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South Korea starting trial “euthanasia law” at the age of 19 can be decided in advance

                    (Original title: South Korea starting trial “euthanasia law” at the age of 19 can be decided in advance)


South Korea’s “Asian Economy” quoted South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare 22, said from October 23 to January 15 next year, will try the “life-saving medical decision law” (also known as “euthanasia law”), the final patient can decide Whether to continue life-sustaining treatment.

Life-long medical care refers to the treatment that is used solely to sustain vital signs in a medically dead end-patient who has been determined to have no cure.

Starting from next February, if the attending physician and one of the experts in the field judge from the medical point of view that the patient is on the verge of termination and hopeless cure is available, the patient can decide on whether to accept cardiopulmonary resuscitation , Hemodialysis, anti-cancer and respirators 4 kinds of life-sustaining treatment.

Provided that the patient must clearly demonstrate that he / she is not undergoing life-sustaining treatment by completing the Pre-life Medical Letter of Intent and the Life-sustaining Medical Plan.

The trial work is divided into two parts. The first is to maintain the information of the life medical letter of intent, fill in and register it, and the second is to fill in and execute the life-sustaining medical plan.

Everyone over the age of 19, regardless of whether they have a medical condition or illness, can write an ex ante letter of intent. This data may be used as a refusal of life-sustaining information when it is determined that there is no therapeutic benefit in the patient’s future and imminent death.

Without prior written consent, patients who are in the dying phase until the end of their condition may request the doctor to enter a life-saving medical plan.

Russian media: Russia will test new intercontinental ballistic missiles by the end of 2017

                    (Original title: Russian media: Russia will test new intercontinental ballistic missiles before the end of 2017)

                                   According to Russian media reports, sources from the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian Defense Ministry plans to launch two RS-28 “Salmatas Intercontinental ballistic missile.

It is reported that the first test will launch the missile from the Plesetsk launch site. If everything goes well, another test-fire will be conducted this year.

According to sources, the missiles will not hit any targets and the test will be to check the operational status of the missile system and the start of the first stage of the engine at the time of the well.

The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that the Russians will deploy RS-28 “Sarma” intercontinental missiles between 2019 and 2020.

The current Catalan leader will lose control but will not be arrested

                    (Original title: Current Catalan leaders will lose control but will not be arrested)


加泰罗尼亚现任领袖将丧失治理权 但不会被逮捕

Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao reported on 23 October that Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister De Santa Maria said in an interview on the media that as long as the Senate adopted the first section 155 of the Constitution to repeal Catalonia After the autonomy, Prémont, the chairman of the Catalan government, will lose all his power and will not be paid. At that time, the Central Government will temporarily assign a representative to manage Catalonia.

Spain’s Foreign Minister Dartis said in a BBC interview yesterday that the Central Government will not arrest anyone, including Puig Gemonte, after the dissolution of the Catalan government.

The Senate is expected to vote on the measures this Friday.

The House of Representatives election ruling party won more than two-thirds of seats will be the fourth Abe cabinet

                    (Original title: Japanese House of Representatives election ruling party won over 2/3 seat group will be the 4th Abe Cabinet)


BEIJING, October 23 (Xinhua) Integrated Japanese media reported that Japan’s 465 seats in the House of Representatives on the 23rd afternoon have all been identified. Among them, there are 310 ruling parties and 155 opposition parties. In view of having won more than two-thirds of the seats in the Japanese House election, the two sides confirmed that they will convene a special parliament on November 1, and the fourth Abe cabinet will be formed on the same day by the Prime Minister’s nomination.

当地时间2017年9月28日,日本首相安倍晋三宣布解散众议院后,多名内阁成员举手欢呼。 Information Figure: Local time September 28, 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies, many cabinet members cheering hands up.

The magnitude of the 5.9-magnitude earthquake in the southwest of Africa hit 10km


Formal determination of China Seismological Network: At 23:32 on 23 October, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit the southwest African region (52.40 degrees south latitude and 16.89 degrees east longitude) with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

LDP Wins Victors in Japanese General Election: Abe cites insufficient scandal

                    (Original title: Japan final results announced, voters said Abe talked about the scandal is still not enough still be held accountable)


自民党在日本大选中获胜 选民:安倍就丑闻交代不够 Local time Tokyo, Japan, October 23, 2017 Abe appeared at a press conference. Vision China Figure

After the Japanese House of Representatives was held on the 22nd, counting work has ended on the 23rd. The result showed that the LDP, led by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, won the election. There were 310 seats for the ruling coalition between the LDP and the Komeito Party, compared with 155 for the opposition party. However, Japanese voters still hope to continue their investigation of the two scandals related to Abe.

