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Suspect the Chinese people in Thailand before the carnival photo Thai friends: that is not a Buddhist temple!

                    (The original title: “Chinese tourists, it is crematorium carcasses! Not a Buddhist temple, do not take pictures!” Visitors carved before the camera, Thai friends issued a message to remind!


doubt the Chinese people in Thailand before the carcasses take pictures? What’s going on? First, the week did not know, the Thai people “people know the nationality of the” skills is how to excel, anyway, recently brush burst Taihua WeChat friends circle of a message, it says “Chinese”

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! visitors in the “crematorium” before taking pictures to commemorate the figure from the push ArpoPor

above specifically written what? Cloth weeks decahedron send translated like this:

“I do not know how Chinese people and say, here, is burning the corpse room (crematorium)”

text under the picture has been attached to this expression

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺!

some users Intended to ridicule: the Thai temple architecture or Buddha is not suitable for taking pictures, this time they also picked a so Kyrgyzstan (dark) Cheung (gas) where the camera, really big luck ah!

Thai users will also send the picture to comedysThailand or “these pictures I do not want a person to see” and other funny topic column. (Figure shows the Thai standard carcasses crematorium, outsiders if you do not pay attention, a look really and ordinary temples no difference)

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple of the burning corpse, map from the network

came to Thailand, I believe many travel The number of workers have reminded, “see the temple worship”, “see the Buddha kneeling” really will be a problem, and in this full of “Buddha” of the country, the characteristics of Buddhist temple architecture will naturally become the choice of tourists take pictures The focus, but not all the appearance of similar buildings, are the temple, in the absence of “into the soil” concept of the country, cremation naturally become an important way to resettle their ancestors, so we need to pay attention to is:

[ Only to promote the Dharma and tourism, there are other uses, such as the funeral, burning the body, the ashes placed in the temple wall! “

Since the ashes are placed on the wall The following figure), then the tired tourists can against the wall? Of course not, because the removal of “bad luck” tradition one said, no matter in which country area, respect for ancestors and relics and so on are very necessary!

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple full of walls of the “ancestors ashes”, figure from the network

burning corpse crematorium, what exactly what kind of?

As shown above, after the death of the Thai people, the body will be handed over to the temple monks held funeral law, uninterrupted recite the Buddhist scriptures after the end of the body will be sent to the “corridor” cremation

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple The name of the “burning corridor” Although the name and the “temple” compared to some vulgar, but in the outsiders look, such buildings (Figure) And the temple really is not very different, as shown below:

(forgive cloth weeks to send so many carcasses, Xiaobian just want to explain clearly)

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple burner, map from the network

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple of the burning corridor, map from Network

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple burned corpse room, drawing tourists from the network

attention, how to identify the corpse burning house and temple: The key point here!

Here we have to analyze the structure of the corridor crematorium: is divided into AB two common styles, the first for the smoke pass pagoda separation, as shown in the left, the second for the smoke through the pagoda One way, the difference is that smoke and pagoda is consistent. Important distinction is: smoke pass, smoke exhaust smoke, visitors need to pay attention to distinguish!

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺!

Weekly deliberately came to the “burning corpse” of the official building structure, note that the picture before the reader will find that the carcass room more than an exhaust smoke, because the burning body will produce flue gas , So from the coarse smoke pipe to start, visitors are easy to distinguish between the

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple of the carcass room, map from the network

Second, compared to other ordinary temples, Shape, not like a solemn building like a smooth, square is positive.

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Thai temple of the burning corpse, map from the network

hope that the small cloth cloth week to face analysis can give visitors to such “sensitive” building to understand, as the news began “suspected Chinese tourists crematorium Before the photo “, cloth weeks to send the” tourist citizenship “to trace the matter in the end, after all, without evidence of the discredit is the image of humiliating visitors.

At the same time, cloth weeks to send advice to visitors travel abroad, to be able to keep alert, everything to ask more observation, quasi-right!

Well, said a half-day “burning corpse crematorium”, which for everyone to change the brain, and enjoy the real Thai Buddhist temple ~~~~~ (with the Thai control)

1, Long Po-kun where the temple , watbanlai, Thailand Nakhon Ratchasima

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Apirak Peanthong (

2, Watpuprao, Thailand Ubon Ratchathani

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! u0026 nbsp; Dump Sansern

3 , watbangnamzolo, Thailand Chachoengsao

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! Meaw Story Suwannee Audnoon (

4, Watpratapachongaew, Thailand Phetchabun

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! u0026 nbsp; Songpol Puntadesh

5, Watahsokgalam, Thailand White Prakan

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! u0026 nbsp; Sabtarin Eos

6, Chedi, Thailand Roi Et

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺! u0026 nbsp;

7, the Buddha in the cave, Tankaoluang, Thailand Buddha Pi House

疑中国人在泰国烧尸房前拍照 泰网友:那不是佛寺!

