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Heavy rainstorms in some parts of Taiwan caused floods to exceed NT $ 10 million

                    (The original title: floods in some parts of Taiwan caused floods damage more than NT $ 10 million)


in the new network on October 16th
According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reported by the typhoon “Kanu” and the northeast monsoon affected, some parts of Taiwan recently due to heavy rains caused floods, agricultural and civilian facilities is estimated to be 12.56 million yuan (NT, the same below), which Hualien County is the most serious disaster.

点击进入下一页 Taiwan Hualien County was hit by heavy rains, the county roads, agricultural disaster again and again, but fortunately no casualties occurred. Source: “Central News Agency”

Taiwan authorities issued a press release that the “COA” report on October 11 heavy rains caused agricultural disaster, as of 11 o’clock today, agricultural products and civilian facilities estimated loss of 12.56 million yuan The Relevant county and county damage to Hualien County, the loss of 6.24 million yuan (50%), Taitung County, loss of 5.55 million yuan (44%), Yilan County, 770,000 yuan (6%) is more serious.

Agricultural, the estimated loss of 4.86 million yuan, the crop area of ​​167 hectares, 22% damage, conversion without harvest area of ​​37 hectares; damaged crops mainly for the second phase of rice, the area of ​​96 hectares, the loss of 2.06 million yuan , Times for other vegetables, onions, edible corn and papaya.

Survey: Nearly half of Hong Kong parents will provide financial support for adult children

                    (Original title: survey: nearly half of Hong Kong parents will provide financial support for adult children)

                                   According to Hong Kong’s “Ta Kung Pao” news, Hong Kong property prices and high cost of living, the latest survey shows that nearly half of Hong Kong parents will provide financial support for adult children, education, medical, daily expenses and even travel costs Will lend a helping hand, and 19% of parents said they would help children “on the train.” Edward Moncreiffe, Chief Executive of HSBC Hong Kong, said Hong Kong’s population aging and rising old-age dependency were rising, and there was insufficient savings to support retirement and medical needs.

资料图:香港老街。中新社记者 洪少葵 摄

Data Sheet: Hong Kong Street. HSBC released the “Power of Protection: Facing the future” survey report, pointed out that the Hong Kong people’s attention to family needs, brought greater economic pressure. The survey was conducted by HSBC authorized Kantar TNS Company in March to May this year, the respondents include 1,000 Hong Kong people over 25 years of age.

Famous artist Yan Shun Kai died starred in the film “Ah Q”

                    (Original title: famous artist Yan Shun Kai died at the age of 80)


by the Shanghai Fun Troupe confirmed that the famous artist Yan Shun today died today at the age of 80 years old.

Yan Shun Kai, June 6, 1937 was born in Shanghai, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama Department of performance, the famous Chinese actor.

After graduation in 1963 assigned to the Shanghai Funny Theater as an actor. In 1981 the beginning of the screen, starring the film “Ah Q”, by virtue of the film won the 6th Volkswagen Film Hundred Flowers Award for best actor award and the second Weiwei International Comedy Film Festival best actor gold cane award. In 1983 the first session of the Spring Festival party show comedy “Ah Q’s monologue.” 1988 self-directed comedy film “A Tan Biography”. 1993 in the CCTV Spring evening performance comedy “Zhang three people”. Figure


Ministry of Commerce on the production of US-Japan imported hydroiodic acid anti-dumping investigation

                    (Original title: Ministry of Commerce originating in the United States and Japan imported hydroiodic acid anti-dumping investigation)

                                   On October 16, 2017, the Ministry of Commerce of the People ‘s Republic of China issued Announcement No. 62 of 2017, and decided to conduct an anti – dumping investigation on imported hydroiodic acid originating in the United States and Japan. The product English name: Hydriodic Acid. In the “People’s Republic of China import and export tariffs”: 28111990 under. Other products other than hydroiodic acid are not included in the scope of this application. The survey should normally end before October 16, 2018, and may be extended to 16 April 2019 on special circumstances.

Taiwan and the Marine Corps hit the target people injured in the local long called the military to apologize

                    (The original title: the Taiwan Strait fighters miss the local people long called the military to apologize)

                                   According to Taiwan’s China Times newspaper reported that the Taiwan military seine brigade brigade brigade last week when the target was suspected of a stray wounded Hou surnamed employees, triggering social concern…. ?? .. DPP “legislator” Lai Ruilong today (16) and the local four long held a press conference, and announced the incident photos. Only the Taiwan defense department only after the red envelope to the injured, black box operation is unacceptable; dragon and ditch in the long Huang Wenyu bluntly, even the Taiwan defense department only after the delivery of red envelopes to the injured, black box operation is unacceptable; , If the flow hit the plant in the propylene tank, even the village are not used directly on the village, called on the military should apologize to the people.


