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Jiangsu traditional village protection methods: unauthorized removal of traditional buildings will be pursued

                    (Original title: Jiangsu introduced the protection of traditional villages: unauthorized removal of traditional buildings will be pursued)


江苏传统村落保护办法:擅自拆除传统建筑将被追责 aerial photography Yangzhou Jiangdu Shao Bo town. Nanjing, 18 October, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government announced the “Jiangsu Province, the protection of traditional villages” (hereinafter referred to as “measures”), the traditional province of the province of Jiangsu Province, the province of Jiangsu Province, The identification, management, protection and utilization of the village are detailed. The approach came into effect on 1 December 2017.

It is understood that the traditional village of the village, refers to the formation of the village earlier, the local cultural characteristics of the obvious, with rich traditional resources or traditional rural layout of the form, texture, has a certain history, culture, science, , Social and economic value, natural villages that are protected by the provincial people’s government.

江苏传统村落保护办法:擅自拆除传统建筑将被追责 aerial patrol Nanjing old mountain at the foot of the old village. According to the provisions of the Jiangsu Province, one of the following conditions can be identified as a traditional village: site selection, layout retains the traditional pattern and historical style, and organic integration of nature, the environment is natural, the scale is pleasant, embodies the symbiosis of human and natural construction wisdom ; Historical buildings, traditional buildings well preserved, reflecting the historical period or the construction of a particular area of ​​traditional and architectural style; able to carry nostalgia memory and a sense of belonging, with regional influence of the ancestral hall, arch, ancient bridge, stage, ancient wells, old trees and other history The preservation of the relics is better; with traditional characteristics and regional representations, it can reflect the regional characteristics of farming civilization and the cultivation, breeding, fishing, handicraft production and processing and manufacturing processes of the production and life style; and the distinctive local cultural characteristics Folk activities, traditional skills and other intangible cultural heritage remains active. According to the protection measures, Jiangsu traditional village protection and development work should be able to reflect the characteristics of the traditional village of key factors to maintain and continue its traditional pattern and historical style, to maintain its topography, street and other spatial scale, not change with their mutual Dependent mountain, water, fields, forests, roads and other natural landscape environment of the spatial relationship and shape. Traditional villages need to protect the immovable cultural relics, traditional buildings, should distinguish between different situations, take appropriate measures to implement classification protection, and maintain the original height, volume, shape and color. Such traditional buildings should be repaired using traditional construction techniques and promote the use of local traditional materials.

江苏传统村落保护办法:擅自拆除传统建筑将被追责 Nanjing Gaochun lacquer village performance local folk “horse light”.

Jiangsu encourages traditional villagers to participate in the protection and use of traditional villages to protect the legitimate rights and interests of indigenous residents. At the same time, encourage the traditional villages in order to carry out tourism, leisure, traditional handicrafts and traditional crafts processing and other production and business activities to promote the traditional villages and local economic and social development. The use of the intangible cultural heritage should protect its related objects and places, focusing on the excavation of the intangible cultural heritage and active transmission, to prevent abuse and over-exploitation.

In addition to the pension 5 rose five years which there are people’s livelihood and big move

                    (The original title: In addition to the five rising pension, what are the livelihood of the big move?)


The new moon is particularly suitable for this five years.

The Communist Party of China was held today. Recall that since the eighteen years since the five years, there have been many changes in our side. Home from Shanghai to Beijing, take the whole high-speed rail only need four and a half hours; northeast of the North-East, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Of the girls want to eat the pear in the northwest, northwest of the young man thinking about the northeast of the “moth mother”, online shopping three days will be able to eat fresh fruit.

In addition, there are a lot of things related to you, imperceptibly enhance the quality of our lives, and promote the economic and social development of things.

life is better, travel into normal

just married Wang intends to take his wife to Fiji Island honeymoon. “A few years ago did not dare to go abroad, but the income in recent years continue to improve, the day is getting better and better, the future we will often go abroad to walk, broaden their horizons.”

