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Park Geun-hyeon said his detention environment is very bad: every year people die if they are not cured

                    (Original title: Park Geun-hyeon accused of detention environment is very harsh Korean media: Every year, some people die)



overseas online October 24 electric u0026 nbsp; Recently, former South Korean President Park Geun-hye Service group mobilization of international law, claiming that “human rights violations suffered in detention” and said the United Nations would (UN) Human Rights Council Ask this question. Some analysts believe that at a time when the United Nations is about to conduct a regular survey on the human rights situation in South Korea next month, the move aims to put pressure on the South Korean government and launch a “sympathetic opinion war” to the international community. According to the “Korea National Daily News” message, South Korean Ministry of Justice countered on the 18th that “the relevant laws and regulations apply without exception to Park Geun-hye, there is no possibility of violating human rights.”

According to the CNN, on October 17 local time, the media won an exclusive draft of the “Report on the Human Rights Conditions of Park Geun-hye,” from the MH Group of the International Legal Group under Park Geun-hye. In the document, the MH Group asserted that “ Park Geun-hye lives in a dirty and cold cell and has been turning on the lights at night, unable to sleep “. The paper also argues that “Park Geun-hye is suffering from low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knees and shoulders, rare adrenaline abnormalities and disorders such as malnutrition, but there is no evidence that she has received appropriate treatment.”

1508807741135650.jpg CNN Report Screenshot

Park Geun-hye can only sleep on the ground every day?

According to the “Korea National Daily News”, MH Group will officially release this draft and submit it to the UN Human Rights Council. MH Group said during the United Nations regular survey of the human rights conditions in South Korea next month, it will raise the issue of Park Geun-hye’s health problems and delay the detention of detention. It is reported that, last month, MH Group published the same idea in the “Korea Daily”.

For the MH Group’s claim, the Korea Bureau of Justice Correction Bureau retorted that “contrary to the controversy over the” special detention of detention centers “in South Korea, the claim of human rights violations is not in accordance with the facts.” For CNN reports that “sleep on the ground,” the South Korean Ministry of Justice said that “although the United States is based on a bed facility, all South Korean detainees sleep on mattresses with warm floors and Does not pose any problem “.

In addition, the Korean Ministry of Justice also said that because of Parkinson’s expressed waist pain, they were additionally provided mattresses and allowed to use medical aids. Regarding the report that “night is brightly lit,” the South Korean Ministry of Justice explained: “In order to manage and protect detainees, only one of the three lights in the nighttime room was turned on and the brightness of the lighting was lowered to the extent that observers could observe the detainees “.

It has been reported that, regardless of personal treatment of Park Geun-hye, most of the correctional facilities, including the detention center in Seoul where she was held, are outdated and have, on average, more than 20 people died of imprisonment each year in the recent 5 years. Detention It is difficult to avoid the fact that the medical environment has been criticized.

Referred to as “emperor-like custody”

Foreign media: Philippine announced the end of Malawi operations said the terrorists were wiped out

                    (Original title: Foreign media: Philippine announced the end of combat operations in Malawi, said the terrorists were wiped out “reference information” official website)


外媒:菲宣布结束马拉维作战行动 称恐怖分子被全歼_《参考消息》官方网站

On the 23rd of October in the northern Philippine city of Clarke, Philippine Defense Minister Lorenzana addressed the media. Philippine Secretary of Defense Lorenzana said on the 23rd in the northern Philippine city of Clarke that the government forces have completely cleared the fighters inside Malawi city in the southern Philippine city and the local combat operations have been officially ended.

According to foreign media reports, Philippine Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana said on the 23rd that the southern city of Malawi, the last batch of “Islamic State” (IS) -related armed The elements have been killed and the siege of up to five months to Malawi has been announced.

According to the report of DKS on October 23, Lorenzana told reporters at the meeting of regional defense ministers held in Clarke: “There are no militants in Malawi.”

He said that the last batch of militants are desperation , And was completely killed in a military raid.

The Japanese cabinet agreed to invite Trump to Japan to hold the summit of the two countries

                    (Original title: Japan’s cabinet agreed to invite Trump to Japan to hold summit talks between the two countries)

                                   According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government agreed on the 24th of this month’s cabinet meeting that U.S. President Trump be invited to pay a three-day official visit to Japan from November 5 to November 7. .

Data Figure: US President Trump.

Eleven climbers were killed in an avalanche in a mountain in Mongolia. Seven were missing

                    (Original title: An avalanche occurred in a mountain in Mongolia 10 climbers died in seven missing)

                                   According to French media reported on October 23, the Mongolian state aid department said on October 23 local time, 10 climbers ignored the ban to climb the Mount Otgontenger in Mongolia, unfortunately Died in an avalanche, while seven others were still missing.

