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Spanish media: The autonomous government of Catalonia will announce its independence on the 23rd

                    (Original title: Really want independence? Spanish media: Catalonia will announce independence on the 23rd)

                                   On the 22nd of the same day, Russian media quoted El Confidencial as saying that some sources said that the Catalan government plans to declare independence on October 23.

The newspaper learned that the key to enabling the Autonomous Government of Catalonia to declare independence is that the Spanish Council of Ministers implemented Article 155 of the Constitution to restrict Catalonia’s autonomy.

According to the report, Calez Prijedmont, Chairman of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, and Olhao Joncrys, Vice-President, decided to unilaterally declare their independence.

Earlier media reports, the Spanish ruling party People’s Party leader of the Senate Corps Barreiro said the Senate is ready to next Friday (October 27) approved the government to start the constitution 155, the Catalani The subregion implements the above interventions.

Article 155 of the Constitution is referred to by the media as a “nuclear option” and, once activated, the local autonomy of Catalonia will be temporarily resumed until a new autonomous government is elected in the local elections.

Puigdemont had previously said that Spain would declare its independence if it lifted the autonomy of Catalonia.


Trump: The demise of IS is just around the corner of the Syrian political transition

                    (Original title: Trump said it will start Syrian political transition, all parties exacerbated the problem)


Syrian rebel forces “Syrian Democratic Army” announced a few days ago the complete revocation of the city of Laksa, considered “capital” by the organization, from the hands of the extremist organization “Islamic State” (IS). In response, U.S. President Trump made a statement on October 21st that U.S.-backed “Syrian Democratic Army” will completely regain Lakud, calling it a major breakthrough in the global fight against “Islamic State.”

According to Reuters news reports on the 21st, Trump also said in the statement the same day that as the “Islamic State” lurked in multiple positions in its so-called “capital”, Lakka, the demise of the “Islamic State” was just around the corner .

“The U.S. action against the organization will soon enter a new phase in which the United States will support the local security forces and ease the violent clashes in Syria and promote the conditions for a lasting peace so as to ensure that terrorists can not be brought back and threaten again. Our collective security, “Trump said. He also pointed out that with his allies and partners, the United States will support ending diplomacy through diplomacy, allowing refugees to return safely to their homeland and creating a political transition that will respect the will of the Syrian people.

This time, the “Syrian Democratic Army” announced its total recaptured city of Larnaca, which is located in the northern part of Syrian Arab Republic and is the capital of Larnaca province. It is also a strategic place on the territory where Syrian government forces attempt to regain control. According to the “China Youth Daily” reported in June this year, just after the “Syrian Democratic Army” announced the plan to seize Raka at the end of 2016, the Syrian government forces immediately dispatched many troops to join the army that surrounded Rakha and “Syrian Democratic Army “The front of the formation of confrontation, tough response to the opposition’s action.

Although the “Syrian Democratic Army” announced the resumption of Rakhak recently, it does not mean that the armed forces can control the city. All the parties at home and abroad are eyeing it. The Liberation Daily newspaper wrote on October 22, “In the post-IS era, the battle over the power of Rakyat will start.” The Syrian president, the administration of Bashar al-Assad, is trying to try to regain control of the country, but this effort is expected It will also be obstructed by rebels.

Foreign media: Abe is expected to be reelected as Japan’s premier’s alliance to win the election

                    (Original title: Abe is expected to be reelected by Japan’s prime minister for the second time in the general election)


日本大选结果出炉前 这几大雷点或让安倍玩脱 On 20 October, Japanese Prime Minister Abe attended a campaign rally in Tokyo. (Reuters)

Overseas Network October 22 – According to foreign media sources, Japan’s polls show that polls show Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe has won a majority vote in the House of Representatives election, and Abe is expected to be reelected as Japan’s prime minister . Japan’s Asahi Shimbun press releases

外媒:安倍执政联盟在大选中获胜 预计将连任首相

The actress stood behind the fans of five former U.S. presidents urging him to run for president

                    (Original title: The woman behind the 5 former U.S. presidents is not simple)


Speaking American pop diva Lady Gaga, style is usually this:

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

after all gorgeous and spirited maverick dress, Gaga is survival in the music of “magic” of the one.