除了养老金5连涨 还有哪些民生福利大招? According to the National Tourism Administration data center comprehensive estimates, 2017 National Day Mid-Autumn Festival period, the country received a total of 705 million domestic tourists trips, to achieve domestic tourism income of 5836 billion yuan, according to comparable caliber 7 days and 2016 year on year, respectively, respectively An increase of 11.9% and 13.9%.

not only domestic tourism, “go out” is no longer difficult. According to the data released by the National Tourism Administration, since 2012, China has become the world’s largest tourist destination for many years, the annual contribution of global tourism revenue rate of more than 13%. “Tourism consumption is becoming more and more popular, people are increasingly willing to spend money and time spent on ‘happy industry’ tourism.” There are industry experts have said to the media.. ?? .. Zhang Hongchun, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, with the economic development and social stability of our country, the income level of the broad masses of the people has been improved and the social security has improved. Living environment improved, people have more sense of access. The people are no longer satisfied with the food to eat, there are clothes to wear, there is room to live, there are cars to sit, go out to see the outside world, long experience, let their own life More comfortable, more able to achieve their own value of life, has become a new pursuit.

see the cheap, reimbursement faster

difficult to see a doctor, expensive, which basically became the most common in 2012 before the media reports in one of the words. After the 18th National Congress of the CPC, China’s medical and health system reform steadily, not only alleviate the difficult medical treatment, expensive medical problems, but also greatly enhance the people’s health to get a sense of health.

direct billing remote medical treatment; grade medical experts came to the door; drugs decreased ??????

除了养老金5连涨 还有哪些民生福利大招? March, Jinpeng She

Mr. Liu from Beijing, March 25 maternal and child health in Xicheng District Hospital prescription total cost of 588.6 yuan. April 8, Beijing new medical reform officially opened. Mr. Liu came to hospital on April 25 again, the same drug costs cheaper 83.01 yuan, saving nearly 14.1%. Mr. Liu can not help but emotion: “The first time that the policy from their own so close.”

According to the October 9 meeting of the State Council executive meeting data released to September this year, all the public hospitals have all comprehensive reform, The establishment of the maintenance of public welfare, mobilize the enthusiasm to protect the sustainable operation of the new mechanism.

efforts to get rid of drugs to make up medical treatment, rationalize the price of medical services, the abolition of the implementation of more than 60 years of drug addition policy, the proportion of hospital income from the beginning of a new round of medical reform in 2010 46.3% to 2016 38.1 %, The proportion of total personal health expenditure to total health expenditure decreased from 40.4% in 2008 to 30% in 2016, 65% of the two or more public hospitals to carry out the health care paid by way of disease reform, the patient’s medical burden continued decline. 9% of the three hospitals to participate in medical joint pilot, to achieve the same level of hospital inspection and inspection results mutual recognition, more than 80% of the residents within 15 minutes of the nearest medical treatment, the masses enjoy the quality of medical services More convenient.

income increased, the pension five rose

Wang’s income increase is not an example. Recently, a CCTV news report, the Guangxi mango salesman He Shoulin on the lens that the five years, his life had a very big change. “In the past 2016 national per capita disposable income of 23,821 yuan, after deducting the price factor, more than the actual situation in 2012, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, An increase of 33.3%; compared with 2010, it is the actual growth of 62.6%. In the first half of 2017, the per capita disposable income of the national residents was 12,932 yuan, up by 8.8% over the same period last year. After deducting the price factor, the actual growth rate was 7.3%. In the first half of 2017, the per capita disposable income of the whole country was RMB 12,932, up by 8.8% over the same period of last year.

Young people’s income continues to increase, the elderly pension is also rising. Data show that since 2012, the national corporate retirees monthly basic pension from 1686 yuan to 2362 yuan in 2016, an average annual increase of 8.8%, really have the old support.

At the same time, public data show that corporate retirees per capita basic pension increased from 1686 yuan in 2012 to 2362 yuan in 2016, the national average rate of rural subsistence allowances from 2012 to 172 yuan per month increased to 2016 Of the 312 yuan.

