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China Banking Regulatory Commission: the first 9 months of the organization fined 625 million yuan more than twice the previous year

                    (The original title: China Banking Regulatory Commission: the first 9 months of the organization fined 625 million yuan, more than twice the previous year)

                                   In the third quarter, the CBRC system in-depth study of Xi Jinping general secretary series of important speech spirit, in accordance with the national financial work conference deployment, closely around the service entity economy, prevention and control of financial risks, deepening financial reform three key tasks, in the early series Regulatory measures on the basis of sustained force, dare to touch the hard, to curb the realities of the funds to the real situation, to promote the release of risk and order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the banking industry. The Bank of China “does not ignore a risk, not miss a hidden danger”, the credit risk, liquidity risk, cross-financial risk, real estate, real estate, real estate risk, Bubble risk, the risk of the case to carry out special investigation, find out the number of the bottom, so I have to focus on efforts to guard against the key areas of risk, secure disposal of prominent risk points, urging the banking industry to continue to enhance risk resistance. This year, the quality of banking assets remained stable, non-performing loan ratio decreased by 0.04 percentage points over the beginning of the year, concerned about the type of loan ratio decreased by 0.47 percentage points over the beginning. At the end of September, the capital adequacy ratio of commercial banks was 13.3%, the provision coverage rate was 179.5% and the proportion of liquidity was 48.3%. In accordance with the requirements of the General Secretary, “resolutely rectify the behavior of the financial market order, and strictly regulate the behavior of the financial market transactions”, the CBRC to promote the banking market chaos rectification special action to curb funds with the same industry, financial management and off-balance sheet business. Relieving the virtual, reducing the shadow bank risk. Interbank assets and liabilities both shrink, compared with the beginning of the year were reduced by 2.6 trillion yuan and 2 trillion yuan. Financial products growth rate for eight consecutive months down, down to 4%, down 30 percentage points over the same period last year, the same industry and financial balance than the beginning of the year to reduce 2.6 trillion yuan. Specific target carrier investment growth over the same period last year fell 47 percentage points. Entrusted loans this year, an increase of 829.9 billion yuan less.

According to the General Secretary “to promote the supply side of the structural reform as the current and future economic development and economic work of the main line,” the spirit of the CBRC to guide the banking sector active service supply side of the structural reform, boost the “three to one Down one supplement “to lead the banking industry to return to the origin, focus on the main business, increase the financial support for the real economy, enhance the quality of service entities. At the end of September, the loans of the banking industry increased by 13.2% year on year, 2.6 percentage points higher than the same period. The first nine months of new loans 11.5 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of new assets over the same period last year increased by 35.5 percentage points. Manufacturing loans growth for nine consecutive months to maintain positive growth, growth over the same period last year increased by 2.6 percentage points. Small business loans, affordable housing loans and infrastructure services loans grew by 15.7%, 43.8% and 15.8% respectively.

Taiwan Marine Corps live ammunition misses the public bullets card wounded clavicle

                    (The original title: the Taiwan Marine Corps live ammunition shooting accident people bullet card wounded clavicle)


台海军陆战队实弹射击误伤民众 子弹卡伤者锁骨 T91 Rifle. According to Taiwan’s “East News cloud” reported that the Taiwan Strait 9 9 brigade in the forest garden on the 12th implementation of the T91 rifle live ammunition (Figure)…. Shooting training courses, did not expect 17 when the public came from the shooting range of about 1.5 km from the forest garden Dalin refinery was hit by the bullet, the bullet card in the right shoulder clavicle, the police preliminary analysis suspected 5.56 mm rifle bombs. In this regard, the Taiwan Marine Corps Command said on the 13th, the unit was reported, then suspended shooting training, and sent brigade brigade commander Liang Hanguang to understand the situation, the case by the Kaohsiung gendarmerie investigation.

Xiong An new district leaders have responded to these questions after the public telephone number

                    (The original title: Xiong’an District leaders open response! Are you care about the problem)

                                    this winter heating, Xiong’an District, comprehensive ban on “ scattered coal “, the broad masses expressed understanding and support. But for the clean coal itself, the heating effect of the problem, many villagers because is the first use, feel heart did not end. For some people generally concerned about the heating problem, Xiong An New District Party Committee Deputy Secretary, executive director of the CMC Liu Baoling did the answer.

