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California mountain fire disaster is expected to make progress fire chief: the end of it

                    (Original title: the United States California fire to 29 people were killed firefighters: the end of it)


美加州大火增至29人遇难 消防队长:该结束它了

overseas network on October 13th local time on the evening of 8, the United States, California has always been the most serious mountain fire. The wind fires, the fire spread quickly. According to the latest US media reports, as of Thursday, the fire has caused at least 29 people were killed, the number of victims is still likely to continue to rise. And thousands of buildings were burned, hundreds of people missing. However, due to the relative weakening of the wind than expected, coupled with the growth of firepower, local officials optimistic that “disaster relief is expected to make progress.” According to the Los Angeles Times, Santa Rosa is located in the worst-hit province of Sonoma, where local firefighter Tom Gossner called on the local firefighters to fight against the fire. “It’s time to end it.” “The New York Times said that there are currently nearly 8,000 firefighters involved in disaster relief, and put more than 550 fire engines, 73 helicopters and more than 30 aircraft.”

In accordance with the regulations, firefighters should be 24 hours shift, and then rest for 24 hours. But in the Sonoma County and Napa and other severely affected areas, many firefighters have been a few days without a real rest, can only lie on the ground or take a few hours in the car to take a few hours of sleep. According to CNN earlier reports, the data show that in the 12 hours on Monday (9 days), the fire swallowed about 20,000 acres of area, equivalent to every three seconds to burn a football field.

Russian men want to kiss pet turtle anti-bite their tongue scenes funny

                    (Original title: Russian men want to kiss pet turtle anti-bite tongue screen funny)

                                   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 11, recently, a video on the Internet shows that a Russian man trying to shoot his own pet pet turtle process, but when his tongue was miserable The latter bite, he realized that he “molested” wrong object.

俄男子欲亲吻宠物龟反被其咬住舌头 画面搞笑

Saudi two men driving to play mobile phone self-timer photographed their own car accident moment

                    (Original title: Saudi two men driving to play mobile phone actually photographed their own car accident moment)

                                   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 11, Saudi Arabia two men driving a car on the road, take the phone in the photo sharing platform Snapchat shooting short film, but only record their own encounter Of the fatal crash, causing one of them seriously injured, one died.

沙特两男子开车玩手机 竟拍到自己遭遇车祸瞬间

In the video, two men are happy to dance, who would like in just a few seconds later, their car was hit by another car head, causing them a painful tragedy. At the end of the video, the wreckage of the two cars collided on the side of the road.

沙特两男子开车玩手机 竟拍到自己遭遇车祸瞬间

North Korea Fengxi near the 2.9 earthquake occurred Korean Weather Hall: natural earthquake

                    (The original title: North Korea Fengxi near the occurrence of 2.9 earthquake Korean weather station: natural earthquake)

                                   According to the South Korean YTN television reported on October 13, the US Geological Survey released the news that the DPRK Fengxi nuclear test site in the Han mirror north of the city of Jizhou near 13 Day 2.9 earthquake occurred in the morning. The Korea Meteorological Agency confirmed the news and analyzed that it was a natural earthquake.

US Geological Survey said that South Korea at 13:41 on the 13th, North Korea’s sixth nuclear test site Fengxi in the northeast about 13 miles occurred 2.9 earthquake occurred.

The Korea Meteorological Agency confirmed the news of an earthquake at 54 km northwest of Jizhou County, North Korea, North Korea. The epicenter of the epicenter was 3 km deep and analyzed as a natural earthquake.

US Geological Survey said that the location of the earthquake occurred at latitude 41.379 °, longitude 129.012 °, the epicenter of the depth of 5 km.

Venezuelan wandering women because of too hungry street food cat litigation controversy

                    (Original title: Venezuelan wandering female street cut food cat meat cruel cause hot)

                                   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 11, recently, a homeless woman hungry, sitting in Venezuela Rio Chico a roadside food cat meat, cited To passers-by onlookers. This scene was shot down to upload to the social network, the screen is disgusting, attracted hot friends.

委内瑞拉流浪女街边切食猫肉 画面残忍引起热议

video screen display, the woman sitting on the roadside, piled around the personal items, in front of the dead is a cat. The woman struggling to peel the cat’s skin, with a knife and cut a piece of cat meat to the mouth to send. Found that the woman was some angry when shooting, but under the crowd she chose to ignore, continue to eat their own food.

