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The US National Reconnaissance Office has launched a spy satellite for national security

                    (The original title: the US National Reconnaissance Bureau also launched a spy satellite)

                                   Yesterday afternoon, the United States launched the United States Alliance launched the Carnaval Air Force Base in Florida, “Cosmic God 5” type launch vehicle, the success of a US national reconnaissance station sent to the satellite sent to the United States. Into orbit.

Syrian Foreign Ministry: request the Turkish army unconditionally withdraw from Syria

                    (Original title: (international) Syria asked Turkey to immediately withdraw from Syria)


Damascus, October 14 (Xinhua) The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday asked the Turkish army to immediately and unconditionally withdraw from the western part of Syria. The Syrian side strongly condemned the Turkish army to enter the province of Idlibu, that this is a flagrant violation of Syrian territory and sovereignty integrity, in violation of international law…. The Turkish aggression was not related to the agreement reached at the latest round of the Astana talks, requiring the earth to comply with the relevant provisions of the agreement reached at the Astana talks.

Russia arrested four suspected suspects suspected of launching attacks in Moscow

                    (Original title: (international) Russian security department arrested four suspects involved in fear)

                                   According to the Russian media reported on the 14th, the Russian security sector on the 13th and 14th in the capital of Moscow and the capital of the Republic of Dagestan Mahakachala captured four attempts to launch a terrorist attack suspects. US news agency said today that the four suspects from the Republic of Dagestan, plans in Moscow and Makhachkala personnel crowded places with tools and homemade explosive devices launched a terrorist attack….

The news said that security personnel also dismantled the two suspects’ hiding dens in Makhachkala and seized homemade explosives. Four suspects will be brought in criminal proceedings for alleged involvement in terrorist activities.

In recent months, the Russian Federal Security Service has thwarted a number of terrorist attacks against cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Makhachkala.

IMF report: Asia and China will continue to lead the global economic growth

                    (The original title: IMF report pointed out: Asia and China will continue to lead the global economic growth)

                                   The International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the Asia and the Pacific region’s “regional economic outlook: October 2017 latest forecast” pointed out that Asia and the Pacific this year, next year’s economic growth is expected to be expected in the United States, the United States, the United States, Respectively, 5.6%, 5.5%, Asia and China with its strong growth rate will continue to lead the global economic growth.

The report emphasizes that Asia’s strong spending and investment and better-than-expected external demand have contributed to the pick-up of economic growth. At the same time, due to the current risks, including China’s rapid growth of credit, protectionism and the rise of geopolitical tensions, will enable economic policy makers to continue to accelerate the pace of reform.

IMF Asia Pacific Director Li Changyong said that Asia’s economic growth momentum remains strong, and thus in a favorable position. The positive factors in the region provide an opportunity for the implementation of structural reforms and the resolution of vulnerabilities.

At present, Asia’s financial situation is also more favorable, thanks to the first half of this year, large-scale inflow of capital. While the outlook for economic growth has been raised, inflation this year has been lowered to 2.3%, down 0.6 percentage points from April’s forecast, mainly due to falling commodity prices and currency appreciation. However, growth in Asia is strong but uneven, and the overall recovery in economic growth in the region is attributable to stronger-than-expected economic growth in China, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN countries, helping offset the weakening growth prospects for Australia and India. Page

Especially China, as the region’s largest economy, this year’s economic growth is expected to reach 6.8% next year to 6.5%.

Somali capital has been attacked two bursts of dozens of deaths

                    (Original title: Somalia Mogadishu successive attacks on two bursts of dozens of deaths)


local time on the 14th afternoon, Beijing last night, the Somali capital Mogadishu two successive attacks, the first of these, allegedly the security situation continues to turbulence in East Africa in recent years, the largest bomb attack.

on the two attacks on the number of casualties, the current number of media news is not uniform, “the death toll from more than 20 people to more than 40 people,” the report has.

索马里首都接连遭袭 两起爆炸致数十人死亡

The first attack occurred in a busy area in Mogadishu, where hotels, restaurants and government offices are located. The local police said that on the afternoon of the 14th, the bus was the most busy time, a car with explosives exploded near a hotel, causing heavy casualties, mostly civilians, government officials and media personnel; some buildings were Fried beyond recognition, and even was razed to the ground; dozens of cars burning fire.

索马里首都接连遭袭 两起爆炸致数十人死亡

Witnesses said the explosion accompanied by a huge sound and smoke, the explosion occurred “feeling the whole ground are shaking”, the attack site also came the gunfire.

Mogadishu residents said that the explosion of the loud noise, “the whole city can hear.”

索马里首都接连遭袭 两起爆炸致数十人死亡

California fire is still hundreds of people lost 10 million residents were forced to evacuate

                    (Original title: California fire increased to 38 people were killed 100,000 residents were forced to evacuate)

                                   July 8, the United States local time on the evening of 8, the northern California more than a sudden mountain fire, due to changes in the wind, the fire continues to spread, according to statistics, as of now, the fire has led to 36 (a) People were killed, 100,000 residents were forced to evacuate.

