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Indian Defense Minister Goes to China, India Border Disputed Area Activities China Responds

                    (Original title: Indian Defense Minister Goes to China-India Border Disputed Area Activities China’s Response)



Leung Chun-ying: Hong Kong’s total power comes from the central non-Hong Kong power to the Central Government

                    (Former title: Leung Chun-ying: All power from Hong Kong originates from Hong Kong to Central Government)


According to Radio Television Hong Kong’s report, Leung Chun-ying, former chief executive of the CPPCC National Committee, said some people have recently questioned the Central Government’s overall power over the administration of Hong Kong. He said that in 1985 when drafting and consulting for the Basic Law, the relevant issues were clarified.

梁振英:香港所有权力源于中央 非香港交权力予中央

After the attachment to the deputy director of Shaanxi Department of Peking University graduate doctoral students

                    (Original title: 90 post Xiaobuang Shaanxi deputy head of Peking University doctoral graduate students)


90后小伙陕西挂职副区长 系北大博士研究生

Chinese business network news, recently, Yulin Yuyang District government official website information disclosure, was born in 1990 Dingbian guy Ni Zhimao, appeared in the leadership of the government deputy column.

It is reported that Ni Zhimao is a doctoral student at Peking University, is the province (Shaanxi Province) for Peking University’s transfer students, according to the organizational process requirements to Yuyang District dereliction deputy head. According to the public information of Yuyang district government official website in Yulin, Ni Zhimao, male, Han nationality, born in May 1990 in Dingbian, Shaanxi Province, joined the Communist Party of China in July 2008 and attended the work in August 2017 with a postgraduate qualification. The current deputy head of Yuyang District People’s Government.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yuyang District Government that Ni Zhimao, an outstanding graduate from the high-level universities in the province, is required to go to the post for nearly two months in Yuyang District according to the organizational procedures. Currently, they are not in charge of specific work but merely assist other district leaders in their work.

According to the announcement of selecting excellent graduates for Peking University in 2017, the doctoral students are assigned to work in party, government and government agencies in provinces, cities and prefectures in accordance with the needs of employers and the professions I have studied. To work in cities and counties, the first linked to the county (city, district) deputy or municipal department deputy post, two years after the examination of outstanding and willing to remain in office, served as Deputy Director positions.

What is tuition?

Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Deputy Secretary-General, Du Qiang, member of the Office of the General Assembly was checked

                    (Original title: Deputy Secretary General of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, Du Qiang, member of the General Office of the General Office, accepted the organization review)


According to the Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection: According to the approval of Tianjin Municipal Committee, Du Qiang, deputy secretary general of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and member of the general office of the General Office is suspected of being seriously disciplined and is currently undergoing organizational scrutiny.

Du Qiang Resume

Du Qiang, male, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, city of Shandong, was born in July 1962 and joined the work in January 1982. He joined the Communist Party of China in January 1990 and holds a bachelor’s degree.

1982.01-1986.12 Finance and Taxation Management Cadres in Tianjin Bureau of Finance

1986.12-1988.07 Cadres and Staff of the Financial Department of the Central Government Financed by the Ministry of Finance of Tianjin Municipality (1985.09-1988.06, majoring in finance at the Central Institute of Finance and Economics);

1988.07-1992.03, deputy director of the Ministry of Finance in the central business office Tianjin Finance Bureau of Finance;

1992.03-1993.06 central enterprise Finance supervision department Deputy Chief of Ministry of Finance in Tianjin Finance Bureau;

1993.06-1994.12 Ministry of Finance in Tianjin Deputy Director, Office of Financial Affairs, Central Enterprise Finance Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Finance;

1994.12-1995.08 Deputy Director, Office of Treasury, Tianjin Office of Financial Ombudsman (deputy section);

1995.08-1999.05 Ministry of Finance, Tianjin Office of Financial Ombudsman Deputy Director (Deputy Office );

1999.05-2000.11 Deputy Director of Financial Supervision Department of Tianjin Finance Bureau;

2000.11-2001.11 Deputy Director of Office of Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau (City Local Taxation Bureau);

2001.11-2003.12 Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau Office of Director of Financial Bureau, Director of Financial Bureau;

2003.12-2006.01 Director of Office of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Finance (City Local Taxation Bureau) (2001.09-2004.12 Studied in Finance of Network University of Hunan University);

2006.01-2007.03 Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau (City Local Taxation Bureau) Deputy Director;

Taiwan tour groups were robbed in front of the tourist parliament building in Papua New Guinea

                    (Original title: Taiwanese tour groups were robbed in front of the Papua New Guinean tourist parliament)


1509974563621727.jpg Papua New Guinea parliament (Source: Taiwan media)

overseas online November 6 electric u0026 nbsp; 4 in the morning, a 10-member Taiwanese tourist group was armed robbers in front of parliament of Papua New Guinea Robbery, carry property was robbed.

