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Japanese Communist Party street speech: Down with Abe regime he is the biggest national difficulty

                    (The original title: the Japanese Communist Party street speech: down the Abe regime! He is Japan’s biggest national disaster!)


日本共产党街头演说:打倒安倍政权 他是最大国难

Akira Koike in street speech

[World Wide Web] reported that Japan’s 48th House of Representatives election on October 10 the official announcement of candidates, election fight between the major political parties opened the curtain, the fierce debate broke out , Prime Minister Shinzo once again suffered a critical crit. According to the Japanese “Asahi Shimbun” reported that the Japanese Communist Party secretary of the small pond on the 9th in JR Shibuya station before the street speech, attack Abe regime, referring to “Abe is the biggest national disaster”, the party chairman and the husband called “down Abe regime , To build a new Japan “.

Koike said that in the Congress to ask Senyou, plus school park problem, the government actually answered, “do not remember.” When asked “should have recorded it”, but was told “has been thrown.” Later found the relevant records, the government also known as “inexplicable documents.” (The government) is not reversed black and white?

Koike also said that let the people know the government’s intention, which is the fundamental of democracy. But all this is being destroyed by the Abe government, so it is necessary to change that politics. He said, “Abe has been called ‘dissolution of the House of Representatives is to solve the national crisis’, but Abe served as Japanese Prime Minister, is precisely Japan’s largest ‘national crisis’.”

日本共产党街头演说:打倒安倍政权 他是最大国难

London city center theft case British royal jeweler suffered heavy losses

                    (The original title: London downtown theft case of royal royal jewelers suffered heavy losses)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the British police said the London, a group of thieves on the 9th hand holding an ax, bat and other equipment, destroyed in the center of London Regent Street royal jewelery shop, stolen More expensive jewelry after driving motorcycle escape.

According to reports, the stolen shop is located in the tourists gathered in the shopping Boulevard Regent Street. This high-level jeweler serves the British royal family for more than a century and is currently produced by the store at the Tower of London.

Spanish Ambassador to Russia: We will live with Catalonia for many years

                    (Original title: Ambassador of Spain in Russia: We will coexist with Catalonia for many years)

                                   In recent days, Catalonia “independent referendum” triggered a series of crises, the international community on the situation in the region of great concern. According to the Russian “News” reported on October 10, the Spanish ambassador to Russia Ignacio Ibanes in an interview with the newspaper talked about the situation in Catalonia, he said that Spain and Catalonia Asia living together for many years.

Fukushima nuclear accident lawsuit: the Japanese government and the East were sentenced to compensation 500 million yen

                    (Original title: Fukushima nuclear accident lawsuit: the Japanese government and Dongdian were sentenced to compensation)


A0PERHAI00AO0001_wer副本.jpg Data for

overseas online October 10 electric u0026 nbsp; 10, the Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident victims lawsuit verdict in Fukushima District Court, the President and the Government of Japan Jin Zexiu tree command Tokyo Electric Power Company to the plaintiff to pay a total of about 500 million yen in damages (about 29.29 million yuan). Fukushima District Court that the Japanese government could have foreseen the occurrence of a huge tsunami, to avoid accidents. According to the Japanese news agency reported that in this lawsuit, Fukushima Prefecture and neighboring counties of 3824 residents, asked the court to determine the Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company in Fukushima nuclear accident responsibility (to restore the local status quo, reduce Radiation) and pay the plaintiff compensation. However, the court withdrew the residents to return to the original state of the litigation. When the two anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear accident, Nakajima, together with the nearby victims, brought the Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company to court.

March 11, 2013 The plaintiff asked the court to determine that the Japanese government and Dongdian were responsible for the Fukushima nuclear accident and paid compensation to each plaintiff for 50,000 yen per month. Initially, the plaintiff only 800 people, and later after four complaints, the number of plaintiffs to the current development of nearly 4,000. Which has become Japan’s largest so far with the Fukushima nuclear accident class action. On March 11, 2011, thousands of Fukushima residents fled their homes in fear, and the nuclear power plant was classified as restricted in about 48 kilometers. Three days after the nuclear accident, three reactors have melted, and the government has asked 100,000 people to evacuate the area because the radiation caused by the leakage of nuclear power plants can lead to human genetic variation.