According to Kyodo News Agency, as of 17:00 local time on the 23rd, the final result of the House of Representatives elections, all 465 seats, the LDP won 281 seats, the governing coalition Komeito 29 seats. In addition, the Cadet Democrats won 54 seats, 50 hope parties, 12 communist parties, Japan’s reformers won 11 seats and other political parties 28 seats. The Xinhua News Agency quoted Kyodo News as saying that the coalition ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito party have won the election. Abe’s government will continue to govern. Abe will also become Japan’s longest-standing government leader after the war.

But Abe’s statement on “Senkuma” and “Kadai” two academic camps won approval from voters? Some voters think “not settled” and “do not know the truth.” Kyodo said in a parliamentary call to find out the suspicion is still strong, the opposition parties will also be severely prosecuted Abe government. And Abe’s argument on the above issue is once again questioned.

“If asked later in the future, it will be explained in detail.” Abe reiterated his usual assertion at a press conference late on the evening of the 22nd, after the election was basically clear. Kyodo news agency said that at present, opposition parties called for a provisional parliament’s request has been shelved for about 3 months, this kind of directly without any question directly at the provisional congressional dissolution of the House of Representatives’s political tactics, but also continue to suffer after the election “to conceal the mystery Critics.

For more information about the Gakuen issue, the former local creator who was held accountable was elected in this House election but a female employee of a twenties in Kitakyushu City, a constituency, pointed out that “I feel Mori And the question of adding up to the issue is the result of the dominance and laxity of the ruling party, which shows that the work has not yet been completed. “Even an elector (64 years old) from the northern part of Kokura in the city, which has supported Yamamoto for many years, said:” I think many people explain to Do not quite understand. “

Abe was previously accused of” walking the back door “to help friends set up additional gakuen new veterinary department, Abe friends not only approved the free use of land, but also get up to 9.6 billion yen (about 590 million yuan ) Construction subsidy.

Women (65) in the restaurant business in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, which plans to establish a new veterinary department in the Gakuen Accord, have accused them of “how the truth is unknown so far and can not be justified.” Although the election was over, “

Catalonia fights the Spanish government: will follow the wishes of the people in the autonomous region

                    (Former title: Catalonia tough back to the Spanish government: will only follow the wishes of the people in the autonomous region)


According to Hong Kong East Net reported on October 23, the Spanish autonomous government in Catalonia on Monday (23) said that Catalan officials will follow the wishes of the people of the autonomous region, rather than Madrid The Central Government’s order emphasizes that all Spanish institutions, including the police, must follow the directives of the elected government of Gatai. Madrid said the Central Government has not had any contact with Catalonia since last Saturday (the 21st).

Fox anchor fired due to sexual assault insider: the company to cover the lead the main dissatisfaction

                    (Former title: Fox’s well-known invaders sacked insider: due to “Lord” boycott)


21世纪福克斯公司知名主播比尔·奥赖利。(新华/美联) Well-known anchor of 21st Century Fox Bill O’Reilly. (Xinhua / AP)

BEIJING, October 22 (Xinhua) U.S. media disclosed on the 21st that 21st Century Fox signed a contract with well-known anchor Bill O’Reilly in February this year, knowing that the latter just spent 32 million U.S. dollars Settle a sexual invasion, but out of business considerations, still decided to sign him. In April of this year, O’Reilly was again exposed to sexual assault by at least five women. Under the pressure of public opinion and the advertisement “Golden Lord” boycotted, the owner decided to dismiss this old employee whose validity was as long as 20 years.

The New York Times quoted two insiders as saying that O’Reilly had settled with Lizwell, a legal analyst who had worked for Fox News Channel, in January of this year. O’Reilly paid each other $ 32 million. The matter is publicized.

It is reported that Vail accused Orlyly of repeatedly sexually harassing her, forcing her to have sex, and giving her some sexually explicit photos and text messages.

According to the New York Times, 21st Century Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and his two sons heard about the matter and after a trade-off decided to renew his contract with O’Reilly. 21st Century Fox.

21世纪福克斯公司。(新华/路透) (Xinhua / Reuters) 21st Century Fox responded on the 21st later that it did know the sexual assault from Orlyly, but decided to renew his contract as the matter ended and both parties agreed to keep it confidential. The company said that in order to avoid trouble, the two sides, especially in the renewal of the contract to join one: once found similar sex scandal, the company has the right to terminate. Sure enough, in early April, Orly was exposed again for being accused by at least five women over the past 15 years. To avoid a lawsuit, O’Reilly and Fox News paid a total of $ 13 million in “sealing fees.”

Despite the fact that O’Reilly’s column, “The Facts of O’Reilly,” heralded a boycott of Advertising “Lord of the Rings” after he denied that the ratings had risen after the sexual assault. Dozens of big-name companies announced in a few days after the publication of “Black Material” that they withdraw advertisements posted on this section due to “disturbing” sexual assault charges.

