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American cathedral shooting murderer identified 26-year-old served in the Air Force

                    (Original title: United States broke out again murderous shooter murderer served in the Air Force)



US country church shootings murderer Devin Patrick Kelley (Daily Mail)

overseas online November 6 electric u0026 nbsp; November 5, United States A shooting at a church in southern Texas killed 26 people. The identity of the gunmen was subsequently confirmed, the gunman was 26 and was a resident nearby. Its social account information shows that gunmen served in the U.S. Air Force from 2009 to 2013.

Devin Patrick Kelley, a Texas gunboat shooter, is a resident of the New Braunfels neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, married to CBS News.

Local police reportedly searched their homes on Sunday night (5th). Police found all the suspected gunner accounts on a professional social platform. The personal description in the account shows that after the gunmen graduated from high school in 2009 to During 2013, he worked for the United States Air Force and later served as a temporary teacher at the Summer Bible School.

Reported that the gunman had registered a Facebook account and recently released a picture of an AR-15 rifle, but the account has now been deleted.

5.jpg Gunners Release AR-15 Rifle Photos (Daily Mail)

It was previously reported that a shooting incident occurred on the 5th of a church in the Sutherland Springs town of southern Texas in the United States. A local government spokesman confirmed that the shooting killed 26 people and injured many others, ranging in age from 5 to 72. Police shot dead man into church.

2.jpg One eyewitness told the media that a man went into the church around 11.30 a.m. that same day and opened fire on people inside the church.

The worst shooting in Texas history: pregnant women and children in the dead

                    (Former Title: The Most Serious Shooting Case in Texas History: 26 Dead Pregnant Women and Children)


Site map. November 5 local time on the 5th, a shooting incident in a church in Texas, United States, has led to at least 26 people were killed and the murderer was killed. According to foreign media reports, the 14-year-old daughter of the church priest was murdered by the murderer. According to witnesses, pregnant women and children were also included in the victims.

More than 26 people were killed in a surprise attack on the First Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, according to foreign media reports such as the British “Daily Mail.”

In addition to “caught the prince,” he also made these amazing things for Saudi women

                    (Former title: In addition to “clapping the prince,” he also did these “earth-shattering” things for Saudi women)


Robe, headdress, bearded, mansion, gold, raise a lion.

Saudi Arabia, a blingbling oil rich in the eyes of the world, was swept by a sudden anti-corruption storm.

On November 4, 11 princes, 4 current ministers and 11 former ministers were arrested on charges of corruption. This decision was made on the basis of the crown anti-corruption commission established on that day by the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

除了“抓王子” 他还为沙特女性做了这些惊人的事

The 31-year-old thunderstorm “domineering steward” grabbed headlines with Thunder speed.

Since being established as a successor in June of this year, Crown Prince Mohamed led a series of remarkable policy initiatives, most notably “equality for women” in social reforms.

On October 30, the SAFG agreed to allow women to enter the country’s three stadiums from next year to watch the match, the first time in Saudi history that the stadium was open to women.

Saudi Sports General Administration said in a social media that Saudi women can enter the stadiums in Riyadh, Jeddah and Daman to watch matches starting from early next year, calling for the opening of restaurants, cafes and installations for women’s open stadiums Monitor preparation.

Earlier, some media pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s ban on women’s entry into the stadium is a fear of unfamiliar male-female contacts that lead to social moral degradation.

For all people who are familiar with and unfamiliar with Saudi Arabia, “one black and two eyes” constitutes almost a labelized stereotype of Saudi women. In addition, women are not allowed to drive a car and must be accompanied by a male and women can not obtain passports, employment, marriage and travel without the permission of their male relatives.

除了“抓王子” 他还为沙特女性做了这些惊人的事

The good news is that these are being phased out by Saudi “being in fast lane.” Saudi Arabia has been acting more and more recently on the road to equal rights for women. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad is trying to use “open and reform” to lead Saudi Arabia out of the trap of oil resources.

Saudi Arabia looks forward to diversifying its economy and relying on oil revenues by 2030 in the “Vision 2030” economic reform plan released in April last year. One of the major reform programs is to increase the proportion of female labor force from 22% to 30%.

