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Samsung Prince Lee in the second instance verdict before the first instance was sentenced to five years imprisonment

                    (Original title: South Korea’s vice president of Samsung Electronics Li Zairing case tomorrow trial)


October 12, Seoul, South Korea High Court will be vice president of Samsung Electronics Li Zairong bribery case sentencing. Earlier, in the August 25 first instance verdict, Li in the charges for bribery and other charges were sentenced to five years imprisonment.

三星太子李在镕明迎二审判决 此前一审被判5年监禁

In the August 25 first instance verdict, South Korea’s Seoul Central District Court found Li Zongrong as a successor to Samsung, bribed former president of South Korea Park Ji-hui. In addition, the court also found that Li Zongrong participated in the Samsung to Pu Guixian Hui Cui Shun Cui Shun bribed 7.2 billion won, about more than 4000 million yuan. In addition to bribery, the court also found that Li Zongrong guilty of corruption, hidden in overseas assets, perjury and many other charges.

Tiananmen Square welcomed the special cleaning workers: white shirt rub finished or white

                    (Original title: square “beauty” hi nineteen)



October 12 evening 10 pm, Beijing Sanitation Group’s Beijing Machine sweep company’s multi-purpose washing car in Tiananmen Square before the mechanized operations.

Last night, more than 10 o’clock, Tiananmen Square brightly lit, the walls of the red walls in the light shine, magnificent atmosphere, solemn, passing tourists from time to time to stay in the pictures. The front of the water tanker slowly, do not splash on the tourists. “Sanitation Group Beijing Machine Sweep Deputy General Manager Liu Jia Long, standing on the west side of Jinshui Bridge on the road command operations staff…. Not far from the two medium-sized sprinkler is arranged in the column uniform movement, the car was swept with a cleaning liquid. And other sprinkler to the ground after the bubble, two small “Bobcat” multi-purpose car began grinding operations. Although the appearance of Meng Meng, the head is smaller than the off-road vehicles, but the “Bobcat” flexible, large roller before the car, the rate of 1500 rpm to rub the ground. The driver Dai Hao Ming from time to time to listen to the ear, “grinding speed to control, have to rely on the sound of the drum, ‘shabu shabu’ the best.” He said, “Bobcat” efficiency at least four times higher than the manual, and Cleaning effect better.

This is the Tiananmen area special wash operation of the fourth night, nearly 100 sanitation workers every night in the designated area, the square to clean the ground. Liu Jiaren introduction, this cleaning will be carried out twice a year, respectively, in late May and late October. “This year in order to meet the victory of the nineteenth victory, we ‘sweep’ advance, for the square beauty, so that the square is more clean.” Cleaning operations mainly through the form of mechanical combination of work, the use of neutral environmental marble cleaning agent, the entire 284,900 Square meters of the operating area to conduct a thorough special cleaning, the basic restoration of the road stone character, clean to be able to sit on the floor.

“sitting on the ground” What is the “standard”? Is the ground dust residue of not more than 5 grams, Liu Jia Long called, for example, “take a white shirt in the square on the Cengceng, pick up and have to be white.”

“tonight, everyone is riveting enough , As soon as possible to clean the inside and outside the square clean, to meet the nineteenth held. “Liu said.

Thai Prime Minister: to determine my good response

                    (The original title: Catalonia in the end alone not only Spain: clear that I was good to respond)



overseas online October 11 electric u0026 nbsp; Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy formally requested the Catalan leaders 普伊格蒙特 clear his statement, he in the end to clarify whether the declaration of independence, And said it would proceed to cancel the autonomous status of Catalonia. According to the BBC report, the leader of the Catalan Autonomous Region, said Pu’e Gemont, “the autonomous region has won an independent right through a referendum, but will shelve the Declaration of Independence for several weeks, first seeking to negotiate with the Spanish government. Dialogue to mediate “. The Spanish prime minister condemned the statement, saying it “deliberately confuse” and said it wanted to restore “certainty.” He stressed that the Catalan leader, Pugermont, should make it clear whether he would declare independence, and that the Spanish government would respond to its response by direct rule of the district, subject to constitutional provisions The autonomy of Tylania.