Although no one died directly from a nuclear accident, the Japanese government estimated that about 1,000 people died indirectly because of the accident. Recently, a number of media reports, Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation high, reaching “the highest since 2011,” the highest. In addition to direct radiation hazards, Fukushima nuclear radiation generated by the greatest stealth hazards is where the grass and trees are marked “toxic” invisible label. Fukushima nuclear accident leakage caused by a large number of radioactive substances, Fukushima children thyroid cancer incidence rate is Japan’s national average of 20 to 50 times, and the future will inevitably appear more patients.

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is located in Fukushima Industrial Zone, Japan. It is currently the world’s largest nuclear power plant, from Fukushima station, Fukushima two stations, a total of 10 units, are boiling water reactor. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (IAEA) Atomic Energy Safety and Security Agency announced on March 12, 2011 that the radioactive material from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was leaked to the outside due to the earthquake.

Japanese steel companies tamper with data scandal upgrade H2A rocket was also dragged into the water

                    (Original title: Kobe Steel tampering data scandal spread and then expand: H2A rocket was also dragged into the water)


According to Kyodo News reported that the Kobe Steel tampering with the strength of aluminum products and other performance data, Nissan Motor, Subaru, Mazda and other 9 has revealed that the use of the company’s aluminum products. Kyodo News was informed that the H2A rocket launched from Kagoshima Prefecture Seed Island Cosmic Center also uses related products.

Data tampering issues have been extended from car manufacturers to Shinkansen, aerospace and other fields. Once the identification of important parts related to automotive safety problems such as the lack of strength, may be upgraded to large-scale recall events. According to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a rocket manufacturer, aluminum parts are used as part of the rocket. It is learned that there is no problem with the technical aspects identified. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries did not disclose detailed information, will investigate whether it is used for other rockets.

日本钢企篡改数据丑闻升级 H2A火箭也被拖下水 Japan’s H2A rocket. Vision China data

The H2A rocket is a rocket developed by Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA), which has successfully launched more than 30 times. August 19, Japan has just used the H2A rocket navigation satellite “lead” 3 into the scheduled track.

Kobe Steel previously said that the end of August this year, the company’s internal investigation found that its three factories and a subsidiary of long-term tampering with some aluminum, copper products factory data, posing as standard products for sale. At the end of August this year, about 21,500 tons of aluminum and copper products into a large number of enterprises. These products account for about 4% of the company’s annual production.

The senator of the United States Senate is a member of the Congressional Electoral Officer

                    (The original title: the United States Senate senator announced the election re-election of the Congressional gun leader)

                                   On the 9th, 84-year-old US Senator Diana Vinstein of the Democratic Party of California announced the re-election. She is currently the oldest member of the US Senate Senate, which is the fifth degree for re-election. “There are a lot of things to do: end the gun violence, fight against climate change, get health care.” She wrote: “I go all out!”

Since Van Einstein Since the election of the Senate in 1992, gun control has been one of her concerns.

Las Vegas in this month after a major shooting tragedy, the problem has become a major national political issues. Van Einstein also followed the action on the barrel to crack down on gun violence and made a speech sternly and proposed to put an end to the sale of semi-automatic rifles can be converted into a fully automatic Bump Stock (Bump Stock), for its pre-paving the way.

US-American police were killed in the family reward 25,000 US dollars to find a clue

                    (Original title: Chinese police United States was hit dead family reward 25,000 US dollars to find the clue)

                                   According to the United States, “World News” reported that the local time on the evening of September 30, the New York City Fire Department of Chinese emergency ambulance (EMT), only 27-year-old Liang Kaiwen, in connection with Brooklyn And the Queen’s Kosciuszko Bridge (Kosciuszko Bridge, commonly known as the “Japanese Bridge”), was a black Lexus (Lexus) car knocked, died after medical treatment. Because there is no monitor on the bridge, the vehicle did not hang the license plate, this deadly car accident is still no progress. Family members said, “he (Liang Kaiwen) is always the first time to help others, and now we all come to help the family, the family of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, He. “

美华裔警察被撞身亡 家人悬赏2.5万美元寻线索 was killed in the Chinese Ambassadors Liang Kaiwen. Liang Ke-wen’s father, Liang said, just over the 27th birthday of Liang Kaiwen, in 2015 to join the City Fire Department to become a first aid officer…. At the time of the incident, Leung opened the plane from Brooklyn to Flushing and his girlfriend to eat, his girlfriend did not wait until he, tracked his mobile phone position only to find positioning in the Woodhall Hospital (Woodhull Hospital).