Since the eighteen years, the labor has income, the disease has a doctor, the old support … … a series of improvement of people’s livelihood, “trick”, strokes for the people to bring real happiness, get a sense!

State-level housing leasing regulations or to accelerate the introduction of two departments and more views

                    (Original title: state-level housing leasing regulations or accelerated introduction)


According to the Xinhua News Agency on October 17, “Economic Reference” published entitled “national housing rental regulations or accelerated introduction” of the report. The article said, “housing leasing regulations” legislation is accelerating. Recently, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department formed a joint research group, went to the “Housing Lease Management Regulations” and other comments and suggestions. The Housing Leasing Management Regulations will determine the rights and interests of the parties to the lease, the government public rental platform construction and supervision, housing leasing enterprises housing construction standards, decoration facilities standards and price standards and other aspects of the standard, and from the tax , Financing and other aspects of the rental business to support.

with how to provide rental rights concern

Secretary-General of China Real Estate Association Professional Committee of Legal Affairs Kangjun Liang on the “Economic Information Daily” reporters, said, “housing lease regulations” will become China’s first specialized housing norms Leasing of the administrative regulations, and further highlights the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the establishment of rental, to speed up the development of the importance of the rental market. At the same time, it is noteworthy how to legislate to provide for the right to rent and how to design a system that encourages institutions to enter the leasing industry. In late September, the special research group to Hubei Province to carry out research, and the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Finance, Housing Construction Department, the Department of Homeland, Education Department and other 17 provincial departments, enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, , The owner, the tenant to discuss, listened to the business situation, a detailed understanding of the rent level, the proportion of income, lease agreement, deposit standards and other specific leasing situation, asked the tenant on the living experience, corporate service quality satisfaction degree. “Reporters learned that the” Housing Leasing Management Regulations “will be identified on the tenure of the parties to the lease, the government public leasing platform construction and supervision, housing leasing enterprises housing construction standards, decoration standards and price standards And other aspects to be standardized, and from the tax, financing and other aspects of the rental business to support.

Previously, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction, Deputy Director of Real Estate Market Supervision Yang Jiayan said in an interview that will accelerate the legislation to promote housing leasing, with the relevant departments to actively promote the introduction of housing leasing regulations as soon as possible for the housing rental market Development to create a good legal environment.

At the end of July this year, the construction industry revealed that through legislation, it would explicitly lease the rights and obligations of the parties, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, establish a stable lease and rent and other aspects of the system, and gradually make the residents in the basic public services and buy a house Residents enjoy equal treatment. At the same time, we must also improve the housing rental supervision system, clear the responsibilities of the parties concerned, increase the penalties for illegal acts.

policy groundwork and concrete floor spread

“housing rental regulations introduced separately into the description of management has been an important part of China’s housing rental system, the establishment of equal status leasing and purchase of real video simultaneously.” According to the source , In May this year, China has the first clear regulation of housing leasing and sales management of the administrative regulations – “housing leasing and sales management regulations” for comments, and the next stage of “housing leasing regulations” and “housing sales Management regulations “or will be introduced separately. In the end of 2016, the central first to accurately grasp the housing properties of housing to meet the needs of the new public housing as the main starting point, the establishment of rent and housing system, so that real estate policy quietly changes. In July this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction and other nine ministries and commissions issued “on the net population in the large and medium cities to accelerate the development of housing rental market notice”, selected Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other 12 cities as the first to carry out housing leasing Pilot units, once again explicitly rent and rent, rent the same rights. Subsequently, the Ministry of Land, Ministry of Housing and Construction jointly issued the “use of collective construction land construction leasing housing pilot program” to determine the Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other 13 cities for collective construction land construction leasing housing pilot, officially opened the rental era. Founder Securities analyst Ren Zhiping said that as of now, China has more than 20 provinces (municipalities) issued a “speed up the development and development of housing rental market,” the implementation details, from the supply, finance, finance and other aspects of policy support.