Japan Cabinet Agreed to Invite Trump to Japan The two heads of state will hold talks

                    (Original title: Japan’s cabinet agreed to invite Trump to Japan to hold summit talks between the two countries)

                                   According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government agreed on the 24th of this month’s cabinet meeting that U.S. President Trump be invited to pay a three-day official visit to Japan from November 5 to November 7. .

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Hawking’s first public 24-year-old doctoral dissertation Cambridge server was paralyzed

                    (Original title: Hawking first public 24-year-old doctoral dissertation, Cambridge University server was paralyzed)


Are you, too, curious, how did he treat black hole theory when Stephen Hawking was not a PhD?

Now, the question is answered. On October 23 local time, Hawking, the 75-year-old famous physicist, announced that his doctoral dissertation written in 1966 and 24 was uploaded to the University of Cambridge public database for download.

This is the first time Hawking has opened a dissertation to the public. Through a public paper, Hawking hopes to help inspire the public’s interest in the space and share their research results.

This essay entitled “Properties of the Universe” contains 134 pages. In the essay, Hawking challenges the existing theory of gravitation using the expansionary theory of the universe, in the belief that galaxies can not be formed due to the early perturbations. Hawking also provided a model of gravitational radiation and expansion, indicating that time-space singularity is “unavoidable.”

Sounds jerky, though, the public is still curious about the legendary master of physics. Cambridge University said that Hawking decided to open the essay after downloading, in less than 24 hours, this article has been downloaded nearly 60,000 times. This also led to the University of Cambridge server was paralyzed, those who visited Cambridge Web site users may find that the Web site to open slower than usual, or even temporarily unable to open.

“I want to inspire people all over the world to look to the stars instead of just looking at their feet, asking them to know where we are in the universe and trying to understand the universe, not only my research but It is every great, exploratory research that should be free and unhindered for anyone to access anywhere in the world. “Hawking wrote:” Every generation stands on the forebears On the shoulders, like my young PhD studies in Cambridge, inspired by Newton, Maxwell and Einstein, “Hawking explains the opening of the essay.

霍金首次公开24岁时博士论文 剑桥服务器一度瘫痪

Hawking Articles Screenshots

霍金首次公开24岁时博士论文 剑桥服务器一度瘫痪

Hawking handwriting: “This paper is my original work.”

The shooting incident near San Francisco in the United States has caused 2 deaths and more injuries

                    (Original title: Sudden shooting near San Francisco, the United States has resulted in more than 2 casualties)

                                   According to Xinhua English Twitter, on Monday (23 August) local time, a shooting squad near San Francisco in the United States has resulted in two people were killed and many others wounded.

According to reports by CBS, the shooting took place in Lake County, some 145 kilometers north of San Francisco. After the shootings, police seized 61-year-old suspect Alan Ashmore (Alan) for two counts of murder and weapons assault
Ashmore arrested. Authorities are investigating this seemingly random motive for the shootings.

How fast is China developing? Foreign netizens: I can get lost in two months after returning from business

                    (Original title: How fast is China’s development? Foreign netizens: will be lost after returning from business in two months)



Overseas Network October 24 High-speed Rail, Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Payment In recent years, China’s “transcripts” have attracted worldwide attention. So, in the eyes of foreigners, China’s development in the end how fast? Recently, Quora, the famous American Q u0026 A platform, has caused such a heated discussion among foreign netizens. As for China’s development, foreign netizens also gave a nearly unanimous response.



who has recently been to China two years of US users Larry Park sighed and said:. “China’s pace of development and incredibly crazy” Larry said humorously: “You may be difficult to see in other countries There are so many changes in two years, but in China, if you leave an urban city for two or three years and return there again, you may get lost because Chinese buildings, streets, shopping malls, etc., all things The changes never stopped, and 20 years ago their train was slower than the United States, when it took 12 hours from Beijing to Shanghai, but now it takes only 4 hours to get on the high-speed rail. “


Larry went on to talk about My Hometown: “I lived in California for 20 years and saw few changes except for a few new apartments. Many cars are driving, but the highway is bumpy, and I’m curious why the government is not investing in repairs or rebuilding new roads. “Larry, who lives in Los Angeles, says downtown Los Angeles is old and buildings are disreputable, at least behind China 30 years. Hotels near Los Angeles Airport have been aged 30 to 40 years, but have never been new buildings. The city center has only one of the tallest buildings just completed and is invested by Korean companies. In addition, there will be three to four new Chinese developers invest in the construction of new buildings.


