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Philippine military: Malawi war on terror is expected to end before the end of October

                    (The original title: the Philippine military: Malawi war on terror is expected to end before the end of October)

                                   Philippine military spokesman Padilla


Russian league operating capacity as iPhone? Russian embassy: take the phone to go

                    (Original title: “Union” rocket ability as IPhone? Russian Embassy in the UK: Please sit the IPhone to space)

                                   “Russia’s” mobile phone to the space bar, “the Russian” News “reported on October 8, a British journalist in the” The Times “wrote that the Russian” Union “in the United States,” the United States, “the United States, The operational capability of the rocket
power is not as good as Apple. Russian Embassy in Japan on the 7th in the push of the text of this response, then please ask the writer “sitting in the Apple mobile phone to space it.”

Moscow suburbs syndicate shopping malls open fire has been extinguished super 3000 people were evacuated

                    (The original title: Russia Emergency Department: Moscow suburbs syndicated shopping malls open fire has been extinguished)

                                   According to the Russian satellite network reported that the Russian emergency situation website published a message that the firefighters have put out the Moscow suburb of syndicated (SINDIKA) shopping malls of the fire.

当地时间10月8日,消防员正在灭火。当天莫斯科一家名为“辛迪加(SINDIKA)”的大型商场发生火灾。俄紧急情况部发布消息称,目前商场过火面积已达到了5.5万平方米,3000余人被疏散。 中新社记者 王修君 摄 local time on October 8, firefighters are extinguishing fire. A large fire in a large shopping mall called “Sindijia (SINDIKA)” in Moscow. Russia emergency department released the news that the current mall fire area has reached 55,000 square meters, more than 3,000 people were evacuated. According to the news, said: “(local time) at 9:07 on October 9, 2017, the fire has been extinguished. More information waiting to confirm.”

located in Moscow Stroinino District near the syndicates shopping malls on October 8 fire in the daytime. The total area of ​​fire over 150,000 square meters. According to “Moscow Evening News” website news, that afternoon, the mall on the first floor began to fire. The fire spread quickly to the whole mall. According to the Russian emergency situation news, the fire caused two people were injured, more than 3,000 people were evacuated.

当地时间10月8日,莫斯科一家名为“辛迪加(SINDIKA)”的大型商场发生火灾。俄紧急情况部发布消息称,目前商场过火面积已达到了5.5万平方米,3000余人被疏散。 中新社记者 王修君 摄

The visit to China more than 600 times the Japanese old man died only visit China

                    (The original title: Japan-China Association Chairman Bai Xi Shen Yi Lang died, visit China more than 600 times committed to Sino-Japanese friendship)


surging news October 9 from the Japan-China Association was informed that the Japanese Association of Japan and Japan Association of the President of the White River in the October 8 Osaka City stay in the hotel died at the age of 77 years old.

According to the Japan-China Association, Bai Xiishen Ichiro also in Osaka on October 7 participated in the Osaka Overseas Chinese community organized the Mid-Autumn Festival Festival ribbon-cutting ceremony.

这位访华600余次的日本老人去世 平生只访问中国

Public information shows that the white gentry Ichiro was born in Hiroshima City, Japan, admitted to Kyoto University in 1960, after graduating from the University of Japan to promote the work of the International Trade Promotion Association. Before the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, he began to travel between China and Japan.

In 1975, the Japan-China Association was formally established, Bai Xiishen Lang as a director, in 2000 served as chairman of the Japan-China Association for the Sino-Japanese exchange business done a lot of work.

Latvian helicopter crashed on a wire crashed on 4 people 1 dead 3 injured

                    (Original title: Latvian helicopter crash caused by a death three injuries)


8, the FIA ​​European Rally Championship in Latvia in the process of Liya Ya stage of the game, a helicopter took off after the propeller was caught by the nearby wire and crash, the machine four dead three injured. The day’s game was canceled. Initial investigations revealed that helicopter Latvian pilots did not adequately observe the surroundings before taking off and should be the cause of the accident.

US casino gunmen have been alone to the desert or shooting practice

                    (Original title: casino gunman crime two days before driving alone to the desert, or “shooting practice”)

                                   Stephen Paddock, the gunman in Las Vegas, USA, and the United States of America.

US casino Las Vegas shooting case has been more than a week, the US police on the gunman Stephen Pado (Stephen
Paddock) crime and motive investigation continues. The new evidence suggests that Pado can have made a shooting practice before committing the crime. “The Wall Street Journal” reported on Oct. 8 that law enforcement officials said a surveillance video showed Pato grams drove alone to the desert on Friday (September 29) before the shooting. This remote area is close to his residence in Mesquite, Nevada, and is often used by local people for shooting practice. According to the British “Independent” reported that the investigators said that Paddock in Mesquite and Renault between the two dwellings, often go to Las Vegas gambling, in a number of casinos are enjoying VIP treatment.