In addition to policy bedding, the specific housing rental is also rolled out. October 13, Wuhan held the first housing rental business and bank matchmaking, boosting the Wuhan housing rental national pilot work. The meeting revealed that the city will provide a unified standard and quality services to the housing rental market, the city will establish a combination of government regulation, financial services, enterprise housing and individual housing functions in one of the city-level rental platform.

In addition, China UnionPay also announced with the Shenyang Municipal Housing Bureau signed a housing rental service platform cooperation agreement to jointly promote the housing rental market construction, enhance the people rent, housing integrated service experience. At the same time, China UnionPay is also actively accelerating cooperation with other housing rental pilot cities, this year is expected in 12 pilot cities to achieve full service opening.

first-tier cities are directly from the land to start, to promote the implementation of housing leasing. October 11, Guangzhou, the first fully self-supporting land to sell, the plots required the overall right not to be sold, will be used to build rental housing and rental needs of the Government agreed. It is noteworthy that the land requirements of the bidder should be in line with the real estate market foreign investment and foreign exchange management requirements; in Guangzhou within the scope of the purchase of commercial residential land in real estate development must use its own funds.

Beijing, an increase of 19 residential 70-year property rental housing supply of land supply, will provide nearly 20,000 suites source. Shanghai, the introduction of a number of low-cost “only rent not sell” plots, requiring the transferee in the transfer period should be the overall holding of rental housing properties and continued rental operations. Shenzhen, not only requires the construction process to build no less than 20% of the self – holding rental housing, and the receipt and storage of 100 million units in the village of unified rental.

Gansu new regulations: natural disasters can be reported in areas of severe disaster

                    (The original title: “Gansu Province, natural disaster relief measures” on December 1 from the implementation)

                                   Recently, the provincial government at the 165th executive meeting to consider the adoption of “Gansu Province natural disaster relief measures” (hereinafter referred to as “measures”), “Measures” since December 1, 2021 from the implementation. “Measures” that the affected areas of the people’s government civil affairs departments of the disaster caused by a particularly significant or major casualties, property losses can be escalated. The civil affairs department of the people’s government of the affected area shall, in accordance with the national statistical system of natural disasters and the relevant provisions on disaster management, timely, accurate, objective and comprehensive submission of the disaster, shall not be delayed, false, concealed, missed the disaster The The disaster caused by a particularly significant or major casualties, property losses can be escalated. In addition, the people’s government of the disaster-prone areas should gradually establish the rural housing disaster insurance system, improve the financial subsidies at all levels, voluntary participation of farmers and premium sharing mechanism to guide and encourage farmers to insure. The insurance company shall do a good job in accordance with the law, claims work. Conditions to explore the catastrophe insurance system.

Beijing three departments jointly issued WiFi encryption mechanism vulnerability information early warning notification

                    (Original title: Beijing three departments jointly issued WiFi encryption mechanism vulnerability information warning report)

                                   Recently, the report issued by the security research organization pointed out that WPA / WPA2 encryption protocol vulnerability protection for WiFi security, the vulnerability is named “key reload attack” KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks), almost affecting all computers, mobile phones and routers and other WiFi devices, so that hackers can listen to any network equipment, communication content, steal user privacy. Research shows that the vulnerability is a range of impact, the distance between the attacker and the victim needs to be within a certain range to achieve this attack, and the vulnerability is more difficult to use, has not yet determined whether the vulnerability has been exploited by hackers.

In response to this situation, 18, the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city by the letter and other units jointly issued a vulnerability information early warning notice: the current risk of the vulnerability in the controllable range, the user without too much panic, Modify the WiFi password, the terminal, router and other devices to update the firmware can be effective defense. At the same time to remind the public WiFi do not log on the payment, property and other account number, password; for login, payment, the phone switch to the data flow network.