Marine Corps 99 Journey to the Forest Range. The picture shows the weapons and equipment exhibition in the public experience T91 rifle simulation shooting. Source: Taiwan when the newsletter.

Taiwan Marine Corps 99 brigade on the 12th implementation of T91 rifle live ammunition training, flow bombs 2 km away in the small harbor area Lin Road factory, in the factory work 29-year-old Hou surnamed staff hit the right foot clavicle, Fortunately, timely delivery of medical out of the bullet, people without serious trouble. Lai Ruilong announced today that the scene of a total of five bullets, including a hit in the work of the Hou staff, a broken staff car glass, the other three are scattered factory area, the bullet flew nearly 1.5 km away.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Strongly condemns the murder of the victims of the Somali terror

                    (Original title: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the Somali terror attack)


local time 14, the Somali capital Mogadishu car bomb attack, killing at least 276 people were killed and about 300 people were injured. Somali President Mohammed declared a three-day national mourning day. At a regular press conference today (16th), the spokesman said that China is deeply shocked and strongly condemned and is willing to strengthen cooperation with African countries to jointly tackle the threat and challenge of terrorism. In the past, the Chinese side expressed deep condolences to the unfortunate victims and expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and the families of the victims.

Han Mei Navy in the Korean Peninsula waters joint exercise Ministry of Foreign Affairs response

                    (Original title: Hanmei Navy in the Korean Peninsula waters joint exercise Ministry of Foreign Affairs response)



Q: The next director of the UNESCO Director-General for the 13th day of the election, the former Minister of Culture Azulai won the nomination. What is China’s comment?

A: The Chinese side congratulates Ms. Azulai, who has won the nomination of the next Director-General of UNESCO, and believes that the new Director-General is able to lead UNESCO in order to maintain world peace, promote sustainable development, promote cultural exchange and build The human fate community continues to contribute. The Chinese side attaches importance to the status and role of UNESCO and will continue to actively participate in and support the work of UNESCO and the Director-General as always and promote the development and cooperation of UNESCO.

Q: It is understood that on 13 May, the OPCW nominated the Permanent Representative of Spain, Ambassador Arias, as the Director-General by consensus, and was proposed to be formally appointed by the end of November. What is China’s comment?

A: For a long time, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has played an important role in the prohibition and destruction of chemical weapons. The Chinese side congratulated the Spanish candidate, Ambassador Arias, for being named the Executive Director of the OPCW. China will continue to support the relevant work of the OPCW, strengthen cooperation between the two sides, to promote the realization of “no chemical world” to make joint efforts.

Q: It is reported that Iraqi forces have entered the Kirkuk area. What is China’s comment?

A: I need to verify what you said about the report. As a principle, China supports the efforts of the Iraqi government to maintain territorial integrity, national stability and solidarity. We also hope that all parties concerned will support Iraq’s territorial integrity, national peace, stability and solidarity.

Q: Today, South Korea, the United States and the United States launched the Korean Peninsula in the eastern and western waters of the joint exercise, the Chinese side of this comment?

A: At present, the situation on the peninsula is in a very sensitive and highly strained state. If this state continues, it is not in the interest of any party, especially the countries of the region. Therefore, we hope that all concerned parties will be able to exercise restraint and promote the current situation towards ease and facilitate the resumption of dialogue, rather than the opposite.

韩美海军在朝鲜半岛海域联合演习 外交部回应

Q: It is reported that the Somali capital Mogadishu occurred on the 14th of the country’s most serious casualties in the history of a single attack, killing at least 276 people were killed and about 300 people were injured. Somali President Mohammed declared a three-day national mourning day. What is China’s comment?

A: Somali capital Mogadishu 14 car bomb attacks and cause heavy casualties, the Chinese side was shocked and strongly condemned. We express our deep condolences to the unfortunate victims and express our sincere condolences to the wounded and the families of the victims. China resolutely opposes terrorism in all its forms and will continue to firmly support Israel’s efforts to combat terrorism and safeguard national security and stability. We are willing to strengthen cooperation with African countries, including Somalia, to jointly tackle the threat and challenge of terrorism and continue to work for terrorism. Peace and security and stability in Africa play a constructive role.