The most fatal fire in the history of California, so many towns in the fire after the raging beyond recognition. According to the “Central News Agency” quoted Reuters reported that the local time 14, and thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes, because there are still hundreds of people lost, the number of victims is bound to climb.


Multinational authority of the Observatory joint warning of what they want to engage in what?

                    (The original title: the world’s major observatory joint warning, tomorrow night to announce what big event?)


Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory: Beijing time next night at 10 o’clock, will be jointly issued with NASA major news.

European Southern Observatory: Beijing time next night at 10 o’clock, will be issued a major news.

Tsinghua University LIGO Working Group: Beijing time next Tuesday morning, will be issued a major news.

Australia OzGrav team: Beijing time next Tuesday morning, will be issued a major news.

多国权威天文台联合预警 他们究竟要搞什么事情?

It is estimated that there are dozens of other astronomical institutions around the world ready to publish major news at the same time.

This is why? The The

Astronomy circle has been boiling. Crazy pass. Everyone is talking about it.

Visual Monday big news came out, will set off no less than the first gravitational wave when the public opinion waves.


However, in a speculation, Nature magazine news section in August this year, a low-key official “rumor”, in fact, has leaked the secret.

Although this situation, I have now clear, but based on self-media from the professional conduct, I now can not use my hand has been confidential information to speak abroad. Then I will probably compile the main content of the official rumors of Nature (including some of my accompanying explanation).

This rumor was published on August 23 of this year – when I was still immersed in the August 21 Day of the total solar eclipse of the excitement and lavish, so at that time did not notice the news. The article said that after the United States LIGO (and later joined the European Virgo) saw a total of three gravitational wave events, are double black hole merger, but we also look forward to see another similar but different phenomenon: double neutron star Merge together. It seems that they are all close together with dense objects, and from the point of view of gravitational waves (at least for pedestrians) it looks like – the ever-increasing frequency of “birds”. But there is one of the biggest difference between them, that is, when the black hole is combined, really black, no electromagnetic waves will be emitted; and two neutron stars together, the electromagnetic band will release a huge amount of energy, which can be in the traditional Of the electromagnetic wave telescope to detect this event and after the afterglow – meaning that will be glowing. Although other people want to play together, only with the original hand, mainly electromagnetic wave telescope to follow up Observation.

So since the first discovery of the gravitational wave event, in the visible, radio, high energy and other electromagnetic bands follow the LIGO / Virgo gravitational wave events, look at the direction of the prediction there is no new electromagnetic band of small bright spots, became astronomy A holy grail of competition. On August 18 this year, J. Craig Wheeler of the University of Texas at Austin opened the first rumor of “rumors” that he said on foreign social networking sites:

多国权威天文台联合预警 他们究竟要搞什么事情?

“LIGO NEW One hour later, Peter Yoachim of the University of Washington, Seattle, said on the same website that the optical counterpart of the gravitational wave source is located in the NGC 4993 galaxy, which is a meta-wave source, with an optical counterpart. “

Located in the water snake galaxy, distance of 130 million light years. He also said that “the initial judgment is the double neutron star.”

多国权威天文台联合预警 他们究竟要搞什么事情?

NGC 4993, archival data from the Sloan Sky Survey (it does not contain the incident optical counterpart) International Cooperative

LIGO is a country with Yan Ming discipline, so that unauthorized dissemination of information, regardless of organizational discipline Act was soon invited to drink tea. After the two my dear friend or delete the tweet, or words vaguely apologize.

But since the rumors have spread, they can not stop the good things to ask the root.

By looking into the public information, people quickly found that in the days when they published the tweets, many important telescopes in the world were pointing to the same area – it was Yoachim’s NGC 4993 area. For example, on August 17th, the US astronomical satellite Fermi’s Gamma Storm Monitor was triggered by a gamma storm: GRB 170817A.

Gamma violence is the astronomical phenomenon of extreme high-energy events in the universe. The double neutron star is one of the events that can trigger this phenomenon.

Another example, the Hubble Space Telescope observable application shows that some people applied for the August 22 and 29 of the four observation time, used to observe the “double neutron star combined” to bring the “infrared radiation” The The application also explains the source of this radiation: the double neutron star and the co-process will produce a large number of heavy elements through the r process, the radioactive decay of these elements can be tested by infrared radiation.

The target of the observation application is NGC 4993. LEGO, Leaks and NGC 4993 in August 23, mention that the Chandra X-ray Observatory also observed the incident on August 19, and the event was recorded on August 19, In the Chandra’s website was recorded as “SGRB170817A” – SGRB is the meaning of short gamma storm.

Nature news said that the European Southern Observatory Great Telescope (VLT), Atacama large millimeter millimeter wave array (ALMA), the two world’s top optical and radio telescopes, also on August 18-19 to NGC 4993 Was observed.

