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US military investigates the quality of Jiebing soldiers dilemma: 30 million people only 130,000 qualified

                    (Original title: 30 million people only 130,000 qualified? US military survey reveals the decline in the quality of soldiers)


资料图:美军新兵训练营。 Information Figure: US Boot Camp.

Reference News Network reported on October 19 Recently, the United States Army held an annual meeting of the Army Association. At the meeting, senior officials from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Army made keynote speeches and participated in discussions on various issues. Therefore, this annual meeting is also a window for the outside world to gather information about the U.S. Army and to observe the future development of the U.S. military. The most striking aspect of the various issues covered by the annual meeting of the Army Associations this year is the data released by the U.S. Army Conscription Command about the recruitment of troops this year.

According to the report by the Army, in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the U.S. people, aged 17 to 24, were approximately 33.4 million people, in line with the total number of U.S. troops recruited by the Army for various types of professional common soldiers. No matter from the previous year or the data alone, it is very promising. The number of service-age population has always been an important data to test the military potential of a country, especially the potential of its national defense personnel mobilization. At the same time, the report of the U.S. Army points out that many of the more than 30 million young people of their age have shown their interest in serving in the army. This shows that the U.S. military can provide jobs that are still quite common to many young Americans attractive. However, the report of the Army Times turned a blind eye and revealed through another set of data the real dilemma faced by the U.S. Army conscription. Although there are more than 33.4 million school-age population serving as theoretical reserve workers, only about 136,000 of them simultaneously meet the two requirements of meeting the recruitment standards and being interested in participating in the armed forces. This figure can only barely compensate for the recruitment of new troops by the United States Army gap.

More specific and informative data provided by the Army’s Army Recruiting Command then gradually analyzed how they “screened” 136,000 people out of the 3,340,000-plus-age population.

First of all, despite the very large base of 33.4 million, only about 9.7 million people remain after the simple “health” and qualification examination. The other 20 million young people who should be “able-bodied” have been brushed, mostly because of overweight or obesity, diseases that do not meet health standards for service, drug abuse, poor mental health and “misconduct “(Such as criminal records) and other reasons the U.S. Army” shut out. ”

Of course, “screening” was far from here, and the data from the U.S. Army Conscription Command were followed by a “back-up knife” – out of the 9.7 million young people of primary age who passed the primaries, only about 5.7 million have met service standards Education (high school or college graduation). Excluding the above-mentioned population of those who have a diploma, but failed to pass the military education level test or vocational skills test candidates, the number of young people has shrunk to 1.7 million.

A mother and her five children were killed in a fire in a residential complex in the United States

                    (Original title: A fire broke out in a residential building in Texas, USA 1 Mother and 5 children were killed)


China news agency, Houston, October 18 (Xinhua) On the morning of October 18, local time, a fire broke out in a residential complex in Hardin County, Texas, killing one mother and five children.

According to Fox News Channel, the local Sheriff’s office released a message on the 18th that earlier in the morning, the mother and her five children failed to work in time in their home in Harding County due to a fire in their home Escape and all died.

The former Ukrainian president was extended his term of refuge against Russia in a number of charges

                    (Original title: President Uzbekistan sheltered in Russia has been extended until October 26, 2018)


[World Wide Web Report] Russian satellite network on October 19 quoted the “Kommersant” reported that the former President of Ukraine Yanukovych’s lawyer Scheldik said that the Russian Ministry of the Interior has Yanukovich temporary shelter The validity period is extended to October 26, 2018.


American scientist: After the death of the human brain or still working to hear the announcement of the dead

                    (Original title: American scientists: people may still hear the announcement of the death after the death of the brain)


美国科学家:人死后脑部或仍运作 可听到宣布死讯

[Global Sources] Many movies or literary works have assumed that people will face different scenes after death, but the truth is how. Scientists in the United States pointed out that people still have the potential to work after their death, and may hear news of medical staff declaring their own death.

Hong Kong East Network reported on October 19 that New York University School of Medicine’s Pamia (Sam Parnia) said that in the heart stop beating the moment, the blood will stop flowing to the brain, no longer issued to detect brain waves, Means that medical staff will announce a dead letter. The process usually takes two to 20 seconds, but it is also possible to maintain it for a few hours, meaning it will still be conscious.

People who have undergone CPR still have the potential to continue providing blood to the brain. However, the process of brain stem death is still impossible to reverse, but the process is slow.

The team further quoted those who had undergone a sudden cardiac arrest and subsequently “died again” as saying they saw and heard the dialogue and work of doctors and nurses after “death” and checked with the relevant medical staff to confirm the statement True, in line with the findings.