7.jpg Catalan Autonomous Region Leader Puig Montmon

According to the previous report, the Catalan Autonomous Region leader Puig Monte said, “Catalonia is no longer an internal problem But to become a problem in Europe. “He said he had no intention of threatening or offending, but wanted to ease the situation. He condemned the Spanish authorities for blocking the independence referendum on 1 October, calling it “the purpose is to create panic and fear”, but “did not achieve the goal because more than two million people overcame fear to vote.”

Catalonia The autonomous region is located in northeastern Spain with a population of 7.5 million, or about 16% of the country’s total population. It is one of the richest regions in Spain, with regional GDP accounting for about 20% of Spain’s gross domestic product. The local has its own language and cultural traditions, for centuries has been an independent appeal, in recent years in the context of economic crisis, the voice of independence is even higher. The British “Daily Telegraph” said that Spain’s economic downturn has further strengthened the voice of Catalonia’s independence, some local people think that the rich Barcelona region to support the other poor areas of Spain’s economy.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer: Britain needs to plan for the failing European agreement

                    (The original title: the British Chancellor of the Exchequer: the British need to do the retreat of the European plan to do)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the British Finance Minister Hammond said on the 11th, the United Kingdom is preparing for the return of all possible results, including “no agreement” situation, but will not provide Funding to government departments for emergency response expenditures. “I know that there is a need to prepare for an inconvenient situation unless there is clear evidence that the result will not be so,” Hammond told a committee of the council.

“I do not intend to do so in advance to arrange funds to deal with spending in various departments, and I do not think it should be done for useless spending arrangements until the last minute is necessary.”

英国议会下议院4月19日以522票赞成、13票反对的压倒性多数通过执政党的议案,决定在6月8日提前举行大选。图为当天英国首相特蕾莎·梅离开唐宁街10号。 Photo map: British Prime Minister Teresa The

Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Law Firm opposes the United States to start 301 investigation: a number of allegations are not true

                    (Original title: Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the representative of the law against the United States launched 301 survey: a number of allegations are not true)

                                   China’s intellectual property protection situation has improved significantly in recent years, the United States in the “301” survey, said the United States in the “301 survey” hearing in recent years, China’s intellectual property protection situation has improved significantly, the United States in the “301” Investigation “on China made a number of allegations are not true, against the US side of China launched this unilateral trade survey. July 14, 2017, Washington, US President Trump, signed an administrative memorandum at the White House to authorize US Trade Representatives to review the so-called “China’s trade behavior.”

中国商会和律所反对美启动301调查:多项指控不实 中国商会和律所反对美启动301调查:多项指控不实

Local time August 14, In August, the US Trade Representative Office announced the launch of the “301 Survey” to China in August under the US Trade Act of 1974, which included the practice and policies of the Chinese government in the areas of technology transfer, intellectual property, innovation and so on. Page 7. And whether the practice is unreasonable or discriminatory, whether the burden on the US business or restrictions. On the 10th, the US Office of Trade Representative held a public hearing on the survey, with more than 10 delegates from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, business, law firm and academia. Chenzhou, vice president of China International Chamber of Commerce, said at the hearing that the business circles in China and the United States felt a significant improvement in China’s intellectual property protection and business environment. The field of technology transfer has been negotiated by Chinese and foreign enterprises on an equal footing, and autonomous transactions are determined. We hope that the United States will proceed from the multilateral trade system rules and the overall situation of Sino-US economic and trade relations, and handle the relevant issues between China and the United States from the interests of the broad masses of enterprises and consumers.

Xu Chen, president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in China, said at the hearing that the purchase of technology and intellectual property in the process of overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises was the same as that of other types of assets, Due diligence is a fair transaction at the market price under the premise that both parties agree and are transparent. Any intervention in the market behavior not only detrimental to economic growth, but also damage the interests of consumers. China and the US Chamber of Commerce believe that the Sino-US economy is highly complementary, the two sides should be based on seeking common ground while reserving differences, mutual respect and mutual understanding of the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, unilaterally unreasonable allegations only for the Sino-US economic and trade unnecessary The conflict and the injury.

Hong Kong media: the mainland is building the strongest face recognition system 3 seconds to lock the identity

                    (The original title: Hong Kong media that the mainland is building the world’s strongest face recognition system: 3 seconds to lock the identity)



Data Figure: Nanchang open red light face recognition system exposure uncivilized traffic behavior. The mainland is building the world’s most powerful facial recognition system, the goal is to make this system can be someone’s face and its ID card photos match, the accuracy of about 90 (Figure) %, The system has the ability to determine the identity of any one of its 1.3 billion citizens in three seconds. According to Hong Kong, “South China Morning Post” website reported on October 12, the Ministry of Public Security launched the program in 2015, is currently working with a security company in Shanghai to develop. People familiar with the project said the system could be connected to the surveillance camera network and would use cloud facilities to connect to data storage and processing centers across the country.

