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Iraqi government forces have controlled the last area of ​​Kirkuk Governorate

                    (Original title: Iraqi government forces have controlled the last area of ​​Kirkuk Governorate)

                                   According to foreign media reports, according to a Iraqi security official, Iraqi government forces clashed with Kurds on the 20th and controlled the last area in Kirkuk Governorate in northern Iraq, according to foreign media reports.

According to unidentified sources, Iraqi forces, police and anti-terror units have entered the center of the Altun Kupri area. It is reported that the area is 50 kilometers from Arbil in Iraq.

The source said that there was a conflict between the two parties, but the Iraqi army successfully launched the attack. They also raised the national flag in the municipal building. It is reported that on October 16, the Iraqi government forces officially entered the Kirkuk Province, Salahuddin province of Tutsuhurmatu, Diyala province of Garapati, Jia Lara and other towns are also On the very day, they were controlled by government forces and the armed forces in the reservoir areas that originally controlled these areas were evacuated.

Sexuality and then appear gay? South Korean military urgent rectification program

                    (Original title: homosexuality after sexual crime? Korean army urgently need rectification


[Global Network] According to the Yonhap news agency reported on 20 October, in recent years, South Korean military internal sexual crimes are increasing every year. Recently, the South Korean Army has been exposed to homosexuality inside the army.

Information from Korean National Assembly MP Kim Jong Un, submitted from the Ministry of National Defense and the Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Army and Marine Corps on the 19th, showed that in 2016, the number of sexual crimes in the Korean military was 871, an increase of 30% over 2015. 478 in 2013 and 649 in 2014, increasing every year. In the first half of 2017, 442 cases occurred. According to this trend, the number of South Korean military sexual assault cases in 2016 is likely to exceed that of 2016.

Iran Court: Ahmadinejad is responsible for the loss of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars of state assets

                    (Original title: Iran’s Supreme Court of Justice said Ahmadinejad should be responsible for the loss of 11 billion U.S. dollars in state-owned assets)


International Online News Iran’s Supreme Court of Justice recently reported that former President Ahmadinejad should be held responsible for the loss of state-owned assets of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars during his term of office, according to Iranian-language news and media on the 19th. These losses were mainly related to Ahmadinejad’s handling of a series of mistakes in dealings and decisions related to Iran’s national oil companies during his second term.

US media: IS gradual decline but still controlled a large number of abducted children in their hands

                    (Original title: US media: IS gradual decline but still controlled a large number of abducted children in their hands)


[Global Network] CNN reported on October 18 that as the extremist organization “Islamic State” (IS) forces were derailed in Syria’s main office in Raka, the extremist forces are gradually declining, but it is worth Concerned that the extremist group still controls a large number of abductees, especially children.

According to the Abduction and Rescue Office under the Iraqi Kurdistan Local Government, there are still more than 3,000 people under IS control, most of whom are women and children.

Lazem, a 4-year-old boy from Yazidi, finally regained his freedom after a few years of being snatched from his home in August 2014, just a few days before he knew his name. Rachel had not spoken a word after ten days of reunification with his father because he had studied ISK militant Turkmen and Turkish instead of his hometown Kurdish dialect. He was originally bought as a servant by an IS commander wife who had no biological son and said that the first “master” was good but refused to talk about the second “master.” He timidly looked at those who tried to talk to him, constantly pulling a strand of hair to cover the scars on his forehead, but he did not say how the scars came.

It is reported that the Yazidis are Iraqi ethnic minorities and live in the towns of Sinjar and Baqikar in the northern province of Nineveh. After IS occupied the town of Sinjar in August 2014, thousands of Yazdis were killed, women and children were abducted and sold as slaves, and tens of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. The Kurdistan Local Government (KRG) said it spent millions of dollars redeeming the Yazidian slaves.

Marwan, 11, a former child soldier on the IS front, has always believed that “boy” is his name and he has been called it for the past few years. Marwan was used alternately as a servant and a soldier. IS taught him extreme doctrine and sent him to the front line. Combatants were often used as cannon fodder and death squads. This is a common encounter with IS Yazdi child soldiers. “I was very happy when I saw my mom,” Marwan said, naive eyes wide open. Marwan’s mother was also a slave to IS and her husband and Marwan’s brother have yet to be rescued.

Even children lucky enough to be rescued from the IS, such as Marwan and Rachel, will not be able to return to normal life. Rachel’s father will not be able to return to Iraq with Rachel until his paternity test two months later confirms his father-son relationship. When Marwan was escorted to the frontier and waited for the vehicle to take him home, he began to scream and try to get out of his mother’s arms. “You want to take me where you go! No, I do not want to go!” A few minutes later he was convinced he would not Was sent to another captive camp.