In fact, outside of singing, Gaga is also very keen to join various charities. Since September, Harvey, Ema and Nat have landed in the United States one after another, all over the place being stormy, resulting in heavy losses of personnel and property in the southern United States.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

In the spirit of “One side has difficulties and all sides support”, it is imperative to raise funds to help rebuild the affected areas after the hurricane.

Foreign Affairs Noted that a large-scale disaster relief concert was held at Texas A u0026 M University, the famous public research university in the United States, on the evening of the 21st of local time.

Lady Gaga dressed in white accidental appearance concert, triggering a wave of commotion. Maybe the Gaga attraction, the concert scene came with five heavy guests:

Obama, Clinton, Bush, Bush, and Carter.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

To know that it is not easy to put them together. As the 5 former presidents of the United States who are still alive, although they have long been relieved of their burdens, their respective schedules are actually quite full. This is the first time since 2013 that the 5 former presidents of the United States have appeared on the same stage since 2013.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

5 people came to power to express their condolences and expressed their condolences to those killed in the disaster areas and called on their supporters to donate donations.

In fact, five people co-sponsored a charity project called “One America Appeal” for the reconstruction of a disaster-hit area as early as September after Harvey’s ravaging. So, this is the first time after 5 people launched the project from the “online” to “off the line” it

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统 这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统


Former leader, Trump is not idle either.

Trump recorded a video though he was not there:

President Carter, President Bush, President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama, Melanie and I thank you very much for your kindness. You have let the world know that our United States is a country united under common values ​​and dedication.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

The five former presidents appeared at the same time with very few, Lady Gaga seized the opportunity to put the shadow.

Nothing is better than putting people down to work together to help others in the face of a disaster.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

The same is true of Lady Gaga, a fan of the 5 former presidents.

It is said that after Lady Gaga sang, Clinton seemed a bit excited to wipe his tears.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

For Gaga fans, there is another layer of meaning for one’s own idol and the 5 former presidents.

Former presidents congratulated Gaga on becoming the first female president of the United States. Happy to witness this historic moment in my lifetime.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

Article X of the U.S. Constitution stipulates that a total of five presidents may make a wish. Gaga made a wish, and now she is president of the United States.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

Joking aside, there are really fans urging her to run for president.

Lady Gaga Go to the 2020 presidential election.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

Gaga is the real president! She is humorous yet elegant. What a legendary idol ah!

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

Lady Gaga Election to the President?

US version Quasc has long been known as “what if Lady Gaga will run for president”.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

On social media Facebook, her fans set up a homepage that “helps Gaga run for president.”

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

Of course, this is mostly the wishful thinking of fans, Lady Gaga I can never state. But as entertainment insider, Gaga and the American political bigwigs are quite original.

During last year’s U.S. presidential election, Gaga spared no effort for Hillary Clinton’s platform and called for his fans to vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

She printed Hillary’s head on a T-shirt.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

Poke a photo of Hillary Clinton on social media.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

After her defeat, Hillary closed her frustration and made a few tweets and went to protest against the Trump Tower.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

In addition to Hillary’s family, Lady Gaga and former vice president Biden relations are not bad.

At the 2016 Oscars, Biden personally endorsed Gaga in recognition of her contribution to the protection of women’s rights.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

In short, standing behind the five former presidents, this woman is not simple na.

这位女星站在5位美国前总统背后 粉丝让其竞选总统

The Bermuda Triangle submarine now resembles pyramids and Mayan shrines

                    (Original title: Bermuda Triangle revealed two “sea pyramid” resembles the Egyptian pyramid and Mayan temple)


Channel to Explore UFO “SecureTeam10” recently released a video on the discovery of two triangular pyramidal objects off the Bahamas.


Scott Waring, head of SecureTeam10, said in the video that she found the two triangular pyramidal objects on Google Earth’s sea floor in New Providence, Bahamas. Not far from Florida. The appearance of the two objects is suspected to be “pyramids,” one of which shows a perfect trilateral structure similar to the pyramidal Giza pyramids and the other of which has a cascade similar to that of the Mayan temple. Wo Wah said that the suspected “pyramid” of the object appearance is very clear that the nearby islands may have been ancient humans or similar Aztec civilizations lived, the erosion of the sea floor there is no erosion of the ground, the site was retained .


