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New Zealand wants to set up 100 places for climate refugees visas to Pacific island countries

                    (Original title: New Zealand considering setting up a climate refugee visa will provide 100 places to Pacific Island residents)


The New Zealand government is considering setting up a new visa category, the Climate Refugee Visa, to help people in the Pacific island countries displaced by climate change, the Guardian reported. This new policy intends to provide 100 visas to those affected by climate change.

图据英国《卫报》 map According to the British “Guardian” u0026 nbsp;

According to reports, New Zealand and immigration court had previously rejected the refugee claims of two families from Tuvalu, climate change because they apply to become refugees in New Zealand. Climate change has led to rising sea levels, lack of access to clean drinking water and high unemployment in Tuvalu as the two families sought asylum. However, the court ruled that they were not at risk of race, religion or nationality and did not meet the risk of being persecuted by members of political and religious groups under the 1951 Refugee Convention. As a result, they rejected their applications and repatriated them.

Professor Alberto Costi, an expert on international environmental law, said that the current refugee convention does not apply to environmental refugees. However, the conditions faced by environmental refugees are extremely difficult and should indeed be sheltered.

New Zealand Climate Change Minister James Shaw said in an interview with the media that this is an experimental humanitarian visa category targeted at people from Pacific countries. Their displacement as a result of climate change and sea-level rise is a measure of our intention to establish a partnership with the Pacific island countries.

It is reported that in 2014, Loane from Kiribati
Teitiota became the first to apply for climate refugees in New Zealand because of climate change and sea-level rise that have caused the deterioration of the environment in Kiribati. However, Teitiota’s application was rejected by the New Zealand Supreme Court, who was also deported the following year.

Professor Costi concedes that Shaw’s proposal will fill the void of environmental refugees in the Refugee Convention. However, he believes that this issue still needs legal approval. “I am also very sympathetic to environmental refugees, but legally speaking, it sparked a huge debate that requires clear guidelines. This is an exploratory idea but I would like to see this idea clearer implemented. “

South Korea imported a large number of Chinese kimchi, “Kimchi suzerain state” status by the impact

                    (The original title: a large number of South Korean imports of Chinese kimchi, “Kimchi suzerain state” by the impact of the position)


【Global Network Comprehensive Report】 Speaking of kimchi, people are always associated with South Korea. However, on the 31st, the South Asian media “Asian Economy” reported that the deficit in kimchi trade has risen tenfold in the recent five years and the status of “kimchi suzerain state” has been hit.

On 30th, according to information received from Pak Seok-Un, member of South Korea’s Common Democrat, from Peasants and Foods Co., Ltd., “the status quo of import, export and trade balance of kimchi” showed that the export of kimchi decreased from 106.6 million US dollars in 2012 to 2016 78.9 million U.S. dollars, a decrease of 25.9%. In the same period, the import of pickles increased from 110.84 million U.S. dollars to 121.49 million U.S. dollars, up 9.6%.

Marty Martian or stop withdrawing China plan Lotte high: there is no change

                    (Original title: Music Mart or stop withdrawal of Chinese programs Lotte executives: no change)


[Global Network] According to South Korea’s Niuesi news agency reported on October 31, South Lotte Mart said the same day, the sale of China Martian Mart has been promoted, there is no change in the future will be prepared to deal with Kind of situation.

The head of Lotte Mart, after attending the “Global Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” held by Seoul International Convention u0026 Exhibition Center on the same day, said that the sale of Martian Mart has not ended yet. The source said Lotte’s development in China is also very difficult due to the difficulty in returning commodities to the previous level. In addition, about the sale of the supermarket in China, there are more than a dozen companies have the intention to buy, is still in the negotiation stage.

According to reports, the foreign ministries of China and South Korea reportedly posted on the official website the same day the result of their bilateral relations. With the rebound in the relationship between China and South Korea, Lotte Mart has drawn much attention from China. In this regard, Lotte Group said it expects all companies, including Lotte, to actively develop, but the sale of shops in China has been promoted, will not be withdrawn.

Medvedev talk about life preferences: often ski love Peking duck

                    (Original title: Medvedev talk about life preferences: often ski love Peking duck)



overseas online October 31 electric u0026 nbsp; at 7:31 on October 1, the Russian Federation Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev invited guest People’s Daily, and Chinese netizens conducted online exchange on the theme of “promoting the development of Sino-Russian relations and consolidating the foundation of friendship for generations to come”.


