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C919 successfully arrived in Xi’an Yanliang: already has inter-city route flight capability

                    (Original title: C919 successfully arrived in Xi’an Yanliang, marking the inter-city routes already have the ability to fly)


On November 10, 10101 domestic large-scale passenger aircraft C919 aircraft successfully completed its first inter-city flight and successfully transitioned from Shanghai Pudong to Xi’an Yanliang. 7:89456_3_65473_9

On the same day, at 11:38 on the same day, the C919 aircraft took off from the fourth runway of Shanghai Pudong Airport. After a flight of 2 hours and 23 minutes, the C919 successfully arrived in Xi’an Yanliang Airport at 14:01. During the flight, the aircraft flight altitude of 7800 meters, cruising speed up to 0.74 Mach. Via Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi and other places, nearly 1300 kilometers range. The aircraft in the air system functions properly, the aircraft in good condition. Next, China Commercial Aircraft Test Center and the aviation industry will jointly launch test flight test flight forensics cooperation.

Shandong Provincial Health Planning Commission: the vaccine will be implemented at the provincial level centralized procurement can be traced back

                    (Original title: Shandong provincial vaccines will be implemented throughout the process of centralized procurement traceability)


Provincial-level centralized purchasing with full cold chain, traceable throughout the whole process, and at least 1 inoculation clinic per street in towns and cities … In the future, vaccination and vaccination administration in Shandong Province will be more strictly regulated. Recently, the General Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government issued the Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of Vaccine Circulation and Vaccination to Ensure the Quality of Vaccines and the Safety of Immunization.

According to the opinion, the first and second types of vaccines will be centrally provincial-level procurement. The first category of vaccine by the provincial center for disease control and prevention is responsible for the formulation of the use plan, submitted to the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Provincial Department of Finance for the record, through the provincial government procurement centers for centralized procurement. The second type of vaccine through the provincial public resources trading platform for the implementation of sunshine, county-level procurement.

When a vaccine manufacturer sells vaccines, it shall provide a photocopy of each batch of inspection or approval certificates issued by the drug testing agency and affix an enterprise seal; if the vaccine is to be sold for sale, a photocopy of the imported drugs shall be provided , And affix business seal. When disease prevention and control institutions and vaccination units purchase or receive vaccines, they shall obtain the above-mentioned supporting documents from vaccine manufacturers and keep them for 10 years for future reference with reference to the relevant provisions of archives management. Vaccine manufacturers can only sell the second type of vaccine to county-level disease prevention and control agencies.

On the distribution, vaccine manufacturers, distribution companies, disease prevention and control institutions and vaccination units should strictly implement the vaccine storage and transportation management practices, and earnestly strengthen the whole management of vaccine cold chain. Disease prevention and control institutions at all levels and vaccination units shall not accept or purchase vaccines that fail to provide records of temperature monitoring or temperature control, and timely report to the area’s food and drug administration and health and family planning departments. The food and drug regulatory authorities at all levels should, in conjunction with the health and family planning departments, establish and complete a vaccine retrospective information system in accordance with the unified national deployment so as to achieve retrospective management of the entire process of vaccine production, distribution and use.

In order to improve the vaccination service system, at least one vaccination clinic should be set up in every street in urban areas and the service radius should not exceed 5 kilometers. In rural areas, centralized vaccination mode with township level should be set up, and at least one prevention should be set for each township Inoculation clinic, service radius not exceeding 10 kilometers. In principle, village clinics do not undertake vaccination services. If it is necessary to set up vaccines, village clinics may set up vaccination sites at the village level in accordance with relevant regulations and standards and only undertake the first type of vaccination services. In the newly built residential area, the development zone should give overall consideration to the establishment of additional vaccination units.

Development and Reform Commission: Heart stent, gauze and other medical supplies will be canceled



Former director of China Earthquake Bureau was charged with bribery and other charges involved in the ultra-30 million

                    (Former title: Former director of China Earthquake Bureau was charged with three counts of being involved in bribing, etc., involving more than 3,000 million)


中国地震局原司长被控受贿等罪名 涉案金超3000万

Legal Evening News · View News China Land Bureau Development and Finance Secretary Gao Rongsheng used his position to facilitate the illegal receipt of 24.8 million yuan of property, 710,000 yuan of corruption, granting reward to employees 8,270,000 yuan in violation of regulations, involving the amount involved Up to 3,000 million yuan.