委内瑞拉流浪女街边切食猫肉 画面残忍引起热议

The couple on the pitch scrapped the prize a few days later night was gang burglary

                    (The original title: the British couple won the lottery night late unfortunate gang robbery)

                                   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 11, in the United Kingdom Wolverhampton Rangers (England West well-known professional soccer team) football field, a pair of the United Kingdom, the United States, the United States, the United States, Couples Lee Davies and Carryann Copestick scrape up £ 100,000 ($ 870,000) on scratch. Unexpectedly, only a few days after the announcement of the prize, a group of knife robbers broke into their homes, took away the value of £ 12,500 (about 10 million yuan) of jewelry and mobile phones. Davis said: “We know that after winning, I feel like a dream. Most of the money is used to buy a house, and in order to plan our dream wedding, but also from the jewelry store to buy some clothes and jewelry (1)…. But on Monday night we were sleeping in bed, and the men in black dress took the knife and the bar into our house, and we were so afraid that they would kill us. “

英夫妇获彩票大奖 深夜不幸遭团伙入室抢劫

British bus cat on the 1-year-old baby was forced to stand driving hot

                    (Original title: British bus cat on the 1-year-old baby was forced to stand by car)


英国公交上猫占人位 1岁婴儿被迫站着乘车

   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 11, the third largest city in the UK Leeds on the 1 bus, a 1-year-old baby stood by car, wah-wah cry, the original There is a cat “occupied” the last stroller, and the driver adhere to the “car up to 2 baby carriages,” the traffic requirements, “either to close their own baby carriages and then on the train, or so the next one.” The same car passengers to the “cat over the people” scene camera upload network, aroused hot.


英国公交上猫占人位 1岁婴儿被迫站着乘车


The enthusiastic passenger who took the video was 23-year-old Mia Wilson, and when she happened, she saw a mother and driver pushing a baby carriage. Hear the driver said, “and so the next car,” Mia immediately got up, told the driver had a baby car lying on a cat, but the driver ignored, insisted that the car has two baby carriages, There is no longer any baby carriage, unless folded up. But the mother’s baby car bulging, it is difficult to completely close.


英国公交上猫占人位 1岁婴儿被迫站着乘车


Pu Guihui usher in the “fate of the day” Cheong Wa Dae exposed a heavy black material

                    (The original title: Park Ji-hui “fate of the day” Cheong Wa Dae exposed a heavy black material)


朴槿惠迎来“命运之日” 青瓦台曝出一重磅黑料

overseas network on October 13th today (13), the South Korean court will announce whether to postpone the arrest of Park Ji-hui. On the day before the arrival of Pu Gui-hui’s “fate”, Cheong Wa Dae accidentally exposed heavy black material. 12, Cheong Wa Dae announced the discovery of some documents to prove that Park Ji-hui government in the “world more” ship accident report there is false suspects. The news immediately sparked hot. Park Ji-hui where the political party refuted, Cheong Wa Dae Taiwan choose this time broke the news, nothing more than want to launch public opinion war. According to South Korea, “Central Daily News” reported on the 13th, in April 2014 occurred in South Korea, “the world more” ship caused more than 300 people were killed or missing, the ship is almost all high school students to travel. The current government has found a number of documents related to the incident in the Crisis Management Office of Cheong Wa Dae, including an office log. According to the original report, according to the initial report, “World Yue” on April 16, 2014 8:58 am overturned, Park Jiu-hui received a report at 9:30, 10:15 ordered to deal with the matter. However, in the revised version of the report after 6 months, Park Ji-hui received the report of the time, but became 10 points. Cheong Wa Dae criticized that from the receipt of the report to Pu Gui Hui issued a directive, the original is separated by 45 minutes, and finally was fully reduced to 15 minutes.

In addition, Cheong Wa Dae also found that Park Ji-hui government suspected illegal change of national crisis management guidelines. The original disaster occurred by the National Security Agency for the competent authorities, but in the incident 3 months after July, the guidelines have been tampered with “National Security Agency is only responsible for security-related incidents, disaster events by the Security Administration Supervisor “. In this way, “the world more” ship is not on the head of the National Security Agency. Cheong Wa Dae said that the changes in these principles, theoretically subject to the consent of the legislature, but Park Ji-hui government completely ignored the relevant steps.

It is reported that after the text in the Yin learned the matter, has said “need to inform the people, and to rectify.” He ordered the public to “dispel national concerns”. Cheong Wa Dae said that the truth will be thoroughly investigated.

message out, triggering social hot. Cheong Wa Dae broke the news of the time to become the focus of controversy, because the office log is found on the 11th of this month, and illegal change criteria as early as the last 27 days have been identified. Park Ji-hui where the political party free Korean party refuted, Cheong Wa Dae selected the court announced Park Ji-hui ruling before the results broke the news, nothing more than want to launch public opinion war.

