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US restrictions on Korean imports of Korean government to consider through the WTO protest

                    (Original title: the Korean government to consider through the WTO protest against the United States to limit the Korean washing machine imports)

                                   According to the Korean home appliance industry on the 18th news, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) recently found that Korean-made washing machine to the United States caused serious losses, scheduled for 19 held a hearing in Washington. South Korea’s “Asian economy” reported on October 18 that the Korean government and washing machine manufacturers are concentrating their efforts to formulate response measures, including launching diplomatic channels and protesting through the World Trade Organization.

Korean Industry and Commerce Department of Commerce and Trade Cooperation Consultant, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs bilateral economic diplomats and other government officials, as well as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics executives to attend the hearing on the same day to the United States. Samsung and LG will hold a symposium with heads of South Carolina and Tennessee, as well as local consumer groups, and Samsung and LG are building production facilities in both of these states. Representatives of the ROK side will focus on the US side, the Korean-made washing machine on the US industry caused by the loss is limited, if the United States to limit the import of Korean washing machine, then the US consumer and circulation industry will suffer the loss of view. US appliance maker Whirlpool has been advocating that the United States to expand imports of Korean-made washing machine on the US industry caused serious losses, and put forward specific restrictions on the level of imports and measures. Specific measures to increase import tariffs, limit the scale of imports, set the tariff quota (TRQ) and so on.

ITC will, on the basis of the results of this hearing, vote on specific protection measures and levels on 21 November and submit the report to US President Trump before 4 December. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics Inc. (NYSE: SIT) said it was disappointing that the ban on imports of Samsung washing machines would trigger consumer choice and limited supply of innovative products, rising prices, And ultimately to the US consumer a negative impact. Samsung said plans to build Newcastle home appliances and North American plants in South Carolina remain unchanged. Taking into account the plant construction and operation may be subject to ITC decision, will be put forward to the ITC to stop the implementation of the request, and stressed that workers can not be geographical discrimination, can not damage the integrity of the appliance market.

US defense: the United States should give up 19% of the military assets Pentagon does not need

                    (Original title: US Defense Secretary: the United States should give up 19% of the military assets Pentagon does not need)

                                   According to foreign media reports, US Defense Minister Matisse told the members of the relevant committee of the House of Representatives that the United States should give up 19% of the military assets, because these facilities do not need the Pentagon.


Data Figure: US Navy “John C. Stanis” aircraft carrier battle group into South Korea Busan combat base, the nuclear carrier will be code-named “key determination” and “Harrier” Korean-American joint military exercise The

Moscow city center a train station was bombed by telephone threat evacuation 450 people

                    (Original title: Moscow city center a train station was bombed telephone threat evacuation 450 people)

                                   According to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian emergency department sources said the city center Yaroslavl railway station on the 18th due to anonymous bomb telephone threat to evacuate about 450 people.

据俄安全部门初步调查结果显示,部分匿名电话是通过国际虚拟运营商的IP电话拨打的,其中部分电话可能来自乌克兰。图为莫斯科红场上接受安检的人群。 The picture shows the crowd on the Red Square in Moscow, where the police are receiving a security guard.

Kobe Steel products are halted: European Agency for Aviation Safety recommends suspension

                    (Original title: Japan Kobe steel products were first stopped: the European Aviation Safety Agency proposed to suspend use)

                                   (EASA) has issued a notice announcing the suspension of the use of Kobe Steel’s production materials, following the concerns of the US Department of Justice (KASB), the third largest steelmaker, Kobe Steel, 7/89456_6_65473_9

Surprise news from the European Aviation Safety Agency website was informed that a date for the October 17 announcement shows that the European Aviation Safety Agency recommended the purchase of Kobe steel materials company to thoroughly check their own supply chain to ensure that these materials have been or When it was used for product design and manufacturing.

In addition, in view of the fact that the time period for the manufacture of Kobe Steel is not yet known, the production and maintenance licensees are not informed of the competent authorities if they are not informed if the competent authority for the approval of the use of these materials is not informed. Production and maintenance of the licensee at the same time to determine the scope of the use of spare parts in the product, with particular attention to determine the use of these materials in the more important functions.

