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Coca-Cola to transition! Prepared for drinking water fruit juice coffee tea and so on

                    (The original title: “Coca-Cola” to be transformed! Prepared for drinking water, fruit juice, coffee, tea …)


Focusing on Cola’s 132-year-old Coca-Cola To transform! Prepare for drinking water, fruit juice, coffee, tea …

Trump Mrs. Tweez pays close attention to Obama America media: Your husband hates him the most

                    (Former Title: Mrs. Trump Twitter Concerns Obama Media: Your Husband Most Hates Him)



Couple of Trump and Obama (data sheet)

Overseas Network February 7 Recently, the United States First Lady Melanija’s tweezers received special attention. The U.S. media found that Melania only focused on four people on the social media, one of whom was former U.S. President Barack Obama. It is reported that Melania and the former president of the communication is not much, but for her husband, Trump, Obama can be regarded as one of the most disliked.

According to the U.S. “Newsweek” reported on the 6th, Melanie Tweeze’s concern about Obama was discovered by British novelist Haig on the 2nd. Melania’s Twitter has more than 9.7 million followers, but she has only followed a total of five accounts. In addition to her husband, two accounts of Trump, as well as the United States Vice President Burns and Miss Peng Si, there is another Former President Obama.

It is reported that Melania and Obama did not interact much, it is not clear why she will pay attention to the former president. After the election, when Trump and Obama met at the Oval Office, Melania spent the rest of the room with Michelle Obama. Before Trump’s inauguration, the Trump couples drink tea with the Obama couple as usual.

Putin teacher’s daughter: Russia ≠ Putin he up to one more session

                    (Original title: Putin teacher’s daughter: Russia ≠ Putin he up to another session)


2.jpg Mrs. Putin’s Teacher Kseniah Sobchak. (Source: US media)

Overseas Network February 7 With the Russian general election approaching, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rival Ksenia Sobchak on the 6th in the United States attended the press conference, once again said herself There may not be a chance to win the election, Putin’s chances of winning a lot. However, she said at the same time that Russia does not equal Putin and that he will find a way to “get away” at most once again (six years).

According to the U.S. media, Sobchak attended a press conference on the 6th of local time at Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies. She said it was not a temporary impulse to announce the election of the president because she had a political ambition and she planned to create a New party Sobchak also said she had known Putin since she was a child, but just as she did not like her own mother, she did not recognize Putin’s actions. She said despite knowing she had no chance of winning in the forthcoming general election, she believes that the Russian people should be prepared for the 2024 general election because of the possible transfer of power. Sobchak also claimed at the press conference that Putin “will no longer be young” and that he will “step down” after a maximum of six years. When asked by reporters whether Putin would consciously implement a power-democratic transition, Sobuk responded in the affirmative and said he can help Putin achieve a power-democratic transition.

It is worth mentioning that in July 2017, Putin queried television on teens aged 10 to 17, laughing that he might never retire from the presidency.

Sobchak press conference also said it plans to meet with U.S. government officials to discuss the U.S. economic sanctions against Russia in recent years. “Russia and the United States are at the bottom of the relationship,” she said. “My goal is to talk to the United States … To be openly Russia is not equal to Putin. Russia is a big power and we have nuclear weapons, but we will not use it Nuclear weapons to negotiate with other countries.I hope to become the first bridge between Russia and the United States and show the public that even when I was just running for the presidency, I also value the relations between Russia and the United States. I will come up with some solutions, It is understood that Sobchak was invited to the United States to participate in the National Breakfast Prayers. It was earlier predicted by the U.S. media agency that she would meet with U.S. President Trump. The U.S. media also commented that she is trying to launch a serious challenge to Putin. Sobchak’s visit to the United States also sparked strong dissatisfaction among Russian liberals, opposition activists and political observers.

Shen Shikang, the Chinese-American mayor, is going to step down to urge the Chinese to take an active part in politics

BEIJING, February 7, by According to the report by the Chinese “Qiao Bao”, Stephen K. Sham, the Chinese-American who is currently the mayor of the Alhambra in the United States, will leave office this year as Alhambra The city, the only city council member with a large number of Chinese-owned cities, has drawn many speculations about his whereabouts and the ownership of its remaining seats. Shen Shikang said on February 6 local time that he does not have any plan yet. However, he hopes more Chinese will stand out and represent the Chinese people in politics and politics because of the seats left after leaving office. SHEN Shikang (right) and Deputy Mayor Maloney (left)


(Reporter Weng Yu She from the United States)

There are still a few months away from the registration of the candidates. At present, no Chinese have expressed their candidacy. Shen Shikang is the only Chinese-speaking city council member in Alhambra at present, and the city’s Chinese population accounts for 37% of the population, with the largest proportion of ethnic origin. Shen Shikang said that since his election in 2006, he has encouraged, nurtured and sought more ethnic Chinese and Asian Americans to participate in the election because there is a need for more Asian and Chinese ambassadors in Ah Muang City. Unfortunately, very few people are willing to pay.