According to Taiwan’s “United Daily News”, on November 2, a 10-member Taiwanese tour group traveled to Papua New Guinea for tourism. On the morning of the 4th, when a group of tour members visited the attractions in the vicinity of the Parliament Building in Papua New Guinea, they were suddenly robbed by more than five robbers. The tour members scared silly and did not dare to resist. The bandits took away the tour members Carrying property. Taiwan’s foreign affairs department has stepped in and local police have started investigations.

The Ministry of Education will intensify efforts by institutions of higher education to ease up the new district of Xiong’an

                    (Original title: Latest News! Ministry of Education will intensify the efforts of institutions of higher learning to ease the new district)


On November 6, Chen Gang, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and vice governor of Xiong’an New District, secretary of the Party Work Committee and director of the CMC, met with Vice Minister of Education Sun Yao and his delegation and held informal discussions on the educational planning of the Xiong’an New District. China Urban Planning and Design Institute of Planning and Research Center, the provincial government, the provincial Department of Education and the relevant person in charge of Xiong’an District to participate in the discussion. Chen Gang meets with Vice Minister of Education Sun Yao and his entourage and holds a panel discussion on education planning in the Xiong’an New District. Liu Ye photo

Chen Gang First of all, the research team of the Ministry of Education came to the guidance area of ​​the Xiong’an New District to welcome the on-site office. He said General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a high standard requirement for the construction of the Xiong’an New District. The future education of the new district is very important and directly determines the future of the district. This time, Vice Minister of Education Sun Yao led a team to Xiong’an New Area to conduct site reconnaissance and listen to Hebei Province education work and new district education planning compilation report to help us plan the future work of the new district education, the planning and construction of the new district, It is of great significance to create an innovative development demonstration area.

Chen Gang pointed out that the positioning of the Xiong’an New District is to do two things. First, ease Beijing’s non-capital functions. From an educational point of view, the Xiong’an New District should obey the central authorities, submit itself to the overall situation and be subject to the overall arrangements made by the Ministry of Education. We should adhere to a high starting point, high standards and a high quality to build a centralized non-capitalized Beijing area, Universities and research institutes. The second is to create a demonstration area for innovation and development. In combination with the vision of the planning for future education in the New District, we will resolutely take the path of innovation-driven development and the path of smart city development. It is necessary to consider that some schools need to be relocated as a whole and, at the same time, transfer educational resources to explore a way to integrate scientific research, teaching, , And even the innovative way of talent and capital integration and development to form a new mode of education base. Chen Gang emphasized that the university of Xiong’an should grow with the city and should become a core competitiveness of the city in the future. Education, especially in higher education, should be planned and carefully planned from the very beginning and should be done in an open manner. With regard to the clustering of educational resources in the Xiong’an District, we can introduce new mechanisms and establish innovative schools to bring together innovative capabilities. No reform and innovation, no security value, the education of Xiong’an District also come up with new mechanisms, come up with new programs for the development of the new district to provide a strong support.

Failed Baibiao broken vaccine into the three CDC response how to check

                    (Original title: CDC Response: How to Check Inacceptable Diphidosisia Vaccine)


Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration received a report from the China Institute of Food and Drug Control, the drug sampling inspection found Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. production lot number 201605014-01, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. production batch number is 201607050-2 Baitai broken vaccine price index does not meet the standard requirements. After receiving the report, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Health and Family Planning Commission immediately organize experts to judge.

November 4, immunity Center experts analyzed and discussed on issues of public concern answer below -?

不合格百白破疫苗流入三省 疾控中心回应如何查询

1. DPT vaccine potency index failed enterprises and which involves lot

According to the November 3 State Food and Drug Administration issued a message: Changchun Changsheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. production batch number 201605014-01, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. production batch number is 201607050-2 diphtheriae vaccine potency index Does not meet the standard requirements.

2. How to check whether children vaccinated with DPT vaccine potency index failed?

child’s parents or guardian can see the child prevention DPT vaccination records on the vaccination certificate, with the announcement of vaccine manufacturers And batch number control, to determine whether the corresponding batches failed Baitai broken vaccine. Inoculation units can also be consulted by the vaccination unit to help inquire about the batch number of vaccinated Baibagai vaccines to determine whether the corresponding batches failed to vaccinate Baibai broken vaccine. You can also call 12320 health hotline advice.

