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Nineteenth press spokesman will hold a press conference on the 17th

                    (The original title: on the application to participate in the press conference at the nineteenth press notice)

                                The National People’s Congress Nineteenth National Congress Press spokesman will be held on October 17 (Tuesday) afternoon in the Great Hall of the third floor of the Golden Hall held a press conference, We welcome all journalists to register.

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Wu Dunyi denies the handing over the local party committee chairman: if the words of the Kuomintang chairman

                    (Original title: Wu Dunyi deny the local party secretary: if the party resigned)

                                   Guild Chairman Wu Dunyi (fourth from left). According to Taiwan’s “China Times News” reported: the Chinese Kuomintang on October 15 will be held in 10 counties and cities of the party committee direct election, according to Taiwan’s “China Times News” reported: China’s Kuomintang will be held on October 15 10 county party committee directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) , The grassroots has spread the “chairman list”, the topic even spread to the Kuomintang regular meeting. KMT Chairman Wu Dunyi on October 11 in the Kuomintang often deny the “chairman list”, he stressed that in the moral, business will not allow such a thing to happen, the family also follow the guidelines, “if not my words Party chairman “. Chen Jianxing, Wu Chen Qiongqiu mentioned that the grassroots party members of the party directly elected “Wu run list”, “chairman list”, the National People’s Congress spokesman and the new media agency director Huang Jianhao, after the regular meeting said. He said that one hundred percent impossible, absolutely no “chairman list”, regardless of moral, official will not allow such a thing to happen, the family also by the family, according to the law, the Ministry of Health, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, This is a guideline. Wu Danyi also said that he could not participate in any single alliance, or support any single candidate, the county party committee chairman directly elected fair, fair, open, free election, hope that the party members do not be affected by rumors. Wu Danyi more stressed, “if I did not do the party chairman.”

Wu Danyi more stressed,

Beijing: Serious accountability to inquire about intervention in supervision and discipline

                    (The original title: Beijing: serious accountability to inquire about intervention in the supervision and discipline work)


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the “on the interrogation of interrogation supervision and intervention in the implementation of the registration report and accountability procedures” (hereinafter referred to as “measures”), to inquire about, intervene in the supervision of disciplinary action , The implementation of registration reports and accountability system. 9_89456_3_65473_9

“approach” clear out of the inquiry, intervene, supervision and supervision of the case of the case of nine cases: to inquire about letters and visits, the issue of clues to deal with the way, talk about the letter and the situation, early nuclear and case progress, involving persons, The handling of leadership, the leadership of the instructions, to discuss the discussion and other information has not yet open; not due to the performance of duties or relevant provisions of the supervision of the case is still in charge of the work; for the personnel involved in the request, intercourse, greeting; intervention, pressure, To handle the case of work; threatening, supervise the supervision of the case of the staff and their families; to listen to the report, open coordination, send documents, call and other forms, beyond the authority of the case to deal with the proposed opinion or specific requirements; Its relatives and friends, interested parties privately meet the supervision of the case of the staff, or arrange the above staff to telephone, text messages, WeChat, paper way to inquire about the case and make a request; violation of the working procedures for the involved personnel and their stakeholders involved in supervision Discipline case work material; Influence perform their duties according to discipline according to a fair asking, intervene, intervention.

Most of the country has no obvious precipitation cold air effects tend to end

                    (The original title: most of the country no significant precipitation cold air effect tends to end)

                                   According to the Central Meteorological Station website news, 12 to 13, most of the country without significant precipitation, cold air effects tend to end. Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jianghuai and other places to reduce the precipitation, but by the low-level shear line, 12 to 13, Yunnan, southern Sichuan and other parts of the region to heavy rain, local heavy rain. 12, South China, north and south, Guizhou and other places have 4 ~ 6 ℃ cooling, some of the above areas have about 4 winds.

10月10日,市民雨中骑行。俗话说“一场秋雨一场寒”,寒露节气刚过,阴雨天气到访昆明,气温下降,“春城”秋意渐浓。中新社记者 刘冉阳 摄

October 10, the public riding in the rain. As the saying goes, “a autumn rain,” cold deer just after the rainy weather to visit Kunming, the temperature dropped, “Spring City” autumn is getting thicker. China News Center reporter Liu Ran Yang photo

12 days, the central and southern atmospheric stability in North China gradually established, the atmosphere spread slightly worse. 12 days from the night to the 13th morning, the southern part of Beijing, western Tianjin, central and southern Hebei, eastern Henan, Shandong and other parts of the western region with light fog, local visibility less than 1 km fog. 15 days, by the cold air and wind, the above-mentioned regional air diffusion conditions gradually improved. 7, 08, 13, 08, 13, 08, , Local heavy rain. Qinghai southeast and other places have sleet snow. Inner Mongolia, central Jianghuai, northeastern Jiangnan and other places have 4 to 5 wind (see Figure 1). East China Sea southwest waters, the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea northeast waters have 6 to 8, gust 9 northeast wind.

