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In front of the headquarters of the interim capital security forces in southern Yemen, an explosion occurred

                    (Original title: Explosion at the gate of the temporary capital security forces headquarters in southern Yemen (photo))



At 7:45 a.m. on the 5th of local time, the security forces in Armenia, the capital of Aden, in the southern capital of the southern province of Aden, bombed the front of the headquarters of the security forces. About half an hour after the explosion, the security forces engaged in a shooting campaign with militants. The construction of the security forces headquarters was damaged in the explosion. As of press time, no casualties have been announced. It is learned that this bombing was an attack against the head of Aden security forces. As the chaos in Yemen persisted, the security situation in Aden, the capital of the south, deteriorated. (CCTV reporter
 Zhang Yuchen)

German tourists were beaten in India only because the local people say hello did not respond

                    (Original title: German tourists were beaten in India because hello did not respond)


德国游客在印度被暴打 只因当地人打招呼他没回应

德国游客在印度被暴打 只因当地人打招呼他没回应

The average annual salary of 330,000! This serious lack of people’s country to recruit 1000000 immigrants

                    (Original title: average annual salary of 330,000! This is a serious shortage of countries, to recruit 1 million immigrants!)


Generally speaking, in a region that can attract more people, the price increase will be bigger. But strange things happened in Canada. There, the real estate bubble and the crisis of population decline coexisted.

According to the report of UBS’s Global Real Estate Bubble Index, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada ranked first and fourth respectively in 2017 on the real estate bubble ranking.

To know that the total population of Canada is only more than 3600 million, in the end what is the reason for the soaring price of sparsely populated countries?

Vancouver has been the relevant departments and local residents that immigrants and foreign investors are speculative The price. However, the contradiction is that the Canadian immigration department also believes that the issue of population aging is a factor that restricts or even threatens the economic development of Canada. Therefore, recently, the Canadian government announced a resettlement plan that will attract about 1 million immigrants in the next three years to “ensure the prosperity of the country.”

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民

According to the World Bank, per capita GDP in Canada was as high as 42,100 US dollars in 2016, surpassing that of Germany and the United Kingdom. Statistics of Canada show that the annual salary per person in Canada’s wage earners is as high as 5 Million US dollars (about 331,000 yuan).

high income and high prices exist, the ability to attract immigrants to Canada do?

aging population, the labor force is not enough, Canada 3 years “enrollment” 100 million immigrants

local time on November 1, the Government of Canada The official website for immigration 2018-2020: In 2018, the number of immigrants to Canada should reach at least 310,000, including economic immigrants, family reunions and refugees, reaching 330,000 and 340,000 respectively in 2019 and 2020.

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民
▲ Source: Government of Canada Website

According to statistics released by Statistics Canada on November 3, 88,700 full-time jobs were created in Canada this October, while 53,400 part-time jobs were reduced at the same time. If you count 112,000 new full-time jobs added in September, the new full-time jobs in September and October this year set a record.

On the one hand, the increase in jobs means rising market demand for labor; on the other hand, the aging population in Canada has led to a shortage of labor.

Canada’s labor force was 6.6 to 1 in 1971 compared with 4.2 to 1 in 2012 and is expected to be only 2 to 1 in 2036. Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Husen said that by 2035, five million Canadians will retire.

Bloomberg estimates that in 2017 Canada’s GDP growth will reach 3%, but in 2019 it may slow to 1.9%. Therefore, the economic data seem to support the Canadian government immigrants “expansion” program. However, some people have raised objections.

The recently published article, “Robotics Will Replace You,” by MotherJones, said that in the next two decades, half of the jobs in developed capitalist countries will be occupied by robots. Therefore, the “expansion” immigrants need not seem significant. According to statistics, nowadays, 75% of Canada’s population growth depends on immigrants and by 2036 it will almost entirely rely on immigrants.

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民

immigration push up house prices and high prices scare immigrants

recent years, Vancouver and Toronto-based major cities housing prices soared, local residents miserable. UBS Wealth Management The 2017 UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index released on September 28 shows that Toronto, Canada is at the highest risk of a real estate bubble, with Vancouver ranking fourth. As a result, the local government and residents will target overseas investors.

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民

▲ Source: UBS 2017 Global Real Estate Index

bubble in order to control prices, in July 2016, Vancouver, British Columbia is located (hereinafter referred to as “BC Provincial”) government launched a New Deal for the property , To overseas real estate investors levied 15% of the additional housing transfer tax. At that time, BC Governor Christy Clark said there was evidence that wealthy investors from overseas went to the real estate market in Vancouver and pushed up housing prices in BC.

Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance, BC, said:

Data collected from us show that foreigners’ investment in BC’s real estate portfolio exceeded C $ 1 billion (about 50.48%) between June 10 and July 14 100 million yuan), of which more than 86% of the investment is invested in the real estate in Vancouver. The government will not sit back and watch the endless increase of house prices.

Among overseas investors, Chinese buyers are seen as pushing hands to raise prices in Vancouver.

Earlier, Peter Routledge, a financial analyst with National Bank of Canada, said in a report that Chinese buyers spent $ 12.7 billion (about $ 64.1 billion) in Vancouver on property purchases in 2015, accounting for the total amount of local property sales 33%.

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民

A few months after the introduction of the tax policy, prices in the Greater Vancouver area did indeed fall. However, the local housing prices have picked up again since 2017, even exceeding the level of last June and July last year.

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民

▲ Photo credit: Greater Vancouver Real Estate Department

Toronto’s property prices soared after the 15% real estate transaction tax in BC was introduced. According to Hurun statistics, from June 2016 to June 2017, Toronto jumped to the first place in the world in terms of house price increase, up by 26%. According to UBS statistics, home prices in Toronto rose 50% in the recent five years. Some people think that this is caused by the transfer of overseas “real estate speculators” from Vancouver to Toronto. However, this argument is not supported by the data. In July this year, the Ontario government in Toronto said that overseas buyers accounted for only 4.7% of all home purchases in the Toronto area in the previous month.

平均年薪33万! 这个严重缺人的国家要招100万移民

Abe pushes Trump to push the sun for two to eat American beef burger photo

                    (Former Title: Abe Lays Trump Push Twitter for Two to Eat American Beef Burger Photos)



Overseas Network November 5
On November 5 local time, U.S. President Trump and his wife Melania arrived in Yokota Air Base in Japan on a “Air Force One” plane and officially began their visit to the five Asian countries. On the afternoon of the same day, Trump and Abe hosted the nine-hole golf on the golf course at the 2020 Olympics and Abe grabbed the photos of the two people on social networking site Twitter prior to Trump.

U.S. officials: China is the future of the United States Let American children speak Chinese

                    (Original title: Senator of the United States: China is the future of the United States, let the American children speak Chinese)


美官员:中国是美国的未来 要让美国孩子讲中文 Delegation members take photo after opening ceremony at Beijing Language and Culture University

【World Wide Web】 “Parents understand that in the 21st century, if a child speaks only one language, it is no different from illiteracy.” Parents We all know that China is the future of the United States, “said a U.S. delegate to the Hanban 2017 Sino-US International Education Study Tour, which is headquartered at Confucius Institute Headquarters. In addition, the delegate of the U.S. delegation to the delegation said: “In the final analysis, the exchange of people is a friendship between people.”

“Both China and the United States Should Play a Leading Role”

Since November 1, more than 10 representatives from the United States have opened their inspection tour in China. Among these U.S. representatives are business representatives, education representatives, media outlets, government officials, and representatives of consulting firms that advise the Trump administration. Moran, head of the delegation and former House MP, said: “When you hear the name of a country, it is actually an abstract concept. But if people in two countries know each other, then we can smile at each other and even more. China and the United States represent the most important countries in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, respectively, so China and the United States should play a leading role in cultural exchange. “

Taking the promotion of Chinese culture in the United States for example, the United States has now Build Confucius Institute 110, 501 Confucius Classroom. From the start-up time of the Confucius Institute (classroom) in the world, the Confucius Institute in the United States is among the earliest. By the end of 2016, 390,000 U.S. students had studied at Confucius Institute in the United States. Between 2009 and 2016, the Confucius Institute Headquarters / Hanban sent 3,400 Chinese teachers and 3,200 volunteer Chinese teachers to the United States. In addition, the Chinese government also set up a Confucius New Sinology Program and also offered Confucius Institute scholarships to American students.

“American people have the same expectations and hopes”

“Our partnership with the Confucius Institute is very important. Although we represent the American public officials consultant, but our own is more a response to the globalization process part of it. Although the forms of government organizations in China and the United States differ from one language to another and the food they eat is different, we all share the same expectation and the same hope. We hope that further cooperation will be achieved not only in Sino-U.S. Relations At the level of this nation-state, we would rather cooperate at the level between the peoples of the two countries, “said Brampton, Provisional Speaker of the Utah Senate.