“before burning ‘scattered coal’ when we buy three tons every winter is enough, but this year we all say that this clean coal can not help burning, we set the four tons, this way, the cost increased Many. “Some villagers worry that the high price to buy expensive coal, but can not play a very good heating effect, burning clean coal may not cost. There are villagers worry that burning clean coal heating if you have to replace the stove, it would have to spend money, equal to the burden and increased. In the new district opened the information “through train”, also received a lot of people’s text messages, reflecting these problems.

雄安新区领导公开电话号后 已回应了这些问题

Liu Baoling visited the investigation in Rongcheng County. Liu Xiangyang photo

“At present, from the masses to reflect the point of view, there are three questions, I will answer.” Liu Baoling said.


burning clean coal is not to replace the stove?

A: Specifically, do not change! A little modification is fine, very simple.


clean coal can not help burning, too Xuan A: No, clean coal is more environmentally friendly, but the heat and the raw coal is no difference, can reach 5700 kcal or so.. ?? .. Only the same volume of light weight, that is, people say Xuan, but the coal heat is not calculated by volume, but by weight. The same is a ton, “scattered coal” may be a small pile, clean coal is a lot, the so-called “can not help burning” is an illusion. Moreover, the blue charcoal burning, fire fast, in the use of fire when combined with a clean coal briquettes covered in the upper layer, or with coal ash cover in the above layer to slow down the burning speed is more suitable (I work in Zhangbei experience ).


my home burning clean coal, others also burn low quality coal how to do? Answer: At present, the new district has a comprehensive embargo, ban burning “scattered coal”, especially Anxin County will be from the external control, to block “scattered coal” shipped in…. Three counties public security, quality supervision, environmental protection, transportation and other departments and the relevant villages to form a checkpoint, the whole area around the car can be checked at the junction, do not allow a poor coal into the new area, welcomed the masses supervision and reporting. New District requires the three counties must note that if the control of poor quality coal market, then spend so much cost to promote clean coal, that is, wasting money, is the party and the people irresponsible!

So, please rest assured that burning clean coal heating, together started this winter blue sky battle. In this also reminded to pull “scattered coal” of the truck please detour, do not enter the Xiong’an District, township villages, not to sell “scattered coal”! In addition to the promotion of clean coal is a new thing, there will be many new problems, I hope everyone to calm and appreciate the mentality to accept the lack of work together to do a good job!

雄安新区领导公开电话号后 已回应了这些问题

Dacheng Village, Dacheng Town, Rongcheng County Clean coal distribution point.

Clean coal knowledge

What is standard coal? (St.d)% u003cor = 0.40, Ash (Ad)% u003cor = 16, Volatile (V daf)% u003cor = 10 is the amount of the total sulfur (St.d)% u003cor = 0.40, according to the relevant standards, Standard coal. (B) (%) or u003cRTIgt; (12) Blue carbon is processed raw coal, after processing sulfur content and ash, volatile points lower, to meet environmental requirements, quality meet the heating requirements.

Reporters learned that the leadership of the new district and the three county clerks, county magistrate phone number after the announcement, these days have been received many people’s opinions and suggestions, but also to the people of Hong Kong, In addition to winter heating, but also including roads, bridges, water, electricity and other issues, and people’s production and life are closely related.

Capital Airport reminds passengers of the recent travel time will be extended

[Capital Airport reminded passengers of the recent travel time will be extended] Recently, the capital airport will take more stringent security measures, the majority of passengers reasonable arrangements for the early arrival of the airport for the opportunity to check.



Read the party’s 18th Plenary Session of the Eighth Plenary Session

                    (Original title: a map to understand the party’s eight seventy session of the plenary communique)



# pilot China # [a map to understand the party’s Eighth Plenary Session] # 19 times the time #

Wu Aiying expelled from the party rulers was confirmed as former Minister of Justice

                    (The original title: eighteen, the first was investigated in the female committee is her)

                                   The plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) examined and approved the report of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on the serious disciplinary problems of Wu Aiying and confirmed that the Central Political Bureau had given Wu Aiying dismissal from the party.