However, some researchers have said that it is not clear when the system will be able to complete, because the limitations of face recognition technology and China’s huge population base, R u0026 D work suffered many difficulties. There are already a number of similar systems running on a smaller scale, including police databases and city-level and provincial identity pools. However, these systems are running independently, and the scale is much smaller.

According to the current regulations, the use of information from the database for commercial purposes is not allowed, but Chen said that with the economic development and social needs increase, the policy will change, by giving the business sector to follow the appropriate laws and regulations to use the database Power, to enhance customer service, thus creating new business opportunities.

reported that Chinese companies have the face recognition technology business applications to a new height, through a camera smile or blink of an eye, students can enter the university teaching building, passengers can not board the board directly boarded the plane , Diners can pay at KFC. Some restaurants have even begun to offer discounts based on an algorithm based on an algorithm for the customer’s appearance. Customers with “beautiful” features can get higher scores than customers who are “too big” or “too small” Getting a higher score for customers is cheaper. Some of the public toilets in Beijing are also using the face recognition function, so that the automatic distribution of the machine refused to ask for the toilet paper several times within a given time.

Park Ji-hui in the prison to eat too good? People denounced: sinners higher than the treatment of citizens

                    (The original title: Park Jiu in the prison to eat too good? People denounced: sinners higher than the citizens)

                                   Recently, detained South Korea’s former president Park Jiu-hui’s Seoul detention center leaked a “weekly menu”, the diet standard greatly improved compared to last year, Park Ji-hui’s prison life was so To the public opinion wave, South Korea people dissatisfied, sinners than the treatment of citizens even better.

According to the “Korean Herald” reported that the Seoul detention center to provide food even better than the Korean general school. The leaked menu shows that prisoners’ weekly food includes both Western and Korean dinners. Western food, including bread, salad, Western-style soup, etc .; Korean food, including rice cake soup, noodles, pickles and pork and so on. The detention center also took into account the health of the prisoners, in the menu by adding stewed chicken and beef seaweed soup. According to the Korean media, last year, the Seoul Detention Center was still in strict control over the prisoners’ diet, offering only “Bean Rice”, but the menu was now completely replaced. The price of a meal at the Seoul Detention Center is about 1,500 won (about 8.7 yuan).


This menu was released, causing a great rebound in the Korean people. Many South Korean people are dissatisfied with the rich and decent menu provided by the Seoul Detention Center to the prisoners, saying the criminals live in a more privileged environment than the citizens. South Korean people said, “Many Korean students even eat a hot meal, only hungry or from the convenience store to buy food, the former president made such a big sin, deceived all the nationals, why can get so good Treatment? “

Celebrate the whole country! Panama National holiday 1 day to celebrate the World Cup

2007-89 World Cup in the North American and Caribbean preliminaries all ended, the Canal small country Panama with 88 minutes of the quasi-lore 2-1 beat Costa Rica, the history of the first 2018 World Cup! After the game Panama President Barrera announced the exercise of the supreme power to declare a national holiday tomorrow! President Barrera said it was a historic day for the Panamanian nation, and that all the laborers of the country would have a day off tomorrow because they deserved it!

Paris two prisoners conspiracy to attack the police have not been out of prison and detained

                    (The original title: Paris two prisoners conspiracy to attack the police have not been out of prison and detained)


Freiner prison data. 7 years of repentance, Paris, two soon to be released prisoners, in prison conspiracy to fear the attack plan, intended to be released from prison after the police. On Friday was counter-terrorism officials to prosecute, the two have not been out of the cell, was re-custody. Two newly released prisoners, a 28-year-old Cameroon and a 22-year-old Frenchman, were suspected of plotting in a prison station in the suburbs of Frena in Paris, according to the European Times quoted Agence France-Presse reported on Oct. 10. After the release of the fear of the program, on Friday (6) was a Paris anti-terrorism judge prosecution. The Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, points out that the case shows that the problem of becoming prisoners in prisons is an “urgent” problem.

