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Indian media: India has evacuated nearly 10,000 soldiers from the Sino-Indian border

                    (Original title: India: India has evacuated nearly 10,000 soldiers from the Sino-Indian border)

                                   Indian Soldier.

印度士兵.jpg Indian Soldier. (Source: India Today)

Overseas Network, November 4 According to press reports, nearly 10,000 additional soldiers deployed by India in the Ladakh region near the Sino-Indian border during the confrontation between China and India, , Now evacuated.

More than 300,000 Central American immigrants are no longer in need of protection or repatriation

                    (Original title: Us more than 300,000 Central American immigrants no longer need protection or repatriation)

                                   According to foreign media reports on the 4th, the U.S. State Department said more than 300,000 immigrants from Central America and Haiti no longer need special protection status and opened the door to the possibility of repatriation. Earlier, outsiders are speculating that whether the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will update the immigrants’ temporary protection status (TPS) next week.

US media quoted sources as saying that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson informed Homeland Security Agency Acting Minister Elaine Duke on October 31 that the economic, security and other conditions of the homeland of these immigrants have been improved. There is no longer an urgent need to stay in the United States.

In this regard, DHS did not immediately respond to the request for comment. According to procedural rules, the Department of Homeland Security should seek the advice of the State Council when making decisions on immigration status.

Six cadaver victims’ cues were found in 9 bodies in Kanagawa, Japan

                    (Original title: 9 corpses in Kanagawa, Japan: 6 clues of victim’s identity were found)


[Global Network] A Japanese woman in late October after the disappearance of a big case, police found 9 were intercepted corpses, 27-year-old man Shiroishi Shiro (hereinafter referred to as Whitestone) was arrested on suspicion of abandoning the body . On the 4th, the police found six clues to the victim’s identity in the case.

On the 4th, Japan’s Kyodo News Agency learned through an interview with a panel team from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Takao Police Station that on the 4th of this week, Japan’s Kyodo News Agency found clues about six women’s identities in and around Baise Stone Residence.

These clues include a wave of identification cards and cell phone messages that reflect their identity. A 23-year-old woman from Hachioji, Tokyo, who recently disappeared, and a high school girl from Saitama are also among the clues.

The panel disclosed that 5 people debit cards and “Suica” of East Japan Railway Company (JR East Japan) were found at Whitehead Residence and 2 people were confirmed in the surroundings (1 of them includes In the above 5) mobile phone wave information. The task force will ask relatives to provide DNA for identification.

Whitehead said some women “attacked” after relaxing for a drink or taking a sleeping pill. Police found sleeping pills in the room.

Personal belongings, such as wallets and clothing, are said to have been thrown away. After the on-site verification, in addition to 7 pairs of shoes and 5 bags, but also found machetes and files.

Japan sub-corpse suspects have hinted that users have killed more than people: always sharpening

                    (Original title: Japanese sub-corpse suspects have hinted that users have killed more than people: always sharpening)


QQ截图20171104165820.jpg Suspect’s domicile.

Overseas Network, November 4 On the spotting of 9 intercepted corpses in an apartment in Kanagawa Prefecture on October 31, Japanese media learned from relevant parties on the 4th that the suspect, Shiroishi Shirakawa, was arrested before In mid-October, she told a 20-something woman who met on Twitter that she had “done many times and is estimated to have sentenced her to death”, suggesting the killing of many people.

Kyodo News Agency reported on the 4th, Tokyo Police Department Gauteng Police Station Taskforce believes that Whitehead allegedly planned to kill 9 people and discarded the corpse was cut off, is to promote the investigation. So far, the survey found that Whitehead opened an account titled “Shangshi” on Twitter in September and made separate contacts with several women who said they had suicidal intentions. It is learned that Baishi explained in detail to one of the women who started to contact from October that “it will not help euthanize before understanding each other,” “let each other die within 30 minutes after meeting,” and “one person a week.” It also uses expressions that seem to imply cadaveric handling, saying that knives “blunt after cutting fat and must be ground frequently.” Semi-doubtful women asked worriedly, “Do not quite understand, are you all right?”, Whitehead replied “because there is no evidence, do not know what will happen.” It is reported that the woman never met with Whitehead, each other do not know each other’s accommodation and real name, only to contact the nickname. In late October, Whitehead wrote: “It’s such a thing that can not be easily caught”, “It’s been 3 months.” He also wrote that the arrested man had been detained for writing novels and other content.