3. Did the titers vaccinated with the titers failed to affect the immunization?

The titers of the two batches of tadpole-vaccines failed to affect the immunoprotective effect. The State Health and Family Planning Commission and the health and family planning departments of three provinces (cities) in Hebei, Shandong and Chongqing are organizing experts to evaluate the situation and will take appropriate measures according to the assessment results and properly handle the situation.

4. Is the tadpole vaccine whose titer failed?

China National Institute of Food and Drug Testing submitted a batch of vaccines to enterprises for approval. After the batch was approved, Two batches of vaccine safety indicators meet the standards. There was no increase in the safety of vaccination against the two batches of vaccines.

5. Are children suffering from pertussis, diphtheria or tetanus if they are vaccinated?

Vaccination of diphtheria-baed vaccine is an effective measure to prevent diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough in children. In accordance with the national immunization program, diphtheriae vaccine need to be vaccinated 4 times, respectively, at 3, 4, 5 months and 18 months of each vaccination 1 dose, completed 4 doses of vaccination children get better protection. Related research shows that diphtheria toxoid vaccine to prevent the effectiveness of typical pertussis about 85%, so even if the children vaccinated with diphtheria vaccine, a small number of people may also have pertussis. The effectiveness of diphtheria toxin vaccine in the prevention of tetanus in children is 80-100% effective, and four doses of inoculation can provide effective protection for adolescents. Diphtheria vaccine against diphtheria protective effect is better, vaccination more than 3 doses of vaccine protection effectiveness of about 95%.

6.What about the occurrence of pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus in our country?

The incidence of pertussis in our country in the 1960s-1970s was between 100/10 and 200/1000. Since the 60s of last century, Baitiao broken vaccine was inoculated. In 1978, Baitai broken vaccine was included in the national plan of immunization. The incidence of Baitai broken vaccine dropped drastically after being used universally. Since 2008, the incidence of pertussis in the country has been reported to be below 0.5 / 100,000.

In addition to neonatal tetanus in our country, other population tetanus is not a statutory infectious disease.

No diphtheria cases reported since 2007.

7. What are the clinical manifestations of patients with whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus?

Pertussis is an acute respiratory infection caused by Bordetella pertussis and is transmitted by droplets in patients with pertussis. Clinical symptoms of paroxysmal spasmodic cough, cough inhalation with special “cock-crowded” kind of hyperactivity, cough symptoms can last 2-3 months. The disease occurs in

diphtheria diphtheria bacilli is caused by acute respiratory infections. The clinical features of the nose, pharynx, larynx and other mucosa congestion, swelling, and the formation of gray pseudomembrane, leading to respiratory disorders and exotoxin caused by poisoning symptoms.

Academician: South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Beijing Two years groundwater level in Beijing is guaranteed

                    (Original title: Academician Hou Li’an: South-to-North Water Diversion for two years, groundwater level in Beijing is guaranteed)


On the morning of November 4, Hou Lian, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told the China Urban and Regional Environment Development Forum hosted by the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences that at present, China’s economy and society are in a period of full transition and sustainable rapid and healthy development can be maintained. Water security It is very important.

In recent years, China has attached great importance to water security and promoted a series of major water projects. Although it still has some distance from people’s livelihood needs and social development, water security, especially that of drinking water, has indeed achieved remarkable results.

Mainly reflected in the fundamental changes in the concept of water management in the country, from the first pollution control to the prevention, combined with prevention and control, comprehensive management; from the administrative area of ​​water into inter-basin water and ecological compensation. At the same time, people’s attitudes have also changed dramatically. From drinking water to drinking water, they turn to drinking water and drinking clean, safe and healthy water.

In recent years, especially since the 12th Five-Year Plan, a number of key projects such as water special project, 973 plan and national technical support plan have been carried out in key river valleys. At present, the technical system of drinking water safety assurance has been initially established after many years of exploration and has broken through new technologies such as the removal of new pollutants and heavy metals, deepened the safety management and distribution of pipe network, water quality management based on risk assessment, From the source to the leading drinking water safety and security technology system. “Hou Lian said.

In the two years since the implementation of “Water Ten Articles”, the water environment in our country has also been somewhat improved. Mainly reflected in the proportion of I-III water quality increased significantly, poor IV water quality decreased significantly, the compliance rate of groundwater significantly increased. In addition, Hou Lian also mentioned that the water diversion project has achieved remarkable results over the past two years. Beijing’s groundwater level has been guaranteed for the first time in more than a decade.