The European Aviation Safety Agency stresses that if there are other replaceable suppliers, it is recommended to suspend the use of Kobe Steel products until the reliability of the affected parts is confirmed.

This announcement also mentions that the Japanese authorities, including the Japan Civil Aviation Authority (JCAB), are investigating the scope of use of the problematic parts. The European Aviation Safety Agency says several organizations have already said they will assess the incident. However, the European Aviation Safety Agency believes that the current situation is less than the agency issued the so-called airworthiness directive “unsafe situation” when. 7,89456_14_65473_9

On the day before the announcement was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency, Kobe Steel USA, Inc., a US subsidiary of Kobe Steel, received a written notice from the US Department of Justice on October 16, local time. It provides documentation for allegedly fabricating factory data products sold to US companies. Kobe Steel involved US companies such as Boeing, General Electric and other manufacturing giants. Kobe Steel said in a statement on October 17 that it would work with it.

However, up to now, the European Aviation Safety Agency is the first organization to explicitly recommend the use of Kobe Steel products.

In addition to the United States, the European region affected, the local time on October 16 starting the new British intercity high-speed rail is currently one of the focus of this vehicle by the Japanese Hitachi Group’s company for the British production, the first day of the car became “The water curtain hole”, and the car also happens to use the Kobe Steel data tampering scandal involved in the parts.

US military aircraft accident after a week to restart the flight Okinawa: This is the US atrocities

                    (Original title: US military accident after a week to force the resumption of flight, Okinawa: this is the US military atrocities)

                                   On October 13, 2017, Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture, the United States and Japan soldiers in the cleaning of the landing of the CH-53E large transport helicopters.. ?? .. According to Japanese media reports, the US military CH-53E large-scale transport helicopters in Okinawa, Japan, east village forced landing accident, in the United States and the United States Marine Corps (headquarters in Okinawa, the United States, the United States, the United States and the United States, ) On the morning of the 18th of this month to restart the same model after the accident once the helicopter flight.

In this regard, the Japanese defense phase Onodera five classic that the United States did not fully explain the safety, dissatisfaction expressed “deeply regret.”

For the accident occurred a week to force the resumption of flight, Okinawa Governor Weng Changxiong think this is “the US military atrocities”, asked the Government to make a strong response.

It was reported that one CH-53E was taken from the US Putian Interim Airport (located in Yiba Bay) on the same day, before fuel trucks were docked by several CH-53Es.

On the other hand, in the burning of the body has not yet been completely cleared of the East Village accident scene, the US military personnel are moving through the construction machinery part of the body, or hands-on recovery of small parts.

Park Ji-hui said the prison in a harsh environment: dirty and cold and continuous lighting difficult to sleep

                    (Original title: Park Jiu-hui said the harsh environment of the prison was infringed by the Korean Ministry of Justice denied)

                                   According to Yonhap news agency reported that the South Korean Ministry of Justice on the 18th of the former president of South Korea Park Ji-hui side advocated its violation in the detention center one by one refuted, saying the idea does not match the facts. 7 days, local time on the 17th, Park Jiu-hui international legal team “MH Group” to the media to provide the report file published, reported that Park Ji-hui where the detention center “dirty and cold”, and because of continuous lighting can not sleep, personal rights have been seriously infringed. The report also advocated Park Ji-hui, although to the Virgin Mary Hospital for medical treatment, but there is no evidence that she got the appropriate treatment.

However, the lawyers who are defending the criminal case of Park Kei-hui have expressed no knowledge of the contents of the MH Group and CNN. Whether the above claims reflect the position of the company is difficult to determine. South Korea’s Ministry of Justice on the Park Ji-hui side advocate the detention center “dirty and cold” thing that the detention room room is not only laid to warm, as well as television, lockers, toilet and other facilities, and the appropriate size.

当地时间3月21日,韩国检察厅特别调查本部传唤前总统朴槿惠,对她受贿、滥用职权等嫌疑进行调查。 local time on March 21, the South Korean Procuratorate special investigation of the Ministry summoned former President Park Ge Hui, her bribery, abuse of authority and other suspects to investigate.