Shanghai Examination Institute Dean: new college entrance examination to enter the elite opportunity is not small

                    (The original title: Shanghai test institute president announced the data: the new college entrance examination physical, enter the elite opportunities and many)


Shanghai this year, the full implementation of the “new college entrance examination” reform, the election will suffer? On October 18th, the Shanghai Institute of Education hosted the 2017 exam evaluation international seminar opened, the exam president Zheng Fangxian on the new college entrance examination reform some hot issues to be answered. In 2014, according to the national unified deployment, Shanghai took the lead in launching the “new college entrance examination” reform, and in 2017 full implementation. “New college entrance examination” regardless of liberal arts, in addition to language, the students can choose their own three subjects. 7 ~ 89456_7_65473_9

Zheng Fangxian mentioned that this time the college entrance examination reform, students enter the high school to face a variety of options, each choice is the opportunity and risk coexist, this choice of ability to cultivate the original college entrance examination program can not bring.

Previously, for the college entrance examination, there is a saying that the top pick of physical examination will lead to ordinary students waiting for the lower (grade test by the effective test results of the total number of candidates, the proportion of the division) Eventually affect the college entrance examination total score. And then it was suggested that the ability to give the physical grade test more high rank or affluence?

“As a basic education stage of high school, the physical subjects must be more than chemical, biological (including historical geography, etc.) other subjects much more important?” Zheng Fangxian frankly, this is clearly contrary to the principle of fairness and justice, and as Systematic reform, in particular, should not be patched in individual sessions, otherwise it will bring unpredictable consequences.

For the sound that the students to participate in the physical examination of the level of students are good students, in accordance with the same rank division approach, physical candidates to participate in other subjects grade test, will get higher rankings, Zheng Fangxian said that these judgments are actually There is no way to prove.

And in Shanghai, candidates choose physical examination, the opportunity to enter the elite is not small.

Taiwan, a rescue ship rushed to help stranded stranded because of loss of power stranded

                    (Original title: Taiwan, a rescue ship rush to help stranded freeway lost power)

                                   According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” news, a rescue ship in Taiwan today to Taiwan Taoyuan outside the sea, the implementation of the recently stranded Panamanian Harvey round of difficulties, but lost the power stranded, but fortunately there is no immediate Dangerous.


Live scene Source: Taiwan “Central Club”.

Central and state organs bus down more than 6 into 29 provinces car reform basically completed

                    (The original title: central and state organs bus reduction of more than 6 percent)

                                   The central government and the state organs 140 departments to take the lead in the reform, 5 years to cancel a total of 3868 business vehicles, vehicle reduction rate of 61.8%. Reporters yesterday from the State Administration of Authority was informed that the current 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) bus reform is basically completed, the central enterprises and institutions of the bus reform is being promoted. The State Administration of Departments announced the overall situation of the bus reform, the data show that the central and state organs to cancel a total of 3868 business vehicles, vehicle reduction rate of 61.8%; resettlement. Staff of 2126 people, the rate of 10.5%; public auction canceled 2046 vehicles, the premium rate of 65.15%, turned over to the state treasury disposal income of 113 million yuan.

car reform also made no small progress. At the beginning of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the progress of the bus reform around the end of 2016, in addition to Tibet, Xinjiang and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the other 29 provinces provincial authorities have been completed, 26 provinces to complete the city- Nearly 20 provinces to complete the county level car change. The state organs and agencies to break the old official car use and management model, the establishment of a new type of official travel security model, a fundamental solution to the private car, super-standard over the standard car, bus funds Spending high and other stubborn malignancies.

business car correction in the promotion

With the party and government organs in full swing, enterprises and institutions also on the agenda. In February 2016, the Central Automobile Reform Leading Group issued the Opinions on the Implementation of the Reform of the Public Car System of the Central Institutions and the Opinions on the Implementation of the Reform of the Central Enterprise Business Car System, and officially launched the reform of the public and enterprise.

Central car reform office, said the end of 2016 to complete the basic completion of the central enterprises and institutions to change the work. April 8, 2016, the central enterprises and institutions to mobilize the deployment of mobilization training meeting held, marking the central enterprises and institutions into the full implementation of the car reform phase. This year in September, the National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Meng Wei introduced the central enterprises and institutions car reform results, People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other 10 units have completed all the central and the State Council directly under the work of vehicle reform; , Tobacco Group, the State Grid, Sinopec, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other 129 central enterprises group has completed all the central enterprises and central financial enterprises car reform work.