全国大部无明显降水 冷空气影响趋于结束

Figure 1 National Precipitation Forecast (October 12 08:13 08:00)

at 08:00 on the 14th 08:00, Yunnan West, southeastern Tibet, eastern Taiwan and other places in the To heavy rain, local heavy rain. In addition, the southern part of Qinghai, northeastern Heilongjiang and other places in some areas of sleet or small to snow. Inner Mongolia, Fujian southeast coast, Taiwan and other places have 4 to 6 wind (see Figure 2). The waters of the southwest coast of the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, the northeastern South China Sea and the eastern part of the sea have 7 to 8, gust 9 northeast wind or rotating wind.

14 08 to 15 at 08:00, the central part of the South China Sea and other places to the heavy rain. In the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, the central and southern parts of Guangdong, Hainan Island, eastern Taiwan and other parts of the region to the heavy rain, which, the eastern part of Hainan Island, Taiwan East local heavy rain (50 to 90 mm). In addition, northern North China, northeastern Heilongjiang, eastern and southern Qinghai and other places have sleet or small snow. JAC East, Jiangnan East, Hainan Island and other places in some areas have 4 to 6 wind (see Figure 3). South China Sea and the central waters of 7 to 9, gust 10 ~ 11 of the rotating wind, the South East Sea waters, the Taiwan Strait has 6 to 8, gust 9 to 10 northeast wind.

全国大部无明显降水 冷空气影响趋于结束

Nine pictures with you read 18 times the party will “minimalist history”










[nineteen big is coming! 9 years ago, the Communist Party of China held a large, announced the establishment of the Communist Party of China. 13 young people with an average age of 28 years, representing more than 50 members of the country. Today, the Chinese Communist Party has become the world’s largest ruling party with nearly 90 million members. Nine with you to understand the 18th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China “minimalist history”!

Rhyme in the pass price behind: carton prices rose 7 into Beijing city is still 8 yuan

                    (Original title: rhyme in the price behind the pass: carton prices rose 7 into Beijing city is still 8 yuan)


legal evening news view of the distance from the two eleven still a month, consumers guess this year, there will be any new home appliance business, the courier company is the first action. October 11, rhyme released “advertised book” announced price adjustment. Prior to that day, China Tong also announced the increase in courier fees. As of press time, Yuantong, Shen Tong, SF and other companies that have not yet received notice of the business sector price adjustment.

October 11, rhyme published “tell customers book”, said “With the development of the courier market to further mature, in order to continuously improve the quality of service, better to provide you with better, more convenient and more efficient courier services, At the same time by the human, materials and operating costs and other rising costs, from now on, to adjust the price of express mail, please consult the rhyme of the national local network.

In the rhyme announced the day before the price adjustment, China Tong also issued a similar “customer book”. “This year, the courier industry by the transport costs increase, labor costs, raw material prices and other factors, and in order to further enhance the quality of services to protect the interests of customers, in the courier group by comprehensive consideration, decided from now on Please refer to the local service outlets. “

As the above two companies do not have a clear price range, Yuan / kg. And Beijing sent to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places of the first cost has been from the original 12 yuan per kilogram rose to 15 yuan.

However, the reporter contacted the above two companies more than the recipient, have said that the delivery price to Guangzhou or Shanghai is still the first weight of 12 yuan per kilogram, some recipients can also accept 10 yuan to Shanghai price The For the company announced that the price adjustment, most courier said no notice.

As of press time, Yuantong, Shen Tong, SF and other companies that have not yet received notice of the business unit price adjustment.

For why the price adjustment before the two eleven, the two companies are said by the human, material and other price increases.

For “labor costs”, the reporter learned that, according to published survey data, courier industry first-line courier income mostly concentrated in 5,000 yuan. Coupled with take-away delivery of the emerging industries such as the rise of the courier employment caused a certain impact. June 1 this year, Yuantong, Shen Tong, in the pass, rhyme, 100 Huitong, daily courier will be paid on the basis of the original delivery fee 0.15 yuan / votes. And every year in October to the next year before the Spring Festival is the traditional peak season of the express delivery industry, rising salary is imperative. In order to complement the staff, the major courier companies will be in advance to reserve “temporary workers” response to double eleven.