He pointed out that there is still time to elect to register so that only ethnic and Chinese descendants can be seen in June. Although the election still has many tricks, he cares more about how many candidates know about the community and will handle it in the future How many things.

North Korea young cheerleaders Korean media could not help feeling: too beautiful!

                    (Original title: Young North Korean youth cheerleaders could not help feeling: too beautiful!)

                                   On the morning of the 7th (July 7), the DPRK Cheerleaders and their counterparts officially arrived in South Korea to open a 13-year-long visit to South Korea. Cheerleaders just appeared, it was many reporters “containment.” Korean media directly with the “beauty cheerleaders” to call this team. It is learned that 280 DPRK-DPRK delegations have been sent to South Korea for this batch. In addition to the 229 cheerleaders, there are 26 Taekwondo Demonstration Corps, 21 press corps and NOC officials. 4 people. The fleet of North Korea personnel includes a total of 9 buses and 1 truck carrying luggage.

朝鲜年轻拉拉队员亮相 韩媒忍不住感慨:太美!

According to Yonhap, cheerleaders appear to be young women in their early 20s, mainly from undergraduates. Reported that during the Pyeongmong Winter Olympics, they will not only cheer for the Korean players, the Korean women’s ice hockey team, but also cheer for the Korean players in some competitions.

朝鲜年轻拉拉队员亮相 韩媒忍不住感慨:太美!

North Korean cheerleaders will perform both inside and outside of the athletes’ village when there is no event to cheer on and close contact with South Korean citizens.


Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, demanded that the Maldives lift the state of emergency

                    (Original title: Guterres asked the Maldives to lift the emergency)


United Nations, January 6 (Xinhua) United Nations Secretary-General Guterres issued a statement on the 6th, expressing grave concern over the latest situation in Maldives and appealing to the Maldives government to lift the state of emergency as soon as possible.

China Travel Baltimore car accident 10 people were still unconscious wounding one unconscious

                    (Original title: China Tourism Baltimore car accident 10 injured one unconscious)


Recently, a group carrying 10 ethnic Chinese tourists from China reportedly had a serious car accident in Baltimore when participating in a tour of the eastern U.S. coast. According to the U.S. “World Journal”, 12 people were immediately sent off To the local hospital for treatment. It is learned that one of the 70-year-olds is still in a coma. The situation is not optimistic.

中国旅游团巴尔的摩车祸10人伤 一人仍昏迷不醒 Caption: Coach was crashed in a car accident. Photo: United States “World Journal” (CBS video capture)

The head of the relevant company that organized the tour group said on February 5 that since the day of the accident took the initiative to assume the accommodation of guests discharged from the hospital, has so far borne the near Three weeks of hotel room costs, take a trip to the hospital every day.

Maryland State Police reported that a tour bus carrying 10 Chinese tourists collided with a Chevrolet pickup truck on Frederick County Highway 15 in Baltimore by about 7.50 am on January 17.

failure condition occurs when the pickup through the middle of the road double yellow lines, reverse drive to the opposite lane leading to the accident. Local police chief DaVaughn Parker said apart from that, the bad weather on that day was one of the causes of the accident, and the pickup truck drivers were now sued for failing to reduce their speed in time.

According to informed sources, all the passengers on board were from China and all of them were sent to the hospital with a total of 12 drivers, including two 70-year-olds. One of them has so far failed to wake up and the other has fractured his hands. My daughter was also injured in a car accident.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister abandoned 24-year-old wife under the sub-lover will give birth

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his lover Vigi Campion are together (Source: Facebook)

China Daily Website February 7 According to Australian media reports on February 7, On the very same day, Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Nationalist leader Barnabas Joyce exposed his extramarital affair. A third party, Vicki Campion, worked for Joyce and the two are about to usher in the “crystallization of love.”

Campion, 33, who served as Deputy Director of the Press and Office in Australia’s Daily Telegraph before moving to Joyce’s office but resigned in April last year.

Local media reported that Campion has moved to Joyce’s residence cohabitation with a scheduled date of birth in April of this year.

Although Joyce and Campion’s affair was only exposed by the media on February 7, it has long been an open secret in Canberra’s politics that even Labor MPs have said it is a well-known fact. Allegedly, Joyce and Campion like to smoke, often hit them in the Parliament Garden while smoking while chatting, so many people speculated that something between the two happened.

Joyce’s friend revealed that Joyce is currently “in love.” However, the two parties have never talked about this romance in public. Joyce, 50, publicly acknowledged in December last year that he had separated from Natalie Joyce, the 24-year-old wife. “I admit now that I am separated from my wife.”

His wife Natalie issued a statement on the morning of the 7th claiming that the current developments have caused “devastating” blows to her and her daughter. “We were deceived and hurt.”