And the day before the surveillance video was taken, Pado was admitted to the room at the 32nd floor of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel. He will be more than 20 days after the firearms into the room, and prepared at least 12 hit the firearms care, to improve the shooting speed.

Local time on October 1, Pado grams from the balcony on the room to the downstairs to participate in the “91 road harvest” country music festival crowd, killing 58 people were killed, hundreds of people were injured, and the police into their room before suicide.

The police survey showed that Pado had studied some locations in Chicago and Boston several weeks before the incident and booked a nearby hotel room at the Chicago Music Festival in August, but did not stay.

Up to now, the police have not yet identified Patok’s motives. American famous Chinese criminal identification expert Li Changyu inferred: gunmen should be addicted to gambling, lose big, hate, the whole case is likely to be a gambler revenge. 10, reported that Li Changyu interview that he did not participate in the investigation, according to years of experience in criminal investigation, the case and gambling are closely related. He said, dyed gambling like drug addiction into the sick, the gunmen would have to lose a lot and hate the casino, most likely to commit the hotel casino, is to let him lose a lot of places. He said that the US media has always reported a large mass murder of the murderer of the news, so in Las Vegas, the country concert, has become the goal of Paco start. Li Changyu said the gunmen should be premeditated crime, no premeditated how to stay at the concert scene of the room? Many gamblers in Las Vegas lose money, have chosen to jump off the end of life, casino hotel windows are not Open, and the glass is not broken, Pado grams actually can break the window, that he had long understood what kind of equipment to break the glass. He said, Pado can be the big casino, if the big will have preferential treatment, you can escape the security, so how to bring the gun and the bullets? Is his own move or the porter to help? These questions With a reasonable explanation, not to mention the monitor screen can also be clear at a glance.

According to Podok’s friends and neighbors, he is a quiet, unobtrusive person. Marilou Danley, his girlfriend, also called him kind, kind and quiet.

How bad is the air quality in the Indian capital? The dog’s nose is out of order

                    (The original title: the Indian capital of the air quality is bad? Police dog’s nose are out of trouble)

                                   The air pollution has always been a major problem to be solved in India, and this situation will not only damage the health of the local residents, and even provide shelter for the criminals: the Indian capital of the police (the police) Said that because of the city’s serious air pollution, the police in the police dog’s nose seems to have “failed”, and they can not be found at the crime scene from the suspects clues.

According to “India today” reported on the 9th, Delhi police dog team a total of 15 tracking dogs and 45 sniffer dogs. The tracking department spends 400,000 rupees each year to maintain the team, which includes the special diet and vaccination of police dogs. But the team’s sources have recently told the media that over the past few years, the followers did not even help the investigation team to detect a case.

“When the dog is brought to the scene of the crime, it will collect the smell from the scene based on the evidence left by the suspect, which will help the police track the action of the suspect or the victim, but the air pollution is diluted or Destroying these samples. “An anonymous top police officer told the” Today’s Post “.

The official said that they are now bringing the dog to the crime scene in the capital, just to let the complainant “feel satisfied”, and track dogs only in rural areas will be efficient.

It is understood that nasal epithelial cell structure exposed to long-term air pollution, the dog will have an impact on the sense of smell. While the volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides emitted from the industrial process are converted into ozone that is harmful to the smell in the atmosphere. The police officer also said that there are smoke or festive pollution that even people are breathing difficulties, the dog is also more serious.

Animal experts believe that there are other factors that lead to the failure of the dog task. “In addition to this obstacle to pollution, the number of people around the crime scene and the urban concrete structure will also spread the attention of the police dog in the sniffing and differentiation, but these unfavorable factors can be provided by the police dog to provide advanced training and better treatment to eliminate. “

Zhang Yingying case: the grand jury additional prosecution court this week will be submitted again

                    (The original title: Zhang Yingying case continued: the grand jury additional prosecution court this week will again raise suspects)

                                   According to the US newspaper network reported that the local time on October 3, the US Federal Office of the Office announced the grand jury on Zhang Yingying kidnapping suspects Christensen proposed additional prosecution, the new Charges of kidnapping. According to the indictment, the second court hearing time is October 11, 2017 at 2:30 pm, the judge will routinely ask the defendant whether to plead guilty, and then arrange a formal trial date.

