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Taiwan troops to attract the difficulties of the military enrollment rate of only 66%

                    (Original title: Taiwan military recruitment difficulties in the military enrollment rate of only 66%)

                                   According to Taiwan’s joint news network news, the Taiwan defense department head Feng Shikuan yesterday in the “Legislative Yuan” when the interview, admitted that the recruitment of Taiwan did encounter difficulties, but in the defense department efforts, to 2020 Can be prepared to make up to Jiucheng. DPP “legislator” Luo Zhizheng questioned this, and said the Taiwan defense departments can not report good news.

资料图:台军特勤队演练。图片来源:台湾中时电子报。 Information: Taiwan special forces team exercise. Source: Taiwan when the newsletter. The defense department of the DPRK in the report continue to claim that human recruitment standards or even excessive, but the current force is “the officer can not move, the officers and men of the lack of explosion,” the DPRK ” Duty collection can not recruit “, Taiwan defense departments can not report good news.

Luo Zhizheng listed a number of Taiwan enrollment data pointed out that this year’s military academy enrollment target is 4692 people, the actual only received 3883 people, compliance rate of only 66%, lower than the previous two years compliance rate is low Military school regular class, the total compliance rate of 65%, which lack the most serious army government, only to recruit 47%, “National Defense University” only 56%. In the second class, the total compliance rate is 66%, of which the army is the lowest, only 58%. The first ladder reported the number of single digits, the preparation of officers a ladder, the number of reports only two digits; Taiwan defense department officials Chen Zhengcao confirmed , The first ladder officer only eight people reported that the pre-official only 97 people.

Sichuan to raise next year to raise the minimum wage will be announced before July 1

                    (Original title: 2018 Sichuan to raise the minimum wage standard July 1 announced a new standard)

                                   On October 12, 2017, the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Hall held a press conference to brief the five-year labor relations in Sichuan. Sichuan News Network reporter learned from the scene, the current Sichuan Province is conducting evaluation research, to be adjusted in 2018 to raise the minimum wage, and will be released before July 1 new standards. The minimum wage is the government to regulate the distribution of wages, to ensure that workers, especially low-income workers to obtain an important means of labor remuneration, the main function is to ensure that workers provide normal Under the premise of labor, the minimum remuneration paid by the employer can meet the basic living needs of the laborer and its dependent population. Once the government has formulated and introduced new standards, it must be implemented as an employer.

Sichuan Province since 1995 to implement the minimum wage system, has 15 times to adjust the province to raise the minimum wage. In recent years, affected by the economic downturn, Sichuan Province, slowed down the frequency of adjustment. In 2016, the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government Office issued a notice on the work on improving the minimum wage adjustment mechanism. It was clear that the minimum wage standard in Sichuan Province would be changed from at least once every two years to every two years to three years At least once, while establishing a minimum wage assessment mechanism. In the 2016, 2017, the provincial coordination of labor relations tripartite meeting to discuss, and reached a consensus, Sichuan Province, temporarily do not adjust the minimum wage.

Six pictures to show you the eighteenth Central Plenary Session

                    (The original title: take you to understand the eighteenth Central Plenary Session)


take you through the eighth session of the previous plenary session








“100 red officers” No. 46 Kong Guangsheng surrendered

                    (The original title: “100 red officer” Kong Guangsheng case)

                                   On October 12, 2017, in the central anti-corruption coordination group international pursuit of stolen goods office coordination, by the Guangdong Province to pursue the run, the provincial procuratorate solid work, “100 red officer” No. 46 Kong Guangsheng surrendered. At present, the national “100 red officers” has been to the case of 48 people.

Kong Guangsheng, male, former Ren Shengli Oilfield Qingdao Petroleum Industry Co., Ltd. General Manager and general manager of Linyi Zhongfu Natural Gas Development and Utilization Co., Ltd., suspected of embezzlement, fled to Hong Kong in 2012. Interpol Red Wanted Order No. A-7813 / 12-2013. Guangdong Provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the pursuit of stolen stolen work, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection leaders ahead of the command, case by case supervision. Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial Public Security Bureau leadership package case guidance, the handling of units to set up classes, do not recover to never withdraw troops. Up to now, in 2017 Guangdong Province has recovered 125 people fled, of which 44 national staff, “100 red officers” 2 people.

Skynet recovery, sparse and not leak. Kong Guangsheng’s case, once again fled to corrupt elements, only completely put down the illusion, as soon as possible to surrender surrendered, truthfully confessed to the crime, for leniency, is the only correct choice.