On the other hand, in respect of the identity of the 9 dead, a total of 5 persons including debit card and bus card of East Japan Railway Company have been found at the suspect’s residence. In the periphery, two people (one of them is included in the above five people) were confirmed to have their cell phone information. The task force will ask relatives to provide DNA for identification.

The two hot topics discussed by President Trump for the first time in China are the most concerned issues

                    (Original title: Trump’s visit to China, these two issues most concerned about)


The schedule for the first trip to China by U.S. President Trump is set. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang announced on the 2nd that at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, will pay a state visit to China from November 8 to November 10.

特朗普首次访华,这两大热点议题最受关注 Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website

in agenda-setting we are more concerned about respect, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai told foreign media interview that the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and China-US economic and trade issues and other hot issue in among them. At the same time, he said he will receive the visit according to the specifications of “state visit +”.

特朗普首次访华,这两大热点议题最受关注 Image by Pixabay

How to talk about North Korea nuclear issue? Hundred Days plan to implement how? What is “+” after “state visit +”?

Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of China Institute of International Studies, told CNN Newswire that he is looking forward to further communication and exchange between the leaders of China and the United States and shows that the two countries, as the largest in the world, The mature and forward-looking vision of the two economies in handling the inter-relations proves to the world that China and the United States can cooperate. “Such signaling is good news for the world because the world can not afford the evil consequences of Sino-American relations.”

Are the 100-day Plans in place? According to the data from the Ministry of Commerce, as of 2015, the bilateral trade between China and the United States has increased from over 2 billion U.S. dollars at the beginning of the establishment of diplomatic relations to nearly 5600 billion U.S. dollars. “The biggest bright spot in the development of Sino-U.S. Relations is the close economic and trade relations. From such an increase in trade volume, it can be seen that it must be a win-win cooperation,” said Nguyen. So, this Trump’s visit to China, the focus of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries what is the point? According to Zhao Ping, director of the International Trade Research Department of the CCPIT Research Institute, the U.S. interest in China is more about the RMB exchange rate issue, and the United States also hopes to further expand its exports to China so as to further reduce the trade deficit. “Since Trump has been campaigning for so far, he has always been concerned about the trade deficit with the United States.”

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2016, the total deficit in the U.S. trade in goods hit 755 billion U.S. dollars. Among them, the U.S. trade deficit with China reached 347 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 46% of the total U.S. trade deficit. “This is mainly because the United States has adopted a policy of excessive intervention in high-tech fields to restrict the export of high-tech products to China.” Zhao Ping said he expects Trump’s trip to make more concessions in the export of hi-tech products so as to So that China and the United States will jointly benefit from the trade. In addition, Zhao Ping also believes that from a Chinese perspective, he hopes the United States can further expand its import of services to China so as to promote the development of China’s trade in services. However, I think what the United States should do first is to bring the achievements of the ‘Hundred-day Plan’ project in China as soon as possible and transform the existing commitments into a real trade liberalization. As a result, Make the trade between China and the United States more balanced. ”
Zhao Ping said that China has fulfilled its promise under the Hundredthousand-Year Plan and allowed the import of U.S. beef. However, it is clear that the U.S. side has not made any substantive progress. From a negotiating point of view, China is full of sincerity and the U.S. apparently lags behind committed to. Therefore, it is relatively easy to place the existing achievements on the ground and take less time, which also reflects the sincerity of the United States in its negotiations with China. In an interview, Cui Tiankai said: China’s position on the North Korean nuclear issue is clear and consistent. It insists on advancing the process of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and resolutely maintains the peace on the Korean Peninsula. Stable, and advocate the peaceful settlement and solution of the issue through dialogue and consultation. This position of the Chinese side will not change nor be questioned. It is imperative for all parties to work together to resume dialogue and negotiations and refrain from any action that will lead to the escalation of tensions. If left unchecked, the situation on the peninsula will become increasingly dangerous. All parties should have a sense of urgency about this.

“After Trump’s visit to China, it is impossible for the two sides to work hard on either side of the DPRK or the economic and trade issues,” said Ruan Zongze further explaining that the United States hopes that China will work on the Korean Peninsula issue There are more so-called “acts” on it that take responsibility. However, China will also repeatedly stress to the U.S. that dialogue and consultation are the solution to the problem. In particular, as the United States now increases its “big muscle” in northeast Asia for military deployment, such an emphasis by China is necessary.