“has been able to sleep on the lights can not sleep,” the idea of ​​the Ministry of Justice explained that the rest time will be reduced to the brightness of the police can observe the degree of detention in the room, the three lights in the room will be closed two, Park Some of the claims are exaggerated.

for the “lumbar and shoulder arthritis and other chronic diseases and malnutrition symptoms are not well treated”, the Ministry of Justice said that the detention center has a medical group, detainees at any time medical treatment. Park Jiu-hui twice to the outside of medical treatment, can be said to be fully and appropriate treatment. Plus a regular, nutritious diet, and access to outdoor activities. On May 25, 2017, South Korea’s former president, South Korea’s former president, Park Ji-hui, was escorted to the Seoul Central District Court for a second public trial.

With regard to the idea of ​​”failure to cause disease in bed on a decent bed,” the Ministry of Justice said that the generalists use a folding mattress and sleep in addition to a serious patient who can not move around. In view of Park Ji-hui advocated a waist disease, then additional to the mattress, and allow the use of health care equipment.

The detention center official said that the lives of detainees by the civic groups, detainees family members of the supervision, Park Ji-hui advocated this infringement is difficult to happen.

Pu Gui Hui imprisoned six months was examined at least 70 times 66 birthday or prison spent

Turkish children’s tomb unearthed the world’s oldest toy car 5000 years ago

                    (Original title: Turkey, a children’s tomb unearthed the world’s oldest toy car 5000 years ago)


土耳其儿童墓穴出土全球最古老玩具车 距今5000年

Japan Self-Defense Forces fighters take off before the fire two pilots flee in time

                    (Original title: a self-defense force of the Japanese Self-Defense Force suddenly took off before taking off)


Tokyo, 18 Oct (Xinhua) – A Japanese fighter of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (IAAF) reported a sudden fire at a base in Ibaraki Prefecture on the 18th, but did not cause casualties. An F-4 fighter plane flew in front of the Barn base of the IATA in the Ibaraki Prefecture, and two pilots flew in time.

Japan Kobe Steel deep dumping storm will be tender for sale of real estate business

                    (Original title: Japan Kobe Steel deep fake storm will be tender for sale of real estate business)

                                   According to foreign media reports, into the data fraud scandal of Japan Kobe Steel will be on the 20th proposed to sell a real estate business to hold the first round of bidding.

Russia to be shot to control the digital currency mining industry push the national digital currency

                    (The original title: Russia to be shot to control the digital currency mining industry, and the introduction of national digital currency)

                                   According to the Russian news agency TASS reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin and financial officials last week at a meeting, the Russian regulators decided to officially start the royal currency and other digital encryption currency mining industry regulation. At the same time, Russia intends to launch the national digital currency CryptoRuble. “The president raised the issue of encryption and currency-related issues,” he said. “The president raised the issue of encryption money and financial technology,” said Anton Siluanov, Minister of Finance of Russia, System (know your users). “

Silanov also said that so they agreed at the meeting to regulate the production and circulation of encrypted money, which would be drafted and passed the relevant bill,” I will not disclose this will be specific Regulatory measures, but we all believe that Russia should take a head in this area, from the legislative level to implement regulation. “

This bill will be released at the end of this year, before the formal law to be required by the Russian state Duma through. 5

Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said that Putin’s support for the Ministry of Finance’s position on digital encryption money, the Treasury Department said that not only the purchase, trading, Need to pay taxes.

The Russian Ministry of Finance has always been unfriendly to Bitcoin. At the beginning of 2016, the department had proposed to imprison the bait and the miners for seven years, but the bill was not passed.

Moyeyev told reporters that the Ministry of Finance intends to limit the purchase of virtual currency for individuals. Anatoly Aksakov, head of the Russian legislator and chairman of the Russian parliamentary financial market committee, proposed a draft that would limit the purchase of virtual currency to 100,000 rubles (about $ 1,750) or 600,000 rubles.

In the same period, while Russia is stepping up its own national currency, CryptoRuble, it will be launched in a few weeks. Nikolay Nikiforov, the country’s communications minister, said: “The reason we released the encrypted ruble was simple: even if we did not do so, two other countries in the Eurasian Economic Community would issue their own digital currency two months later.”

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