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Nissan Motor Total Shutdown Japanese media: Japan or from reduced to irresponsible big country

                    (Original title: Nissan car can restore trust? Japanese media: Japan or from a manufacturing country became irresponsible power)


日产汽车全面停产 日媒:日或从沦为不负责任大国 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Nishikawa Hirotaka officially apologized to the public on the quality inspection fraud on the 19th

【Global Network Report】 Recently, the Japanese manufacturing industry repeatedly exposed the scandal. According to Japan’s Kyodo News 21 news, Japan’s second-largest car maker Nissan Motor Co. because of “ineligible inspection”, once again caught in the state of stopping all car shipments, exposing the management did not effectively manage the situation on the scene. If Nissan restarts shipments without clear operational responsibility, then there is doubt as to whether consumer trust can be restored later. Kyodo News also said that according to this, Japan may even be reduced from “manufacturing power” to “irresponsible power.”

Last month, Japan’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Department conducted a survey of its Nissan plant and found out that employees who did not register as a car finalist within Nissan Motor Co., carried out the final inspection of the car at its factory. With the expansion of the scope of influence, Nissan recently admitted its allegations of “quality fraud” incident. Hiroto Saikawa, president of Nissan Motor Co., formally apologized to the public on the quality fraud incident on the 19th.

EU Monopoly Investigation into the Automotive Industry: BMW Struggled to Search The public has pleaded guilty

                    (Original title: Germany’s BMW involved in monopoly-EU search)


BERLIN, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 20 German automaker BMW Group spokesman said on the 20th that BMW was raided by EU regulators for allegedly monopolizing the German auto industry.

It is reported that the EU antitrust department has raided BMW’s headquarters in Munich, Germany since the 16th. This is the first search conducted by EU regulators since the German magazine Der Spiegel revealed in July this year that many German automakers were allegedly involved in the monopoly of the consortium (also known as “cartel”).

Daimler AG in Germany applied to the European Commission on the 20th to become the key witness to the monopoly case, aiming to eliminate the penalty by exposing to regulators misconduct. According to the relevant provisions of the EU, the first of the companies involved in monopolies to report to the European Commission to disclose and provide valid information can be exempted from fines.

Previously, Volkswagen Group had taken the initiative to supervise the authorities to recognize possible violations of the antitrust laws and intended to reduce penalties.

At least 3 people were killed and 10 others were missing in a collapsed site in Malaysia

                    (Original title: At least 3 people were killed and 10 were missing in a collapse in a construction site in Malaysia)


China news agency, KUALA LUMPUR Oct. 21 (Xinhua) Three people were killed and 10 were missing at a construction site on the 21st in Penang, a northern Malaysian city, when a construction site collapsed. It is learned that the accident occurred around 8:45 am. Workers are reinforcing the wall before the incident. A local fire station official confirmed that 13 people were known to have been buried, including one Chinese native and the rest workers from Myanmar, Pakistan and Indonesia. Currently, three remains have been found.

Prime Minister Najib, deeply jealous of the accident, said on Twitter: “Expect search and rescue operations to go smoothly and we pray together.”

Penang Chief Minister Lim Kwan Yeung said Penang State would set up a survey The Commission conducted a full investigation of the incident and also directed the mayor to thoroughly investigate all sites in the state to prevent such tragedies from happening again. (End)

Two Brazilian students shot dead on campus shooting 14-year-old boys

                    (Original title: Two students killed in campus shooting in Brazil)


Rio de Janeiro, October 20 (Xinhua) A shooting incident on the 20th occurred in a school in Goiania, central Brazil, resulting in the death of two students and the wounding of four students. The gunman was a 14-year-old boy who attended Grade Two.

According to local media reports, the boys suddenly took out their pistols and opened fire on their classmates after class. The students fled in and out of the classroom. However, six people were still shot and two of them died instantly. After the incident, the gunman was under the control of the police and four people were wounded to hospital for treatment.

Police said the boy was recently intimidated and depressed by others. Because his father was a policeman and had a gun in his house, he took the gun in his bag and brought it to school that same day. It is not yet clear whether the casualties are involved in intimidating the boys involved.

Incident schools are reported to have preschool, elementary and junior high school departments and students are between the ages of 6 and 15.

Norway Appoints First Female Foreign Minister Prime Minister finance minister and foreign minister are women

                    (Original title: Norwegian government appointed Sollaude as foreign minister as the country’s first female foreign minister)


BEIJING, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports, the Norwegian government announced on the 20th, the appointment of Defense Minister Ilex (Ine Eriksen
Soereide became Foreign Minister and became Norway’s first female foreign minister.

This also means that the prime ministers, finance ministers and foreign ministers of Norway are all women.

It is reported that Sollady will succeed former Foreign Minister Brendan, who was appointed chairman of the World Economic Forum last month.

Norwegian Prime Minister Søberberg said that European Affairs Minister Buck Jensen will replace the Chief of Defense.