“I started bilingual teaching as early as 11 years ago and I think there are Chinese lessons in American secondary schools and universities, but the best time to learn Chinese should be in first grade. Now in Utah, students They can learn Chinese in 700 classes in bilingual. “Stephenson, Utah’s senator, also said:” Parents want their children to learn Chinese so that in the future, their children will be able to study in culture, education, business, etc. In cooperation with China. “

” China is the Future of the United States “

Stephenson, who is mainly responsible for the financial work in Utah, not only actively promoted the development of bilingual teaching, but also considered” China as the future of the United States. ” According to the delegate delegation, although the population of Utah accounts for only 1% of the population of the entire United States, the number of bilingual students in Utah exceeds the national average by 25%. The number of bilingual students in Utah benefits from bilingual education programs in the state. The origins of this bilingual project date back to a meeting of Stephenson at a university in Beijing more than a decade ago.

According to Stephenson, 1,000 students from China, Russia and the United States attended the four-and-a-half-day meeting. “I realized at the time that Chinese students were better than students from other countries in terms of knowledge and language skills and I think the United States needs to realize that China is the future of the United States and that we must make the American children speak Chinese and the United States should China carries out cultural and economic communication and cooperation. “In addition to expressing his feelings, Stephenson also mentioned that his son once attended the meeting as a student representative of the United States. Naturally,” he (referring to Stephenson’s son ) Level with Chinese students immeasurably. ”

Multi-State in the United States Launches Bilingual Project

The text says that South Korea-Japan non-union: the comfort women and other unsolved problems in both countries

                    (Original title: In the Yin said South Korea and the United States are the alliance South Korea-Japan non-union: comfort women and other pending issues in both countries)


On 3 November, the presidential text of the Republic of Korea, Yoo In-yin, told AsiaNews that Korea did not need to form a trilateral military alliance with the United States and Japan. Two days later, Cheong Wa Dae made another statement on the relations between South Korea and Japan.

According to the Yonhap news agency reported on November 5 that top presidents of South Korean presidential office Cheong Wa Dae were interviewed by the Yonhap News Agency on the 5th on the phone and said that while the presidential text separately met with the leaders of the United States and Japan during the visit to the United States in September, the United States said that the United States is South Korea Of allies, but Japan is not.

The introduction of the person, then President Trump immediately understood. According to the analysis, the reason why Wen Yinyin made it clear that the South Korea-Japan non-alliance is intended to underline that it can not accept the ROK-US-Japan military alliance required by Japan. In an interview with Singapore’s Asian News Channel (CAN) on the 3rd, Yin Wenyin also said that the reason for the close cooperation between South Korea, U.S. and Japan is that North Korea should act as a nuclear provocation, but it is not desirable to develop into a military alliance between the three countries. According to the analysis, Wen’s words eliminate the worries about China’s relations with South Korea, the United States, Japan or its military alliance and stress that the South Korean-Japanese relations can not be defined as a military alliance in light of the pending issues between South Korea and Japan in the light of the comfort women issue.

In particular, the core of the military alliance is a joint military exercise. During the exercise, the Japan Self-Defense Forces can gain access to South Korean territorial waters and airspace. This is hard to be accepted by the Korean nationals. At the same time, the military alliance may provide the basis for the entry of the Japanese troops into the Korean Peninsula. Or in view of these factors make the above statement.

The list of arrested Saudi officials involved in the announcement of being held in a hotel

                    (Former Title: List of arrested Saudi officials involved in the list of many heavyweights Prince – Xinhua)


Riyadh, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) Saudi Arabia’s news website “Sabah” reported on the 5th that on the 4th the 11 princes arrested for corruption, including the son of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the former National Guard Commander Mitteh Abdullah Al-Ahvalid, the “Middle East richest man,” and other heavyweight princes.

The former chairman of the Gatai Autonomous Region voluntarily turned himself in to the Western government for an independent referendum

                    (Original title: Gatai Autonomous Region Chairman and four former consultants to the Belgian police surrendered)



overseas network November 5, according to the electric Brussels Belgium National Radio reported that Spain was to hunt an international arrest warrant before the main autonomous government of Catalonia 席普伊格蒙特 and four former advisor in Belgium Brussels surrendered to local police. According to earlier reports from overseas network, Puigmonte’s lawyer Beckett told Belgian RTBF television station on November 3: “He (Poymonte) intends to cooperate with the Belgian judiciary and is not prepared to evade the EU arrest warrant. He will Appear in court, and we will defend him. “Pioneer, Spain, after the release of the news that the Spanish National Court Justice Lamela decided on the body of the former Catalan government in Belgium Puy-Gemont and other regional government other Former advisor issued arrest warrant.

