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Encounter Prince Guide: British royal family members are how to choose school?

                    (Original title: Encounter Prince Guide 丨 British royal family members are how to choose school?)


Recently, Prince George’s education has drawn much attention. Four years ago, Prince William ‘s eldest son Prince George was born. On the day of the opening, the couple were packed off by the media.


At that time, he was still a baby born in the palm of your hand who was born in the royal family. Four years later, George grew up and finally reached elementary school age.


On the first day of school, Prince William was “escorted” by Prince William due to his discomfort. The scene of the day is no less than the public date four years ago.


In the eyes of the crowd on the crowd saw the rare species of giant panda.

On the day of school, young Prince George wearing a school uniforms, holding Prince William’s hand all the way, it seems a little nervous, but still very polite to greet the headmaster to shook hands.


Love to join the fun netizens said: too adorable!

His eyes are full of sadness.


See Prince George the first day of school, so cute.


Prince George to see the school is the most lovely thing! ! Look at his little face.


Burst: Prince George became the first child to start school in history.


According to the British “Daily Mail,” in September of this year, Prince George entered preschool at the Thomas School Battersea School, a private mixed-sex school. It is reported that William and his wife intend to make George graduated from Thomas school, continue to enter the mixed-sex boarding secondary school, which will break the British royal family members will only study in boys ‘or girls’ school tradition.

So the question is, what is the school selection criteria for the British royal family?

  • Near Home

For a young royal family member, choosing a school close to home is both convenient and safe.

George currently attending Thomas School, with the main campus about a 10-minute walk from Kensington Palace where he lives, while the Battersea campus is just 20 minutes away by car.


The brothers Prince William and Prince Harry have been studying the same school before high school.

During elementary school, they entered the Wetherby School for pre-school classes and walked 15 minutes to Kensington Palace, where their mother Princess Diana lives.


At the age of 7, Prince Charles began studying at Hill House School in Knightsbridge, West London, from where he lived in Clarence, just a 15-minute drive away.


Prince Charles was the first royal family to go out of the royal palace to read elementary school, and all previous hires were tutoring closed doors, for example the Queen himself had two tutors. So, the school nearest to my home I am afraid to count the Queen Elizabeth now.


  • quality education

Prince George Thomas currently attending school curriculum is very comprehensive, including art, ballet, drama, French, music and sports.

The most important thing for schools is “goodness”, students are not allowed to have “good friends”. Because schools want students to accept classmates of different cultures, beliefs and family backgrounds rather than find friends according to their own preferences, no one is isolated.


While Prince William and Prince Harry were organized into ordinary kindergartens and elementary schools because they had a close relative, they grew up as ordinary children as possible, so their childhood would not have become a nerd.


As for the British Queen Elizabeth, it was even more surprising. After the outbreak of World War II, she joined the women’s unit of the British Army in keeping with the trend of the times. She trained in car maintenance and repaired her own car.


  • elitism

since the beginning of high school, members of the royal family embarked on a path of elitism.

In high school, both Prince William and Harry were enrolled at the prestigious Eton College. Here there were 20 British Prime Ministers and Shelley, the economist and Keynes, an economist who produced countless students for Oxford and Cambridge.


However, the difference is that “Prince” After graduating from Prince William University of St Andrews studying art history and geography, graduated with excellent results; and “prodigal son” after graduating from Prince Harry and Lesotho degrees After a lapse of years, then joined the army, gossip about private life everywhere.


Most of the royal families, such as Prince Charles, attend the Gordons East School in northern Scotland. This mixed-sex boarding school is a “nobility” among “aristocratic schools.”


Modi revisits the Indian-Pakistani border to send candy to soldiers to encourage everyone to practice yoga

                    (Original title: Modi Diwali revisits the India-Pakistan border to encourage soldiers to practice yoga)


6.jpg Photo credit: India Today Website

Overseas Network October 19 India is currently celebrating one of the country’s biggest festival diwali. Indian PM Modi on the 19th visited India-Pakistan border Indian-controlled Kashmir, condolences to the stationed Indian soldiers to encourage soldiers to practice yoga, but also encourage them to retired as a yoga instructor.

Modi, wearing an army jacket and sun glasses on the 19th, distributed candies and gifts to Indian soldiers in Indian-controlled Kashmir, according to the website “India Today.” In addition, Modi also made speeches to the army and boosted morale. He said he also felt energetic when he saw the soldiers working hard and giving sacrifices under hard conditions.

