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Emperor of Japan in 2019 by the end of March will abdicate? The government denied: it is not true

                    (Original title: Emperor of Japan will abdicate by the end of March 2019, the government denies: it is not true)



Overseas media network on October 20 u0026 nbsp; There are media reports that the Japanese government decided to abdicate the emperor at the end of March 2019, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Chief Justice Kennedy Yoshihiro said “it’s not a fact. Related reports were denied.

As Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported on the 20th, the Asahi Shimbun published an article saying that the Japanese government finally resigned from the time of the emperor in the end of March 2019, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Officer Sui Yiwei on the morning of the 20th reporter At the meeting to be responded. Sugogi said “this is not a fact,” but also said that even decided the emperor abdicated the details as well as change the date of the royal meeting of the royal meeting also “no decision” to the newspaper was denied.

According to Asahi Shimbun reported earlier on the 20th, a number of cadres from the prime minister’s official residence revealed that after November, the Japanese government will hold a royal meeting attended by the prime minister and the royal family. Emperor’s abdication date and other content to be agreed.

Cui Shusheng trial hearing: toilet is an open life is very difficult

                    (Original title: Cui Shun-shi court trial speech: toilet is an open life is very difficult)

                                   According to Korean media reports, in the 19th court trial, Cui Shun solid defense counsel claimed that the Prosecutor’s request for an extension of the custody of the accused is arbitrary and unreasonable, requiring the court not to extend her custody the term. It is reported that Cuishun second seizure deadline for the next month on the 19th.

资料图片:崔顺实出席庭审。 Information Photo: Cui Shunshi attended the court hearing.

Cui Shun Shi said in her speech that she lives in a small 3.3-meter room, the toilet is open, life is very difficult.

On the other hand, on the same day, former President Park Geun-hye filed a written cause of attorney difficult to attend court through Seoul detention center on the ground of good health.

Seoul Central District Court said that because the defendant did not attend and did not have a defense lawyer, he had to adjourn the hearing. At present, we have started to select the national election lawyers and will conduct prompt and just trials in accordance with the law in the future.

Merkel on the Gatai crisis position: Germany is backed by the Spanish government

                    (Original title: Merkel Gatai crisis table position: Germany has always been the backing of the Spanish government)


[World Wide Web Report] According to the German “Frankfurter Repo” website reported on October 19, German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the EU summit that day during the Catalan crisis, saying that Germany is the backing of the Spanish government.

Reported that Merkel 19, at the EU summit reiterated Germany’s support for the Spanish central government. She said: “We are closely following this issue and support the position of the Spanish government.” Merkel also expressed the hope that the Spanish Central Government and the Catalan government will find a solution based on the Spanish constitution.

It is reported that Catalonia’s leader Puig de Monte has reportedly rejected the ultimatum issued by the Spanish Central Government to clarify whether “independence” exists. Spain’s central government said it will implement coercive measures in the region to combat the independence forces. According to reports, the Spanish cabinet meeting will be held in Madrid on the 21st local time, will start the first section 155 of the Constitution, so that the Spanish government took over the region’s power of governance.

2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic flame collection ceremony will be held in Greece Bach attend

                    (Original title: 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic flame collection ceremony will be held in Greece Bach to attend)


BEIJING, October 20 According to the Yonhap News Agency reported that 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games torch acquisition ceremony will be held on the 24th at the Greek Olympia Hehe Temple.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Capraros, President of the Greek Olympic Committee, and Liluo Yuan, Prime Minister of South Korea, will lead a delegation.

资料图片:奥运会圣火采集照。(图片来源:韩联社) Information picture: Olympic flame collection photo. (Source: Yonhap News)

Four U.S. troops were ambushed to death in Niger Pentagon under investigation

                    (Original title: Pentagon: investigating the U.S. military deaths in Niger in mid-volts)

                                   On the 19th of the local time, U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse said the military is investigating the murder of four U.S. soldiers this month in Niger.

Matisse said it is currently “conducting a full investigation” and “publishing it once it has the exact information.”

Local time On 4 October, U.S. and Niger forces were attacked while patrolling south-west Niger. As a result, four U.S. troops were killed and two others were injured.

Japanese convenience store giants shut down 664 home stores hope that the Chinese people

                    (Former title: Japanese convenience store giants shut down 664 home stores, will pin their hopes on Chinese)


In 1927, the prototype of the convenience store appeared in the United States, and Japan really took the convenience of the store to its fullest. When it comes to convenience stores, many people think of 7-11. The two numbers are meant to be open and closed, but today, 24-hour convenience stores are found in large and medium-sized cities.