Sino-Korean exchange agreement now expires Korean media concerns will affect South Korea’s foreign exchange security

                    (Original title: Sino-Korean exchange agreement today, the Korean media concerns will affect the Korean foreign exchange security)


[Global Times] China and South Korea currency swap agreement expires today. According to the Korean Association reported on the 9th, the South Korean central bank and planning the Ministry of Finance said the same day, “temporarily not open” Sino-Korean currency exchange agreement to renew the negotiations related to the situation. South Korea’s official “mystery” to public opinion on China and South Korea “10 lightning agreement” with a glimmer of hope, but more voices that the “Sade” issue affecting the relationship between China and South Korea, the Sino-Korean exchange agreement The negotiations did not go well, “South Korea’s economic diplomacy has stood above the blade.”

According to the “Daily Economy” reported on the 9th, South Korea and China signed a currency exchange agreement in April 2009, twice renewed the agreement, the scale of 360 billion yuan. Money exchange agreement is in the financial crisis and other urgent need for foreign exchange at the moment, the agreement between the two central banks to borrow money between the agreement, equivalent to emergency situations used to fire a protective device. Most experts believe that although the Bank of Korea had to extend the exchange agreement with the Chinese party, but by the deployment of South Korea “Sade” influence, the negotiations are not smooth. If the agreement can not be successfully postponed, will have a negative impact on the safety of Korean foreign exchange. Japan’s central bank governor Li Zonglie told reporters at the central bank’s headquarters on the 9th, taking into account a variety of circumstances, it is necessary to remain silent on the matter. After the expiration of the agreement, Hanzhong will continue the existing negotiations, or to open a new agreement to sign matters, “the question, Li Zhu Lie reiterated, from various considerations, or in a certain period of time do not disclose the relevant situation as well. Reported that it was observed that after the expiration of the currency swap agreement on the 10th, the two sides may continue to negotiate the issue of renewal of negotiations. Another analysis, from the central bank and planning the Ministry of Finance cautious few words to maintain a “low profile” attitude, Han still have the possibility of renewing the agreement. Korean government officials said the agreement due date is not the deadline for negotiations.

South Korea is worried that before China, the United States, Japan and South Korea’s currency swap agreement has been suspended. “South Korea’s economic diplomacy has stood above the blade,” South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” said on the 9th, the United States and China rely on their own strength, is to small economies in South Korea directly and indirectly to exert pressure. In the United States for Korean products to improve trade barriers in the case, China has become a huge variable in the Korean economy. South Korea’s financial market tensions are exacerbating concerns that the currency swap agreement in South Korea can not be extended. Most of the views that this is the deployment of South Korea, “Sade” triggered by the follow-up effect.

article said that if the Sino-Korean currency swap agreement failed, do not rule out the possibility of a negative impact on the Korean economy. China and South Korea exchange rate is very large, accounting for South Korea and foreign countries signed a 45% exchange rate agreement. Korea and the United States, Korea and Japan between the exchange agreement has been in 2010 and 2015 due, Sino-Korean exchange is the only base axis currency swap, so the greater significance. Although the current South Korean foreign exchange reserves known as a record high of 388.44 billion US dollars, but can not be reassuring. Prior to the Federal Reserve announced the reduction of the balance sheet, coupled with the intensification of the Korean nuclear crisis, South Korea’s domestic financial market is prone to large-scale capital flight situation. Money exchange agreement is to prevent foreign exchange market instability in advance of the protection device, but also South Korea to control the “economic risk” of the strong signal. In the domestic economic slowdown, nuclear risk remains the case, if South Korea and the United States, China’s economic contradictions increased, South Korea before the end of the economy is expected to face a huge burden. “If China refuses to extend the renegotiation agreement, it is equivalent to formalizing the ‘Sade’ countervailing measures that have been in existence for some time, and South Korea must guard against the possibility of prolonging the possibility of preparing a variety of responses,” said Yutian, a professor at Yonsei University in Korea. Program”. “South Korea’s economy” 9, said that in the Asian economic crisis 20 years later, the Korean economy can be used “reborn” to describe, but now, South Korea, South Korea, the United States, South Korea, the United States, South Korea, South Korea, The external risks facing the economy are growing.

Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute International Market Research Institute Deputy Director Bai Ming 9 told the “Global Times” reporter, currency swap agreement, the contractor to their currencies in the international financial markets to maintain a stable state Mutual support, when one of the currency appears unstable, the other party play a supporting role. In addition, the signing of the currency swap agreement, but also on the other side of the financial and monetary stability of a trust, the symbol of the agreement more meaningful. This agreement who needs more, the benefits of who is even greater. At present, China has more than 30 countries and regions have signed a currency swap agreement, but the real opening is not much, from China and South Korea’s current economic situation, there is no need to enable the agreement.

Baiming said that once the Sino-Korean currency swap agreement no longer continued, and will not immediately cause real losses, but the follow-up is hard to say. For China’s foreign trade and financial exchanges, South Korea is very important, but it is only one of the important factors, is a molecule. At present, China has become the world’s largest trading power, China’s foreign exchange reserves more than 3.01 trillion US dollars, and for eight consecutive months of growth, the renminbi has also joined the International Monetary Fund’s currency basket (SDR), China does not ignore any one molecule, But South Korea should also see China’s denominator growing.

The President of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia will speak or declare independence

                    (Original title: global concern! Catalonia tonight or announcing the independence of the mayor of Barcelona)

                                   A large number of demonstrators wielding the Spanish flag and the Catalan flag in Barcelona, ​​opposing the independence of the Canadian flag.

[Global Report] Catalan Autonomous Region President Puigideng Monet, local time on Tuesday (10) party will be addressed in the parliament. When the congressman expected him to make an independent declaration, by a large number of people love the capital of the autonomous region of Barcelona Mayor Colo on Monday (9) is sounding. Kolo stressed that the results of an independent referendum could not be used as a declaration of independence, but could be the key to opening the door to dialogue and international mediation. Cologne issued a public speech on the 9th, urging the parties to cool the tensions, to solve the reconstruction of democracy in Spain since the most serious constitutional crisis.

Las Vegas gunmen before the massacre to the security of the only perpetrators of the crime

                    (The original title: Las Vegas gunmen before the massacre to the security of the only perpetrators)

                                   July 9, the US police said on the 9th, in Las Vegas shooting murderer Stephen Pado to the crowd to participate in the festival fire, killing at least 58 people died a few minutes ago, he was a few minutes ago, the United States police said on the 9th, Had a shot on a security guard. Authorities also said the investigators did not find evidence of the existence of a second gunman in a large shooter case. According to the US Cable News Network reported that the local police said that at 9:59 on the evening of October 1, Pardo had shot a hotel is working on the 32-storey security personnel, and lead to injury. And after 6 minutes of this wounding incident, at 10.55 pm, Pado took the muzzle from the hotel room to the people attending the festival, which lasted about 9 to 11 minutes , At 10:15 before the end of this massacre. It is unclear what causes it to stop shooting.

In addition, a police spokesman also said that the investigators did not find evidence of the existence of a second gunman in the large shootings, indicating the only murderer of the incident.

According to overseas network earlier reported that Pardo is the Nevada locals. He lives in Mesquite in Nevada. Masquote is 80 miles from Las Vegas and 1 hour 16 minutes to drive. Paco, who spent about $ 370,000 in 2015, bought a house in a retired community in Magquire and lived with his 62-year-old girlfriend, Danley. The local area is a high-end retirement community, a total of more than a thousand, leisure facilities, including 18-hole golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and fitness center.

Public information shows that Pado is a licensed pilot with two planes and he has obtained a hunting license in Alaska. According to Pado’s relatives, he often went to Las Vegas to gamble and listen to concerts.

Pado’s father named Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, born in 1926, was a chain of bank robbers, robbed a number of banks in Arizona. Benjamin was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment for robbery, but then he escaped from the federal prison in Texas. And between 1969 and 1977 had boarded the FBI top ten wanted list.

After jailbreak, Benjamin tried to start a new life in Oregon and served as a manager at a local bingo parlor. In 1979, Benjamin was arrested in Oregon. According to FBI, Benjamin was diagnosed with “mental illness” and “suicidal tendencies”. Eventually, the court judge Judge George Woodrich decided to pay $ 100,000 after Benjamin paid a fine. After Benjamin returned to Texas, and there has been living to death.