It is reported that during his visit to the Indian-Pakistan border in the Indian-controlled Kashmir region, Modi was told that local Indian soldiers often practice yoga. Responding to this, Modi responded by practicing yoga to help soldiers enhance their ability to give soldiers a sense of calm. Modi also said that soldiers began practicing yoga during the army, and after retirement, they could become excellent yoga instructors.

During the inspection, Modi also mentioned the “New India 2020” vision. It is understood that on August 16, Modi shared his vision of “New India” to the public in India’s Independence Day speech held in Delhi, New Delhi’s iconic Red Fort. He promised to achieve that vision by 2022, the 75th anniversary of Indian independence.

Survey: 2016 annual average cost of Japanese weddings 210,000 yuan

                    (Original title: Survey: 2016 Japanese wedding average cost of 354.8 million yen)

                                   According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported that Japan’s marriage information magazine “Jixi” (ZEXY) Rexroth’s marketing partner company (Tokyo) Marriage on the 18th survey released by the survey shows that in 2016 the country each The average wedding and wedding banquet costs an average of 354.8 million yen (about 210,000 yuan).

The highest record since the beginning of the survey in the previous year. However, it was reduced by 49,000 yen last year due to the decrease in the number of relatives and other guests.

North Korea condemns U.S.-ROK military exercises: pushing tension to the brink of the worst outbreak

Xinhua News Agency, Pyongyang, October 19 According to the Central News Agency reported on the 19th, North Korea condemned the U.S.-South Korea joint naval exercises on the waters around the Korean peninsula on the 18th, saying it was a serious military provocation to exacerbate tensions over the peninsula.

North Korea’s spokesman said that the United States and South Korea, in disregard of the deep concern of the entire Korean nation and the international community over the increasingly aggravated situation in the peninsula, will conduct the largest joint maritime exercise in the east and north of North Korea starting from the 16th and will present the current tension The situation pushed to the brink of the worst outbreak.

Putin teacher girl campaign presidential Ke palace planning? Russian presidential office responded

                    (The original title: Putin teacher girl campaign presidential Ke palace planning? Russian presidential response)



Overseas Network, October 19, Russian President Press Secretary Sergei Piskov said on the 19th that TV presenter Ksenija Sobchak decided to attend the 2018 presidential election without regard to the Kremlin.

According to a number of Russian media reports, including Russia’s Satellite News Agency, some have accused Sobchak of campaigning behind the scenes of the Kremlin. In this regard, Peskov said: “No, not so.”

Sobchak October 18 announced that she will participate in the 2018 presidential election in Russia. She positions herself as an option for voters who would rather “not one vote.” Russian citizens over the age of 35 have the right to participate in the presidential election. November Sobchak will be 36 years old.

Sobchak was the daughter of the late Anatoly Sobchak, former mayor of St. Petersburg, who once worked in his father’s team. Anatoly Sobchak was the mayor of St. Petersburg in the 1990s, the former head of Putin, who is known as the current president’s political mentor.

Sobchak started his television career as a reality show host and currently runs his own show on Rain TV. From May 2012 to December 2014, Sobchak was the editor-in-chief of SNC, the women’s magazine, and in December 2014 became editor-in-chief of the Russian version of L’Officiel. Sobchak participated in opposition protests on multiple occasions.

Putin left his comment on Sobchak’s decision to take part in the 2018 presidential election. However, during a recent interview with Putin on television programs in Russia, Keshenia said he had disclosed his intentions to each other. Although uncertain about the specific ideas of the other side, Putin “gave me The feeling is that he does not like my decision. ”

Russian President Putin signed an order to continue to lower his 2018 salary

                    (Original title: Russian President Putin signed an order to continue to lower his 2018 salary)



Iranian military: Do not yield to pressure from the United States will withstand the pressure to develop missiles

                    (Original title: Iranian military: will withstand the pressure to develop missiles)


Xinhua News Agency, Tehran, October 19 Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guerdon said in a statement on the 19th that Iran will not give in to pressure from the United States and will speed up its missile development program.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard said in its statement that it planned to upgrade Iran’s regional influence and enhance Iran’s missile research and development capability, reports TassIMa News Agency of Iran. The statement also said that the attempt by the United States and Israel to damage peace in the Middle East will never succeed.

