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The US Army Major General message harassment soldier’s wife to the sun hat is not guaranteed

                    (The original title: the US Army a little general news harassment of the soldiers of the wife of the sun hat is not guaranteed)

                                   Recently, the US Army to expel a leading African American Major General, because it was accused of a team of soldiers and his wife have an inappropriate relationship.. ?? ..

Japan’s House of Representatives election Abe is still on the wind political trend may still change

                    (The original title: the Japanese House of Representatives election Abe temporary political wind may still change)

                                   According to the “Central News Agency” reported that the next Prime Minister’s election in the House of Representatives election on the 10th officially opened, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition now appears to be due to split forces in the opposition and temporary advantage , But whatever the outcome, will become an important election affecting the political development of Japan.

Why did Abejin dissolve the House in advance?

This time the House of Representatives election as the people of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito ruling coalition “trust vote”, the main appeal is the consumption tax after the tax to change the use, to reduce the burden of early childhood education and higher education.

Japanese media analysis pointed out that Abe’s support rate out of Senyou Gakuen and Gakuen school controversial low, then the dissolution of the House of Representatives to re-election is conducive to its continued governance. July 22, 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the dissolution of the House, the number of cabinet members cheered.

This election who prevailed?

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) conducted a telephone poll from 7 to 9 October. The results showed that 37% of the respondents supported the Abe Cabinet before the 22nd vote and did not support the rate of 43%.

Abe Cabinet in July before the reorganization of the cabinet, the support rate from 53% in April all the way down to only 35%, the outside world that the main reason is Senyou Gakuen and Gakuen Dispute controversy; but in August after the cabinet reorganization To 39%, after the support rate rose to 44%. But the NHK poll has shown that Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party in the party support rate, still 31.2% ahead of the hope that the party’s 4.8% of the party, but also to the Democratic Party, As well as 4.4% of the Cadets. However, there are still 39.1% of respondents said there is no specific support of the party, in addition to 10% of the respondents that do not know, did not answer. The ratio of nearly 5% will be the key to the election.

日本东京女知事小池百合子。 Tokyo Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko.

Hope that the party support rate is not as expected?

Japanese media generally believe that Tokyo Metropolis Governor Kuriichi led the party’s hope is not as expected, mainly due to the split in the wild. The answer may explain the contradiction between Abe Nhasa, “Cabinet support is low and political party support is high”.

Before the dissolution of the House, the largest opposition party is the DPP, but many people in the DPP have emerged from the party, so that the DPP Chairman Maehara was forced to announce the nomination of candidates, hoping to join the party candidate.

According to the election of Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, in the three candidates competing for the small constituency, the ruling party to support the rate of 70 percent ahead of opponents; in the one-on-one small constituency, the ruling party also with 6% As a ruling party against a number of opposition party candidates in the small constituency, the ruling party support rate as high as 8 percent.

reported that this seemingly “one-third of the world”, in fact, is the two forces in the opposition to each other anti-vice times the votes, may be the hope that the party’s support rate is not as expected one of the main reasons.

What is the impact of the House election results?

Austria will lead the 31-year-old foreign ministers to lead or stand out

                    (The original title: Austria will be elected to the 31-year-old congressional leaders ahead or stand out)

                                   According to the “Central News Agency” reported that Austria will be on the 15th Congressional elections, only 31 years old incumbent foreign minister, the People’s Party leader Kurtz in the congressional election poll leader, is likely to stand out, And become Europe’s youngest prime minister. The German right-wing Liberal Party is not weak, the vote is expected to increase, and the rise of the right-wing forces in Europe has become a new challenge for mainstream politics, after the German right-wing parties entered the Congress for the first time in September.


New York Holds Unveiling Ceremonies for Women: Members need to apologize

                    (Original title: New York, a museum held comfort women unveiling ceremony US Congressman: Day also need to apologize!)


美纽约举行慰安妇像揭幕仪式 议员:日还需道歉

Chief sergeant in Malaysia: terrorists use student visas to enter the country

                    (Original title: Chief sergeant in Malaysia: terrorists use student visas to enter the country)

                                   Kuala Lumpur, Oct. 14 (Xinhuanet) – The police have found that terrorists will enter Malaysia with student visas, and the police will work with public universities to crack down on the police.

Fritz said in an event in Perak that the police had arrested three suspected terrorists, one of whom was a student studying. He said police investigations revealed that unlawful groups used student visas to allow foreign terrorists to enter Malaysia.

Syrian government announced the restoration of the town of Dyer Zuer Meadin

Damascus, October 14 (Xinhua) Syrian military announced on the 14th from the extreme organization of the “Islamic State” in the hands of the eastern province of Dyer Zul’Da met. Syrian military said that with the support of allies, the government forces in Maiya Ding and “Islamic countries” launched a fierce battle, killing the organization of a large number of armed personnel. After the recovery of Meadin, the government army on the one hand began to clear the city “Islamic countries” buried explosives, on the one hand continue to pursue the remnants of the organization.
  Mai’ad is located about 45 kilometers southeast of the capital of Dyerzur province.

Syrian government in early September attacked Dyer Zur city, in the liberation of Dyer Zur City fighting at the same time sub-south, at the beginning of this month to attack the western suburbs of Maiya.
  “Islamic countries” in Syria within the sphere of influence is concentrated in the southeastern region of the province of Dyer.

At least 40 people were killed in an explosion near a hotel in the capital of Somalia

Xinhua News Agency News: Somali police said on the 14th, the Somali capital Mogadishu downtown hotel near the day of a bomb attack, killing at least 40 people were killed.

North Korea says China does not accept the Chinese side to resolve the peninsula nuclear program China response

                    (The original title: North Korea outside the phase can not accept the Sino-Russian settlement of the peninsula nuclear issue of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs response)


[Global Report] October 12, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference. The following is part of the press conference.

Li Zairong two prosecutors asked to increase the sentence to 12 years before the first trial was sentenced to 5 years

                    (Original title: South Korea’s Samsung Lee in the second trial court prosecution requirements to increase the sentence to 12 years)

                                   According to foreign media reports, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Group Vice Chairman Li Zongrong, earlier on its bribery conviction to appeal, and in 12 days in Seoul trial. Li Zongrong insisted that he was innocent, the prosecution thinks that the first five years of the first instance of the sentence is too light, requiring a penalty to 12 years, and asked the court to agree to Lee in the laptop to prove the validity of the computer.


Spain, a military aircraft to participate in the National Day parade after the crash killed the pilot

                    (The original title: the Spanish Air Force a military aircraft to participate in the National Day parade when the flight)



Source: Russian satellite network

overseas online October 12, according to Russian news agency reported that the satellite, the Spanish Defense Ministry on Thursday (12 Day) said the Spanish Air Force a military aircraft in the Madrid after the National Day parade after returning to the flight in Albacete (Albacete) Los Nanyos Air Force Base (Los Llanos airbase) crash.

reported that the Spanish Ministry of Defense has confirmed the accident, but did not disclose the details. The accident occurred at 12:09 local time, firefighters, national police and medical personnel have rushed to the scene.

British Sky News reported that the Spanish Defense Ministry spokesman said the loss of military aircraft pilots have been killed.

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