We know that in another five years, Beijing will hold the 2022 Winter Olympics. Russia is especially good at ice and snow projects. Here are friends “rough jump” to ask the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister, what kind of exercise do you like?


Indeed, we like the winter program. The weather conditions and natural conditions in Russia are very suitable for the winter project. There is a lot of snow available. I also like the winter project myself. If I have time, I will go skiing. In Sochi, we held the Winter Olympics, gained very precious experience, and we have built a modern infrastructure that we can continue to utilize and arrange hockey events. I am also engaged in other sports, like swimming, I think all people have the opportunity to be engaged in physical exercise.


I believe everybody is particularly curious, because the Prime Minister is your official business, very heavy. How do you usually schedule your own work and exercise?


This is not a simple matter. My assistant will help me arrange the schedule and schedule. Of course, you are completely right. Considering my busy schedule and not easy time to exercise, I am still willing to work hard to make arrangements. Because all people should have the opportunity to work, have the opportunity to be with their family, or study, or exercise. What do you like, you will find time to do it. Because there are 24 hours a day yet.


As long as you are interested, you’re bound to squeeze it out.


A moment ago we talked about sports, exercise and food are the symbols of quality life. I remember when I interviewed ten years ago, you talked about oolong tea, which is drunk. There are netizens who care about your eating this time. People of Weibo, weibo, ask if you like Chinese food?


Of course.

A huge explosion broke out near the embassy area in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan

                    (Original title: Huge explosion near the embassy area in Kabul, Afghanistan)



Overseas website, 31 October u0026 nbsp; According to a Reuters report, a huge explosion broke out near the embassies and government departments of the Afghan capital Kabul.

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake near Seychelles, Indonesia, has a depth of 30 kilometers

China Earthquake Network formally measured: At 19:50 on October 31, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Sere Island, Indonesia (3.79 degrees south latitude and 127.83 degrees longitude) with a focal depth of 30 kilometers.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Halloween or dressed as a U.S. president

                    (Original title: Hillary called Halloween or dressed as the president of the United States)


美国前国务卿希拉里称万圣节或打扮成美国总统 Data Sheet (Image: Russian Satellite)

[According to the Russian satellite network CBS reported on October 31 that former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently promoting the new book ” what happened”. In a recent promotion, she said she may dress up as president of the United States on Halloween.

In 2016, the U.S. presidential election gave Hillary Clinton the chance to get closest to the presidency. Hillary Clinton and his campaign team tried their best to enter the White House. However, she eventually lost to Republican presidential candidate Trump.

Former President of Catalonia: No dialogue with the Spanish government possible

                    (Former title: Former President of Catalonia: possible no dialogue with the Spanish government)



Overseas Network October 31
On Tuesday (August 31), former Prime Minister Puigmonte of the Catalan Autonomous Region of Spain made a speech in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. During that time, he said he will respect the outcome of the early election on December 21.

According to the Russian Wechat News Agency, Puigmonte said in his speech that there is no dialogue between the Gadu area and the Spanish government at present. His main objective is to avoid violent conflicts and to defer declaration of independence is the price to avoid violent conflicts. As to the reasons for traveling to Belgium, Puigmont said he went to Belgium not to seek asylum but to reflect the Catalan incident to the European Union.

Earlier, according to reports in Spain, the former Catalan President Puigmont led five other former officials to Belgium on the 30th. However, the Prime Minister of Belgium said earlier that it will not accept the political asylum of its application.

And just as the speech was made in Puigmonte, the Spanish Constitutional Court repealed the independent statement of Catalonia.

Event Review:

On the very day that the Catalan authorities held the “referendum on independence” on 1 October, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy declared their non-recognition and sent the Spanish National Police to the local law enforcement authorities. In the meantime, the Spanish central government and the courts have made qualitative “referendums” illegal. On the night of October 3, King Philip VI of Spain condemned the “referendum” of Catalonia illegally and democratically and demanded that the Spanish government ensure that the constitution and order of the rule of law are restored and maintained in Catalonia.