Russian beauty presided over the election presidential election announced his candidacy as Putin political mentor

                    (Original title: Russian beauty presided over the presidential election announced Putin’s political career as a teacher Putin’s political career)



Overseas Network, October 19, With the approaching presidential election in Russia in 2018, TV hostess and reporter Ksenia Sobchak recently announced that they will participate as candidates general election. The Kremlin has said that Sobchak is in full compliance with the demands placed on the candidates by the Russian constitution. It is noteworthy that the actress’s father was the current Russian superior Putin and is known as Putin’s political mentor.

According to reports by foreign media such as Russia’s Satellite News Agency on the 18th, the 35-year-old Russian hostess, Kesheian Sobchak, has announced that she will participate as a candidate in the Russian presidential election and that she has published a link to her campaign website. Its website shows: “My name is Ksenija Sozbacak, and I recommend myself to run for the presidency of Russia.” In response to this election, Sobchak said he hopes to raise election campaigns in the elite The funds.

It is reported that Sobchak’s campaign slogan is “Against Everyone.” She said she is not within the framework of a strict ideology and does not belong to a specific political party, and is not subject to party and group discipline. “I know I am a contradictory person, I am a journalist, my life is perfect, I am a reformer’s daughter and a member of the Russian Opposition Coordination Committee, and I may not be your candidate, but I join the election, which is good for the voters, The political system is good, “said Sobchak. Sobchak also said that it will set up its headquarters in the near future and that all the democratic forces have been invited to join, if not, observers. She said: “I am open to consultations with all political forces.”

For the hostess’s candidacy, Russian President Press Secretary Peskov said that Sobchak is fully compliant with the requirements of the Russian constitution for the candidates She is a Russian citizen and may run for president under the constitution. “

It is reported that Ksenia Sobchak was born in Leningrad (present-day St. Petersburg) on ​​November 5, 1981. His father, Anatoly Sobchak, As mayor of St. Petersburg in the 90s, he was the senior of Putin and was called the political mentor of the incumbent president.

The moon is 50 km long tunnel-like caves or can be used as a human lunar landing base

                    (Original title: Study found 50 km long tunnel-like caves on the moon)


月球上现50公里长隧道般洞穴 或可做人类登月基地

月球上现50公里长隧道般洞穴 或可做人类登月基地

Suspected shootings in Maryland were intercepted by interstate and killed 3 dead and 3 injured

                    (Original title: Maryland state shooting suspects arrested cross-state attack caused 3 dead 3 injured)


BEIJING, Oct. 19 Comprehensive report, Harford County, Maryland, the police said the shooting occurred on the 18th in Maryland and the neighboring Delaware, killing three people and injuring three others. At present, the suspects have been arrested in Delaware.

U.S. arrests of Maryland shooting suspects have shot dead at six

                    (Original title: arrest of suspects in Maryland State shooting has caused 3 shots to 6)



Overseas Network, October 19 On the 18th of the local time shooting incident in Maryland, U.S. local police said the suspects have been arrested.

According to the Associated Press, Harford County police released messages on social media on the evening of the 18th that the 37-year-old suspect Prince of the shootings was arrested by the police earlier. It is reported that Prince first in the early 18th in Edgewood, Maryland opened fire on five colleagues, then drove to Delaware, and then to the recognition of a car sales and service business Man shot.

According to earlier reports from the Xinhua News Agency, police in Harford County, Maryland, said shooting occurred on the 18th at a local business park and the suspects shot a total of 6 people, killing 3 (all of whom are now colleagues) 2 people heavier.

I knew it has been concealed? The government was accused of helping Kobe hide the fraud

                    (The original title: well aware of it has been concealed? The Japanese government was accused of helping to hide the fraud)


【Global Times】 The scandal tainted by Japan’s third-largest steelmaker Kobe Steel (hereinafter referred to as Kobelco) for tampering with performance data has been fermenting for several days and sparking concerns in Europe and the United States. On the 18th, Japanese media reported on the news that the U.S. Justice Department demanded that Kobelco provide data and may conduct investigations. U.S. companies may also issue collective claims. The European Aviation Safety Agency also formally issued a notice to suspend the use of God’s steel products. The Japanese media also pointed out that for several decades of organized fraud in Kobe Steel, the Japanese government is likely to know everything but kept it hidden.

According to the Japanese “Sankei Shimbun” reported on the 18th, in response to altering the performance data of aluminum products, the United States Department of Justice wrote a letter to Kobelco on the 16th, asking them to provide relevant data. It is reported that Kobelco products are widely used in the U.S. automobile and aviation industries and the United States may investigate this incident as a serious accident involving the safety of U.S. consumers. In addition, U.S. corporations that have adopted Kobelco products may also launch a class action lawsuit against Kobelco.