Sichuan Maoxian levy 150 acres of land for the new mill village farmhouse construction

                    (Original title: Sichuan Maoxian levy 150 acres of land for the new mill village reconstruction site after the resettlement of rural housing construction)


四川茂县征150亩土地用于新磨村灾后重建集中安置点农房建设 The land has been cleared. July 22, Chengdu, 12th reporter from the province of Sichuan Province Aba County Maoxian County Party Committee Propaganda Department was informed that the county of Maoxian has levied 150 acres of land for the “6.24” new mill village after the reconstruction of the resettlement of rural settlements Construction. It is understood that the reconstruction of the new mill village disaster reconstruction work smoothly, Maoxian adhere to the “people-oriented, self-reliance, overall consideration” of the idea, to ensure that the new mill village disaster reconstruction work smoothly, Scientific planning, orderly promotion of post-disaster reconstruction work carried out, so that the affected people as soon as possible into the economic, applicable, safe permanent housing. At present, the construction of resettlement sites and land leveling work has been completed, which will lay a solid foundation for the construction of the new district.

果树移栽。 钟欣 摄 Fruit tree transplanting. According to Maoxian “6.24” post-disaster reconstruction decision-making deployment, the new mill village reconstruction site after the reconstruction of the construction site is located in the town of Lianxi Town, in strict accordance with the “one year to build farm houses, two years basically completed Reconstruction, three years to restore industry “goal. Resettlement point is now levied land more than 150 acres, for the “6.24” disaster caused by housing damage of 58 households 135 people to provide farmland construction land.

in the new mill village reconstruction after the resettlement plan can be seen, concentrated contiguous agricultural housing settlements and stacked Creek town parallel arrangement, in addition to water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure construction, the resettlement will also build schools , The village committee, health centers, police stations, sewage treatment stations and other ancillary facilities. At the same time, will be in the National Highway 213 River Bridge tunnel construction of large-scale tourism service station. 74-89456_15_65473_9

According to Maoxian County Housing and Urban Construction Bureau Tang Zhiwei introduction, the new mill village “6.24” post-disaster reconstruction of the overall planning site is located in the town of stacked Creek, through the post-disaster reconstruction, the town of Jane River to carry out a culture to enhance and build, reshape Zen Mausoleum town. After the disaster centralized resettlement point planning the tap water, sewage, garbage and other infrastructure facilities and supporting schools. Each household farmhouse construction base in accordance with the 180 square meters of construction land standard layout and distribution. At present, the entire planning layout has basically been formed, planning the road, and tourist facilities nodes. At present, the centralized resettlement sites and site leveling work has been completed.

平整土地。 钟欣 摄 flat land. Zhong Xin photo

Taiwan media: James Soong will once again serve as APEC Taiwan side representatives

                    (Original title: Taiwan media: James Soong will once again served as APEC Taiwan side representatives)



China to help developing countries for their own interests? Ministry of Commerce: no political conditions

                    (Original title: Ministry of Commerce responded to China’s aid to developing countries for their own benefit: without any political conditions)

                                   China has provided government assistance and loans to developing countries. Most of it is to promote China’s export credit and serve China’s own interests. At a regular meeting held today by the Ministry of Commerce, the spokesman pointed out that China’s foreign aid is mainly needed by the recipient countries to use the fields of agriculture, health, education and infrastructure, and serve the local economy and society. Development, improve the recipient’s own economic development hematopoietic capacity, and promote local social progress.

Xinhua News Agency reporter: We are concerned that the Associated Press reported in November that the United States William Mary College of a aid data The research agency issued a report that during the period from 2000 to 2014 China to Africa and other places to provide assistance And the total number of loans in the United States is $ 394.6 billion, and the report also said that the total number of government aid and loans provided by China to developing countries is generally close to the United States, but most of it seems to be In the promotion of China’s exports of credit and services in China’s own interests , and the benefits of recipient countries and not so much, the Ministry of Commerce on this comment?

Gears: For a long time, China’s assistance to the outside world in the context of South-South cooperation is the mutual help of developing countries, following the principle of equality and mutual benefit, without any political conditions, non-interference in the internal affairs of the recipient countries The The data for the research report may confuse China’s foreign aid funds and other types of funds, including commercial funds. China’s foreign aid is mainly needed by the recipient countries to use in the fields of agriculture, health, education, infrastructure and other livelihoods to serve the local economic and social development, improve the hematopoietic capacity of the recipient countries’ own economic development and promote local social progress.

中国帮发展中国家为自身利益? 商务部:无政治条件

Banana prices as low as 8 yuan per kilogram of NT Taiwan to save the city to eat two months

                    (Original title: banana wholesale price of 8 yuan per kilogram of NT Taiwan to save the city to eat two months)

                                   According to Taiwan’s joint news network news, Taiwan banana prices are not good, more than “legislators” concerned about the adjustment of production and marketing of agricultural products. Every time the price of agricultural products in the doldrums, will think of Taiwan, and Taiwan has been eating two months of bananas.

香蕉价格低迷,为了抢救蕉价,“立委”曝台军已经连续吃了2个月香蕉。图片来源:台湾联合新闻网。 banana prices in the doldrums, in order to save banana prices, “legislators” exposure of the Taiwan military has been eating for 2 months banana. Source: Taiwan United News Network.

Taiwan “Legislative Yuan Economic Commission” today invited the “Agricultural Commission Chairman” Lin Congxian “Agriculture Commission” business report, at the same time to answer, more than “legislators” are concerned about the price of bananas. According to the “Farmers” statistics, today the average wholesale price per kilogram of bananas is only 8 yuan (NT).

