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Spanish government took over the first day of calm in Calpe District Police said obedience

                    (Original title: Spanish Central Government took over the first day of calm Calgary)


Barcelona, ​​October 30 (Xinhua) Xinhua News Agency, Barcelona, ​​October 31, the first working day for the Central Government of Spain to take over the autonomous region of Catalonia (加区), the social situation is calm.

On the very day, most senior officials from the former Central Government did not go to work and have already recognized the reality of being dismissed by the Central Government. A number of police officers who belong to more than one different duty team told Xinhua reporters that they currently obey the “Order of Madrid.”

On the same day, the Spanish national prosecutor announced that it will take judicial actions against 20 ex-Central District officials and raise allegations of “rebellion” and “misuse of public funds” against them. Under Spanish law, they may face 15 to 25 years in prison if found guilty. In the meantime, former Prime Minister Puygudemont and the five former foreign ministers have already left Gardas on the 30th to travel to Brussels.

On the 27th, the Canada-based District Council unilaterally declared “independence”. The Spanish Central Government subsequently announced the full takeover of the rights of the local governments in California and the holding of the municipal elections on December 21.

Russia has placed a criminal case on the death of a 14-year-old female model in China

                    (Original title: Russia has 14 years-old female model in China, the death of a criminal case did not disclose details of the death)



[Global] A few days ago, a 14-year-old Russian female model suddenly died in China caused the news media and Internet users attention. According to the Russian satellite network reported on the 31st, the Russian Federal Commission for Investigation Commission Perm KraiDepartment of Investigation Secretary Andre – Olin said on the 31st, Perm investigators have been the female die in China on the death of a criminal case.

Olin said: “Criminal death penalty has been made under the terms of the criminal case.” And pointed out that the investigators did not disclose the details of the girl’s death yet.

According to the Russian Consulate General in Shanghai, a 14-year-old Russian female model died in a hospital in Shanghai on the 27th of this month. The cause of death may be multiple organ failure caused by sepsis. The autopsy will reveal the specific cause of death.

The U.S. attack on Afghanistan’s embassy has resulted in 5 deaths and 20 injuries

                    (Original title: Attack on U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has killed 5 wounds and 20 wounds)

                                   A suicide bombing took place in the diplomatic area of ​​Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, on the afternoon of the 31st local time. According to Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Danish and officials of the Ministry of Health confirmed that the attack has now caused 5 deaths and 20 wounded.

The attack took place at Fourteenth Street Wazir Aqaba Khan in District 10 in Kabul just 500 meters from the U.S. embassy but no casualties were reported to foreigners. At present, extremist groups have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Taiwan Media: South Korea claimed that the main country of kimchi imports from the mainland each year 250,000 tons

                    (Original title: South Korea claimed to be the kimchi, “the sovereign state” Taiwan media: 250,000 tons of imported kimchi every year)


韩国自称泡菜“宗主国” 台媒:每年进口大陆泡菜25万吨_《参考消息》官方网站 Information Figure: Korea Kimchi Xinhua News Agency reporters He Lulu photo

Reference News Network reported on October 30 Taiwan media, kimchi is one of South Korea’s most famous food, 50 million people a year to eat more than 200 million tons. For South Korea proud of kimchi, the statistics show that the import volume is increasing year by year, and the vast majority come from mainland China.

According to a report by Taiwan’s Chung-Shien E-newspaper on October 26, according to statistics, about 2 million kimchi are eaten each year in South Korea, of which about half are marinated by each family and another 680,000 are circulated in the market , That is, commercial production of kimchi manufacturers.

It is reported that China has been exporting kimchi to South Korea. Since Chinese cabbage in Shandong and South Korea belong to the same breed, and after catering to the improvement in Korean tastes, China exported 254,000 tons of kimchi to South Korea last year, an increase of 13% over the previous year.

British media: China Communications proposed to 7.5 billion acquisition of Canadian engineering company Aecon

                    (Original title: Sea Note | British media: China Communications Construction plans to purchase Canadian $ 1.45 billion processing company Aecon} _ “Reference News” official website)


7:30 am, British media said that China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. announced on the evening of the 26th, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Communications International and its SPV (a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications International) A full acquisition of Aecon, a Canadian construction company, is estimated at a consideration of CAD1.45 billion (approximately RMB7,509 million).

Shanghai, Oct. 27 (Reuters) – The Aecon Consideration for this transaction was C $ 20.37 per share, up from 24 August (the Company’s announcement confirming that it has engaged a financial adviser seeking the last trading day before potential sales opportunities) The transaction price premium of 42%. When the Proposed Acquisition is completed, Aecon will become an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of CCCC and delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange of Canada.

The board of Aecon has reported that the transaction is in the best interests of Acon and that the consideration given to Aecon’s shareholders is fair and reasonable from a financial point of view and therefore the board of directors has unanimously recommended Aecon’s shares Holders should vote in favor at the extraordinary general meeting to be held on or before December 21.

It is reported that the main business of Aecon Company is divided into four major sections of infrastructure, energy, mining and franchising. As of the end of last year, the shareholders’ equity of the company was 754 million CAD. After tax and extraordinary items in 2015 and 2016 Profit was 68.677 million Canadian dollars and 46.757 million Canadian dollars.