“There will be a huge amount of compensation if U.S. companies and U.S. consumers initiate class actions,” said a Japanese management consultant who knows about European and American businesses. In the United States, even if there is no problem with the security of the final product, as long as a breach of contract occurs Generally, it will cause a claim. By the end of June this year, Japan’s Takata, once the world’s largest maker of automotive airbags, filed for bankruptcy protection due to a serious flaw in its products, causing a drastic deterioration in operating conditions. Honda Motor Corp., which uses Takata’s airbags, eventually turned to U.S. companies and consumers Pay 605 million U.S. dollars to settle the money.

On the 17th, Kobelco responded to a written notice from the U.S. Department of Justice on its official website that “it will seriously assist in the investigation.” However, Kobe Steel has not made any statement about the possible initiation of class actions by U.S. companies.

The day after the U.S. Department of Justice asked KISCO to submit relevant information, EASA also posted a statement on its official website that it advised to discontinue use of Kobelco products. Japan’s Jiji Press said on the 18th, EASA in the notice dated October 17 said that the proposed use of Kobe Steel’s materials company to inspect their own supply chain, if there is an alternative supplier, then suspended from the recognition of counterfeit materials Japanese company purchasing performance data.

On the 8th of this month, Kobe Steel acknowledged long-term tampering with the factory data of some aluminum and copper products and pretending to reach the market of standard products. The products were sold to over 6,000 domestic enterprises such as Japan’s domestic auto, aviation and trains, as well as into Japan’s national defense field and Such as Daimler, Citroen, Boeing, Airbus, General Electric and other internationally renowned enterprises. On the 16th, the new inter-city high-speed rail produced by Japan’s Hitachi Group for the United Kingdom leaked into the air-conditioned car at the time of its launch and became a “water curtain cave.” The vehicle happened to have also used the parts and components involved in the Kobe Steel fraud scandal.

Japan’s Economic News and other media also reported earlier that the survey found that Kobelco has been faking since the beginning of decades and is “organized fraud” within the company. According to Japan’s economic magazine “Diamond” website “Diamond Online” reported on the 18th, Kobe Steel fraud is likely to have long been Japan’s government department in charge of the Ministry of Economy was informed, but the latter has been kept secret for the Steel. The report said that with the reemployment officials of the provinces and autonomous regions “descendants” to Kobelco for 16 consecutive years in key positions, it is impossible for Kobe to tamper with production data during this period without any knowledge.

Park Geun-hye refuses to attend today’s court hearing Earlier lawyer’s collective resignation

                    (Former title: Park Geun-hye refuses to attend today court trial earlier lawyer collective resignation)



16, 2009, Park Geun-hye appeared in court wearing glasses, a different person

overseas online October 19 electric u0026 nbsp; 18 days, Park Geun-hye for health reasons, refused to attend scheduled for today (19) Of “faithful government” case trial 81 court. On the 16th, Park Geun-hye had said in court that she lost her trust in the judge and that the trial was a “political retaliation” for her. Defense lawyers also proposed the day to resign collectively to protest the court on the 13th extension of arrest of Park Geun-hye’s decision. Park Geun-hye said that “we will judge it according to the judge’s wishes.”

According to the Yonhap news agency, Park Geun-hoo handed a personal letter to the Seoul detention center on the 18th saying that “it is difficult to attend the 19-day court hearing because of health problems.”

The head of Seoul’s detention center said that Park Geun-hye just said he would not participate in the trial on the 19th and did not say whether he would absent from trial in the future. However, according to the analysis of the report, since Park Geun-hye said earlier that “trust in judges has no meaning and will be judged in the future according to the judge’s wishes,” it has actually shown the attitude of abandoning the trial. In future courtrooms, Park Geun-hye may well refuse to appear in court or respond negatively, and judgment in absentia is hard to avoid.

After Park Geun-hye’s solicitors collectively indicated their resignation, the court said they would appoint a lawyer to defend Park Geun-hye. Even so, Park Geun-hye’s trial will also fall into the plight of the extension. Because of the complexities of the case, the relevant records have exceeded 100,000 pages, and assigning lawyers takes a long time to digest. Moreover, Park Geun-hye may well refuse to meet with the court to appoint a lawyer.

On the 13th, the South Korean Central District Court decided to extend the period of detention on the ground that Park Geun-hye had “the possibility of destroying evidence”. Park Geun-hye’s custody of the longest time will be extended for 6 months, that is, in April next year to release.

During the trial held on the 16th, Park Geun-hye made his first speech since the first public hearing on May 23. She said: “I have been in pain for these six months in trial because of my unbelievable betrayal and my reputation and my life are ruined.” She emphasized that Choi Soon-ji had deceived himself in leading the government and denied his suspicion.

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