吴爱英开除党籍处分被确认 曾任司法部部长

Chang’an Street Governor found that Wu Aiying is the 18th after the 18th public notice of the investigation of the Central Committee. The former 17 people are Jiang Jiemin, Li Dongsheng, Yang Jinshan, order plan, Zhou Benshun, Yang Dongliang, Su Shulin, Wang Min, Tian Xiusi, Wang Jianping, Huang Xingguo, Li Liguo, Sun Huai-shan, Yang Huanning, Xiang Junbo, Wang Sanyun, Sun Zhengcai. Wu Ai-ying at the beginning of this year to leave the Minister of Justice, did not go to the National People’s Congress and CPPCC office, then no public appearance. Before the plenary session, the official did not publicly inform the news of its investigation.

was born in December 1951, Wu Aiying is Shandong, her political experience is quite special, there are three substantial “transition cross-border.”

from the group to the government

She has long been engaged in group work, served as deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of Shandong Province, Shandong Province Women’s Federation deputy director, director. In 1993, she rose from the Provincial Women’s Federation post as vice governor, became the first Chinese vice governor of Shandong after the founding of new China. In April 1998, Wu Aiying as deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial Committee, a few years later served as chairman of the provincial CPPCC, 50 years old was promoted to the front.

from the CPPCC back to the government

served as chairman of the CPPCC more than a year later, Wu Aiying left his hometown for the first time, transferred to the central minister as the deputy minister of the Ministry of Justice, lawyer notary work guidance division, grass-roots work guide Division, the Department of Political Affairs and other important departments. In July 2005, Wu Aiying was appointed Minister of Justice and became the second female minister of justice after the founding of new China. In July 2005, Wu Aiying was appointed Minister of Justice. As early as in Shandong, she had a long time in charge of political and legal work, as the provincial “anti-vice” work leading group leader. Hei Yingying served as head of the Ministry of Justice for 12 years, March 2, 2016 to April 30, the Central Sixth inspection team on the Ministry of Justice Party group conducted a special tour, the feedback pointed out the following questions –

party The lack of leadership in the decision-making arrangements for the implementation of learning is not deep enough to implement the lack of in place to promote key areas of reform initiatives are not timely and effective, there is “obstruction” phenomenon;

lack of party building, adhere to the principle of democratic centralism is not enough, The construction of the grassroots party organizations is weak, the construction of the lawyers industry needs to be strengthened;

some units and party members and cadres of the management of loose, and some leading cadres illegal part-time, file fraud, conceal personal matters, etc. ; “Two responsibilities” is not in place, “four winds” repeated prohibition, part of the public to go abroad (territory Missions with the “yin and yang of this document,” extension diverted some units using public funds, junk allowances and subsidies;

apply for commutation, parole, temporary probation offenders and remand prisoners and other aspects of the transfer are prone to corruption;

Guizhou implementation of the most prohibited wine order: Miao Village traditional bar jelly was replaced with water

                    (The original title: Qiandongnan party members and cadres to implement the Guizhou Province, “ban wine order” knowledge)


“a table to eat, people drink, I bowl of water, a long time we all understand, used to not persuade.” Guizhou Province, Guizhou Southeast Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Majiang County Yinchang Town Party Committee Secretary Luo Anqing said. July 9, the implementation of the most strict “ban wine” more than a month, the reporter visited the rural areas in Guizhou, part of the rural areas found that there are, in the past few years, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Of the Miao Village gate wine is still, but the pot of wine into a boiled water; hospitality Miaojia master to toast, the cup is not rice but juice. “Lu’anqing said, and the feelings of the people is not by the wine in exchange for, and sincerely help, for the people, the people do not know what to do, Officer, do not drink is also the people of their own people.

reporter learned that in the minority areas of the implementation of “ban wine order” at the beginning, is somewhat difficult. From the “working day at noon not allowed to drink,” the provisions of the beginning, there are institutions, there are supervision, there is responsibility, there are exposure, from the disciplinary thorough investigation “not drink” to many cadres within the heart of the “do not want to drink” The greetings sent to the entertainment, no wine on the table of Gongchoujiaocuo, there are more time self-cultivation, home to eat, to accompany their families, cadres expressed strong support.

“Party members and cadres how to drink, not trivial life details, often attached to the style, reflecting the character.” Qiandongnan State Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Bureau of the party wind wind supervision room deputy director Ma Xiuchuan said, “official activities are not allowed to drink” policy Plus code, the more screw tighten the more tight, some party members and cadres in the wine table on the broken ring, will pay a painful price.

Russia dissatisfied with the United States to take off the flag of the Russian consulate asked the US to stop provocation

                    (The original title: Russia dissatisfied with the United States to take off the Russian embassy flag asked the US to stop provocation)

                                   Russian Embassy in the United States on October 11, said the Russian flag was taken from the Russian Consulate in San Francisco facilities. According to the Russian news agency reported on the 12th, the US State Department subsequently confirmed the news, but did not explain this.

US State Department said later on the 11th, the Russian flag in the San Francisco consulate was carefully removed, and safely preserved in these buildings. The United States in the removal of the Russian flag showed a due respect.