Ruan Zongze said that to further strengthen the communication and understanding on the issues between China and the United States can actually be understood as one of the results of this visit. Because China advocates solving by peaceful means, more requests from the U.S. side and, more importantly, its engagement with North Korea is also what the UN Security Council demanded.

What is + State Visit +?

A state visit as a visit of the head of state to the invitation of the heads of state of other countries. Reception specifications are very formal, usually including reading the guard of honor, formal talks, host state banquet. However, the “state visit +” mentioned in Cui’s remarks means that there will be special arrangements in addition to the prescribed actions. In the end “+” what? What is the special meaning of such an arrangement? Yu Fangping photo

Lebanon’s Prime Minister announced his resignation accusing Iran of interfering in Arab affairs

                    (Original title: Resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri)

                                   According to the ABC report on the 4th, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced that he will resign as Prime Minister and accused Iran of interfering in Arab affairs.

In December 2016, the Lebanese President confirmed the new government member headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Stunned! The President of Venezuela stole the pie in a televised live broadcast

                    (The original title: stunned glasses! President of Venezuela actually steal pie in the national television speech broadcast)


Take a look at the news and news. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported that Maduro made a speech at the presidential residence on November 2 local time. Maduro made a speech on this scene for the entire nation People surprise things.


Madulu stopped when I was halfway to speech, looked around, seemed to evade the lens, and he ate the meat-filled burrito from the drawer under the desk. After eating, he continued to talk if nothing had happened. During this period, the photographer seems to have also taken a moment to move the camera, but the whole process is still completely played out.


Russian and U.S. Heads to Meet Separately During APEC? Trump: Putin is Important

                    (Original title: Putt wants to meet again? Trump: Putin is important)



[Pute to meet again? Trump: Putin Is Important] On the 3rd, the Russian Kremlin said Russia is discussing with the U.S. authorities to arrange for the heads of state of the two countries to meet individually during the next APEC informal leadership meeting next week. U.S. President Trump said on the evening of 2 that he may meet with Russian President Putin during the Danang meeting. “Putin is very important,” because on the Korean Peninsula, Syria, Russia “can help us.” The United States and Russia have to “talk about Ukraine.”

CIA released bin Laden’s death seized documents to save a large number of game movie animation

                    (Original title: Vientiane | CIA released bin Laden’s death seized documents, the truth staggering …)


Mentioning bin Laden, many people think of al Qaeda leaders and planners of “9/11” terrorists, hostage-taking and beheadings …

On May 1, 2011, this book · Bin Laden was shot dead in the “Beheadings” of the Navy SEALs –

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫

At that time, the U.S. military assaulted him and took away his hard drive and a lot of related information …

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫

Recently, the CIA published nearly 470,000 documents seized during the year, including his personal diary, 18,000 documents, 79,000 audio and image materials, and more than 10,000 video sources, of which Includes presentations and promotional videos for terrorist organizations.

Surprisingly, there are still some animated films, computer games and movies on his computer except for a beheading of the U.S. hostages. Here is a partial list of bin Laden’s videos. Next –

Anime: Naruto, Cat and Mouse, Racing Story, The Storm Riders: The Evil Duel, The Little Ant Chivalry, The Ice Age 3, Batman : Gotham Knight, “” chicken Little, “” cow Story “

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲ Hong Kong animated film” Storm Rider: evil showdown “

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲” Naruto “posters

7_89 456_36_65473_9 CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲ “cat and mouse” game

categories: “Final Fantasy 7”, “Resident Evil”, “Animal Crossing,” “Grand Theft Auto”

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲ “Final Fantasy 7”

Documentary: “Where is Osam bin Laden?” “Biography Channel: Osam bin Laden”, “CNN: The World’s Most Wanted”, “CNN: Follow Ben · The Track of the Bhutan, “National Geographic: The Deadly Weapon.”

Movies: Iron Curtains, Three Musketeers

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫

Not only do he like to love animation, he still loves to watch documentaries, and he does not know how he looks when “Osama bin Laden is in the end.”

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲ “Osam bin Laden in the end Where “poster

In addition, the planner of the” September 11 “incident has even chased a film titled” Loose Change 9.11 “:

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫

Amount … Bin Laden may be a bit of a narcissistic person who even has so many documentaries and films featuring himself.