US Secretary of State: Liberation Laka is a major global joint strike against IS

                    (Original title: US Secretary of State: Liberation Laka is a major joint global strike IS milestone)


China news agency, Washington, October 20 (Xinhua) United States Secretary of State Tyshler put on his statement on the 20th and congratulated Syria on reviving Raka, saying it is a major milestone in the joint global fight against the “Islamic State.”


Information Figure: Local time On July 18, 2017, LACA, Syria, members of the Women’s Protection Association went to fight on the front of Llaka.

On the morning of the 20th, Kurdish-led “Syrian Democratic Army” announced the total liberation of Racca, the base of the “Islamic State” of the terrorist organization, and handed over the law and order management over Raka and the surrounding areas to the “Rakyat” . In this regard, Tillerson issued a statement congratulated. He said that although our work is far from over, the liberation of Laka is still a major milestone in the joint global fight against the “Islamic State.”

Tillerson said in January this year, the “Islamic State” was still plotting a terror attack on the United States and its allies in Rakka. Now that Rakyat has been out of control of the Islamic State. Millions of people have been freed from the brutal rule of “Islamic State” in the past seven months and the United States is working with its allies to get people back home.

Tillerson said that in addition to continuing to militarily defeat the “Islamic State”, the United States and other members of the global anti-terrorist coalition will also make every effort to clear the explosives left behind by the organization and provide essential humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable people. Aid and will also support efforts such as the “Lakar District Council” to ensure local security and provide the necessary services to stabilize communities and rebuild schools to help displaced Syrian people return to their homes voluntarily and safely.

Tillerson said the liberation of Laka does not mean that fighting against the “Islamic State” has ended. The global anti-terror coalition will continue to use all military, intelligence, diplomatic, economic and legal means to ensure that all Syrian people will be rescued from the Islamic State and that it will no longer be able to export terrorism to the world.

Iraqi military confirmed that the armed conflict with the reservoir area caused casualties

                    (Original title: Iraqi military confirmed conflict with the armed forces in the reservoir area)


Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, October 20 (Xinhua) Iraqi military confirmed on the 20th that government forces clashed with the armed forces near the junction of Kirkuk and the Kurdistan (Kurban) area on that day.

In a statement, the Iraqi military’s joint operations command said in the statement the same day, when government forces entered Aleppo Kupri, a town in the Kirkuk province near the border with the reservoir area, they engaged with the armed “Kurdish freedom fighter Organization “conflict. Armed forces in the reservoir area fired rockets into government forces, causing casualties and property losses.

Merkel, the four German political parties, held discussions on cabinet formation and expressed cautious optimism

                    (Original title: Germany’s four political parties to form a joint cabinet negotiations)


BERLIN, Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, October 20 German four parties launched a joint cabinet-building negotiation on the 20th. Although differences between the parties are not small, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said he was cautiously optimistic.

Negotiations were attended by Angela Merkel’s Alliance of Christian Democrats and its sister Christian Social Coalition, both formed coalition parties, and leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the Greens. According to the report by the German News Agency, the party leaders discussed the issues of finance, taxation, EU affairs, environment and refugees on that day. The Secretary-Generals of the four parties listed 12 issues and will continue their discussions in future negotiations.

The Colombian court, sent over a hundred years ago, ordered the return

                    (The original title: Send more than 100 years of state court Columbia court ordered to come back)


The Colombian Constitutional Court ruled on the 19th that the government should withdraw more than 120 precious cultural relics of South Asia’s Kinabalu civilization, which was handed over to the Spanish royal family by the current president at the end of the 19th century.

AFP reported that the Constitutional Court held that gifts of these gifts were unconstitutional because articles of constitutionally important cultural values ​​can not be donated to other countries as gifts. The court demanded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia should start negotiations with Spain in order to return these artifacts to Colombia.

The Colombian government has not responded to the court’s decision.

Fed chairman as soon as next week announced the “dovish” Powell lead

                    (Former title: Fed chairman to announce next week to finance ministers to support doves)


BEIJING, Oct. 21, after earlier news that US President Donald Trump will decide as soon as next week who will become the new chairman of the Federal Reserve. According to the U.S. media, among the five finalists, including current Chairman Yellen, Powell, a Governing Council member of the doge, is in a leading position and is backed by the Finance Minister Mnuchin.

当地时间6月1日,美国总统特朗普在白宫宣布,美国将退出《巴黎协定》。他同时强调,美国也许会重返有关应对气候变化的协定,但前提条件是协定必须要对美国更加“公平”。 中新社记者 刁海洋 摄

Information Figure: US President Trump. China News Agency reporter Diao Haiyang photo

US media visited nearly 12 members of the Senate Banking Committee and found Powell encountered the least resistance in the Senate confirmation nomination process.

Powell is a Republican with both business experience. On the other hand, he is the current governor of the Federal Reserve and is consistent with Yellen’s monetary policy. This makes him popular with the Democratic Party.

当地时间9月20日,美联储主席耶伦宣布维持利率不变,10月份启动“缩表”计划。 中新社记者 邓敏 摄

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