Eight people were killed and three were wounded when a building in southern India collapsed

                    (Original title: 8 people were killed and 3 injured when a building in southern India collapsed)

                                   According to foreign media reports, according to an official in India, a building in southern India collapsed on the 20th, killing 8 people and injuring 3 others.

According to a senior local government official in Tamil Nadu, India, “This is an old building that collapsed suddenly when an employee fell asleep.” He said emergency workers were trying to rescue the gravel 3 Name of staff. It is reported that at present 3 injured have been taken to an Indian state hospital for treatment.

Building disasters in India are common. Rising real estate prices and housing shortages have forced millions to be forced to live in small, shabby houses. According to authoritative sources, property owners often “take short cuts” in building their houses to save money.

Russia Announces Presidential Campaign Conditions: Candidates Signing Candidates Must Collect 300,000 Signatures

                    (Original title: Russia announced presidential election conditions Candidates must collect 300,000 signatures)

                                   July 20 Russian Federation Election Commission on the 20th to clarify the conditions for the 2018 presidential election, said they would like to participate in the upcoming candidate for the Russian presidential election, the election to be submitted to the Central Election Commission, party congress Or to register the voter advocacy group.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, the secretary of the Central Election Commission of Russia, Maya Gracina, said on the 20th that the presidential candidate may be nominated by the party or be present in an orderly manner. The party nominated candidates for the party congress, and the self-nominee nominees needed to call in a panel of at least 500 people. Candidates who nominate themselves for nomination must collect the signatures of more than 300,000 voters. Political parties must collect not less than 100,000 signatures to support their candidates. The political parties that have their own political parties in the Russian Duma will be exempt from collecting signatures.

Russia’s new presidential election will be held in March 2018 and the election campaign will begin in December 2017. Putin has yet to announce his candidacy for re-election, but the Russian media generally hope that he will continue as the president.

Currently, only the Russian television presenter Ksenija Sobchak announced his decision to participate in the 2018 presidential election. She announced her candidacy website. Its website shows: “My name is Ksenija Sozbacak, and I recommend myself to run for the presidency of Russia.” In response to this election, Sobchak said he hopes to raise election campaigns in the elite The funds.

For the actress’s election, Russian President Press Secretary Peskov said earlier that Sobchak is in full compliance with the requirements of the Russian constitution for the candidate. She is a Russian citizen and can run for president under the constitution.

On the 19th, Russia’s Presidential Press Secretary, Peskov, responded to the decision of Sobchak to attend the 2018 presidential election, saying her decision has nothing to do with the Kremlin. Putin also suspected the incident on the same day, saying that women do not rule out the possibility of becoming the next president. Putin said at the meeting of the International Debate Club in Valday that if women could become the next president of Russia, “Everything is possible here.”

Obama wrote to his girlfriend during college letters of love exposure: has hinted that love is fruitless

                    (Original title: University of Obama love letter exposure: talk about love, talk about life)


US university library publicizes former President Barack Obama’s love letter to his girlfriend, Alexandra McNeil during his college years. In a total of 30 pages, Obama talks about his love, race, class and money.

The Associated Press reported on the 19th that the Stuart A. Ross Library at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, received these letters in 2014 and deposited them with the archives, which are now open to researchers. The love letters a total of 9, written in 1982 to 1984.

In his earliest letter, young Obama expressed his love for McNeil and wrote: “I believe you know I miss you. My concern for you is as broad as the air, and my trust in you resembles the sea Deep, my love is rich and colorful. “?

Obama also revealed his confusion. In a letter, he mentioned that his friend was either ready to settle in New York or inherit his family business. This left him born in Hawaii and spent some childhood in Indonesia.

“I must admit that I am jealous,” he wrote. “I did not get a certain social class, structure, or tradition … the only way to lighten my sense of isolation is to embrace all traditions and classes and turn them into me And my turn into them, but that’s not easy. “

In November 1983, Obama told McNeil in a letter that he wanted to be involved in community work, though” community group pay is too low to justify Survival, so I intend to do more traditional work for one year, save enough money and pursue the cause I am interested in. ”

Then, in a 1984 letter, Obama wrote that he was thinking of something more influential: “My idea is no longer as concrete as it was at school, but it is more direct and heavier. No longer a bystander, and these ideas may be more useful when more are put into action. “

LOS ANGELES MARGARI, Library Director, said on the 18th that these letters are very important and reflect that Obama is embarking on his final pass What kind of heart has come before the White House’s road?

Scholars study: a small amount of alcohol or help improve foreign language skills

                    (Former title: The study said a small amount of alcohol consumption or help improve foreign language communication ability)


BEIJING, Oct. 20 (Xinhuanet) According to the Russian satellite network, studies by British, German and Dutch scholars report that a small amount of alcohol consumption helps to use more accurate and fluent foreign language communication.