The media previously reported that it may take up to 60 days for Puget Sound to be extradited to Spain. In the meantime, the Belgian judiciary may refuse to fulfill if it considers that the Madrid arrest warrants violate fundamental human rights.

Spain’s Procuratorate filed a lawsuit against former government officials in the autonomous region of Catalonia on 30 October accusing them of insurrections and embezzlement of public funds. In the petition, the prosecution asked the court to detain suspects who did not testify in court. Alleged organizational uprising can be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison.

Spain’s Procuratorate Previously Requests for Approval of Global Predecessor Puig Municipality of Catalonia Autonomous Region and Other Four Canadian Regional Officials and Issued International Arrest Orders. In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office also requested the Tribunal to take preventive coercive measures against the former members of the Catalan autonomous government, arresting him and not allowing awaiting trial on bail.

Subsequently, the Spanish National Court subsequently called the dismissal of some 20 Gato Officers, such as Puigmonte, Chairman of the Self-Governing Government, to a formal investigation in Madrid on 2 November. Some former government officials in Catalonia, Spain, have arrived in Spain’s highest court for trial, but Pregman, the former president of the former Central Bank, did not appear in court.

Event Review:

On the very day the Catalan authorities held the “referendum on independence” on October 1, the Spanish Prime Minister, Rajoy, refused to recognize and sent the Spanish National Police to go to the local enforcement authorities. In the meantime, the Spanish central government and the courts have made qualitative “referendums” illegal. On the night of October 3, King Philip VI of Spain condemned the “referendum” of Catalonia illegally and democratically and demanded that the Spanish government ensure that the constitution and order of the rule of law are restored and maintained in Catalonia.

On 10 October, Catalan President Puig de Mont said in a statement that Catalonia will follow the will of the people and become an independent republic. However, he turned a blind eye and immediately suggested that the autonomous regional assembly should suspend the effect of independence in order to start a dialogue. According to the German “Der Spiegel” website reported on October 11, after the formal parliamentary meeting, Pujdemonte and members of the ruling coalition signed a document: the declaration of independence is not yet in force. The statement may be symbolic, because the parliament did not vote on it.

Subsequently, the Spanish government sent a final ultimatum to Pujedmont, the deadline for the local time at 10:00 on the 19th. Pujdemonte did not make a satisfactory statement by the Central Government of Spain by this deadline. After the deadline expires, the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement in the morning of October 19, stating that as the leader of Catalonia refused to explicitly annul the results of the “referendum on independence,” the Spanish government is ready to take over the ownership of semi-autonomy Catalonia.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Catalan Parliament voted to declare independence from Spain. On the evening of the 27th, Spain’s Prime Minister Rajoy, who delivered a televised speech to declare the independence of Catalonia illegally, has already decided to dissolve the government of Catalunya and lift Pujdemont, the chairman of Catalonia’s autonomous region.

Prime Minister Rajoy of Spain said: “This is a sad day when Catalonia ignores the overall interest of Spain. Catalonia declared independence today (27th) and I will announce such an action I have taken preliminary steps in response to the latest situation in Catalonia: It has been decided to dismantle the Government of Catalonia and to lift the mandate of the municipality’s Chairman Puig de Monte; the ministerial officials of the Spanish Government will Undertake the power of the Catalan government. “He also said the dissolution of the Catalan Parliament, and called for the December 21 election.

On the 28th, the Spanish government formally took over Catalonia and released top leaders from the region by issuing a public announcement. The BBC reported that the official announcement issued by the Spanish government shows that control of Catalonia has been handed over to Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya
 Saenz de Santamaria). Earlier, the most senior Catalan police officer was also denied power.

Iran: The resignation of Prime Minister Li is a plot planned by Riyadh and Washington

                    (Original title: Iran: Prime Minister Li resign is a plot planned by Riyadh and Washington)


On the 5th of local time, Iran’s Supreme National Security Council secretary Ali Shamkhani said in an interview with Iranian state television that the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri is a plot plotted by Riyadh and Washington.

At least 5 people were killed and 15 were injured in a suicide attack in northern Iraq

                    (Original title: Five people were killed in suicide attack in northern Iraq – Xinhuanet)

                                   Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, November 5 (Reporter Wei Yudong) Iraqi police said on the 5th that the suicide attack in Kirkuk on the northern part of the country had killed at least 5 people and wounded 15 others.

A police source told Xinhua that in the afternoon on the 5th of Kirkuk city center, two attackers detonated bombs near the local branches of Shi’ite militia “People’s Mobilization Organization.”

According to the source, at least five people have been killed in the blast and 15 others were injured, the number of casualties may rise.

No one has claimed that the attack was ever made.

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