Chinese detective Li Changyu analysis, said Las Vegas gunmen motivated or revenge for gamblers. Li Changyu said in a media interview, the gunmen gambling addiction, but also serious alcoholism, so there may be a lot of money in the casino, casque dr dre to the heart of the idea of ​​retaliation. Because of a large number of casualties, there will be a lot of people to prosecute casino compensation, the casino will face a serious crisis. Americans often say “go before the famous”, while the US media has always been a large number of reports of mass murder of the murderer, so in Las Vegas, the country concert has become a crime target. 7 _89456_22_65473_9

Li Changyu said the gunmen at the concert room at the concert, so the premeditated crime. In addition, many gamblers in Las Vegas have chosen to lose money to end their lives, so now the windows of the hotel are not open, and the glass is not broken, the gunman can break the window that he knows what kind of tools to use Broken glass, while he stayed in the room luxurious, he might be a frequent visitor to the casino or VIP. If he is a VIP will have special treatment, it is possible to carry a large number of gun bullets have not been found. Li Hongyu said: “If the police announced the case is motivated by gambling, then public opinion will point to gambling, the community will call the ban on the same as the ban on gambling, and ultimately affect the Las Vegas and other related industries as Economic pillar of the city, and even lead to economic turmoil. “

Taiwan military was exposed to 58 billion to the United States to buy 12 anti-submarine aircraft only three can be used

                    (Original title: Taiwan military was exposed to 58 billion to the United States to buy 12 anti-submarine aircraft only three can use)


600400232323.jpg Taiwan media exposure from the United States purchased 12 anti-submarine aircraft, only three can carry out combat readiness task. (Photo Source: Taiwan media)

overseas network on October 10 * Taiwan has always been criticized by the outside world, has recently met embarrassing things. Taiwan pro-green media yesterday (9) broke the news, the Taiwan military spent 58 billion yuan NT to buy 12 P-3C anti-submarine aircraft, only three can perform the whole combat readiness task, is a major purchase of negligence. However, the news of a Taiwan military commander was a rumor, saying “the outside world are all speculation.” 7 -89456_8_65473_9

Taiwan media reports that the people of the island broke the news, the reason why the Air Force has yet to finalize the P-3C anti-submarine aircraft fleet into the military ceremony date, because the avionics system navigation equipment problems, and only three are Proper machine According to the relevant logistics staff pointed out that some parts do appear “disappeared business source” problem, but the staff also pointed out that the United States will actively deal with to protect the quality of Taiwan military procurement.

At the same time, the Taiwan Air Force 9 afternoon also came forward to respond that the Taiwan Air Force P-3C anti-submarine aircraft avionics system maintenance operations will be closely linked with the US factory, and will form a project team to enhance the maintenance of energy, The operation of the electrical system is free. It is understood that the Taiwan military procurement of 12 P-3C anti-submarine aircraft, since September 2013 after another shipment to Taiwan, the last batch will be completed in July this year to pay the plane.

For the repeated situation of the Taiwan military, the island users have long been not surprising.




have desk users a message, said it was “the US monopoly refuse to Taiwan,” there are users asked: “” false buy machine, really pay protection money. “. When we recycle bin? However, the user’s satire is not groundless, just yesterday, overseas Jun saw Taiwan media reported another news that the Taiwan defense department in response to the US military purchase of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Payment, in the United States Reserve Bank to open arms purchase account, deposit a large sum of money to the United States to withdraw money, but the audit found that the US side from the arms purchase account to receive military purchases, beyond the actual payment needs, the monthly amount of money beyond the actual amount of expenditure Up to $ 0.94 to $ 254 million.


Korean media: former US President Carter willing to revisit the DPRK ice Trump held a negative attitude

                    (Original title: Korean media: the former US President Carter willing to revisit the DPRK ice Trump held a negative attitude)


韩媒:美前总统卡特愿再访朝破冰 特朗普持消极态度

profile picture: Former US President Jimmy Carter (Source: Yonhap / AP)

[World Wide Web Roundup] According to Yonhap news agency, Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia, a North Korea expert Park Han-sik local time on 8 May In an interview with Yonhap Telephone interview, said the former US President Carter is willing to visit the DPRK again, in order to ease the highly strained situation on the peninsula to play the heat. But the DPRK has not yet responded to the Carter visit to the DPRK proposal, and US President Trump held a negative attitude, for now, Carter’s visit to North Korea is unlikely. He and Carter had met with Carter House in Georgia on September 28, when Carter said that as the Lightning visit to North Korea in 1994 to find a breakthrough for the situation on the peninsula, he is also willing to once again open the ice To contribute to the situation on the peninsula. Carter also said that he published in the newspaper on the current situation of the views, and has conveyed to the DPRK to visit the intention, but the DPRK has not yet responded, Carter that the DPRK may also be thinking about various situations.