On 10 October, Catalonia, Chairman of the Catalan Autonomous Community, Preucedum said in a statement that Catalonia will follow the will of the people and become an independent republic. However, he turned a blind eye and immediately suggested that the autonomous regional assembly should suspend the effect of independence in order to start a dialogue. According to the German “Der Spiegel” website reported on October 11, after the formal parliamentary meeting, Pruedemont and members of the ruling coalition signed a document: the declaration of independence is not yet in force. The statement may be symbolic, because the parliament did not vote on it.

Subsequently, the Spanish government issued a ultimatum to Pujedmont, the deadline for the local time at 10:00 on the 19th. Pujdemonte did not make a satisfactory statement by the Central Government of Spain by this deadline. After the deadline expires, the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement in the morning of October 19, stating that as the leader of Catalonia refused to explicitly annul the results of the “referendum on independence,” the Spanish government is ready to take over the ownership of semi-autonomy Catalonia.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the Catalan Parliament voted to declare independence from Spain. On the evening of the 27th, Spain’s Prime Minister Rajoy, who delivered a televised speech to declare the independence of Catalonia illegally, has already decided to dissolve the government of Catalunya and lift Pujdemonte, the chairman of Catalonia’s autonomous region.

Prime Minister Rajoy of Spain said: “This is a sad day when Catalonia ignores the overall interest of Spain. Catalonia declared independence today (27th) and I will announce such an action I have taken the first step in response to the latest situation in Catalonia: it has been decided to dissolve the Government of Catalonia and to lift the mandate of the municipality’s Prudence Municipality, Prijedmont; the ministerial officials of the Spanish Government will assume The power of the Catalan government. “He also said the dissolution of the Catalan parliament and called for the election on December 21.

The Spanish government formally took over Catalonia and released top leaders in the region through a statement on the 28th. The BBC reported that the official announcement issued by the Spanish government shows that control of Catalonia has been handed over to Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya
Saenz de Santamaria). Earlier, the most senior Catalan police officer was also denied power.

On the 30th of the local time, the Spanish State Prosecutor prosecuted government officials in the Catalan region, including Pregmont, the former leader of Catalonia, for insulting, sedition and abuse of public funds and demanded that the judge summon Catalunya leader testifies.

On the same day, the decision of the Catalan Parliament to recognize the dissolution of the Spanish government by the Spanish government will cease before the early elections.

On the 31st, the Spanish National Guard started its search of the headquarters of the Catalan autonomous region and the Spanish government is holding a special cabinet meeting.

Indonesian police and militants fire two terror suspects

                    (Original title: Indonesian police killed 2 terror suspects)


Jakarta, Indonesia, October 31 (Xinhua) Indonesian police said on the 31st that Indonesian police had exchanged fire with militants in Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province, and killed two terror suspects.

Thai Foreign Minister Confirmed Rejection of Four British Passports by Former Prime Minister

                    (Former Title: Thai Foreign Minister Confirmed that Four British Passports Have Been Reversed by Former Prime Minister


China news agency, Bangkok, October 31 (xinhua) Thai Foreign Minister Dunbam Muvina confirmed to the media on October 31 that it has revoked four passports of former Prime Minister Ying La, including two diplomatic passports and two ordinary passports.

点击进入下一页 Information Figure: Thai Prime Minister Ying La.

For the whereabouts of the British pull, London said that it is not clear the specific country where the British pull, the Thai government currently has the message that Ying La fled from Thailand to Dubai, UAE, before moving to a European country. He said that the Thai police will be responsible for seeking international cooperation so as to arrest and arrest the British troops as soon as possible. In response to a rumor that the British plan to seek British political asylum, London said that the British government has informed Thailand that if British Empire stayed in Britain, he would not be granted political refugee status.

点击进入下一页 Information Figure: Local time On September 28, Bangkok, Thailand, police and forensic technologists were preparing to search for the residence of former Prime Minister of Thailand Ying La.

On August 25 this year, the Thai Supreme Court ruled on the “rice dereliction case” against Yingla but postponed the decision because Yingla was not in court. At that time, it was reported that Yingla had left Thailand. Since then, the whereabouts of British pull has become the focus of outside attention.

On September 27, the Supreme Court of Thailand in its absence sentenced Britain to five years in prison and issued a warrant of arrest. Pursuant to Thai law, Indra can apply for an appeal within 30 days. However, Lawyers of British Law recently said that due to the inability to get in touch with Ying La, the defense did not appeal before the deadline and did not request the court to extend the time for appeal. This means that the judgment on Ying La has been “procedurally completed” and it has been finalized.

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