“Enjoy when you’re in the center of any city in China where there are many shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters and you know that it’s very, very safe.” Larry believes that compared to the United States, China The safety index is very high, a girl walking in the street late at night, do not need to consider safety issues. “In the United States, who dares to do this? Anyway, I can not.”


Turning to China’s development, another American netizen William Regan, who has lived in China for nearly seven years, may have more say. William used the phrase “almost crazy fast” to describe the pace of China’s development. “I come from the United States and, of course, compare China’s development with my own hometown.”


The same feeling as Larry, William Said that he returned to his hometown in the United States after two years and found that all the stores were still the same, with no major changes. “But in China, I still remember that when I worked in Guangzhou for three months and returned to Zhuhai, it was almost impossible for me to identify the streets where I lived previously.”


In China, new buildings like Mushroomed in the city. “Everything in China is surprisingly fast compared to the United States, and new buildings are coming in a few months.” William exclaimed, “The pace of change is really crazy.”


Han proposed airport plastic surgery hospital doctor: Be careful patient eyelid collapse

                    (Original title: Han proposed airport plastic surgery hospital doctor: Be careful patient double eyelid line collapse)


Overseas Network October 24, South Korea seems to be “shaping the image of the country,” the image of the end. Recently, South Korea’s Incheon Airport came out in January next year, put into use Terminal 2 transfer area set up plastic surgery hospital. However, this immediately led to many opposition. Yonhap questioned, is it like to make passenger a double eyelid surgery by the way? Doctors group pointed out that immediately after the flight, affected by the pressure difference, the suture is likely to collapse within the machine.

PYH2016013103210001300_P4_副本.jpg Incheon airport transfer area

Yonhap and other media reported on the 24th, South Korean National Land Transportation Committee under the common Democrats Kang Hoon-sik from the information Incheon International Airport Corporation acquired display, Incheon airport project in the second navigation On the west side of the 3rd floor tax exemption zone of the station building, there is an orthopedic hospital of about 240 in scale.

Every year, Korea has a large number of “medical tourists”, most of whom are dedicated to shaping Korea. It is reported that a total of 364,000 foreign patients went to Korea last year, an increase of 22.7% over the same period last year. Among them, 48,000 (11.3%) received consultation on plastic surgery. Korean media said that tourists from China and Japan are especially keen to receive treatment in plastic surgery and dermatology in Korea.

It is reported that if a plastic surgery hospital is successfully stationed in Incheon International Airport, tourists will not need to enter Korea and will undergo plastic surgery only when they transit at Incheon International Airport. Incheon Airport believes that this “new concept” service can not only maximize the attraction of foreign patients but also enable a substantial increase in the number of transfer passengers.

Chinese hybrid rice makes Nepal farmers happy: double crop doubled income

                    (Original title: Chinese hybrid rice to Nepal farmers tasted the sweetness)


中国杂交水稻让尼泊尔农民欣喜:收成倍增 收入翻番 Local farmers who have a good harvest. Xinhuanet Figure

Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu October 23 news, 50-year-old Nepalese farmer Bimala in the Kathmandu Valley “rice city” planted nearly 20 years of rice, this year is her happiest year .

“I really do not know how to tell you how happy I am now, and this year’s rice harvest will have to be several times more than last year.” Outside her own paddy field, outside Bimala can not hide his excitement.

For many years, Pimara has been planting local rice at home and has been changing every year because of poor yields. But this year she experimented with Chinese hybrid rice, which is expected to increase to 460 to 600 kilograms per mu. This means her income will triple.

On the 23rd, experts from Yuan Longping Agricultural Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., officials of the National Agricultural Research Council of Nepal and more than 20 peasants from other regions came to visit the hybrid rice experimental field in Pimara to share her joy.

According to the exchange of letters signed by the Chinese and Nepalese governments in April 2015, China is undertaking the project of assistance to Nepal in agricultural technology cooperation. Among them, hybrid rice and maize variety trials and demonstration promotion, hybrid rice breeding and seed production is an important part.

Zhang Xiaohui, head of the project team of Aini agricultural technology cooperation, told reporters that from February 2016, he led four other senior agricultural experts to select several rice and corn planting sites in many areas such as Kathmandu and Chitwan . More than a year of testing showed that hybrid rice and corn in China performed well.

The 59-year-old peasant Rivati ​​also participated in the 23rd Observation Meeting. Rivaiti came from Galleparang Choc County, near Kathmandu, and he also participated in the trial of hybrid rice.

“This year my rice production in our farmland is four times that of last year and my income has more than quadrupled. This is something that our generation never dared to think. The Chinese rice variety is really a gift!”

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