Last year, Japan’s two major chain convenience stores, 7-11 and the whole family, made brilliant achievements in China, expanding their market share beyond the electricity supplier business. Owing to the rapid expansion in the PRC market, the number of stores and the increase in sales, the whole family’s share price rose nearly 25% in 2016 as a whole. However, since the beginning of this year, the whole family’s stock price has actually dropped nearly 20%. The whole family is forced to close a large area of ​​nonprofit stores in Japan, the “battlefield” to China.

日本便利店巨头关掉老家664家店 寄希望于中国人

family share price over the past year (Source: Google Finance)

family: Japan closed 664 unprofitable stores

Japan Family Mart (UNY
 FamilyMart Holdings) recently released news that the plan will be closed by February 2018 664 under the Circle K
Sunkus convenience store (the fourth largest convenience store in Japan), this number is 295 more than originally planned. In addition, the whole family, China yesterday (January 19), also pointed out to the media that as of the beginning of the year, the number of new convenience stores opened by the whole family in China has exceeded 300. It is reported that this measure is mainly to shut down unprofitable shops and improve the overall profitability of the company. It is estimated that by the end of February 2018, the total number of stores in Japan, including that of the Group’s family-owned convenience stores, will be reduced by about 800 to 17,332 stores as compared with the same period of last year.

In addition, in order to reduce the impairment loss caused by successive closure of stores, the Company reduced the consolidated operating profit for the period ending February 2018 by 0.2% from the previous period to a level of JPY32.9 billion. This figure dropped sharply from the previous estimate of 41.2 billion yen (about 2.419 billion yuan). On the same day, UNY met with reporters in Tokyo
 FamilyMart president Kohei Koji said: “will eliminate (to close the deficit store) brings the worry.”

Daily Economic News The reporter noticed that as early as March 2015, the whole family chain convenience store and the Japanese UNY Group announced that they would merge in 2016 in the hope of building Japan’s second-largest convenience store operator and 7-11 , Rosen formed the “three pillars” situation. However, UNY’s 2017 annual report shows that for the year ended February 28, 2017, UNY achieved a net profit of 21.0 billion yen (about 188 million U.S. dollars), an increase of only 0.4% over the same period of last year.

日本便利店巨头关掉老家664家店 寄希望于中国人

Net Income of the Whole Family (Source: FAMILY)

Why is there a decline in Japanese convenience stores?

In fact, the three major Japanese convenience stores mentioned above have been expanding in Japan’s long-term sluggish economy while at the same time relieving the pressure on franchisees through the provision of financial assistance and labor-saving automation. However, the profit prospects of the three companies are facing an unprecedented bottleneck.

This year, Rosen Convenience Store expects its earnings to decline for the first time in 15 years, while Japan’s convenience store leader 7-11 expects its earnings to grow by only 0.2% YoY.

日本便利店巨头关掉老家664家店 寄希望于中国人

2015, major Japanese convenience store market share (Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

“Fortune” magazine pointed out that Japan there are about 55,000 convenience stores, that is to say, approximately every 2,300 people there A convenience store, but each convenience store needs about 20 part-time employees to run. Some convenience store owners were unable to find shift workers and even worked in convenience stores all night long. To this end, the famous Japanese restaurant Royal
 Host and McDonald’s have gradually phased out the 24-hour operating system.

Daily Economic News The reporter noted that as the Japanese population declined, the workforce in Japan dropped from 87.2 million in the peak period in 1995 to 77.2 million in 2015. It is estimated that by 2065, the labor force in Japan will drop to only 45.2 million. The rapid decline of the workforce has hit the Japanese labor-intensive industries such as express delivery, chain restaurants and retail convenience stores.

An RENTON convenience store franchiser in Tokyo said Japan’s labor crisis started in 2016. Although many foreigners, including foreign students, are filling this part of the labor force gap, he predicts that Japan’s labor shortage The phenomenon will be “indefinitely” to continue.

While there are a large number of people missing in chain convenience stores, their labor costs are also on the rise. Some convenience stores have to pay more part-time wages to meet employees’ shift work. 7-11 Parent Company 7 u0026 amp; I Holdings (Seven
 u0026 amp; i Holdings) In a recent company earnings report, it was clear that “labor costs are rising sharply.”

日本便利店巨头关掉老家664家店 寄希望于中国人

Revenue from Rosen and Whole Family Three Chain Convenience Stores, 7-11, 2015 (Image by Statista)

In an effort to ease the burdens on individual store owners, 7-11 said it will cut franchisees for the first time Business license fees, which will result in Seven u0026 i Holdings losing 160 billion yen (about 1.47 billion US dollars) each year.

convenience store growth for several consecutive years, ranking the first China retail

Daily News reporter noted that while Japanese convenience store industry exposed decline, but China is still in the convenience store industry in Chaoyang market.