Q: It is still 45 minutes from the deadline for the leaders of the Catalan Autonomous Region to decide whether or not to decide on independence. If he made an independent decision, he may not be able to get the support of Europe, whether he can count on the support of the Chinese side? Answer: On the issue of Catalonia, China’s position has not changed. I would like to reiterate once again that the Chinese Government understands and supports the efforts of the Spanish Government to safeguard national unity, national unity and territorial integrity. We believe that the West has the power to protect social order and civil rights. We will continue to uphold the principle of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and non – interference in each other ‘s internal affairs, and cooperate with Spain in the development of friendly relations and cooperation in various fields.

Q: Venezuelan ruling party won the majority of seats in local elections, and the opposition refused to recognize the election results. Does China support the Venezuelan government?

A: We have taken note of the report and also noted that the whole election process was smooth. China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, and believes that the Venezuelan government and people have the ability to resolve their internal affairs through dialogue and consultation within the framework of the law and safeguard the stability and prosperity of the country.

韩美海军在朝鲜半岛海域联合演习 外交部回应

The Austrian National Assembly elected this year or celebrated only 31 years old Prime Minister

                    (Original title: Austrian Congress elected this 31-year-old foreign minister as prime minister)

                                   The Austrian congressional election was held today, the young conservative star Kurtz is welcomed by the next leader of the popular candidate, he held a tough stance on the refugees…. , And vowed to prevent the European immigration crisis to repeat, hoping to beat the extreme right. 7-year-old Austrian Foreign Minister Kurz (Sebastian Kurz), in May when the party leader, has led the Conservative People’s Party (OVP) in the polls topped the list, squeeze the throne One year of the extreme right of the Liberal Party (FPO).

Kurtz vowed to close the immigration through the Mediterranean, through the Balkans into Europe’s main route. Many of the voters now feel that the country is overloaded after the opening of the border between 150 and hundreds of thousands of refugees and poverty in the Middle East and elsewhere. 7 – 89456_11_65473_9

Austrian Prime Minister Christian Kern’s Social Democratic Party (SPO) is currently working with the Kurz People’s Party government, but Kurtz took the People’s Party leader to suspend the alliance, forcing the 15th to hold the advance election.

Many polls show that the People’s Party has about one-third of the voters’ support and the second party has won fierce competition from the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party, which won the presidential election with a slight gap last year.

Japan’s Kobelco steel industry is also caught in the whirlpool of Chinese factories involved

                    (Original title: Japan’s Kobelco steel industry is also caught in the fake whirlpool, the Chinese factories involved)


Newly confirmed nine products failed, affected customers increased to about 500, president or resignation.

日本神钢钢铁主业亦陷造假漩涡 中国工厂牵涉其中

(data plan)

Kobe Steel, Japan (Kobe Steel Ltd., said at Kobelco) official website on October 13 released the latest report, the company found that 9 new class of aluminum, copper , Steel products exist similar violations.

Kobelco is Japan’s third largest steel joint venture, the official confirmed that the main steel products there are irregularities, so that it is in the vortex of fraud scandal deeper and deeper. Previously, Kobelco has issued a message that the company’s production of aluminum and copper products, iron products and subsidiaries “Kobe Steel Research” production of LCD screen materials related to data fraud. On the morning of October 13th, Kobelco spokesman Gary Tsuchida said in an interview with Finance reporter: “It is now possible to confirm that there is data fraud in the aluminum and copper sectors, and that there may be hidden dangers at the same time as steel.”

4 o’clock on the same day, Kobelco held an emergency press conference, the company was exposed to tampering with steel products to explain the data and publish the results of the survey. Kobayashi executives Shengchuan four Zhi-yan confirmed at the press conference, coupled with the number of previously announced customers, the affected customers a total of about 500. This figure is Kobelco had claimed that “about 200” twice as much.

The above report shows that there are five products in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China made of copper, copper and aluminum alloy wire, etc. During the period from 2016 to 2017 in August to a total of 216 customers shipped About 2633 tons; the remaining four products are made in China and Japan, steel and special steel and other steel products, in the above-mentioned period to a total of 22 customers shipped about 8374 tons.

Kobe Steel’s China factory involved. Companies involved in misconduct and located in China include Suzhou Kobelco Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Farui Shengfan spring line Co., Ltd., Kobelco new spring steel wire (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

“Financial” Reporters report found that misconduct, including rewriting and customer agreement on the specifications of the data, rewrite the test results, do not perform some of the previous and the customer agreed to a good inspection and testing. Gary admitted that such behavior is wrong, but he still to the “financial” said: “customers are doing product testing, as of now did not find quality problems. Sometimes some products do not meet customer requirements, but the quality is still not In the early days of October 12, Kobayashi Chairman and President Kawasaki Hiroshi apologized to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Tokyo to tamper with the performance data of aluminum products. There are media reports that Kobelco will be about two weeks as the goal of the safety verification results, within one month announced the reasons and response measures. But Gary told Finance: “We do not know how much time it takes to find the results, the company is still trying to find.” He said that the current survey conducted by Kobeles mainly in Japan.