Chinese Academy of Engineering Shen Zuyan died as a vice president of Tongji University

                    (Original title: 82 years old Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tongji University, former vice president Shen Zuyan death)


surging news reporter on the morning of 12 October from the Tongji University School of Civil Engineering was informed that the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tongji University, former vice president of Comrade Shen Zuyan, in the evening of October 11, 2017 in Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital died at the age of 82 years. According to the resume provided by the official website of Tongji University, Shen Zuyan was born in June 1935, Zhejiang Hangzhou, graduated from Tongji University in 1935, industrial and civil construction professional, in 1966 from Tongji University, structural engineering graduate students graduated from the University of Tongji University in 1969. He graduated from Tongji University, The

Taiwan Air Force fighter brake failure affect 5 times civil aircraft take off and apologize and investigate

                    (Original title: Taiwan Air Force fighter brake failure affect civil aircraft take off and apologize and investigate)



IDF by country fighter. Source: “China Times”. According to Taiwan’s China Times newspaper reported that the Taiwan military air force headquarters yesterday, said the Taiwan army air force Qingquan Gang base of an IDF fighter (No. 1606), 9:39 am yesterday, the implementation of flight training , 10: 22 when the return of the field of the occurrence of brake failure, the pilot is disposed of in accordance with the procedures to stop the runway, man-machine are safe, but the disposal process affected five times civil aircraft takeoff and landing, the Taiwan military air force command apology, detailed reasons engraved by Related unit survey.

Taiwan side patrol lie to save people? Parties: help each other said after work

                    (The original title: Taiwan shore patrol lie to save the parties: call the other party actually said to have get off work)


60040012121212.jpg Taiwan “group” fishing boat on the 9th evening in the Luo house sea water. (Source: Taiwan media map)

overseas network on October 12
Taiwan “group” power boat on the evening of 9 in the Luo house sea water, due to the situation is critical, the crew was another “Xiang” fishing boats near the rescue. Taiwan’s Kinmen shore patrol team on the 10th to “return to Hong Kong to change the sea, shore to save lives” as the title of the press release that has been injured by the fingers of the fishermen injured, and said the recipients feel the ” The warmth and service “. Unexpectedly, the press release on the island after the release of the major media was the parties dismissed the “too pull.” According to Taiwan media reported that the news broke the surname fisherman is “Xiang” fishing boat owner, he said he was in the rescue process, the finger bone was broken by the ship, on the spot blood flow, such as note. However, Hong surname fishermen immediately pointed out that he did not fall into the sea, shore patrol lied to save people, “only invited to power, put the horse after the guns.”

“shocking!” Hong surname fishermen complain Made when he had called the captain of the sea before the phone, did not expect the phone came the other end of the “people in the leave.” In addition, he also told the sea team staff said that there is a speedboat to sink, ask for assistance, but the other side actually replied “has been off work”, “no way”.

600405656565656.jpg Taiwan “group” fishing boat on the 9th evening in the Luo house sea water. (Photo source: Taiwan media map)

In this regard, the Golden Gate shore patrol team response, then there is contact with the sea patrol team to deploy online patrol boats, but to the scene but can not find the wreck. As for the day of return on duty staff may be unfamiliar reporting procedures, will investigate and re-education. Zhang Hongyu said that the day despite the leave, but still part of the ship sent to the ship, the maritime team also issued data that the same day to send an online patrol boat to report the scene, no trail trail, and later that has been friends The ship dragged back to Little Kinmen. In addition, the Kinmen patrol zone deputy convenor Zhanjia De also said that the day response to Hong people fishermen should be new personnel, may not understand the admissibility of the reporting process, will be investigated after the appropriate punishment, but also caused by the Misunderstanding

The news in Taiwan PTT forum triggered a hot, users have revealed that the Golden Gate shore team is very distrustful.



Anti-corruption 5 years 40 eighteen members of the Central Committee, alternate members were investigated

                    (Original title: anti-corruption 5 years, 40 eighteen members of the Central Committee, alternate members were investigated)

                                   On Oct. 9, the Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Discipline Inspection Commission was held in Beijing on October 9th. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with the core of Comrade Xiu Pingping, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels have focused on the establishment of a comprehensive and resolute party, party building and anti-corruption struggle, and promoted the overwhelming situation of anti-corruption , And earnestly made great achievements. 7 _89456_8_65473_9

“Xinhua point of view” reporter interview discipline inspection and supervision of cadres and experts and scholars, through five key aspects of the data on the five years of wind and anti-corruption work to sort out to see how to fight tiger flies, how to work for a long time work.

more than 280 cadres in the pipe to be placed on file review?