章莹颖案:大陪审团追加起诉 法庭本周将再次提审 suspects Christensen

According to Zhang Ying Ying case aid lawyer Wang Zhidong said the main contents of the grand jury indictment as follows: the first prosecution of offenses (kidnapping in death) grand jury accused: the defendant Christensen On June 9, 2017, in the central region of Illinois, Champagne County, deliberately held hostage, imprisonment, lodging, kidnapping, hijacking Zhang Yingying to meet his personal interests and ends, eventually leading to Zhang Yingying death. In the course of the crime, the defendant used two instruments that could be interstate: a motorized phone and a Saturn sedan.

The first indictment in the indictment (kidnapping death), the second and third counts of indictment. The new prosecution of perjury charges is because Christensen in the FBI interrogation, the June 9, said the incident when he was playing in the apartment game. But in the second interrogation, Christensen changed his mouth, saying he had an “Asian woman”.

Christensen’s trial date is scheduled for February 27, 2018. Wang Zhidong said that the trial time of the case will be postponed again, should be aware of the next session. If Christensen is guilty of perjury, each offense will be punished for a maximum of five years. In the appeals first, the indictment shows that Christensen was at least 18 years of age at the time of the crime; deliberately killed Zhang Yingying; deliberately caused serious bodily injury, resulting in the death of Zhang Yingying; deliberately use fatal force to harm the victim, This act directly contributes to the death of the victim; the intentional use of violence and the fact that this violence is likely to lead to death, which is a direct disregard of the life risk of the victim and leads directly to death.

Additional prosecution The first charge of the addition also wrote: Zhang Yingying died in the process of being abducted; Christensen used the heinous cruel means to abuse the victim; Christensen premeditated to commit his criminal behavior and Leading to death.

kidnapped lethal conclusive evidence to prosecute the crime of the death penalty to be

additional prosecution evidence, Wang Zhidong, told the Legal Evening News reporter · view the approval of the Minister of Justice, the prosecution apparently the police investigation on the basis that there was sufficient evidence Can prove that the defendant kidnapped to death. Wang Zhidong also said that the increase in perjury charges because the suspect had twice to the FBI lie, including the first time that the day of the game in the house to play the game, the second said once loaded Asian women, but then let her get off. But the perjury charges caused by the lie are not directly related to the death of the kidnapping, and only from another point of view that he is lying to cover up the crime. The reason for this allegation is that the grand jury recognized the prosecutor’s proposal and sued both charges.

With regard to the penalty, Wang Zhidong said that there may be only two possible penalties for kidnapping and conviction: life imprisonment or death penalty, which is also a significant difference from the mere kidnapping. Wang Zhidong said that the federal criminal prosecution, the death penalty is possible in the case of punishment, the case will need to go through the approval of the Minister of Justice. So the case will be transferred to Washington, DC in the future, by the federal prosecutor’s prosecutor and the defense of the lawyers to the Ministry of Justice, usually composed of three members of a collegial bench, respectively, to elaborate their position, the final decision by the Minister of Justice whether the case Death penalty to prosecute.

family repeatedly questioned the evidence of the victim does not give up any hope

Russian media: the United States 1421 truck materials into the hands of IS and other armed elements

                    (Original title: Russian media: the United States 1421 truck military materials fall into the hands of IS and related militants)

                                   Syrian government forces on behalf of Wali De Harry told the media, September 18 in the Syrian attack on the Russian military police sentry sentry armed with weapons of the United States and Europe….

FBI again search casino gunmen housing began to return the scene lost items

                    (Original title: FBI again search casino gunmen house began to return the scene lost items)

                                   According to foreign media reports, the local time on the 8th, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the search officers once again searched the Las Vegas shooting gunner Paddock’s house. At the same time, the authorities have begun to return the day of the incident, panic-stricken people lost in the field of items. 7 years ago, October 6, 2017, Las Vegas, the United States continued to mourn the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Troy Tanner accompanied the FBI to carry out the search, he said, the search is “re-record and re-check”, he said the FBI is not looking for what specific things….

Pado’s house was first searched by the Las Vegas police on the 2nd, where they found 19 guns and a few pounds of potential explosives. At the same time, the authorities have also begun to return thousands of items left in the shooting scene, including baby carriages, shoes, mobile phones, backpacks and wallets.

Paul Fuld, head of the FBI Victims Services Department, said at a news conference that no matter what people lost before they flee, they are collecting and returning.

当地时间2017年10月7日,美国拉斯维加斯市政厅举行活动悼念枪击案遇难者,市政广场放飞白鸽。 Local time October 7, 2017, the United States Las Vegas City Hall held activities to commemorate the shooting victims, municipal plazas flying pigeons.

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