According to reports, China Jiaocheng said the acquisition of Aecon is another major move in the company’s international operation and development strategy and will win a substantial breakthrough for the company to fully enter the North American market. After the acquisition, the Company and Aecon will form business synergies in the infrastructure business segment and Aecon’s strength in the energy and mining segment will also facilitate the Company’s business expansion.

In addition, the post-acquisition company will also push Aecon to work synergies with John Holland, another subsidiary, to enhance the company’s ability to play games in a sophisticated market.

Prior to this, China Communications Construction has successively acquired US F u0026 amp; G, John Holland from Australia and Concremat from Brazil to expand its presence in the global market.


IS Fight 70% Syria Americans think the United States and Russia will start a war in Syria

                    (Original title: Great Power War fuse: IS defeated the United States or Russia or friction in the Syrian broke out?)


IS在叙利亚败走 7成美国人认为美俄将在叙爆发战争 Syrian Democratic Army soldiers photographed in Laka, Syria, on 17 October.

According to the data released by the Russian Defense Ministry, the number of territories under the control of the “Islamic State” was less than 5%. Especially with the “Syrian Democratic Army” won the “Islamic State” Laocan as a node, the Arctic Kurdistan armed forces and Syrian government forces gradually intensified the conflict, and the United States and Russia, “everyday” each other’s strength gradually overweight.

The collapse of the “Islamic State” forces in Syria is just around the corner, and the U.S.-Russian battlefield battle between the Kurdish-armed forces and the Syrian government forces will speed up the process. Russia, for example, accused the United States and Britain of helping the “Syrian Democratic Army” Catch up Raksha at the carpet bombing, vain killings. The U.S. media disclosed that a large number of mercenaries were used by Syrian government troops to rapidly advance their sites in order to seize sites in Deir Ezzor.

Syria’s “Islamic State” is going to vanquish sooner or later, as Syrian government forces and Kurdish forces “clash” sooner or later. What is most worrying now is whether the sharp confrontation between the two parties will lead to ” Boss “the United States and Russia, a direct military conflict? At least the views of the American public are very pessimistic. According to a poll released by the Rasmussen report by the U.S. opinion polling agency, 71% of Americans think that the United States and Russia will start a war in Syria.

Barzani, Chairman of the Iraqi Treasury Area, announced his resignation as of November 1st

                    (Original title: (International) Barzani, chairman of the Iraqi Treasury announced his resignation)


Xinhua News Agency, Baghdad, October 29 (Reporter Wei Yudong) According to the Iraqi Kurdistan media reported on the 29th, the Kurdistan Autonomous Region (Region) Chairman Masood Barzani announced his resignation on November 1.

According to the Lutheran News Network reported by the media in the area, Barzani delivered a letter to the District Council on the same day that he will not continue as chair of the reservoir area after November 1.

Barzani said it is unacceptable to change the rules governing the presidency of the reservoir or to extend the term of office of the chairman of the reservoir.

According to the law, the parliamentary elections and the presidential election in the reservoir area are held every four years, and each elected chairman can hold only up to two terms. Barzani served two terms from 2005 to 2013. Following the expiry of Barzani’s term in 2013, political parties in the reservoir area will not hold the chairmanship of the reservoir area as scheduled because of whether or not they can continue their re-election. Since then, Barzani has been chairman.

On September 25 this year, the reservoir area opposed all parties in holding an independent referendum. In response, the Iraqi National Assembly passed a resolution on the same day asking the government to take measures to counter the independence referendum in the reservoir area. One of the measures is to deploy the government armed forces to “disputed areas” beyond the administrative jurisdiction of the reservoir area.

Foreign media: A fire in Iran’s oilfield killed four workers

                    (Original title: Iranian oilfield fire killed 4 people)


Xinhua News Agency, Tehran, October 29 Fire broke out on the 29th in an oilfield in Bushehr province in southern Iran, killing four people.

On the morning of the same day, storage facilities in the field exploded and caught fire, killing four workers in the field, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

According to local media reports, on the 27th of this month, a fire leaked from an oil storage tank at a refinery in Tehran, killing at least 6 people and wounding 2 others.
  It is reported that the specific causes of both fires are under investigation.

American gunman Halloween party shot Santa Claus caused 3 serious injuries

                    (Original title: American gunman Halloween party shot Santa Claus caused 3 serious injuries)

                                   On Halloween party



overseas online October 30 electric local time on October 29, a man dressed as Santa Claus in the United States in downtown Austin, Texas held Shot at the crowd, resulting in 3 serious injuries. The man has been arrested.

Terrorists harbor chemical weapons or attack civilians in the north of Syria

                    (Original title: Terrorists harbor chemical weapons in northern Syria or launch attacks on civilians)


BEIJING, October 30, according to the Russian satellite network reported that the terrorist organization “Conquered Front” in the northern Syria, Idlib province possession of chemical weapons.

According to sources, “The Conquering Front has several warehouses containing poison in Idlib.”

Sources pointed out that terrorists may be prepared to launch attacks on civilians and to blame the Syrian army.


The town sweat hole in north-western Syria was attacked on suspicion of chemical weapons on 4 April and reportedly resulted in the loss of some 100 civilians, including children, and hundreds of others. The picture shows the attack on the hospital.

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