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, the sales of traditional retail formats in China increased by 1.6% in 2016, among which, the sales in specialty stores increased by 1.7%, while specialty stores, supermarkets and supermarkets increased by 2.9%, 1.9% and 1.8% . Only the convenience store growth rate for the first time in retail sales in the first, last year reached 8%.

In addition, China Chain Store u0026 Franchise Association and Boston Consulting Co jointly released “2017 China Convenience Store Development Report”, pointing out that the number of China’s chain branded convenience stores reached nearly 100,000 while the convenience store industry grew by 13% in 2016. The market Scale more than 130 billion yuan, both the number of shop sales and same-store sales growth.
 In addition, Liu Qudong, founder of Jingdong Group, announced in April this year that over the next five years, Jingdong will open more than 1 million Jingdong convenience stores nationwide, most of which will be in rural areas that were previously unavailable for e-commerce.

日本便利店巨头关掉老家664家店 寄希望于中国人

Do you not find any job benefits? Macron: Do not want to fall pie

                    (The original title: do not find a job with the jobless? Macron: do not want the sky fall pie)

                                   At a time when the French chancellor’s house began accepting representatives of employers and employees to discuss the reform of the system of unemployment benefits, Cadets, chairman of the Medef employer association, said that, on the occasion of the publication of the “European Times”, France’s “European Times” Looking for work to check is a key issue, it should be checked every day. French President Mark Long on October 15 guest TV interview also mentioned to strengthen the inspection.

资料图:法国总统马克龙。 中新社记者 龙剑武 摄

Data Figure: French President Mark Long. China News Agency reporter Long Jianwu photo

Katz said that some countries are inspected every day, and some weekly inspections. Taking Canada as an example, he pointed out that those who go on vacation never receive any unemployment benefits. Katz stressed that it should “help those who really need training.” “Some people use the benefits of the system,” although there is no offense. This proposal makes the union unhappy. Government spokesman Castarine later poured a cold water into Katz’s enthusiasm and expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the “daily inspection” measure.

Efforts should be verified

However, on the evening of October 15, the Elysee Palace has reiterated the need to step up inspections of job seekers. Macron pointed out that it should be clear that they are really looking for a job, to verify the effort. He claimed: “I do not want to have another pie in the sky.” Macron once admitted to the media that it is necessary to strictly examine and release the unemployment benefits in connection with active job search.

Three Russian warships docked in the Philippines donated 5 million guns and millions of ammunition

                    (Original title: Russia’s three warships docked in the Philippines to unload five thousand guns and millions of ammunition)

                                   According to Reuters, three Russian warships, including two anti-submarines, stopped at Manila on the 20th (local time) on the 20th of Manila in the Philippines to unload a large amount of donations to the Philippines on the 20th, Reuters reported. Weapons and military equipment.

It is reported that as the Philippine President Duterte seeks closer ties with Russia, it is already the third time this year the Russian warship has visited Philippine ports. According to Russian and Philippine Navy officials, the military equipment unloaded by Russian warships includes 5,000 assault rifles, one million rounds of ammunition and 20 military trucks.

Eduard Mikhailov, deputy commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet, said: “For security and stability in the region, we will do our best to make this docking a landmark contribution on behalf of the friendly ties and relations between the two countries “The Philippine Navy spokesman also said that the Russian warship’s visit is to tie in with the visit of Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to the Philippines next week. It is reported that the Russian and Philippine parties are expected next week to sign a security agreement on military logistics.

Printers: The United States agrees to export electromagnetic catapults or print aircraft carriers

                    (Original title: Printers: The United States agrees to export electromagnetic catapults to India or use it for the second Indian carrier)


印媒:美同意向印出口电磁弹射器 或用于印产航母 On July 28, on the Atlantic Ocean, the US military Ford carrier flew off the F / A-18F Super Hornet using electromagnetic catapult system. Eastern IC Materials

Recently, the defensive cooperation between India and big powers has been smooth. Russia and its high-profile military exercises have been conducted recently. On the other hand, the United States has also thrown new arms sales to its “olive branch.”

According to the Times of India reported on October 18, the United States has informed the Indian government that the Trump administration has agreed to sell the aircraft carrier catapult system to India – and that it is the latest model with only short-lived electromagnetic catapults.

Electromagnetic catapult is a new type of ejection technology competing in the development of China and the United States. Compared with the traditional steam catapult, electromagnetic catapult has the advantages of small volume, low requirement on the shipboard auxiliary system, high efficiency, light weight, operation and Maintenance costs a bit low, and the first equipment in the United States launched the latest “Ford” aircraft carrier.