Trump hand Melanijia grabbed the empty sleeve beauty media and music

                    (Original title: Trump hand Melaniya but caught the empty sleeve beauty and music)


“Today, has US President Trump and First Lady Melanieh taken hold of it?”

The U.S. media seems to have been obsessed with this topic. If you find that the hand is unsuccessful, you should send articles to “condolences” look.

On the very day of NBC news on February 5, starting from the White House, Trump set out to fly to Ohio with Melanie.

In the same box time, worry about “eat the melon masses” again onlookers …

Trump seems to succeed in bringing Melania’s hand?

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

No, no, that’s where you do not find Pamela Eugenia’s hand:

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

simply not sleeves ah ……

Subsequently, the two walked on the lawn, took place so A scene: also empty … …

点击查看大图 特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

At the end of the two visits, the day returned to the White House, Melanieya simply hid his hand and tightly cover … … Trump caught the clothes corner :

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了 Source: Vision China

US Newsweek sees This is just a few scenes excited: “hand failed.”

It is reported that this is the new scene of “Clumsy Moment,” and Trump is trying to take his wife’s hand and grab an empty sleeve. Because Pamela Eugenia likes to wear a jacket over the shoulder, but notoriously ……

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

“Newsweek” reported shots

on Twitter, some people seem to find anything “incredible things “- so wear clothes for a reason:

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

but some people feel very cute ah:

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

was also the focus is not here, he saw another screen: Going When lawn, Trump moved his wife to the other side and waved to the crowd Hand ……

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了 Twitter Screenshot

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

Given Trump has repeatedly “failed in hand,” the Americans so happy crowd is forgiven, after all, they think, Melanie Ya did not seem to want her husband’s hand.

When the two went to visit Israel in May 2017, Trump reached out to his wife while Melanija handcuffed her husband’s hand … wearing a pair of sunglasses on the red carpet.

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

Just a day after the two men arrived in Rome again “hand failure”: When attempting to hand Trump, Melania Eugenia raising his hand stirred the wind messy hair ……

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

Probably because Trump had “let go” Melaniea’s hand …

In February 2017, Trump, who took office just a short while ago with Melanie, spent time in Florida weekend.

Trump, who welcomed the public, suddenly let go of his wife’s hand:

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

Then, Melania took the initiative to go to pull Trump, but was rejected. Trump pulled his wife’s hand and let it go again.

特朗普牵手梅拉尼娅却抓到空衣袖 美媒又乐了

The most authoritative list of Asian universities revealed today: the top ten China accounted for half

                    (Former title: the most authoritative list of Asian universities Shenzhen list today: the top ten Chinese universities accounted for half)


Southern Metropolis hosted the University of Southern Thailand in 2018 Thames Higher Education Asia University Summit, today released the Times Higher Education 2018 Asian University rankings, the National University of Singapore for the third consecutive year top, Tsinghua University, Peking University, two or three , Which is the first time that Tsinghua University surpassed Peking University in the rankings of THE ASIA and became the number one Chinese university.

This year’s ranking includes more than 350 universities from 25 countries, a figure that was significantly higher than last year’s more than 300. China’s universities are still showing strong performance this year. A total of 101 universities are short-listed, of which 63 are universities in the Mainland, 6 in Hong Kong, 1 in Macao and 31 in Taiwan. Among the top ten universities in Asia University, there are five Chinese universities.

Evaluation Criteria: 5 Large Items 13 Specific Indicators

The Times Higher Education 2018 Ranking of Asian Universities adopts the evaluation criteria including 13 specific indicators of 5 major items. The evaluation indicators include the following five aspects: teaching (learning environment) 25%; research (production, income and reputation) 30%; quota (research impact) 30%; international perspective (teacher, student and research) 7.5% Industry Income (Knowledge Conversion) 7.5%.

In the Times annual ranking of higher education in Asia, NUS has topped the list for the third consecutive year. The Singapore’s top universities have improved their teaching and research environment, achieved high citation rates and maintained a higher standard of industrial revenue, continuing to hold the No. 1 ranking in Asia in the 2018 ranking.

Among the top three Chinese universities, Tsinghua University and Peking University are among the top three in Asia, ranking first and second respectively in China. It is noteworthy that 2018 Times University ranking in Asia, in addition to Tsinghua University and Peking University, the top ten also includes three Chinese universities in Hong Kong, namely Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Starting from 2013, THE Asian University Rankings have been released continuously for 6 years. The performance of Chinese universities in the rankings has improved year by year. Overall, East Asian universities are still strong, occupying the majority of seats in the list. However, some elite schools have not performed well in recent years. For example, the University of Tokyo in Japan ranked the top of the list in 2013-2015 but dropped to seventh place in 2016 and still missed the top five this year.

2018 A detailed list of the top 100 universities in the University of the Thames of Asia is as follows:


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