Plan to release the police after the release of the police

According to reports, “the two men talked in prison, said the prisoners after the release of the action plan, but has not yet finalized the target.” They considered “some Different goals “, the assumptions mentioned are: prison guards, police, hostage-taking or the use of submachine guns and so on.

According to the Justice News, the two prisoners were imprisoned for criminal offenses under common law, and there was a record of extreme words and deeds during the period of imprisonment. Judicial personnel on the 2nd of 2 will be informed, detention interrogation for four days.

Two suspects were handed over to a Brazilian anti-terrorism judge on Friday (6th), charged with “terrorist crimes, gangsters” and re-detained.

France has three prisons in the “extreme tendency assessment area”, Frena prison is one of the purpose is to prisoners were sent to a place before the detention, the risk of the parties and the degree of extreme Evaluation.

According to another message, “the two extremist Islamic fundamentalists wanted to form a combat gang, after the release of an attempt to commit crimes through a variety of actions, including the police and the guards.”

prisoners are IS Of the supporters

Cameroon man is considered to be the leader of the case, he has been monitored by the French National Security Directorate since the end of 2016. The investigation revealed that he was associated with a person in the Iraq-Syrian war zone, which was the stronghold of the “Islamic nation” of the “jihad” organization.

This Cameroon man was scheduled to be released on Tuesday (October 10). During his detention, he confirmed to the investigators that he intended to launch a terrorist act, but did not specify the details that he was supporter of IS (“Islamic State”). Another French man should be released from prison next week.

Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon yellow warning rain in Zhejiang and other places

                    (The original title: Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon yellow warning Zhejiang, Fujian and other places have heavy rain)

                                   According to the Central Meteorological Station website, Typhoon No. 20 this year, “Kanu” was yesterday (13) night to strengthen the strong tropical storm level, is expected to be about 10 kilometers per hour speed west to north west Move, and gradually to the eastern part of Hainan Island to the western region of Guangdong near the coast. (12-13 level, 33-40 m / s), and will be on the 15th night to 16th morning in Hainan Wanning to Guangdong Zhanjiang area along the coast landing (12-13 level, 33-40 m / s). Central Meteorological Observatory on the 16th 06:00 to continue to release typhoon yellow warning. Can be affected by the typhoon “Kanu”, subtropical high and cold air, 14 to 16 days, the South East Sea waters, the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea and the central waters, the northern Gulf, Qiongzhou Strait will have 8 to 10 winds, typhoons The center of the wind near the sea up to 11 to 12, gust 13 to 15 level. Precipitation, Taiwan, southern Shanghai, eastern Zhejiang, northeastern Fujian, Guangdong coastal and northern Hainan have heavy rain to heavy rain, eastern Zhejiang, northern Hainan, eastern Taiwan local heavy rain. The process of cumulative rainfall of 60 to 120 mm, of which the eastern part of Taiwan, eastern Zhejiang, northern Hainan local maximum rainfall of up to 200 to 400 mm, the maximum hour of rain 30 to 50 mm. The strongest rainy season at 15 days.

by the high-altitude slot and the southwest warm and humid air effects, the next three days, the eastern part of Sichuan, Chongqing, southern Gansu, southern Shaanxi, Henan and other places more rainy weather.

future specific forecast

14 08 to 15 08, the eastern part of the Yangtze River, southeastern Tibet and Taiwan and other places with heavy rainfall. Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, southern Jiangsu, southeastern Anhui, northeastern Fujian and eastern Guangdong coastal areas and other parts of the heavy rain, including the eastern coast of Zhejiang and northeastern Fujian coastal areas have heavy rain or heavy rain (50 to 120 mm ). There is heavy rain in western Taiwan, heavy rain or heavy rain in eastern Taiwan, local heavy rain (250 to 280 mm). Southeast of Tibet, central and western Yunnan and southern Sichuan have heavy rain. Southwest of Xinjiang, northern Tibet, central and southern Qinghai, northern Shanxi and northern Hebei and other parts of the area with sleet or snow. The waters of the southwest coast of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel, the northern part of the South China Sea and the central sea, the Beibu Gulf and the Qiongzhou Strait will have 7 to 8 levels and the gusts of the gusts. The winds of the Taiwan Strait, the northeastern South China Sea and the eastern part of the sea Up to 9 to 10, gust 11 to 12, typhoon center through the nearby sea wind up to 11 to 12, gust 13 to 14.

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