As a country that has decades of experience in using skid-steer take-off aircraft carriers, the Indian Navy is well aware of the great significance of catapult technology to enhance the combat capability of aircraft carrier-based aircraft and hopes to equip it with its second domestic carrier. Therefore, after the U.S.-India relations have been greatly enhanced during Obama’s term of office, the United States and India soon introduced relevant technologies to engage in contacts.

In January 2015, when the United States was President Barack Obama’s visit to India, the United States and India signed the Defense Trade and Science Initiative, and set up a carrier-based technical cooperation working group. According to the Hindu newspaper in February 2016, the working group of the United States and India’s aircraft carrier technical cooperation held their second meeting in New Delhi from February 15 to February 18, and the United States did not refuse to provide India with a carrier electromagnetic catapult. .

After the Trump administration took office, although India holds a wait-and-see attitude toward its policies in the Asia-Pacific and South Asia, the relations between the United States and India, especially defense cooperation, have continued to advance. Only this year alone, the United States has approved the sale of 22 extremely advanced MQ-9B Sky Keepers UAVs and their ancillary equipment and allowed India to introduce the U.S.-made F-16s and their production lines.

In June this year, India’s Prime Minister Modi visited the United States and reached a dialogue with the Trump on the “2 + 2” diplomatic and national defense level, bringing the rank of the bilateral diplomatic and defense dialogue in line with that of the United States. On September 25, U.S. Defense Secretary Matisse, as the first Trump government official to visit India, promoted the “Sea Guard” drone capable of supervising marine surveillance and sought India’s cooperation on the Afghan issue.

According to the “Hindustan Times” reported on the 18th, the forthcoming U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson made a rather provocative speech on the same day, saying that India, as a democratic country that abides by the international order, is the U.S. response to the global challenge And ensure the freedom and openness of the Indo-Pacific region. In this context, the United States has agreed a few days ago to sell electromagnetic catapult system to India, but also caused the media’s speculation. According to the “Times of India” on the 18th, sources alleging that the United States made the above statement on Tillerson’s visit to India expressed the U.S. government’s determination to regard India as a strategic alliance.

Indeed, related technologies in electromagnetic catapults, such as forced energy storage devices, have long been a high priority for all countries as a future core technology that can accelerate and control the ejection process of an aircraft. Trump’s government is willing to sell the electromagnetic catapult system, which will undoubtedly help India to get a closer look at its core technologies and work closely with the U.S.-India military cooperation. However, in the power plant closely related to electromagnetic catapult, the United States has not yet relaxed its eyes on India. Electromagnetic projectiles need to produce and reserve a lot of electricity, and shipborne nuclear reactors are the best source of power. However, subject to technical conditions, India does not have the capability to develop and manufacture marine reactors on its own.

In June 2016, during his visit to the United States, Modi reached a basic agreement with the United States to build six civilian nuclear reactors for India. However, since India is not a member of the NPT and conducted its own nuclear tests in 1998 despite the opposition of the international community, the United States has enormous resistance to India’s export of military nuclear reactors.

“According to the NPT, although nuclear-weapon States can help non-nuclear countries to develop civilian nuclear technology, marine nuclear reactors are, after all, closely linked to military uses and therefore, although not explicitly prohibited, they still have extremely high Sensitivity. “Zhao Tong, a researcher at Tsinghua-Carnegie Global Policy Center, said in a surging news.

Do not hit this day! India-Pakistan border exchange of candies to celebrate Diwali

                    (Original title: This day does not fight! India-Pakistani border exchange candies to celebrate Diwali)



military exchange between India and Pakistan candy (Source: India INDIA)

overseas online October 20 electric u0026 nbsp; two days, India is celebrating the country’s biggest festival Diwali (Diwali), India Prime Minister Modi on the 19th went to India-Pakistan border control Kashmir region, condolences to stationed soldiers. The media reported that in order to celebrate the holiday, the Border Security Force exchanged candies with the Pakistani border staff on the Indian-Pakistani border yesterday (19) to demonstrate the good relations between the two sides.

On the 19th, Atdear Kumar, Border Security Force chief and Bilal Ahmed, Pakistani military chief on the Pakistani border, reported on the India-Pakistan border in Atari on the 19th, Attary Wagah condolences and exchange candies.

According to reports from media, both parties promote their relationship by exchanging candies on important festivals such as Independence Day and Diwali. This event not only demonstrates the relations between the two countries, but also represents the current diplomatic and political status among governments. However, a member of the Indian border guard said: “If the border situation between India and Pakistan is not serious, swap candies will be held as scheduled, otherwise they will be suspended.” It is understood that last year’s Diwali, the Indian border forces had The situation on the border is tense and refuses to exchange candies with Pakistani border personnel.

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