August 25 is the last day of LIGO / Virgo’s “grid-connected” observation season. On the same day, Nature News added an update to its “rumors” page: the LIGO / Virgo partnership publishes a response that looks like a “rumor” as follows:

US agreement on the Iranian nuclear agreement to withdraw from the international agreement

                    (The original title: the United States on the Iranian nuclear agreement to enlarge the bill of call Trump out of those international agreements)

                                   According to foreign media reports, US President Trump announced on the 13th to the US Congress to confirm Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement, and threatened to use administrative power at any time to tear up the Iranian nuclear agreement. This move shocked the analysts. Richard Haass, who served as director of the State Council’s Policy Planning at the Bush administration, summarized it as “withdrawal doctrine.” Former Swedish Prime Minister and current chairman of the European Commission on Foreign Relations (Carl Bildt) said that Trump will be a veritable “torn traders”. July 1, US President Trump at the White House announced that the United States will withdraw from the “Paris Agreement.”

当地时间6月1日,美国总统特朗普在白宫宣布,美国将退出《巴黎协定》。他同时强调,美国也许会重返有关应对气候变化的协定,但前提条件是协定必须要对美国更加“公平”。 中新社记者 刁海洋 摄

Data Figure: local time on June 1, He also stressed that the United States may return to the agreement on climate change, but the prerequisite is that the agreement must be more “fair” to the United States. China International News Agency reporter Diao Haiyang photo

Since taking office, the US president to withdraw or threaten to withdraw from the international agreement which? Are summarized as follows:

In June this year, Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the 196 countries jointly signed the Paris Climate Protection Agreement and sought to negotiate a new climate protection deal. He declared that he was elected president to “represent the interests of citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris”, accusing the Paris Agreement of providing benefits to other countries, leaving the US industry at a disadvantage and losing a lot of jobs. But the United States really withdraw from the Paris agreement to the earliest until 2020 will take effect. A few days after the White House, Trump signed a decree announcing that the United States withdrew from the Transpacific Strategic Partnership Agreement (TPP )

The world’s largest trade cooperation agreement was signed in February 2016. This agreement can basically be said to be “aborted” because the United States has withdrawn before it has yet to be fully implemented. Trump advocated negotiations with the countries concerned on bilateral trade agreements in order to reach a more favorable US deal.


local time on October 12, the US State Department announced that the United States decided to withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Under the terms and conditions, the withdrawal of the United States will take effect on December 31, 2018. The picture shows the location of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France. On Thursday, the Washington side announced that the United States would withdraw from the UNESCO (UNESCO ) to protest the agency’s “anti-Israel position”. The decision will take effect by the end of 2018. Since then the United States will retain the organization’s observer status in order to remain influential.

Friday, Trump announced refused to confirm to the US Congress Iran to fulfill the contents of the nuclear agreement . After the trip to Trump, Congress passed an Iranian nuclear agreement review bill, the president must be 90 days to Congress to confirm whether Iran has abided the agreement. In the absence of confirmation by the President, Congress must decide whether to resume its sanctions against Iran within 60 days. Trump announced that it would not be confirmed again, the equivalent of whether to tear up the Iranian nuclear agreement to the United States Congress. The Iranian nuclear agreement was signed in 2015, with five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany. Trent has ordered the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed in 1994 with Mexico and Canada and calls it the worst trade deal in history. The negotiations were launched in August, but the US president has threatened to withdraw from the prospect of a bilateral deal if he could not reach a more equitable deal to the US before the end of the year.

The most deadly wildfire in the history of the United States has caused 38 people to die 100,000 residents evacuated

                    (The original title: the history of California, the most deadly wildfire has caused 38 people died 100,000 residents evacuated)

                                   According to “Central News Agency” reported that the history of California, the most deadly wildfire has led to 38 people were killed and 100,000 residents evacuated. The wind is constantly changing, to encourage the fierce wildfire to expand the burning, 14 and thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes, because there are still hundreds of people lost, the number of victims is bound to climb. 7 large-scale wildfires have burned nearly 86,000 hectares of residential and woodland in the past 7 days, which is larger than the area of ​​New York City.


Data Figure: Aerial aerial view of California, USA.

38 people have been confirmed to be killed, but also makes this wildfire in California history to become the most deadly forest wildfire. About 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes, including 3,000 people evacuated from Santa Rosa, about 80 kilometers north of San Francisco, and 250 others in the vicinity of Sonoma.

当地时间2017年9月28日,美国加州尤凯帕Oak Glen Conservation Camp监狱的囚犯接受加州消防署的工作部署,他们走出监狱参与灭火,在这期间他们被称作消防员,直到返回监狱。

Day steel prices continue to fake storm: Airbus to investigate whether the use of its illegal products

                    (Original title: fake storm continued: Airbus survey whether the use of Kobelco illegal products)

                                   SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) – European aircraft giant Airbus has been investigating the use of data falsification of Kobelco products on data tampering with Kobe Steel. Overseas manufacturing giants have begun to investigate, tampering the impact of the problem is also expanding overseas.

It is reported that the US aircraft giant Boeing has also begun to investigate. US auto giant GM (GM) and Ford also began to investigate.


In Tokyo, Kawasaki Hiroshi, president of Kobe Steel, also apologized to the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (Source: Reuters)

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