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