除了“抓王子” 他还为沙特女性做了这些惊人的事

On September 27, a very impressive figure was made on the Twitter account of Volkswagen’s Middle East: two female fists stretched out from a dark black background, and the delicate hand-painted Middle East henna tattoos , Whose posture seems to control an invisible steering wheel.

Simplistic between the punches 赅 wrote: “My turn” (it’s my turn). And Tweets Encouragement: It’s your turn, take the driver’s seat.

除了“抓王子” 他还为沙特女性做了这些惊人的事

Saudi Uber also posted tweets: Being proud to offer special services to women is thrilled with the economic opportunities this historic moment has brought. Obviously, both of these ad tweets touched on September 26: the Saudi government issued a decree on behalf of King Salman and announced that it would allow women to drive by June next year.

除了“抓王子” 他还为沙特女性做了这些惊人的事

There is a lack of resources for public transport in Saudi Arabia and the cost of hiring exclusive drivers is high. For Saudi women who need frequent taxi drivers, allowing them to drive is not just a human rights issue, but also a matter of livelihood.

Removing this grudge will further liberate Saudi women’s productivity and help boost the rejuvenation of Saudi Arabia.

Back in February of this year, all three important financial positions in Saudi Arabia, including the Saudi Stock Exchange Chairman, were headed by women. The “Ceiling” of the financial sector in Saudi Arabia was broken. There are also other women who have held key positions in family businesses.

除了“抓王子” 他还为沙特女性做了这些惊人的事

Foreign media: Former President Gatai and four officials have been conditionally released by Belgium

                    (Original title: former Chairman of GATTA and 4 officials have been conditionally released by Belgium)


1509888047583892.jpg Former Chairman of the Catalonia region, Priceymont. (Data sheet) According to AFP, the Belgian prosecutor said that the former Catalonian government of Spain, Chairman Puig Gemont and four regional officials have been Conditional release. Prior to that, Puigmonte and the four top officials surrendered to local police in Brussels, Belgium. According to earlier reports from overseas network, Puigmonte’s lawyer Beckett told Belgian RTBF television station on November 3: “He (Poymonte) intends to cooperate with the Belgian judiciary and is not prepared to evade the EU arrest warrant. He will Appear in court, and we will defend him. “Pioneer, Spain, after the release of the news that the Spanish National Court Justice Lamela decided on the body of the former Catalan government in Belgium Puy-Gemont and other regional government other Former advisor issued arrest warrant.

The media previously reported that it may take up to 60 days for Puget Sound to be extradited to Spain. In the meantime, the Belgian judiciary may refuse to fulfill if it considers that the Madrid arrest warrants violate fundamental human rights.

At least 26 deadly shooters were reported to be wearing bulletproof vests during a U.S. state shootings

                    (Original title: U.S. state shootings caused 26 death shooters to wear bulletproof vests when committing the crime)


BEIJING, November 6 Xinhua According to foreign media reports, the U.S. governor of Texas Abate on the 5th night on the Sutherland Springs town shooting incident held a press conference. Abbot confirmed that the shootings killed 26 people, including gunmen, and the victims were between the ages of 5 and 72.

The picture shows the local police vehicle parked near the scene of the accident.

Texas 26 Dead Rifle is a Bible study teacher fired by the Air Force three years ago

                    (Original title: Texas State Cathedral burst shooting 26 dead gunmen was actually a Bible study teacher)


People’s Daily News According to a comprehensive report by the Chinese website, the first Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, suddenly fired on Sunday. 26 were killed and 24 were wounded. Witnesses said a man quickly walked into the church and fired at about 11:30 a.m. local time. This church usually has 50 people to attend the event. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the shooting killed at least 26 people.

Texas state shooting town 7% of the population had been killed because of the location of fresh known

                    (Original title: 26-year-old white man made Texas State bloody gun case, incident town 7% of the population died)


得州枪击案小镇7%人口遇难 此前因位置偏鲜为人知 Police blockade near the incident. Oriental IC Figure

According to the Xinhua News Agency, local time on November 5, the United States, Texas, Sutherland Springs town church on the 5th occurred a shooting incident.