This netizen questioned said that the picture looks like the shadow of the pile of stones, and there is no convincing.


At least 6 people were killed in a roadside bomb attack on a small passenger car in Somalia

                    (Original title: At least 6 people were killed in a roadside bomb attack on a small passenger car in Somalia)


Nairobi, Xinhua News Agency, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) Mogadishu: Somali officials said on the 22nd that at least 6 people were killed in a roadside bomb attack in the southern southeast region on the same day as a minibus.

Sheikh Haarez, Information Minister, told Xinhua that the attack occurred near a village about 15 kilometers west of Ballestat, a state. Security agencies have investigated the matter. Witnesses said the dead included four passengers, one pilot and one conductor.

No one has claimed that the attack was carried out.

The security situation in Somalia is tightening recently. On the 14th of this month, a car bomb attack occurred in the capital Mogadishu, killing at least 358 people and killing 56 others.

Five former U.S. presidents gathered at a Texas concert to help hurricane victims

                    (Former Title: Five U.S. Presidents Attend the Texas Concert to Fund Hurricane Victims)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the five former presidents of the United States will attend the concerts of University City of Texas at the local time on the evening of the 21st of this month to provide relief to Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the United States Fundraiser for victims of the cyclone in the Virgin Islands. The current U.S. President Trump has recorded the video and will be playing this concert.

五名美国前总统齐聚德州音乐会 筹款帮助飓风灾民
The five former U.S. presidents who raised funds this time.

It is reported that former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, Clinton and Carter, and Republican former presidents Bush and Bush will attend the event. Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, said all the five former presidents participated in the event for the first time since the Bush Presidential Library was constructed in 2013 in Dallas. But he did not answer the question of whether to invite Trump.

It is reported that the main programs of the concert include Alabama country music, Rock u0026 Roll Hall of Fame Sam Moore, gospel singer Yolanda Adams and Texas well-known singer Lyle Lovett ) And Robert Earl Keen and others.

Li Baorong will step down as the 14th ambassador to Chile in the ambassadorial department of Chile to Chile

                    (Original title: Li Po-wing outgoing Chinese ambassador to Chile)


The adjustment of Chinese diplomatic envoys to China continues.

According to the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Chile, on October 20, 2017, Ambassador Li Po-hong, as the Chilean ambassador, paid his resignation to meet with Chilean Foreign Minister Muñoz.

李宝荣将卸任中国驻智利大使 系第14位驻智利大使 Ambassador Li Po-wing (right) in Chile resigned to meet Chilean Foreign Minister Muñoz. Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Chile Figure

Muñoz thanked Ambassador Li for his efforts in promoting the development of Chile-China relations and spoke highly of the fruitful achievements made in the rapid development and bilateral cooperation in the relations between the two countries in recent years.

The above official information confirmed that Li Baorong is leaving his post as ambassador to Chile.

Japan House of Representatives voting results are expected to be announced early in the 23rd

                    (Original title: Japan House of Representatives voted to start voting – Xinhua)


Tokyo, October 22 (Xinhua) Japan’s 48th House of Representatives voted on the 22nd. The result of the election will directly determine whether the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party will continue their coalition ruling and which political party will become Japan’s largest opposition party.

Local Time At 7:00 on the 22nd (Beijing time 6:00), Japanese voters voted at about 47,000 polling stations throughout the country, the deadline for the polling is 20 o’clock that night. Affected by the typhoon, some regions voted in advance. The earliest election will be at 20:00 on the 22nd invoice, the result is expected to be announced early in the 23rd.

There were 1180 candidates for the House Election for 465 seats. Among them, there are 936 candidates for the constituency, representing 244 candidates for the constituency alone. There are 611 candidates to participate in both the proportional representation constituency and the small constituency election. There are 385 candidates for the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party. Among the opposition parties, there are 235 candidates and 243 candidates for the Hope Party and the Japanese Communist Party, respectively, and none for the other opposition parties.

Putin: Do not rule out the possibility of women becoming the next president of Russia

                    (Original title: Putin: do not rule out the possibility of women becoming the next president of Russia)

                                   According to Russian media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of Valdeau International Debate Club recently that when women could become the next president of Russia, “Everything here is possible . “

资料图:俄罗斯总统普京。 Data Figure: Russian President Putin.

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