This morning, Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region opened a hearing to discuss the case of Gao Rongsheng, former director of the Development and Finance Division of the Seismological Bureau of China Earthquake Administration and director of the Seismology Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, taking bribes, corruption and abuse of power.

Liuzhou People’s Procuratorate alleged that from 2007 to 2011, Gao Rongsheng used his position as director of the Earthquake Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Director of the Development and Finance Division of China Seismological Bureau. After bidding and tendering projects, engineering contracts and payment of construction funds, Chen Jiang, Liao Yaobang seek benefits, many times to accept the two given the property a total of 24,800,000 yuan.

During that period, it also illegally processed a fake ID card called Liang Xiu Tao and used it as a platform for accepting bribes, misappropriating state-owned assets and individual stocks for bank cards and securities stock accounts.

In February 2011, Gao Rongsheng instructed the institute, personnel department and finance department of the bureau to issue all kinds of allowances in the form of fictitious names during his term as director of the Seismic Bureau of Guangxi.

Subsequently, Ko Wing wins for staff to handle two bank cards, the Bureau of Engineering Institute grant allowance of 350,000 yuan per card, a total of 710,000 yuan. He also instructed the financial officers to pay “Liang Xiu Tao” on behalf of the card, the amount of 689,300 yuan deposited with false ID card for “Liang Xiu Tao” bank account, the remaining money in cash to the high wins to complete Illegal possession of the above money.

The DPP MPs sent an invitation to invite Ke Wenzhe to join the party Ke Wenzhe embarrassed to refuse

                    (Original title: Green Member sent the application form invited Ke Wenzhe to join the DPP Ke embarrassed to refuse)


DPP Taipei Representatives Hong Jianyi and others took out the “Application for Joining the Party” to invite Ke Wenzhe (left) to join the DPP on the scene. (Source: Taiwan’s “United Daily News”)

overseas network November 10 electric u0026 nbsp; 10 pm, DPP Taipei City Councilor Hong Jianyi, who moved out of the city council “to join the party application form”, He also sent the “Ke Wenzhe Vest” printed on the DPP and invited him to join the DPP on the scene. However, Ke Wenzhe embarrassed the whole face, say “no!”

According to Taiwan’s Czochralswarf, members of the Democratic Progressive Party of China, Taipei City Councilor Nguyen Soa Siong, have come to power in Taipei City Council, including Chen Jingjun, deputy mayor of Taipei City, who has close ties with the DPP. Ruan Zhaoxiong said Ko Wen-chul’s team has a large number of DPP members. Initially, MPs in the Democratic Progressive Party are also quite dependent on Ko Wen-che, but as relations between the two sides have changed, there is no feeling of friends. In the next Taipei mayoral election, Ko Wen-chul does not need the DPP Party support? In response, Ko Wen-chul said that it still needs the DPP’s support. Many things are misunderstood. Communication can solve many problems and will go to the grassroots office for instructions.

Hung Kin-yi said that if the DPP lawmakers do not help mobilize, who should hear Ke Wenzhe speak? In view of this, it is suggested that Ke Wenzhe be a good way to come up with a large billboard for joining the application form, asking Ko Wen-chee to sign the above, and sending a vest printed with the DPP. Ko Wen-che confused embarrassed, saying “no”, no one in parliament to do such a thing. Contrary to Ko Wen-che’s embarrassment, Chen Jing-jun, deputy mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party’s Taipei-based city, is quick to sign his name on the bar. Ko concluded that when elected Taipei mayor promised not to join a political party during his tenure, he must abide by its commitments. However, members of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taipei in Taipei dissatisfied with Ke Wenzhe’s remark and persuaded them to join the party. Hong Jianyi suggested that Ko Wen-Cheh think again. Kovault also said that he would “think twice.”