But since then, the Russian Embassy Press Secretary Nicolas La Honin also confirmed that the Russian flag in Washington’s business office was also taken off. Russian embassy also wrote on Twitter, the Russian flag was taken from the Russian business representative office in Washington, and said it was “humiliation”, the Russian side asked the United States to stop provocative anti-Russian move. Russian business representative said that the removal of the Russian business representative of the flag is a violation of international norms, is arrogant provocative behavior, which makes people suspected of the US government staff IQ.

In this regard, the US State Department also confirmed the news, but did not explain the reasons for these measures.

Iranian President said the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement will be fruitful

                    (Original title: Iranian President said the United States to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement will eat their own fruit)

                                   Judge Hassan Rahhani, president of Iran, said at the Cabinet meeting that if President Trump to abandon the Iranian nuclear agreement, it is equal to repeat the mistakes made in the past, the damage is the United States itself.
  Trump took office, took a tough stance against Iran, and threatened to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, and Iran has repeatedly reiterated that it is impossible to renegotiate.

The use of firearms in the United States will not be bursts of bullets

                    (The original title: later shot in the United States can not bursts of bullets? Super 6 into the Americans in favor)

                                   Japan’s satellite news agency news, the US political news site Politico and consulting firm Morning (s)
Consult in Las Vegas after the massacre of the joint investigation results show that about 64% of Americans agree with the strict control of gun law. Most respondents responded to monitoring measures for carrying weapons, including examining the history of the gunmen, restricting the place where Americans could carry weapons, banning the allocation of various packages to weapons, in particular the ” Can make guns continuous shooting components “. The poll was conducted in about 2000 respondents from 5 to 9 October 2017. According to Politico’s survey, 64 percent of the respondents agreed with more stringent law on gun control, while 29 percent of respondents opposed the adoption of similar laws. The survey showed that gun control measures were supported by the majority of Democrats, with 83 percent of Democrat respondents agreeing and 12 percent opposed. Compared with the survey held in June this year, the voters’ opinion changed slightly: at that time 61% of the respondents expressed support for strict control of gun law, while opponents accounted for 33%. 7 years old, 64-year-old Steven Pado grams fired at the Las Vegas Open-air Music Festival shooting, resulting in at least 50 people were killed, 500 years of age, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Many people were injured. This is the history of the United States killed the largest number of shooting cases.

It was reported that after the shooting incident in Las Vegas, the police found a large number of guns in the attacker’s room and his home. Data show that the US private guns to maintain more than 300 million per year more than 10,000 people died under the muzzle. Gun violence has become an embarrassing American society a homeless.


The US gun problem was rapidly fermented after the Las Vegas shooting, and Democrats are actively calling for and pushing Congress to adopt stricter gun control laws. Democrat Mike Thompson recently asked other Democrats to ask the Republican Party to cooperate as soon as possible through gun control laws. He said: “Enough, Congress should unite to end gun violence.”

US Vice President Burns also said at a mourning ceremony: “We are sad, shocked and grieved for the victims, the wounded and their families.”

From Newton, South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina , San Bernardino, California, to Orlando, Florida, over the past decade, every major shooting case is sad, angry, and triggered the voice of the gun. But every time, the US Congress failed to pass any law on gun control.

“dystocia” of the control guns

In recent years, even if the vicious shooting incident is frequent, some people appeal strongly, the Democratic Party big brother to promote, nor failed to promote the progress of the gun control process. According to analysts, the US gun culture is deeply rooted, although many people strongly urge the government to strengthen gun control, but the powerful forces of the gun group, the Democratic Republic of the two Republic of China, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Party differences, but it makes the delay in the control of the progress of the gun, which exposed the deep-seated US society or will exist for a long period of time.

The great influence of the National Rifle Association is also a major reason why the United States has no restrictions on the free sale of firearms. According to the overseas network, the association has a long history, founded in 1871, when the United States President Ulysses Grant was the chairman of the association, as of 2013 the Association of members has reached 4.5 million, accounting for 1.5% of the US population. Most of its members are politicians of the business community, the old Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and his son are all members of the membership, in addition to two vice presidents, the two Supreme Court Justice is also its members The Kennedy and Reagan were shot at the scene – Kennedy was stabbed, Reagan was seriously injured – but they still did not support the gun stand.

People from the Las Vegas shooting incident seems difficult to see the United States to solve the problem of guns hope, as the United States, “Los Angeles Times” editorial wrote that the Las Vegas massacre is familiar with the scene, but the United States People refuse to end it all.

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