Western countries headed by the United States have been accusing Iran of launching test-fired ballistic missiles in violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and the spirit of the Iran-Iran nuclear agreement. Iran insisted that missile tests were conducted on the premise of safeguarding the interests of the country and did not violate the contents of the Iran-Iran agreement. Iran has the right to research and develop defensive weapons, and the test-firing of ballistic missiles has nothing to do with nuclear weapons.

South Korean government to create new jobs 5-year plan: the goal of creating 810,000 new jobs

                    (Original title: South Korean government announces Wen Yin government to create new jobs 5-year plan)


BEIJING, Oct. 18 According to Korean media reported on the 18th, South Korean ruling party and government and the presidential palace, Cheong Wa Dae, announced on the 18th the text in the government to create new jobs five years plan.

Announcement on the Day The 5-year plan for creating new jobs in the government includes 5 major areas, 10 major topics and 100 policy topics.


Figure: Korean presidential text in Yin.

Google parent company to make the future city: bus autopilot robot delivery

                    (Original title: Google parent company to build future cities in Canada: bus autopilot, robot delivery)


谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

The smart city under planning is located in southeastern Toronto, with a total area of ​​325 hectares (800 acres) across the Eastern Waterfront, including Quayside and Port Lands.

Alphabet of Google parent company planned to build the city for many years to come to the surface.

According to a report by the Financial Times on 18 October, Alphabet is planning a multi-year future town that is about to begin construction in downtown Toronto, Canada.

This unprecedented smart city project will be run in batches, with the first phase of the Quayside (quayside) totaling 12 acres (48,600 square meters). As a result, the 800-acre (3,237,000-square-meter) Waterfront Waterfront in Toronto will turn into a digital city.

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

community picture (concept map, the same below)

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

infrastructure regional digital connection diagram

local time on October 17, Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau co-published the urban cooperation agreement in Toronto.

Self-driving public transport, traffic lights that can sense pedestrians and automatically adjust signals, bike lanes that heat up in winter, modular housing (modular housing), freight robots traveling through underground tunnels, public WIFI, etc. , Will be in the construction and development of the column.

This futuristic city was created by Sidewalk Labs. Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet and a sister company to Google, is focused on smart city amenities and is committed to providing technology for people in urban amenities. The Quayside project will also serve as a reference for the smart city worldwide.

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

Modular housing facilitates innovative construction methods, in addition to traditional reinforced concrete, to the use of longer, lighter and greener wood.

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

reconfigurable Loft different functional areas of the building structure so that the community can be mixed together to make life and work easier

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

different kinds of travel facilities will coexist

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

Community Communities

According to a report in the Financial Times, Sidewalk submitted a city-built solution that includes a large sensing system that detects everything falling on a park bench, spilled trash, noise from a home And pollution. Cities will explore new energy technologies, including smart grids, on-site generation, and public services that include technology and medical facilities.

In addition, there are detailed plans for public facilities, including restricting the use of private cars and replacing them with Shuttles. Bicycle lanes can heat up in winter and hydropower and other energy sources supply houses through underground pipelines. Transport through underground pipelines.

In addition to the hardware facilities, Sidewalk also mentioned city regulations. Sidewalk said Toronto should exempt cities in the future from the relevant rules in place, including building codes, traffic, energy consumption and other rules, because the project “needs the tolerance of current regulations.”

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

underground area that can be used in a robot cargo

谷歌母公司要造未来城市:公交自动驾驶 机器人送货

pedestrian walkway area

Financial Times commented that studies using the city of Big Data and privacy policy, it will be important The challenge

Japanese media: The United States continues to regard Japan as a foreign exchange monitoring object or step up pressure

                    (Original title: Japanese media: the United States continue to be listed as the object of foreign exchange monitoring or to strengthen the pressure)

                                   Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on October 18 that the U.S. government continued to list Japan as the “monitored object” of monetary policy in its foreign exchange report released on the 17th. Japan’s huge trade surplus with the United States also Be regarded as a problem. As Trump is going to visit Japan in November, the United States may be prepared to further step up its pressure on Japan.

The report states: “The Trump administration is giving top priority to improving the international competitive environment for U.S. workers and businesses.” As currency policy is also a part of it, U.S. Treasury Secretary Nugent said that “it will continue to monitor unfair exchange rate policy “Will convey that it will strictly monitor the behavior of other countries in devaluing the currency so as to facilitate exports. If the Japanese yen exchange rate further devaluation, the United States may also be contained.

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