Xi Jinping: Shanghai will host the first China International Import Expo next year

[Xi Jinping announced: Shanghai next year will host the first China International Import Expo] President Xi Jinping held in the afternoon of the 10th APEC Business Leaders Summit, said in 2018 November, Shanghai will host the first China International Import Expo, for all parties to open up China’s market cooperation to build a new platform.

Meng Wei, former president of China Academy of Environmental Sciences, is subject to organizational review

                    (Former title: Meng Wei, former president of China Academy of Environmental Sciences undergoing organizational review)



Meng Wei, Vice Chairman of the Environment and Resources Protection Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress, and Meng Yuan, former president of China Academy of Environmental Sciences, accepted the organization review. Meng Wei, male, Han nationality, born in September 1956, a native of Qingdao, Shandong Province, holds a Ph.D. degree and joined the work in November 1976. He joined the Communist Party of China in July 1997.

From January 1982 to June 1986, cadre of China Academy of Environmental Sciences.

Foreign Ministry: China and U.S. Heads in Beijing Meet to Reach a Series of New Consensus

                    (Original title: Foreign Ministry: China and U.S. heads of state reached a series of new consensus in Beijing)



U.S. President Donald Trump concluded his state visit to China today (10th). At today’s 10 day regular press conference for the Chinese foreign ministry, spokesman Hua Chunying said that with the joint efforts of both China and the United States, this visit has become a successful historic visit to China and the U.S. leaders met in Beijing. A series of new important consensus. China and the United States reaffirmed the importance of Sino-U.S. Relations and looked forward to the development of a more sustained and robust Sino-U.S. Relationship. For China and the United States, cooperation is the only correct choice and a win-win situation can lead to a better future. Both parties should respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and respect each other’s choices on the path of development and their differences. Hua Chunying said both parties agree to continue to give play to the strategic leading role of heads of state diplomacy in the relations between the two countries and strengthen the role of high-level dialogues at all levels and top-level exchanges between the two countries to develop them on the basis of mutual benefits In the fields of economy and trade, the armed forces, law enforcement, humanities and other fields, they should manage their differences on the basis of mutual respect, strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between their peoples and strengthen their communication and coordination on major international and regional issues.

Hua Chunying: Both sides reached an important consensus on constructively handling economic and trade issues and achieved important results. Both sides said they will continue to work for a mutually beneficial and win-win economic and trade cooperation with China and agree to adopt forward-looking thinking and a constructive approach to deal with the problems and contradictions arising from the rapid development of the economic relations between China and the United States. Solve and promote the healthy and stable economic and trade relations between China and the United States and the dynamic balance of development.

Aircraft carrier project commander: Domestic aircraft carrier test progress progress slightly ahead of schedule

                    (The original title: aircraft carrier engineering director Hu Wenming: domestic aircraft carrier test progressing smoothly, progress slightly ahead of schedule)


Hu Zhongming, the chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and chief engineer of the aircraft carrier project, said in an interview with CCTV recently that the tests of the first domestic aircraft carrier “launching a month ahead of schedule” proceeded smoothly with progress slightly ahead of schedule.

On November 8, Hu Wenming went deep into the report of the 19th CPC National Congress on the party’s party committees at the headquarters of the first domestic aircraft carrier engineering site headquarters.

航母工程总指挥:国产航母试验进展顺利 进度略提前 Hu Qiming, Chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Chief Engineer of Aircraft Carrier Figure

On the 8th CCTV Newsroom broadcast, Insisting on the construction of the aircraft carrier, it is very important to strengthen the construction of the project and smoothly realize our engineering node. “

Hu Zhanming said:” In the past five years, the construction of the aircraft carrier has solved the problem of using it to build up Now we can independently design and build our own domestic aircraft carriers of any type. The next journey is in the new era. We need to realize the stride from strong to strong. I think when we basically realize the modernization in 2035, we should Can see China’s powerful aircraft carrier fleet can ride in the sea. “

Trump son-in-law strolls Beijing Xiushui Street for her daughter to buy more pieces of children’s toys

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特朗普女婿逛北京秀水街 为女儿购买多件儿童玩具

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