Water security is based on predictable technical, economic and social development in a certain river basin and region. Based on the principle of sustainable development, water resources, floods and water environment can sustain the scale of economic and social development and maintain The state of healthy ecosystem development.

Due to the fact that the mode of economic development in our country has not been fundamentally changed yet, the rapidly advancing resources and environment of industrialization and urbanization are under tremendous pressure and water security still faces many challenges. This is reflected in the fact that on the one hand our country is still a country suffering from serious water shortages, with less water on the one hand and serious water pollution on the other and the degradation of aquatic ecology are still serious problems.

Hou Lian said: “The Haihe River Basin is polluted to varying degrees, both groundwater and groundwater, with more than 40% inferior water quality and more than 60% poor or poor groundwater.”

Urban black-odor water problem It is also quite prominent. According to the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, ring At the end of October 2017, out of 295 prefecture-level cities and above, 220 cities found black-odor water bodies, accounting for 74%. Among them, among the 205 black-odor water supervised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Environmental Protection, 14 were “equally divided” in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, and 10 in Tianjin and Chongqing, respectively. “The black and smelly water problems in these cities are still rather serious. Hou Lian said.

Among the 172 alternate members of the Central Committee, he is the only incumbent county party secretary

                    (Former title: County Party Secretary elected alternate member, only him)


On the 19th National Congress, a total of 204 Central Committee members and 172 alternate Central Committee members were elected. Among them, 172 alternate members of the Central Committee, Kaifeng Municipal Committee, Lankao County Party Secretary Cai Songtao is the only incumbent county party secretary. On the evening of the 25th, delegates attending the 19th CPC National Congress in Henan Province returned to Zhengzhou by high-speed rail. On the 26th, Lankao County convened a meeting of the Standing Committee of the County Committee (Enlarged) to convey the importance of studying and implementing the Party The spirit of the nineteenth. As a representative of the 19th National Congress, Cai Songtao is a member of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. He demanded that cadres and the masses in the entire county keep firmly in mind the exhortations of the General Secretary, earnestly enhance the “four senses”, never forget the beginning of their minds, bear in mind the mission, and inherit and carry forward the spirit of Jiao Yu-lu, make concerted efforts and make concerted efforts so that the 19-th Nationalism will take root in Lankao. In the new era and process of building a powerful, modern and powerful socialist country, Lankao County should step forward in the process of exploring the country for the sake of the entire party and win an all-round well-to-do society.

在172名候补中央委员中 他是唯一的现任县委书记

IN TRADITIONAL born in November 1974 , after October 1995 to work in seed management station Luoyang City, after serving in the Economic Commission for Rural Areas of Luoyang City, Luoyang Municipal Committee office. February 2008, Cai Songtao Ren Ruyang County Committee, Politics and Law Committee secretary, later appointed county party secretary. In 2012, 38-year-old he served as Ruyang county magistrate, two years later was transferred to Xin Cai County magistrate.

On June 23, 2015, Cai Songtao moved again to Lankao County, where he served as deputy secretary of the county party committee, deputy magistrate and acting county magistrate.

On the appointed day, Cai Songtao paid a visit to Jiaozuo Memorial Hall at Jiao Memorial Hall, presented flowers baskets to the graves of Jiao Jilu and visited Comrade Jiao’s performance gallery.

在172名候补中央委员中 他是唯一的现任县委书记

During his stay as Lankao County Magistrate, Cai Songtao attracted much attention because of pushing and removing the fence of the compound. It has been reported that Cai took office shortly after he took office and removed the fences outside the government building. According to many local people, this also shows the confidence and determination of “the office under the sun” in Lankao County.

CAI Songtao told the media that it is not worth much to say that “is a very common thing and should be done, and we have done it.”

LANGKOKO has become the focus of attention because of Jiao Xi and Xi Jinping 5 Three times a year to visit the local, repeatedly referred to “Jiao Yu Lu spirit” to him – “Later, whether I was going to the mountains to go to the university and join the army, especially when the county party secretary and party secretary, has been Jiao Yulu’s With the shadow, always thinking of him as an example, to control himself. “

In May 2014, in the second batch of educational practice, Xi Jinping chose Lankao as his point of contact and participated in the Lankao County Committee Standing Committee theme democratic life.