During the course of the study, testers had free communication with native Dutch speakers for subjects who drank some drinks in advance, one of which drank non-alcoholic beverages and the other drank diluted vodka.

Ultimately, drinking groups tested better and they spoke faster and more accurately. However, scholars warn that the test results do not imply that all foreign language learners should consume alcohol regularly.

Kobe Steel, Japan’s crisis intensified its copper plant is under inspection

                    (Original title: Japan’s Kobe Steel crisis intensified its copper plant is under inspection)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the Japanese government said on the 20th, Kobe Steel’s copper plant may be in violation of industry standards are under inspection, at the same time the company said the product data fraud was revealed After that, it is understanding that the product continues to ship.

A spokesman for the company said to Reuters by telephone that the Japan Quality Assurance Agency (JQA) started inspections on the 19th.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said it was inspecting the brass plant in Hatano, southwest of Tokyo.

If the company’s products fail to meet the government-set industry standards, they will be put in the wrong hands to deepen the crisis in Japan’s third-largest steel mills. So far, the company has said that products that have been sold but counterfeit data still comply with safety and other specifications, but do not comply with the contract specifications signed with customers.

Kobe Steel said it will hold a press conference about fraud on the 20th.

High-value Labrador Retriever breed popular but was fired by the CIA

                    (Original title: How was a search dog dismissed by the CIA?)


Recently, a Labradoodle was fired by the U.S. CIA. Not long ago, the CIA recruited a new batch of search dogs, including a bright, innocent black labrador dog, Lulu. With its high value, its photos circulate on the Internet and are loved by the American public.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

This year-old, half-year-old canine was from the Susquehanna Service Dog Center, the youngest of six new employees serving the Fairfax, Virginia County police station and trained. However, Lulu does not seem to fit the CIA’s life, failed to achieve acceptable results in recent training, and ultimately failed to pass the “probationary period” was fired.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

Wednesday, CIA on the official Twitter wrote:

“We are sad to announce that after a few weeks of training, Lulu began to show that it is not interested in searching for explosives.” But netizens seem

Not disappointed, but think it is a loyal dog.

She just wanted to chase the ball and let her take a break.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

Maybe Lulu wants to be an artist or want to travel around the world. This dog pursues her dream.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

Maybe Lulu is a double agent?

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

Lulu just wanted to stay with his family.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

Although Lulu was not a promising search dog at the CIA, he still enjoyed the workplace envy that ordinary white-collar workers envy. After reading a psychiatrist, it received extra breaks and breaks.

Now that Lulu has been adopted by his trainer and sniffed out explosives, he is living a daily sniff of rabbits and squirrels in the backyard.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

In recent years, CIA has continuously expanded its power to actively intervene in activities in war-wary areas. Today, CIA killed more people in Afghanistan than they did a few decades ago in the war such as the Vietnam War. As a result, the volume of search dogs has also risen.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

In the large and complex CIA, there is an obscure mystery called the K-9 Corps.

This is a dog regiment founded in 1991 with the primary responsibility of protecting the CIA and its employees. All dogs in the regiment are federal police and are assigned their own police badge.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

So, to join the K-9 Corps to meet what conditions?

First of all, is a good name. Most of the K-9 Legion dogs are Labradors, and some German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are also smart, enduring and loyal.

Second, you have to get into battle. Recruited “recruits” must undergo intensive training, to pass the final exams to stay, to become an official “explosive soldier.”

The training they will receive includes:

6-week odor training to learn the odor of thousands of explosives;

10-week intensive team training with team members in the car or baggage Identify explosives;

Street training improves skills in obeying orders, agile reaction, suspect search and criminal arrest.

Dogs who pass the final exam can distinguish the smell of thousands of explosives up to 19,000.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

Most of the dogs are used to search for explosives in vehicles and buildings.

In times of emergency, local police, schools and other government agencies are also assisted. Some “elites” will go overseas for special missions.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

How long do they have to work? When can I retire?

The search dogs work about 60 hours a week. Many of the dogs at the age of 1 start learning and adapting to work, and their length of service is about 6 to 9 years.

If the dogs were injured and could not be fully recovered or were unable to continue their work due to their age, they will retire early.

If they lose their lives on the government, they will receive the same honor as human partners.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

In fact, it is not uncommon for dogs to be “dismissed” or for early retirement.

Earlier, a Belgian Malinois hit the roadside bombs and weapons along with British troops on the Afghan front and two years later it became early for fear of gunfire.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

While a German Shepherd was too sociable as a member of a mysterious group, she saw her new friend and approached her and was eventually fired.

高颜值拉布拉多犬搜爆犬走红 却被美国中情局解雇

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