《奥赖利的事实》。(新华/美联) “The facts of O’Reilly.” (Xinhua / AP)

“O’Reilly’s Factbook” is quite a “money-attracting” program. According to “Advertising Weekly,” the average viewing rate as early as this year was as high as 3.98 million, the highest in the United States Cable news section. The Cantonal media consultancy said that from January 2015 to September last year, this section generated $ 297 million in advertising revenue for Fox News Channel.

On April 19th, 21st Century Fox issued a statement announcing a release from Orly. O’Reilly himself has always denied sexual assault and claimed that the allegations were directed at his “political actions.”

O’Reilly’s spokesman Mark Fabian responded on the 21st that the New York Times’s latest report, “Out of Frame,” was “fake news,” intended to discredit Aureli and lose him in the anchor business Market Competitiveness.

罗杰·艾尔斯。(新华/美联) Roger Ayers. (Xinhua / AP)

The five former U.S. presidents met for only a special concert

                    (Former title: 5 former US presidents rarely meet for only a special concert)

                                   Local Times On the evening of October 22, the 5 ex-presidents of the United States of America rarely met in public for a concert at the University City of Texas to raise funds for the victims of the hurricane disaster. On the evening of October 22, While President Trump recorded the video and played it at the concert.

According to the NBC report, the concert in University City, Texas on the theme “The One America Appeal” was held for Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands The victims of the hurricane raid have raised over 31 million U.S. dollars for disaster relief.

For disaster relief, both former President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter of the Democratic camp, and George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush, former Republican faction presidents, set aside their politics, Meet in public. Reports say it is rare for so many former presidents to come together, the last time five people gathered and the 2013 presidential library when Dallas was completed.

7.jpg five presidents in 2013 the United States gathered in Bush Presidential Library

According to reports, when the US national anthem, five former president shouted on stage, waved to the position of the heart. In the ensuing speech, all Americans were encouraged to give their generosity to help hurricane victims to weather the storm.

The current U.S. President Trump did not attend the concert, but he recorded the video and played it at the concert. In the video, Trump greatly praised the five former presidents, and expressed their gratitude for the “great assistance” they provided. Trump said: “The marvelous experience of working together reminds us that we all belong to the same country under God and are united by our common values ​​and dedication to each other.”


The former 5 presidents also expressed their opinions on the U.S. typhoon. Clinton: “Hurricane Harvey brought about serious damage, but it also showed the best of humanity.” Obama: “We, as former presidents, want to help our compatriots to start reconstruction.” Carter: “We are at Texas friends are in disaster relief, including the 41th and 43rd presidents. “George W. Bush:” The people there are hurt, but as the Texans have said, we get more love in Texas than floods ” Bush: “We love you, Texas.”

Major productions of the concert are reported to include Alabama country music, rock-and-rock Hall of Fame Sam Moore, gospel singer Yolanda Adams and Texas superstar Lyle Lovett Robert Earl Keen et al’s performance.

6.jpg Before the concert, the singers were testing the sound effects.

It is reported that there is a remark on the website of disaster relief fundraising: “Hurricane Xavi brought great damage but it also brought about the best of humanity. We are the former President of the United States and we are forever with us. Together with our fellow countrymen, we support the reconstruction of communities in Houston and the Gulf Coast and hope you can give your love, no matter how much, and every penny donated through this channel will help the victims to rebuild their homeland. Here we would like to thank you all! “


Foreign media: Trump considered Powell and Taylor as the Federal Reserve chairman and vice chairman

                    (Original title: Trump consider Powell and Taylor take over the Federal Reserve chairman and vice chairman)


资料图:美国总统特朗普。 Information Figure: US President Trump.

BEIJING, Oct. 22 (Xinhuanet) According to foreign media reports, U.S. President Trump is considering the nomination of Jerome Powell, a Federal Reserve Governor, and John Taylor, an economist at Stanford University, as the top two positions in the Federal Reserve. Is to give the market a reassurance and to appease the conservatives’ desire for change. As reported, Powell and Taylor will have one Federal Reserve Chairman Eileen, who will succeed his February term, and another, Stanley Fischer, who will succeed his retirement this month.

“This issue is being considered, but many options are not ruled out and he will soon announce the decision in the coming days,” White House Spokesman Sanders told reporters recently.

It is reported that choosing Powell as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve will ensure the consistency of monetary policy, which investors hope. Powell, a rhetoric centrist, backed Yellen’s stance of gradual rate hikes.

If Tyler gets into the Fed, conservative Republicans will feel good about them, believing Yeomlen’s monetary policy is too lenient.

“From what we understand, Powell may be a safer candidate,” said Michael Feroli, JP Morgan’s chief US analyst. “He apparently understands how the Fed’s culture, policymaking committee is doing, so we think he’s better suited to these soft skills.”

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