The first step in the maintenance of Obama insurance! Trump signed an administrative order to buy insurance across the state

                    (Original title: waste Obama health insurance first step! Trump signed an administrative order can be interstate insurance)



overseas network October 13 electric u0026 nbsp; after efforts in Congress to repeal Obamacare fails, Trump attempt by the president’s executive power to save the US health care market. US local time on the 12th, he signed an administrative order, so that people can not be restricted by Obama health insurance, can be purchased separately cheaper insurance coverage of limited insurance. According to Reuters and CNN reports, Trump said at a press conference: “Since the president began the day, I kept hearing to abolish the sound of Obama health insurance, and now we officially began this process, in a very positive “The new executive order will guide the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, the Treasury to start action, increase competition, increase the choice, increase the more low price,” said Trump, who will call Obama health care as a “nightmare.”

High quality insurance plan. People will have better health insurance. “

Trump said:” This is millions of Americans will register things, they will be very happy because they have a good health insurance plan The competition will be very intense, and the insurance company must fight for every possible customer, and you will get such a great health insurance at such a low price that it should be done long before you can do it a long time ago . “

7_89456_17_65 473_9 Trump described the executive order as “the first step to let millions of people get out of the Obama health insurance.” He said he did not give up the goal of Congress to abolish the Obama health insurance law. “We will also press the Congress to complete the task of completely repealing and replacing the Obama Healthcare Law.”

The administrative order signed by Trump 12 will allow the public to buy insurance from the state, Good insurance, but less coverage than Obama health insurance, do not have to provide Obama’s “10 basic health insurance benefits project” (essential health benefits), including emergency medical services, obstetrics and gynecology, newborn babies, mental health The

The Executive Order also proposes to expand the scope of the use of “health reimbursement arrangements” to increase short-term health insurance plans and to conduct research on barriers to competition in health insurance markets.

However, the terms stated in the Executive Order will not be commenced immediately. The Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health must first establish the relevant provisions. Before the enactment of the regulations, the above-mentioned departments will also listen to public opinions.

The Executive Order includes: Expanding the Association Health Insurance Plan (AHPs), allowing more employers to join; extending the short-term health insurance plan for up to one year; reforming the “health payment account” fixed so that employers can Medicare, access to more out-of-pocket health insurance benefits. Sergei was surrounded by several Republican congressional members at the time of the signing of the order, including the Republican Kentucky Senator Paul. Paul said that the executive order is “the biggest health insurance market reform in decades.” If this reform is effective and proceeding smoothly, millions will be allowed to buy health insurance across the state at low prices. “

House Minority Leader Lothy said she did not see any flash in the executive order, “but I know that this is a subversion of Obama health insurance,” she said. The administrative order of Trump may also be opposed by a doctor association, a consumer group, or even an insurance company. This force also blocked the Republicans to abolish the Obama health insurance law. Critics of the Trump administration said that if you allow the sale of cheap health insurance plans, then over time, people will give up those who have a comprehensive service of the expensive policy, Obama health insurance will be weakened.

India 2-year-old boy was thrown sulfuric acid because the mother refused to divorce her neighbor

                    (Original title: India 2-year-old boy was thrown sulfuric acid because the mother refused to divorce remarried)

                                   According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on October 11, in December 2016, the Indian city of Gurgaon 2-year-old boy Adi Diya Raj (Aditya Raj) in the United States, the United States, His mother refused to divorce to a man who followed her after being kidnapped and kidnapped by the kidnappers, causing facial burns, leaving permanent scars.

印度2岁男童被泼硫酸 只因母亲拒绝离婚改嫁

Since the beginning of 2016, the 25-year-old Soni has been harassed by Neighborhood Mangal. He repeatedly asked Sony and her husband to divorce and remarried to him. In order to avoid harassment, Soni family moved in July 2016 home. But on 13 December, her son, Adi Diya, suddenly disappeared while playing outside the door. She was worried that the worst case would happen, and she hurried to the police. The next morning, a truck driver in the trash found in the hide inside the Adidia. When his face has been severely damaged, burned area reached 30%.

印度2岁男童被泼硫酸 只因母亲拒绝离婚改嫁

This has become the headline of local news. Governments and non-governmental organizations have helped to raise money for Adidas treatment and rehabilitation. Shaheen Malik, coordinator of the Human Rights Legal Aid in India, said: “There has never been a policy of compensation for male survivors of spilled sulfuric acid and even male children. We have submitted an application to the court. Fortunately, Adidia not only got help but also got compensation. “His 34-year-old father, Jamna Prasad, said:” The child survives the attack and gets the government’s finances and Medical help, this is a miracle. “

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