Russia over 140 cities to close the bomb threat of nearly 100 million people were evacuated

                    (The original title: Russia over 140 cities to close the bomb threat of nearly 100 million people were evacuated)

                                   More than 140 cities across the country, since the beginning of last month, one after another received a large bomb threatening phone, nearly 100 million people have been affected….

The United States and the United States have been killed and killed by 10 dead 20,000 people were evacuated the scene such as purgatory

                    (Original title: the United States and the United States have been killed in the mountain fire has killed 10 million people were evacuated the scene such as purgatory)

                                   According to the US authorities confirmed that the mountain fires have led to at least 10 people were killed, more than 20,000 people were evacuated by emergency evacuation, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The According to Agence France-Presse and CCTV and other media reports, from the local time on October 8, California, the United States occurred several mountain fires, 9 morning fire in southern California Anaheim mountain fires near the urban area, the city of California, Has been besieged and burned many residential area, a large number of residential destroyed, near a school evacuation, the surrounding highway closed, the current fire completely out of control. 8 evening fire in the northern California Napa valley mountain fire has also led to two highways closed, 80 square kilometers of mountain destroyed. Authorities confirmed that the current mountain fire in California has led to 10 deaths, more than 20,000 people were evacuated. California governor announced the state’s three counties into a state of emergency.


Russian lawmakers: regardless of Erdogan do not recognize the status of the Crimea are unchanged

                    (Former title: Russian lawmakers: regardless of Erdogan do not recognize the status of the Crimea are unchanged)

                                   According to the Russian satellite network reported on October 10, Russian lawmaker Alexei Pashkov said the status of the Crimea will not be due to Turkish President Erdogan whether to admit it belongs to Russia And change.

Japan’s third-largest steel market ugly tamper with product data shoddy sales

                    (The original title: Japan’s third largest steel enterprises scandal products sold in full bloom to the enterprise)


Japan’s third largest iron and steel enterprise Kobe Steel 8, admitted to tamper with some of the product technical data, delivered to customers.

problem products spread to Toyota Motor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other about 200 Japanese companies, Japan Shinkansen part of the vehicles are also used. Analysts pointed out that the Kobe Steel scandal may be known for many years to win the quality of the Japanese manufacturing industry to bring a great blow to the credibility.

The product may lead to security issues

Kobe Steel said the end of August this year, the company’s internal investigation found that its three factories and a subsidiary of long-term tampering part of the aluminum, copper products factory data, posing as standard products for sale. At the end of August this year, about 21,500 tons of aluminum and copper products into a large number of enterprises. These products account for about 4% of the company’s annual production.

involved in the factory before the factory has been found in some aspects of non-compliance, but in the product inspection certificate to modify the strength and size and other data. However, Kobe Steel said that although these products failed to meet customer requirements, but to meet the Japanese industry standard survey will develop industry standards. Kobe Steel has set up a commission of inquiry and commissioned a third party to investigate further.

Kobe Steel’s vice president of Meiyuan Shang 8 on the tampering data apology. He admitted that the problem of the product “may lead to security issues, we also asked customers to check. At this stage, has not yet found a potential security risk.”

The problem is about 200 companies

Kobe Steel is Japan’s third largest steel company, the problem of products spread to about 200 companies, including Toyota, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and other Japanese manufacturing giant. Toyota Motor said on the 8th, the company used the Kobe Steel produced by the problem of products, including the Japanese factory assembly of some models of the hood, tailgate. Toyota said it was confirming the use of these products and the possible impact of the vehicle, according to the decision of the future countermeasures. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on the 8th said that the company is developing the first Japanese jet feeder “Mitsubishi branch passenger aircraft” (MRJ) also used Kobe Steel’s problem products. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries did not disclose the specific use of its public relations department that has confirmed that the relevant parts do not exist security issues, is expected to affect the future development of the aircraft.

Some of the Shinkansen trains operated by the Tokai Passenger Railroad Company of Japan also use Kobe Steel’s products. The company said that the relevant data have been confirmed, the strength of the product does not pose a risk to the operation of security, the future will regularly check the vehicle and timely replacement of qualified products. 7,89456_27_65473_9

9, Mazda, Subaru company said that in their own production of automotive or aircraft parts used in the Kobe steel products.

Mei Yuan said, do not rule out some customers will recall the possibility of the vehicle, is currently in consultation with the relevant enterprises. Mei Yuan will tamper with some of the data due to the pressure on schedule delivery, he also denied that the operating level had due to financial deficits to the production line pressure.

part of the product 10 years ago began to use after tampering data

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