AP quoted Texas Governor Greg Abbott as saying that the shooting killed 26 people and became the bloodiest shootout in the state’s history. Local public security officials said the youngest victim of the 5-year-old, the maximum of 72 years old, of whom 23 were killed in the church, two died outside the church, while one was on the way to medical treatment died.

The New York Times quoted two anonymous police officers as saying that the gunman was a 26-year-old white man named Devin Kelley. Texas Senator Henry Cuellar said he got the news from the police that gunmen came from Comal County in the north of the town. The gunman is dead at the moment.

The first Baptist church was the only one-story building in the country. Joe Tackitt, a local sheriff, said a man entered the church at about 11:30 am and fired on the crowd who is attending Sunday service. A staff member at a gas station opposite the church told CNN that about 20 shots were heard at the time.

Texas public security official Tom Vinger said in a statement that gunmen had fled to the town of Guadalupe in the north of the town and were found dead in the car and the current death of the gunman is still being investigated in.

Rep. Cuelle of Texas said that the dead included a pregnant woman and children. An elderly resident in the area interviewed the New York Times saying her daughter-in-law and three grandchildren were shot down. The youngest grandson, who is 5 years old this year, has four bombs on her body and was hospitalized on the night of the 5th. Reuters reported that the 14-year-old daughter of the church minister Frank Pomeroy was also killed.

得州枪击案小镇7%人口遇难 此前因位置偏鲜为人知 People pray after the shooting. Oriental IC Figure

Saudi interception of Yemeni al-Qaeda missile announced closure of port with Yemeni

                    (Original title: Saudi announced declaration of closure with Yemeni land, sea and air ports)


[Global Network reported] Recently, the Saudi military successfully intercepted a ballistic missile launched from Yemen to Riyadh, Yemeni armed forces also confirmed to the outside world. The Associated Press reported on November 5 that Saudi Arabia responded further by announcing the closure of its land, sea and air ports with Yemen. Just a few hours earlier, a Saudi Arabian helicopter crashed on the 5th near the border area of ​​the country near Yemen, killing seven people, including one Saudi prince.

Texas shot dead no Chinese citizens in the report of the casualty reminder to prevent

                    (Former Title: No Shot at Citizens’ Livelihood Report, U.S. Embassy Alert Reminds)


Screenshot from China Consulate in Houston website.

BEIJING, November 6 Xinhua According to the Chinese Consulate General in Houston website, local time at noon on November 5, 2017, shooting occurred in a Christian church in San Antonio, Texas, United States, and now has killed more than 20 people Dozens of people were injured.

The Chinese Consulate General in Houston has paid close attention to the case and has verified and verified the identities of casualties. At present, the Consulate General has not yet received a report of the casualties of Chinese citizens in the shootings. Consulate General will continue to follow up and remind local Chinese citizens to strengthen security precautions.

South Korea plans to issue a top warning order to limit rally during Trump’s visit

                    (Original title: Korean media: South Korea intends to issue the highest level of warning order during Trump’s visit to South Korea)


[Yonhap News] Yonhap News Agency reported on November 6 that according to the South Korean Police Agency on the 5th news, during the visit of U.S. President Trump to the ROK on July 7-8, South Korean police will release the highest-level warning order in the Seoul area “Class A Very relentless “into full alert status.

It is reported that the South Korean police generally reported that “Class A Very Ordinaries” were generally issued during the major national-level events such as foreign leaders conducting state visits to South Korea and presidential elections. During Trump’s visit to South Korea, South Korea’s police will arrange enough emergency forces on duty to ensure foolproof. Police plan to designate Trump’s hotel where the event is to be held as a special security guard zone and exercise traffic control and restrictions on rally activities.

South Korean police said South Korean nationals took the initiative to maintain order and won wide acclaim when holding “candlelight rally” to promote the demotion of Pak. I hope that during the visit of Trump to South Korea, Korean nationals will also be able to exert a mature national awareness.

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