French President Markron: France will receive 10,000 refugees within two years

                    (Original title: Mark Long: France will receive ten thousand refugees within two years)

                                   According to foreign media reports, local time on October 9, French President Mark Long said that France will receive the next two years from ten thousand from Niger, Chad, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan refugee.


Data Figure: French President Markron

Japanese steel prices were exposed to 10 years of problem products for Toyota and other Japanese companies

                    (Original title: Japanese steel enterprises were exposed to 10 years of counterfeit products for Toyota, Mitsubishi and other 200 Japanese enterprises)


Japan’s third largest iron and steel enterprise Kobe Steel 8, admitted to tamper with some of the product technical data, delivered to customers. Problem products spread to Toyota, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, about 200 Japanese companies, Japan Shinkansen part of the vehicles are also used. Analysts pointed out that the Kobe Steel scandal may be known for many years to win the quality of the Japanese manufacturing industry once a great blow to the credibility.

日本钢企被曝造假10年 问题产品用于丰田等日企

the products in question has not been tampered with data standards at the factory

Kobe Steel said, the end of August this year, an internal company investigation found that three of its factories and a subsidiary of tampering with the long-term portion of aluminum, copper Factory data, posing as standard products for sale. At the end of August this year, about 21,500 tons of aluminum and copper products into a large number of enterprises. These products account for about 4% of the company’s annual production.

involved in the factory before the factory has been found in some aspects of non-compliance, but in the product inspection certificate to modify the strength and size and other data. However, Kobe Steel said that although these products failed to meet customer requirements, but to meet the Japanese industry standard survey will develop industry standards. Kobe Steel has set up a commission of inquiry and commissioned a third party to investigate further.

Kobe Steel’s vice president of Meiyuan Shang 8 days to tamper with the data to apologize. He admitted that the problem of the product “may lead to security issues, we also asked customers to check. At this stage, has not yet found a potential security risk.”

日本钢企被曝造假10年 问题产品用于丰田等日企

about 200 Japanese companies in the move does not rule out some enterprises may recall vehicles

Kobe Steel is Japan’s third-largest steel company, the products in question affect about 200 companies, including Toyota Motor , Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other Japanese manufacturing giant. Toyota Motor said on the 8th, the company used Kobe Steel produced by the problem of products, including the Japanese factory assembly of some models of the hood, tailgate. Toyota said it was confirming the use of these products and the possible impact of the vehicle, according to the decision of the future countermeasures. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on the 8th said that the company is developing the first Japanese jet feeder “Mitsubishi branch passenger aircraft” (MRJ) also used Kobe Steel’s problem products. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries did not disclose the specific use of its public relations department that has confirmed that the relevant parts do not exist security issues, is expected to affect the future development of the aircraft.

日本钢企被曝造假10年 问题产品用于丰田等日企

Some of the Shinkansen trains operated by the Tokai Passenger Railroad Company of Japan also used Kobe Steel’s products. The company said that the relevant data have been confirmed, the strength of the product does not pose a risk to the operation of security, the future will regularly check the vehicle and timely replacement of qualified products. 7,89456_34_65473_9

9, Mazda, Subaru company said that in their own production of automotive or aircraft parts used in the Kobe steel products.

Meiyuan said, do not rule out some customers will recall the possibility of the vehicle, is currently in consultation with the relevant enterprises. Mei Yuan will tamper with some of the data due to the pressure on schedule delivery, he also denied that the operating level had due to financial deficits to the production line pressure.

日本钢企被曝造假10年 问题产品用于丰田等日企

tampering data for 10 years is not a case allegedly upper-level acquiescence

Abe’s wife street for the Fu pull ticket: hope her husband can continue to serve the country

                    (Original title: Abe wife street for its canvassing: hope her husband can continue to serve the country)



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