■ depth

many innovations governance “waste on wheels”

“bus spending” has been a concern. Ministry of Finance data show that in 2010 the central level of “three public” budget final expenditure of 9.47 billion yuan, of which the purchase of official vehicles and operating costs 6.166 billion yuan, accounting for more than Liu Cheng. In July 2014, China Office, the State Council issued the “on the comprehensive promotion of the official car system reform guidance” and “central and state organs of the official car system reform program”, the official (in), in order to control the “waste on the wheel”, in July 2014, Start the reform of the official car system.

2016 at the end of the year, the central car to do the “issued on the improvement of supporting policies to consolidate the results of the reform of the bus,” for the grassroots staff travel, subsidies, law enforcement vehicles and other issues to do a specific description. Reporters noted that the provinces and cities in the combination of the general provisions of the car on the basis of innovation to explore feasible ways to protect the car in place.

Internet auction to ensure transparency and fairness

car change, a large number of buses were sealed. According to the requirements of the abolition of the general business vehicles, to develop a disposal approach, public tender assessment, through public auction, etc. public disposal. The central and state organs open auction premium rate of 65.15%, local bus auction situation? Reporters combed public reports found that the auction rate around the auction is not low. On September 23, Hunan Province, Ningyuan County, 27 bus auction premium rate of 55%; April 23, 2016, Yangzhou, Hunan Province, Yangzhou, Municipal authorities 101 bus auction premium rate of 73.18%.

In order to ensure fair and transparent auction, in addition to license plate separation “bare” and other provisions, Shandong, Sichuan, Hunan, Shaanxi, Anhui and many other provinces also explore the implementation of online auction. On April 24, 2015, the first batch of 109 provincial highway authorities in Shaanxi Province were auctioned through the Internet. This is the start of the bus reform, the provincial official car for the first time on the network platform, known as the “China’s official car network first shot.”

Following the Shaanxi Province, Anhui Province has also taken a network shot way. November 2015, Anhui Province, 157 provincial bus online auction, started the local car to change the vehicle network “first shot”; January 20, 2016, Shandong provincial party and government authorities to cancel the vehicle to lift the first bus Online auction.

To further prevent the bus private, many places also began to identify the bus, the installation of GPS.

reporter comb found that at present, at least nearly 20 provinces to implement the bus identification. October 12, Baoji City Bureau of Affairs Bureau introduced the end of the year before the Baoji will complete the official car information, identification work for the vehicle to install a unified satellite positioning system, the implementation of full real-time supervision. At present, some cars sprayed with “official car” eye-catching logo has emerged Baoji street.

Yangchun City, Guangdong Province, also completed last year, the bus identification work. Yangchun City, the relevant staff said that after identification, there is no cover to identify the private use of the situation, and now no one dare to private car.

Guangdong, Gansu, Hunan, Sichuan and other places also use GPS positioning, to strengthen the bus supervision.

Since 2011, Guangzhou began to pilot the installation of GPS bus. Guangzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection data show that according to the annual reduction of 5,000 km per car 5,000 yuan to save the calculation, the city has installed GPS 8491 car annual savings of about 42 million yuan.

Anhui Lujiang County in July 2013 for the county bus installation Beidou satellite positioning equipment, 24-hour monitoring bus private phenomenon. The county Commission for Discipline Inspection of the staff said that the installation of Beidou satellite positioning equipment, Lujiang County bus is not the phenomenon of storage is greatly improved.

The actual effect of the monitoring mode, the provinces are also tracking statistics. Jiangxi Province in March this year, after the end of the bus identification work, the provincial authorities Affairs Bureau of the staff to reporters, will continue to track the specific implementation effect.


Ye Qing, deputy director of Hubei Provincial Bureau of Statistics

three data illustrate the central car reform program more effective

China’s seven consecutive months of holdings of US Treasury bonds is still the largest US creditor

                    (Original title: China for seven consecutive months holdings of US Treasury bonds is still the largest US creditor)

                                   Washington, 17 Oct (Xinhua) – China’s holdings of US $ 34.5 billion in US Treasury bonds rose in August, according to data released by the US Treasury Department on the 17th. This is China’s seventh consecutive month holdings of US debt.