China’s new tanks for the first time to achieve exports: 28 VT-4 tanks arrived in Thailand

                    (Original title: China’s new tank for the first time to achieve exports: 28 VT-4 main battle tank arrived in Thailand)

                                   The first batch of VT-4 main battle tanks purchased from China arrived in Thailand on October 8,

This is the first time that China’s new tanks have been exported, with a milestone.

VT-4 tank development began in 2009, is China’s Arsenal Group aimed at international tank development trend of a new generation of foreign trade main battle tanks. The VT-4 main battle tank integrates the latest high-power density propulsion technology, optoelectronic technology, information technology, new material technology, the overall technology, and the new technology in the field of Chinese armored vehicles, as well as the latest issue of the China- Is a type of modular, lightweight, information technology, with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of main battle tanks, comprehensive performance to the world advanced level.

中国新型坦克首次实现出口:28辆VT-4坦克运抵泰国 In 2016, the 11th Zhuhai air show ground equipment dynamic display period, a domestic VT-4 main battle tanks in the ground equipment dynamic demonstration. It is reported that Thailand plans to purchase a total of 49 tanks in China, in three batches. These tanks will replace the Thai military “small and old” American M41 “Bulldog” light tank. Thailand’s “National Newspaper” reported that the Thai Army Commander Chillin Sidi Sa said on the 11th, the Chinese tank six months ahead of delivery to Thailand, in good condition, he denied the “Chinese tanks old, in the warehouse idle” Rumors. Twenty-six of the 28 tanks will be transferred to Kong Jingfu 3rd Armored Division Barracks, and two will be transported to Beipu Men’s Armored Center and Army Armory Hall as research and training tanks. According to Thai Defense Minister Bawei said that Thailand has been using M41 tanks since World War II. As the United States in Southeast Asia’s long-term allies, the Thai military equipment for long-term US-based equipment.

However, the rise of China’s military industry seems to have the impact of American equipment in Southeast Asia has been hit. According to the “reference news” September 30 quoted the United States “national interest” bimonthly reported that from 2012 to 2016, China’s arms exports beyond Germany, France and Britain, becoming the world’s third largest arms exporter. Moreover, thanks to the progress of technology and cost-effective advantages, China’s exports of modern equipment accounted for more and more high.

In May this year, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry official micro-signal announced that the signing ceremony of the Sino-Thai S26T submarine procurement agreement held in Beijing, marking Thailand from China to purchase three modern submarines dust settled. The military equipment is long-term dependence on the United States of the Philippines, this year has also been China’s military assistance, including a large number of rifles for anti-terrorism, bullets and sight.

However, VT-4 tank’s exit road, at first not smooth sailing. According to the People’s Network reported in November 2014, Pakistan intends to buy VT-4 main battle tanks, the Chinese side also agreed to provide opportunities for Pakistan to understand the tank. However, despite the VT-4 tank in Pakistan after several rounds of testing, but the end of 2016 and Ukraine signed a contract worth $ 600 million, the army’s active 320 T-80UD main battle tanks to modernize the transformation – – This means that VT-4 has been hopeless to get a long order in Pakistan.

The third! Yuantong relay in the rhyme up to 0.3 yuan per kilogram increase in prices

                    (The original title: the third! Yuantong relay, rhyme price increases, 0.3 yuan per kilogram)


Follow the courier, rhyme delivery speed of the pace, Yuantong Express also announced price increases. (Hereinafter referred to as “notice”) said, by the headquarters of the study decided: from the beginning of the report on the news that the circular on October 11 in the network published “on the Yuantong network season price increase notice” (hereinafter referred to as “notice” With immediate effect, the entire network of the network to customers to receive courier fees, based on the original price increase, the guidance price of 1kg (inclusive) raised 0.3 yuan / votes, more than 1kg part of the increase 0.3 yuan / kg.

“Notice” said the tactics of the price is to “ensure the smooth operation of Yuantong the whole network to protect the season season, to provide customers with high quality service experience.”

“notice” also said that in response to peak season, the whole The network has been increasing investment in infrastructure construction, and labor costs continue to rise, transport costs continue to increase, to the whole network to bring great operating pressure.

Recently, there have been three major courier companies announced price increases. July 10, the courier announced that this year, the courier industry by the increase in transportation costs, labor costs, raw material prices and other factors, and in order to further enhance the quality of service and protect the interests of customers, in the Express Group After comprehensive consideration, decided to adjust the courier price from now on, the specific circumstances, please consult the local service outlets.

October 11, rhyme courier announced that with the development of the courier market to further mature, in order to continuously improve the quality of service, better to provide you with better, more convenient and more efficient courier services, while by the human, Operating costs and other rising costs, from now on, the price of the shipment to be adjusted, please consult the rhyme of the national local network.

At present, STO has not responded to (express) price information.

There are express companies that will not raise prices. Surging news from informed sources was informed that SF will not adjust the courier price. Every day to tell the surging news, there is no price plan.

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