CIA revealed that in addition to some of these materials have not been announced, include a number of documents and files related to pornography, copyright protection and the threat to national security.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said: “The al-Qaeda letters, videos, audio files and other materials released today will give the American people a better understanding of the plan and operation of this terrorist organization. “

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲ Osama bin Laden

some people may not know, Osama bin Laden like kung fu, is a fan of Bruce Lee, had to follow a Master of Taiwan learned judo –

CIA公布拉丹死亡时查获文件 保存大量游戏电影动漫 ▲ this · Bin Laden (right) learn judo photos

He did not dare to report that the Western media won an important lawsuit for the Chinese overseas

                    (Original title: He won an important foreign lawsuit for all Chinese, but the western media did not dare to report …)


Today, in Australia, a leading media called The Herald Sun poses a “Correction Statement” that is of short length but of great significance to Chinese in Australia and even to the world Chinese in a corner of the third edition of the newspaper. …

他为华人在国外赢了个重要官司 西方媒体却不敢报

In this Statement, this newspaper published several articles that denigrated and defamed the Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo of the past year, speculating that he is the newspaper that China has sent to infiltrate Australia’s “spies” and “secret agents.” , Actually undermining their arrogant skulls, desperately denying that they absolutely did not suggest that Mr. Huang was a Chinese “spy” and “agent” and did not believe he was trying to infiltrate or damage Australia’s interests, nor did he consider these statements to be real. The reason why Geng Zhungeng thinks this little “corrective statement” is of great significance to all of our global Chinese people because of the current rise of China is causing strong anxiety and anxiety in the western countries like Australia. However, Because they do not want the international order and rules that they used to be changed by the mighty China.

As a direct result of these “restlessness” and “anxiety,” as in Australia, for example, people in Australia, whether Chinese or immigrants from overseas Chinese, as long as they have had contact with the Chinese authorities, or even just Some positions and opinions that support the Chinese government will be regarded by some media and even some politicians in these countries as “spies” and “secret agents” who “infiltrate and harm” their national interests and “interfere in” the internal affairs of their country.

他为华人在国外赢了个重要官司 西方媒体却不敢报

In fact, in the past 2-3 years, the well-known overseas Chinese such as the Australian businessman Huang Xiang-mo have been discredited on many occasions. Last year, the Herald Sun newspaper released several articles in a row in September, implying that Mr. Wong, who had been living and working in Australia for many years, was a “spy” sent by the Chinese government to “interfere in Australian politics.” The reason Just having some of his business in China, having had contacts with some Chinese officials and his campaign to sponsor some Australian politicians and political parties, there is simply no evidence of any correlation between the three.

Therefore, the “Correction Statement” of Today’s Herald Sun not only gives a clear account of Mr. Huang’s innocence, but also gives those who today are still smearing Chinese overseas Chinese and even foreign students and businessmen into “Chinese spies “Australian media and politicians slap in the face, fully exposed that they themselves actually do not believe in those reports of the sneering of those satirical facts.

他为华人在国外赢了个重要官司 西方媒体却不敢报

▲ The picture shows the last year, “Herald Sun” defamation of yellow to ink coverage

However, what is, so this year is also very arrogant Australian media, suddenly Mr. toward ink yellow “clarification” from today The truth?

It turned out that after being vilified and slandered by the media, Mr. Huang did not choose silence and forbear. Instead, he bravely took legal weapons to defend himself. After some positive preparations, he took the newspaper directly to court on September 20 this year.

Here it is necessary to explain to everyone that although we all know that litigation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, litigation is also especially costly in Western developed countries such as Australia. Especially in the face of media defamation case, a lawsuit down will often need hundreds of thousands or even millions of expenses. Therefore, this also led many Western celebrities to be “black” even by the media. As long as each other’s mistakes are not particularly low and obvious, they generally choose to forbear – not to mention the Chinese group. So, we can imagine Mr Wong this time in order to defend themselves and even the reputation of many Chinese in Australia, I am afraid they also hit a lot of hard-earned money.

But fortunately, in the face of sufficient evidence, the underprivileged Herald Sun finally proposed mediation at the end of October and today we have the clarification statement we all see. Although HUANG Xiang-Mo has today demonstrated how overseas Chinese in counteratting certain media and political forces in such Western countries as Australia discredit and slander us, but for more ordinary overseas Chinese, their way of safeguarding their rights It is not flat.

Because of the factors that have plagued them, aside from money, time and effort, they are also facing the collective “blockade” of Australian rights activists.

Of course, hardly any of the mainstream English media in Australia today reports the fact that “The Herald Sun” clarified the facts for Huang Xiangmo and clarified that he was not a Chinese spy. Google search engine is still given the result of those discredited his article … …

他为华人在国外赢了个重要官司 西方媒体却不敢报

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