US Treasury Department released the same day data show that China’s August this year, the size of the debt 1.2005 trillion, compared with July holdings of 34.5 billion US dollars. China is still the largest creditor of the United States.

资料图:银行工作人员清点货币。 中新社记者 张云 摄 Data Sheet: Bank staff check the currency. China news agency reporter Zhang Yunshe

British media evaluation 2017 EMBA Global Top 100: Chinese institutions swept the top three

                    (Original title: British media named 2017 EMBA Global Top 100: Chinese institutions swept the top three)


local time on October 15, the British Financial Times (FT) released the 2017 global EMBA (senior management MBA) list. The EMBA global ranking list, the first three were Chinese projects swept. (Kellogg-HKUST) EMBA ranked first, the Hong Kong University EMBA-Global Asia ranked second, Tsinghua University Tsinghua University – Tsinghua University (Tsinghua-Insead) double degree EMBA rankings, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University- third.

Kellogg – Hong Kong HKUST EMBA program by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School and the United States Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business cooperation, which is the project in the British Financial Times Global EMBA ranking for the second time, a total of eight times Won the first in the world.

The EMBA-Global Asia program of the University of Hong Kong was co-operated by the Columbia University Business School, the University of Hong Kong and the London Business School. The first year of the EMBA-Global Asia program took the second place in the world.

Tsinghua – British EMBA by the Tsinghua University School of Economics and the European Institute of Business Administration in France, has defeated the Hong Kong HKUST in 2015 to win the first list. 2016 Tsinghua – British project ranked second, this time because of the Hong Kong University project to join, fell to third.

According to the official website, the Financial Times Global EMBA list has been operating for 17 years, each year in the global business school EMBA project, selected the world’s top 100. The 2017 ranking is selected from 137 business school projects around the world, including 17 multi-school co-op program, and nine first business schools.


The majority of the 2017 list score is the most important two indicators of research and data collection from EMBA alumni who graduated in 2014, respectively, which is the average of three years after graduation of alumni Salary, and alumni before and after participating in EMBA salary growth. In addition, the same indicators into the evaluation criteria include: alumni career development, work experience and EMBA after the completion of the goal of achievement. The Hong Kong University EMBA-Global Asia program was first launched in 2008, but the average salary for graduates was $ 319,000. According to the Financial Times, student salaries increased by 78% and over 80% Graduates of Alumni have been promoted. In addition, due to the ability to study on three different continents, students can get an international perspective in the course. 2014 graduating alumni, the proportion of independent entrepreneurs as high as 40%, far more than the average business ratio of 27%.

Ranked first in the Kellogg – Hong Kong HKUST EMBA project, graduating alumni average salary for the world’s highest, reaching 478,000 US dollars, student satisfaction rate of 82%. According to the British Financial Times survey, first-class quality of staff, excellent alumni and so are the reasons for the satisfaction of students. EMBE is a refresher course for veterans and executives who have already worked in the workplace. The Financial Times commented that the EMBA program for students, the emphasis on personal promotion even more than financial improvement. In the survey, one student said, “it is very difficult to work with full-time executives and take care of the family while balancing EMBA’s learning, so teamwork and group learning are critical.”

2017 Financial Times EMBA In the top of the list, the China Business School project also includes Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai EMBA, the project ranked 2016 years than the 2016 upgrade, ranked sixth. By Fudan University and the University of Washington, Fudan – Washington EMBA ranked seventh, ranking lower than last year, two. CEIBS Global EMBA ranked 14th in the 2017 list, down one over last year.

It is also worth mentioning that the average number of female students in the 100 Chinese EMBA programs is only 29%, while the Chinese University of Hong Kong EMBA is the most balanced proportion of women, reaching 49%. The only two women who have more students than male students are EMBA-Global Asia of the University of Hong Kong and BI of the Fudan University BI EMBA.


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