Kobelco fake scandal re-fermentation media: poke the Japanese-made days

                    (Original title: Kobelco fake scandal affects more than 500 manufacturers, accused of poking the Japanese-made days)

                                   Japan’s third largest steel company Kobe Steel scandal is still fermented, the latest news is that its unqualified products supply cars, aircraft, Shinkansen, the military industry, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, And other areas of manufacturers, the number rose from 200 to more than 500. Kobelco is Japan’s steel and metal manufacturing industry fist enterprises, and now intensified the storm but let the “steel fist” exposed spot rust. Why the impact of the Kobelco scandal so huge, known as the poke leaked the “Made in Japan” days?

Trusted by overdraft

Kobe Steel published a statement that the company’s aluminum, copper and other business units by tampering with the product data, some non-compliance products posing as qualified products for sale. In addition, the company’s high sand production by the production of iron powder products also involve forgery of the data, the product density of the slab and customer agreement does not match, check the data was tampered with.

Kobelashi argued that the high density of iron powder is easy to shape, sintered products, high strength, little impact on product performance. However, the user needs the data generally according to their own product specific requirements set, once the actual product data does not match, the user set up a set of products in this product on the other product components development may be aliasing, can not match.

For example, iron powder can be hardened to produce sintered parts for a variety of automotive parts. If at high speed vehicles, each part of the data are tampered with the supplier, will eventually lead to a series of unexpected anomalies. This is a worrying place, but also the loss of confidence in the fundamental Kobelco customers. In fact, Kobelco has also exposed the fraud scandal, its subordinate Kobelco stainless steel wire company to reduce the number of defective products in the past more than 9 years tampering with stainless steel wire tensile strength test data, the substandard products as qualified Product delivery.

Kobayashi President Kawasaki Hiroshi also said on the 12th, will give priority to advance the safety check verification. He admitted that Kobelco’s trust has been reduced to zero. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) believes that this is “related to the trust of the Japanese manufacturing industry as a whole”, “shake the fair trade, very sorry”, asked Kobelco to take out a month to prevent recidivism.

been tampered with “safe”

Kobelco scandal involves downstream businesses and products, including Toyota Motor, Japan’s first domestic jet regional aircraft MRJ, Shinkansen trains, H2A rocket, and even including Boeing The

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has confirmed that Kobelco’s products are also used in military products such as Japanese military products, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Subaru, and are used in aircraft, missiles, armored vehicles and so on. The Japanese Defense Ministry is concerned that insufficient strength may lead to a shorter period of use. Companies are stepping up to check the safety of related products.

Taking an airplane as an example, Aluminum used to make wing upper wing skin must have high strength and yield strength and bear high load, otherwise huge pressure sometimes causes the skin Subtle cracks, cracks will be unknown in the flight suddenly increased, dangerous flight safety. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is also developing the MRJ also used the Kobelco problem products, but Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, “said in terms of design and safety are left to confirm, including the strength of the product safety, including no problem, and now that will not be on the plane Development will bring influence, will continue to collect information “.

Boeing, which may have adopted Kobelco’s product, said it is “continuing to investigate.”

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda and other major Japanese car companies are Kobelco customers, are self-examination. Toyota said that some of its domestic factory assembly models used Kobelco products, saying “the supplier is a major issue in violation of commitment.” Nissan said the impact on performance is being confirmed. “

JR Tokai’s Shinkansen vehicles also use Kobelco products, according to the record over the past five years found that the axle-related two kinds of 310 products, the strength of less than Specifications. JR Donghai company president Zhe Zhe Kang Ying said “very regrettable”, plans in the future annual inspection as soon as possible to replace the problem product.

rusty reputation

Kobelco event spread to a large Japanese

Professor of School of Economics, Rikkyo University, Japan, said that the root cause of the problem of manufacturing in Japan lies in the pyramid division within the manufacturing industry.

He said that the finished goods business in the Spire, materials and parts suppliers at the bottom of the tower. For a long time, manufactures are accustomed to Sacrificing materials and parts suppliers to pursue their own product replacement, requiring materials and parts suppliers to follow up on technology and costs. After entering this century, industrial products technological innovation with each passing day, but the suppliers are increasingly More can not keep up with the rhythm of leading enterprises, “the development of new materials such as the need for a huge investment, and these companies have been overwhelmed.”

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