Tiger shoot flies anti-corruption move really tough cases

five years, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee, have strongly anti-rot will , There are greed, in the face of complex and grim situation, really touch the head. Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou, Sun Zhengcai, so that the planning and other violations of the law to be dealt with, a group of disciplinary violations of the cadres, the bureau level cadres were placed on file for review. As of the end of June this year, the country submitted a total of more than 280 cadres in the examination, more than 8,600 bureau level cadres, county cadres 66000 people. Investigated and dealt with 18 members of the Central Committee, alternate members of 40, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection 8 members. As of the end of August, through the “Skynet action” has more than 90 countries and regions from the escape of 3339 people, recovering 9.36 billion yuan of stolen money, “100 red officers” has been more than 40 people to the case. At the same time, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to resolutely rectify the people around the unhealthy tendencies and corruption as a top priority. As of the end of June this year, a total of 134.3 million rural cadres and the following party members cadres, cadre of cadres and cadres of 648,000 people, the people around the “fly lice” has been effectively rectified. Xiandao, deputy director of the Independent Research Center of Peking University, said that since the 18th century tiger, shooting flies, fox effect is obvious, has formed an overwhelming trend of anti-corruption struggle, the momentum of corruption spread to be effectively curbed.

more than 60% of clues from the patrol

inspection “Sword” to create a strong deterrent

patrol, patrol work is eighteen advance since a party strictly Big bright spot. The Central Political Bureau and the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau have held 23 meetings to study the inspection work, to consider the special report of the visit; the central inspection work leading group held 115 meetings to study the deployment of related tasks. The central patrol group has carried out 12 rounds of patrols, visited a total of 277 party organizations, 16 provinces and autonomous regions “look back”, the four central units to carry out “mobile” patrol, in the history of the party for the first time to achieve a session Term coverage full coverage. Eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection discipline review cases, more than 60% of the clues from the tour. In the past five years, the pattern of full coverage has been formed. The provincial and municipal Party committees have completed the supervision of the local organizations, departments and enterprises and organizations, and the city and county inspections have been promoted in an orderly manner. Through the inspections found in the clues, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels of 1225 hall level, 8684 county level cadres on file for review. Chen Liangsheng, director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hubei Province, said that with the extension of the supervision and supervision to the city and county, we can find out the deviation of the grassroots party building work, discover and promote the outstanding problems that occur around the masses, Extended to the base.

180,000 from eight in violation of the provisions of the problem checked

improve the style of supervision and discipline to strengthen the central provision eight

Since the implementation of illegal consumption of public funds, free extravagant waste and other people hate the bad atmosphere to be effectively curbed. As of the end of August, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels investigated and dealt with violations of the central eight provisions of the spirit of 188,300 cases, handling party members and cadres of 250,200 people, to the party discipline and discipline punishments of 13.61 million, discipline from 2013 onwards year by year significantly reduced. Some grassroots cadres said, now ushered in less, Wenshan sea less, eat please send less, “four winds” in the grassroots level to be effectively curbed. According to experts such as Wu Xiaolin, vice president of the Institute of Local Governance of Central South University, we should further strengthen the education of party members’ ideals and beliefs, strengthen the positive guidance and the negative alert, and form a political atmosphere in the party inside and outside the party, so that good style construction Become the whole society with the frequency of resonance efforts.

more than 60,000 leading cadres be accountable

“two responsibilities” reinforce manage the party running the party liability

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the “two responsibilities” have been firmly strengthened. In January 2014 to August 2017, more than 6100 units of the party committee (party group), party branch, party branch, more than 300 Discipline Inspection Commission (Discipline Inspection Group) and more than 60,000 party members and leading cadres were held accountable, Strengthen the accountability to become a distinctive feature of governing the party and ruling the country and governing the country. Li Binxiong, deputy director of the Research Center of the Inner-Party Law Research Institute of Wuhan University and Li Binxiong, deputy director of the Independent Research Center of the University of Wuhan, argues that grasping the responsibility and positioning is the “cow nose” of implementing the responsible system of the Party’s work and integrity. It is the key to implement the responsibility system The Pay close attention to the “two responsibilities” to strengthen accountability and accountability, led to the strict implementation of the party.

80 remnants of the party regulations promulgated or revised

prison system construction weave dense weave “monitoring network”

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