At that very spicy democratic life meeting, Wang Xinjun, party secretary of the county government immediately put forward the famous “question of Lankao”: “Lankao guarded Jiao-Lu-Spirit’s fortune, and why the economy is still lagging behind in 50 years. Why do some party members and cadres and the masses lost their views, the mass line gone? “

At that time, Lankao County Commission to Xi Jinping total Secretary made a “three years to lift poverty, seven-year well-off” commitment. Last year in February last year, Wang Xuejun, an outstanding county party secretary, was transferred to Kaifeng Municipal Committee and Political and Legal Committee secretary. A month later, Cai Songtao took over Lankao County Party Secretary and was promoted to Kaifeng Municipal Committee. He also became the 15th Lankao County Party Secretary after Jiao Yulu. In October last year, when interviewed by the media, Cai Songtao said: “The work to Lankao has always been a kind of pressure. This is the cradle of the spirit of Jiao Yu and the contact point of General Secretary Xi. And Lankao is a national poor county, In 2014, I put forward the goal of first getting rid of poverty. Since I took over the work from last year to Lankao and took over the baton from Wang Xinjun’s secretary, I was thinking and stressed. How can we truly turn pressure into a development measure? More importantly, Yes, how to inspire Lankao cadres’ endogenous motivation so that everyone can participate in economic and social development. “

On February 27 this year, Lankao County stepped out of poverty as assessed by the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development of the State Council and approved by the provincial government County sequence, became the first out of poverty in Henan poverty relief mechanism after the establishment of poverty-stricken counties.

In June of this year, Henan Province elected 69 representatives of the 19 delegates attending the party, with Cai Songtao in the ranks.

On the morning of October 19, on the morning of the 19 th opening ceremony, Cai Songtao appeared in the “passage of the party representatives.” In the face of Chinese and foreign journalists, he deliberately brought a two-dimensional code of “Lankao Today” and invited journalists to scrutinize and witness the common appearance of Lankao. He said that 7 -89456_59_65473_9 Lankao confident 2020 completed a comprehensive well-off.

在172名候补中央委员中 他是唯一的现任县委书记

On October 24, the 43-year-old Cai Songtao was elected as a member of the 19th alternate Central Committee .

Lankao, in Henan province’s political territory has a pivotal role. Nearly 8 days, Xie Fuzhan, Henan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Mao led the two went to Lankao.

On October 29, Xie Weizhan and Member of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Mu Weimin visited Lankao County to guide Lankao County in learning and propagandizing the spirit of the 19 th CPC National Congress and accompanied by Cai Songtao.

在172名候补中央委员中 他是唯一的现任县委书记 The fourth left is Cai Songtao

The Law on Public Libraries was passed: the government pay for the public to read books for free

                    (Original title: “Public Library Law” was passed: the government pay the masses to read all free)


The 30th Session of the 12th NPC Standing Committee voted yesterday to pass the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Libraries. The law stipulates that people’s governments at or above the county level shall set up public libraries and shall provide the public at large with open access to public space facilities such as document information inquiry, lending, reading rooms and study rooms, public welfare lectures, reading promotion, training, exhibitions, etc. service. It also stipulates that public libraries should be open on public holidays and there should be opening hours on national holidays. The law will be January 1, 2018 into effect.

《公共图书馆法》获通过:政府买单 民众看书全免费

? The Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Libraries has a total of 6 chapters and 55 articles. The regulations on the operation management of public libraries, such as the establishment of grading, the collection of documents and information, the disposal of documents and information, the deposit of publications, Talents and funding security conducted a comprehensive provision.

《公共图书馆法》获通过:政府买单 民众看书全免费

Ministry of Culture Public Culture Secretary Zhang Xin: law to adhere to government-led, encourage community involvement, the establishment of convenient and practical public library service network covering urban and rural areas, requires governments above the county set up public libraries, county The following township streets and village communities make full use of integrated service facilities to set up libraries.

《公共图书馆法》获通过:政府买单 民众看书全免费

This law further clarifies the public welfare nature of public libraries and stipulates that public libraries should provide the public with free access to public information such as inquiry, lending, reading rooms, study rooms and other public space facilities, public welfare lectures, Reading promotion, training, exhibitions and other services. It also stipulates that public libraries should be open on public holidays and there should be opening hours on national holidays.

Huang Wei, Deputy Director of the Administrative Law Office of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee: How to Provide a Better and More Convenient Document Information Service for Everyone in the Public Library This law also makes a lot of provisions. For example, the state has set up a digital library of public libraries with unified standards and interoperability, and promoted public libraries to provide convenient and convenient services using digital and networked technologies.

《公共图书馆法》获通过:政府买单 民众看书全免费

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